Hello, everybody! My name’s Elle, and today, I’m going to be
talking about the pirates and how they were all gay. There’s like, no cooler conversation than
this one, honestly. I’m so excited! There’s just gay pirates! As you may notice, my wall is emptier than
usual because I am moving. Yeah, the semester is ending, so I have to
get out of my dorm soon, but I decided to keep the pride flag up for one last video,
at least in this room. I’m going to continue this series, obviously,
but it’s just not going to be in here anymore. So I’m going to, you know, be moving around
a little bit, but it’ll be fun. You know, I’m still going to be talking about
history, and that’s all that matters here. Alright, so going into the video. I haven’t really talked about outsider communities
throughout this series yet, because I’ve mostly been talking about civilizations and how gay
people were perceived in these civilizations. However, this is a pretty good time to bring
in outsider communities, because the pirates were very prominent around the time that we’ve
been discussing so far. If you’re asking yourself what an outsider
community is, it is basically just a group of people that don’t live in normal society. They’re not a part of normal society, and
therefore the rules of that society don’t apply to them. The pirates were part of an outsider community,
so they were wildin’, basically. I’m going to break the piracy eras down into
three different eras. The first pirate era was the Privateer Era,
and it happened from 1560-1650. This was back when Queen Elizabeth ruled,
and she basically decided that she wanted to send out Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter
Raleigh, and basically anyone who wanted to join, AKA like, criminals and poor people
to go out and loot Spanish ships. This was back when England was like, fighting
with Spain, and so she was like, “Let’s go loot their ships! Sure, that should be fun.” And this was kinda the first time that piracy
became important, let alone like, ordered by a monarch. And next up was the Buccaneer Era, which happened
from 1650-1680, and it was like a big transitional period. Everyone from this period wanted things from
the Caribbean, so like sugar, molasses, tobacco, things like that, and so boom, pirates were
going to get them. Fun fact: the word “buccaneer” comes from
the French word “buccan,” which means someone who lives like a caveman. And during this era, this was pretty much true, yeah. They had no rules, so they were basically
just running rampant and doing whatever they wanted. And the buccaneers consisted of all sorts
of people. They were like Native Americans, like poor
white people, slaves that had escaped slavery. There were all sorts of people, especially
the kind of people that like, couldn’t find jobs or were having trouble like, supporting
themselves, so they decided to join piracy and you know, make an easy living. And during this era, the pirates started to build a subculture. And lastly, the third stage was the Golden
Age of Piracy, which happened from 1680-1740. This is where the pirates started to get it
together, ’cause they were kind of running rampant beforehand, but here, they kind of
began to figure out how they were going to do this. They had like, an actual pirate code, where
they had like, a lot of rules, and they were big on the value of equality. They wanted to make sure that everybody was
able to get their share of loot for the sieges that they did. And they also had a form of worker’s comp,
which is interesting, where like, if somebody got injured during a siege or like, they lost
an arm, or something like that, they would get paid more, like a worker’s comp situation. They’d get paid more for their share because
they were injured in the process. Now you may be asking me, “Elle, where’s the
gay pirates?” Spoiler alert: I’ve been talking about them
this whole time. There was a thing called matelotage, which
was basically a marriage between pirates. And a majority of pirates were men. I’m not gonna like, exclude women out of here
because, you know, there were women pirates. I’m about to talk about one of them specifically. But there were definitely a lot of men there,
and they married each other. There was this guy named Edward Teach, you
guys may know him as Blackbeard, you know, the famous pirate. Pirates of the Caribbean. I’ve never actually seen Pirates of the Caribbean. But it’s fine. He had five wives, in true pirate fashion,
of course. But let me tell you, he LOVED his boys. Please keep in mind also, like, these people
were on ships for months at a time, and they get lonely. They get horny. They wanna sleep with somebody. And so they just slept with each other, and
it wasn’t really a big deal because there’s no rules against sodomy or homosexuality on
a pirate ship. It was like, a totally common practice. And like, a lot- I’m gonna talk later about
this, about how like, when you’re like, out alone with like, a bunch of your same gender,
it happens. Like, in the future I’m going to be discussing
like, the cowboys. The cowboys- Brokeback Mountain. I’m gonna make so many Brokeback Mountain references. Can’t wait. There were like, the sailors. They were always going at it. So like, it was just a very common practice, like, you know, you get lonely, you sleep with someone. On a pirate ships, there’s no rules. Just have sex with ya boys! Consensually, please. And lastly, I’m just gonna talk about the
famous pirate Anne Bonny. She married another pirate named Calico Jack,
who was a man, so it was a heterosexual marriage. But they used to run a ship together, and
they hired a trans man named Mark Read, and they used to have threesomes with him! So… isn’t that fun? So yeah, that was the pirates. They’re all gay. The end. Thank you guys so much for watching, I appreciate it. I’m sorry for the lack of videos. If you didn’t watch my last video, I took
a social media break. It was a month-long social media break, so
obviously, I wasn’t posting on YouTube, but I am back now, and hopefully everything with
moving goes smoothly so I can get back to making more videos, ’cause I do want to continue
on with this series, obviously. But make sure to tune in for the next Elle-GBTQ
video, which is about the perception of gay people during the Enlightenment and the American
Revolution! Sounds boring, not really though. Thank you guys so much for watching again
and have a great day. Bye!

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