Leeroy Jenkins | The Man Behind The Meme

[♫ Entertainment Tonight theme song ♫] Tonight, the story of Leeroy Jenkins. The man who got famous for prematurely ejaculating himself, onto the face…OF BATTLE. Here is Ben Schulz. A regular guy from Lafayette, Colorado Only an hour’s drive from balloon boy’s house as it happens. At the time, he was 24 years old and earning his degree in electrical engineering. So.. Ben and a few of his mates got drunk one night on 40s and decided to make a guild. They settled on the most sarcastic name they could think of, ‘PALS 4 LIFE’ But they needed more people to join so they could raid. So they made this video. [♫ The $100,000 Pyramid theme song ♫] Yes it’s staged the guild admitted it so it goes on, they get 720 no scoped by the Welps Here, I made a map so you see what it looks like without all the chaos. [you can] find the full version on my second channel. As soon as they uploaded it, the views went bananays Leeroy became a STAR, baby! *LEEROY Remix plays over*
[Gameshow host] – heros like Leeroy Jenkins take battle in the world of war craft But fame was a cruel mistress to Leeroy… Taking…as much as she gave. People started to follow him around – in the game They would camp outside UVRS, hoping he would show up. He would get hundreds of whispers, everyday Some like this, some like THIS, but mostly like this. He even had a stalker who would follow him day-in and day-out trying to find out personal infomation *SNAKE HISS* In those days, WOW didn’t allow cross server play either, so that meant huge queues and wait times. And when you got in, there where even BIGGER problems. Loot lag Roll back Disconnection Which ment re-queuing [♫ Jeopardy music ♫] And Leeroy’s video was attracting tens-of-thousands of new players to his server. It was beginning to impede the way he played the game. [♫ The Weakest Link music ♫] Worse, it wasn’t the kind of fame that allowed him to get rich either. It was meme-fame. He and his guild tried to make money by selling merch, but they had trouble with Blizzard’s copyright. So the best that they could do was sell shirts with Ben’s face on it. They didn’t sell very well. They invited him to host at BlizzCon. [Ben/Lee] Alright I was kinda rushing, being a jackass, just drinkin’ [Internet His] Hmmm… went ok. Ben was offered a job at EA, but he turned it down because the pay wasn’t great and it was only a 6-month contract that would require him to move across the country. Meanwhile, Blizzard sees the popularity of Leeroy and pumps out figurines and lore. Ever notice how Leeroy gets whiter over time? Hmm… interesting They even make him into a quest, but it’s voiced by… some random guy. Ben decides to send an e-mail to Blizzard and say… hey errr… err what about uhh me? So they let him VO for it *Low pitch buzz* He was invited to a few other events, [Ben] So lets do this…LEEE- *Drowning muted effect* *Pitch continues* [Ben] -OYYYYYYYY JEN-KINS!!! [Internet] But that’s about all the recognition offered him. Meanwhile, ‘Pals 4 life’ had become the most attractive guild on the server. and it was turning into a varitable bukkake of success, with glistening splashes of legendary items and trophies glazing its founders. [News Reporter]: Police are on the lookout for Leroy Jenkins Jr. of Jacksonville. they now have a first degree murder warrant for the 43 year old. [Internet His] but back to Ben Schulz. [♫ The $100,000 Pyramid theme song ♫] During an interview, he says he’s working on a new viral video that’ll be out by the end of the year. But instead of another viral hit… He dies. 🙁 Okay no, he DIDN’T die. 😀 But he DID quit the game. 🙁 He was bored with it. All of his friends were. Jamal and Anthony quit in 2007, and Abdul in 2008. It seems that ‘Pals 4 Life’ really meant ‘Pals…for about 2 years’. Leeroy comes back in 2011 but he doesn’t stay around for long. He doesn’t even play his own quest. In 2011, he makes an appearance in a fake trailer called ‘The Chronicles of Rickroll’. A full version of the movie of course was never to be made. But in that same year, he gets a proper brush with (((Hollywood))). The Warcraft movie is announced. One of the first versions of the script here, features PRIVATE JENKINS. a rouge soldier who breaks rank and charges into battle before he should. But before production… they cut him from the script. No Leeroy. 🙁 They do invite him to the premiere though. Here he is with Jamie Lee Curtis. [Ben]: Jamie, I hear you’ve been yelling ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ all day. [Ben]: Yeah, I’d love to hear your best one. *Low pitch buzz* *silence* [Ben]: I got a surprise for you though. [Jamie]: Yeah I know. [Ben]: Alright chums, let’s do this… *Low pitch buzz* *zoom in on depressed guy*
[Mad World Kid] All around me are familiar faces. *Drowing muted effect* The movie did alright…in China. So they’ll probably make a sequel.
*Low pitch buzz* And if they do…
*Low pitch buzz* It’d be nice to see Ben make a cameo.
*Low pitch buzz* Ben has gone back to his regular life as an electrician. The man, the meme. The icon of Internet history, Ben Schulz. Good night. [Herstorian]: Alright, I’m going to the store now, back in 20 minutes. [Historian]: Alright no problem, I’ll just be here doing my ‘research’. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *door shuts* [Historian]: Oooohhh… Oooo yeah Oooo Oh yeah Oooohhh

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