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Groucho Marx said that
he would never belong to any club that will have him as a member. For that reason, I use my calendar. Because there are a thousand fish in the sea. But there are also dolphins. Do you want it with milk or not? With milk. And jellyfish that itch you. Do you want something else for breakfast? No, my stomach is scrambled. Are you nervous about the plane? Paris is near. It’s just everything, but yes. I’ve been thinking adding Carmen to my Facebook again. Really? Your ex? you want to add your ex? And why are you telling me this now? My goodness, a stupid jealousy attack. I will stop being jealous when
you show me that you love me a little and you appreciate me. Ana maybe it’s time to end all this. I feel that… …I want to live new experiences,
to know more people. I feel that I’m losing other things. You don’t care if you lose me, right? It shouldn’t be like that but
if it’s the price which I have to pay. Yes. Ok, you better finish your suitcase. And go to your parent’s house. Ana… Let’s go for a walk. Let’s go to our cinema, and I will get over it,
I’m just nervous. In this moment
I could have told you so many things to hurt you. But even though I tried
not to break you inside. Although you deserved it. Thank you. You’re still the same. How much time did it pass
since last time we saw each other? I don’t know, maybe a couple of years? You haven’t changed either. Last time was… on that party, right? Dammit, I don’t even remember
how I got home… It was me who
took you home. Actually, I took you to your boyfriend’s house. And above it, you didn’t remember
the floor, so, you were calling all the bells
until he answered. Ok, ok, I see that you remember too. Enough. We were pretty drunk. Well, after leaving the bathroom
I suddenly sobered up. But I’m not going to say
that regret of what happened. Or that it should not have happened. Well… it was our farewell. Nothing to add. Yes, nothing to add. But after that,
we started avoiding each other. You’re still with that girl…? The one you were with. Álex, right? Yes, her name is Álex. But no, we’re not together anymore. Really? And why did you leave her? You were so in love with her. So much that I thought that night… I love that you take for granted
that I was the one who left her. And yes, like I proved that night,
you were going after me. Well, but this is on the past, isn’t it? Exactly. And now what, are you living here with Mario? Yes… Things have changed a lot. Now we have an exclusive relationship. Good. You know that good
has not sounded credible at all. Why did you come Ana? I don’t know… I guess…I needed to come back home. To feel what was the fact that someone loves you. Even if they don’t know how to love you well? At least you listened to me. And who is the one who doesn’t listen to you now? Álex? Álex, Álex, Álex… She has directly never loved me. But it’s doesn’t matter anymore… Now there is a new girl. Lucía. And how old is she? Really? That is the first thing you ask me? Well, you’ve always liked young girls. She’s twenty-six. Just one less than me. Do you remember when
you made out with that teenager? I mean, how old was she? Ok, if you call her teenager,
it seems like she was under-age, dammit! She was nineteen,
it’s just she was on high school. I know… And I have to say that
she is the most mature girl who I’ve been with. Yeah, sure.
If you compare her with you. Ok, I stop now.
Otherwise, I can be like this all day long. Well, what happens with that Lucía? Is not the age, is… …her attitude. I don’t know, I’m always
feeling alert with her, it’s like… Like if she were lying to me
all the time. Because she’s so bad lying… I feel she’s with me
by convenience. Or because I’m the first one who
has crossed along her, I don’t know. -And besides, I can’t talk
even two words with her because she stars kissing me right away. And that didn’t happen at the beginning. I don’t know, I’m thinking too much about it. My head it’s gonna explode. I didn’t remember you so insecure. You were always…naive. But a sure-naïve person. Thank you. No, ok. When you make out with someone
older than you, is because you’re searching for… Experience, not just sex, you know? I’m sure you provoke her insecurity. And I’m telling you, the one who
has made out with men on their forties. Pease, I don’t know how you could do that. How can I take off that image of my head now? But, what do you mean about the insecurity? Because… sometimes you are so serious,
so cutting. You generate insecurity. And I’m sure, she thinks
that she doesn’t have too much to offer you. But sex it’s something she’s good at… And she wants to trap you with that. And I was treating her as a nympho. Yeah, you’ve always had so much feel. Why are you here, Ana? I came to fuck… But… I’ve realized that is not what I want. Lucía, I’m sorry for my behavior the other night,
getting you out of my house. I’m not your fucking puppy. You think you can do whatever you want with me
and one day I’m not going to be here for you. I know, it wasn’t my intention
To make you feel like that way. Because you’re not. Come here… You treat me like a child and besides
you tell me that you’re gonna end alone. Hello? I’m here by your side. Ok, I’m sorry. I think
I’ve inherited it from Álex. -Who’s Álex?
-My ex. You’ve never told me about her. -That’s not the point right now.
-See? Lucía, you are so angry right now,
we can’t talk like this. No Ana.
I’m in love. What? Don’t tell me that. I’m telling you that I’m in love with you,
and you answer me that? Do you know how I´ve realized that
I’m in love with you? Yesterday I met that tinder girl. We were having a good time, laughing
and you were not in my head. If you telling me this to make me jealous… you are going on the wrong direction. I got drunk and
I ended up in her house. I got laid with her. And when everything was over,
I realized that I preferred to take a walk with you
for a thousand times. That simple action would make me
happier than nothing else. And how many hours have passed
since you were in my house, fucking with me to fuck her? It doesn’t matter. No, you’re really telling me
all of this to hurt me. So, do it well. After I left your house,
I went to her neighbor. Dammit, Lucía. It doesn’t matter, Ana! If it’s hurting, it’s because
you feel something real for me. If you know me a little bit you would know
that these are the things that I’m trying to avoid. I was so much better before, alone. The problem is not me. No matter who comes,
while you keep thinking about Álex. What does it have to do with Álex now? I knew she existed. I know she calls you. Maybe, the problem is that
you want to come back with her. Are you sure you don’t want to come
to sleep to my parents with me? And we say goodbye tomorrow at the airport. No, I don’t want them to see me cry. Ana, it´s just five months,
not the end of the world. I know… But I know you are not coming back. Well, it can happen. But at least we have lived this. It has been beautiful. And that’s why I want
to remember you like now, ok? Look, really, right now, it seems
I’m talking with myself. And I don’t know how can you stand me. Will you come for my birthday? Let’s do something. You come to see me in a month. Then I come back for your birthday. And after that, on summer,
we go to Barcelona to see my sister. You were like a roller coaster. Every day you could think one different thing. Or you got one’s wires crossed
and become an unknown person. When you left, it was so sad. And you will never could understand it. I still have that knot in my stomach. I guess that’s how abandoned cats feel. Since when do you smoke? Wait, wait, wait… We can’t do this anymore! Why? Because we have no money, Lucia. Fuck, Ana. Once again. Yeah, I know. If we are poor, we are poor. Pfff, well, anyway.
Maybe there is a way to get money. I think so. -Which one?
-Well, you know it. Say it. You can find here, on the description
of this video the link of our crowdfunding. If you want that second season continues
and also longer episodes for this to continue… -You know…
-If you want… -We need money, please!
-Please, money…

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