Learn about watch history on YouTube

Hi, I’m Rebecca, and today I’m going to
give you a history lesson, but not the kind you expect. This one’s about YouTube’s
watch history, which is a list of videos you’ve previously watched. Let’s say you watched a funny video a few days ago and now you want to share it with
your friends but you forgot the title. If you were signed in when you watched it, you’ll
be able to find it in your watch history. And when you’re signed into YouTube, you’ll
be able to get to your watch history on any device. So if you’re at home on your computer
or killing time on your phone while at work, you’ll be able to see your watch history. So not only does your watch history help you find videos you’ve already watched, it also
helps you to find videos to watch in the future. For example, your home feed offers recommendations
based on what’s in your watch history. And here’s what we want you to know – at
any time you can remove videos to influence what YouTube recommends to you. If you want
to learn more about recommendations and removing recommended content in general, just click
this card in the corner. If you’re not signed in, you won’t be
able to see the list of videos you watched, but you can still clear out your watch history
to reset your recommendations. That’s why we suggest signing in. You’ll
be able to see your watch history, view it across various devices, and help YouTube recommend
videos that are more in line with your interests. So that concludes today’s history lesson.
If you’d like to learn more about finding, clearing, or pausing your watch history, check
out the description below. And be sure to subscribe for more tips and tricks!

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