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And what are you waiting for today? Nothing. Exactly. When I was little, I used to watch movies where the protagonist was a lonely guy and he was cool. I wanted to be like him. I wanted to be like him. As the guy from High Fidelity, he was fucked up but he was awesome. Time before, girls didn´t star that kind of movies, we were just girls. Ana? Hi! Can I buy you a drink for the movie’s entry? Ok. This is not my first date since I decided to take you completely out of my life. After you destroyed me. I remember how you crossed the street. There was not a single gram of badness. Álex? Do you want to go for a walk? Sure. Finally! Finally! And for how long have you been living here in Madrid? For a year and a few months. Before that I lived in Barcelona because I studied at ESCAC. And that´s why you are looking for some friends here? Yes. And you? I’ve been here for thirteen years but I´m from Málaga, like I told you. No, no…I mean that what are you looking for? I´m not looking for anything, I´m just waiting if someone can find me. What’s up? Has the question bothered you? No, no, no…at all. You seem taller in pictures… I don’t know, your face is more for a tall person. I don’t know, your face is more for a tall person. Well, it´s ok, people usually tell me so. See? Well, I’m glad we are meeting each other. The truth is you don’t seem like a psychopath. Of course, a psychopath can’t be 1.61m tall. Well, sorry, I forgot about Hitler. We both have the same mustache. Look! Anyways… My girlfriend told me you were going to try to rape me 5 min after getting to know each other. Did she? And why didn’t you tell her to come? Well, she lives in Barcelona. Mmm…distance relationship? Any problem? No, no, no…don’t get mad. I’m joking. It’s just a problem that I have with distance relationships. Why? No, no, the only busybody here it’s me. How long have you been with her? Alright, so this is an interrogation. Ok! We have been together for ten wonderful months. So you started the relationship when you were already living here. Yes, well I met her right after I moved in here. Ok, if you last one year together you can get married. What kind of theory is that? A wonderful theory. Like the theory of the third date. And which one is that? At the third date, either you both get married or you never see each other again. What are you talking about? You are too young. Yes. Think about it, how many times have you met somebody as a date? Ok, think also about this, how many times have you fucked somebody at the third date and then you two have become something serious? Yeah, well…the fact is that, this is the first time I have a girlfriend. Really? Yes, it’s because when I was a teenager, I was part of the Christian Youth and I was straight. After that, I became bisexual and now I’m lesbian. What a nice the path. Same for me, but only your final part, since the beginning. So, at what time does the movie start? Right now, basically. Well, come on then. Let´s go. And why ´Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri´ not another one? Because it´s an anti-romantic movie, so your girlfriend cannot think I could have grabbed your hand in some romantic moments. Excuse me, you haven’t paid the beers. Ups! I forgot. But I thought you paid when your ordered at the bar. This is very typical of Lucia. What? I´ll be right back. Have you watched ´Wild tales´? Yes I have, and even the rest of the human race hate me for this, I must say I didn’t like it at all Why? Because I hate short films. I prefer good developments than happy endings. Really? For me is the opposite. Why to enlarge the development part? It´s like relationships, I think it’s horrible. It´s so much better a beauty beginning with a terror movie ending. Well I hope you know that life is not actually like a movie. The truth is… Wow, my god. Can you imagine? The truth is I liked the actress so much. Well, everyone actually. And this movie… …is based on a true story, right? Yes. Sadly yes. Wow I loved the film so much but I wake up early tomorrow. We could meet another day so we can keep talking about it? Cool… So I’ m going to the metro. Ok, I go walking, I live nearby. She has a girlfriend. Perfect. Keep warm, ok? And you don’t answer the phone. Ooook… Do you want to know more
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