Learn about recommendations on YouTube

With so many videos out there, sometimes it
can be tough deciding what to watch next. This is where recommendations from YouTube
can really help you out. I’m Rebecca and today I’ll show you how
YouTube picks videos for you and what you can do to influence them. So how does YouTube know what you want to
watch? Recommendations are based on videos, genres, topics, and creators you’ve previously
watched. So let’s say you’re really into cat videos.
When you watch one, YouTube may suggest other cat videos, or more animal videos in general.
This basically applies to anything you watch on YouTube. No matter what you’re interested
in, YouTube can find videos that fit your interests. As you continue to watch more,
YouTube will offer better recommendations for you.
If you’re watching videos while signed out, you’ll see that suggested videos
are first based on the popularity of videos in your country. But once you start watching
videos, you’ll start to see more personalized suggestions. That’s why it’s best to sign in. Since
your recommendations are linked to your account, you’ll be able to see them wherever you
are. If you’re signed in and see recommendations
that aren’t what you expect, there are a few reasons why this could be happening. First, if share an account or a device with
someone else, the videos they watch will influence recommendations. Second, the categories of videos can be a
little broad. For example, if you watch a funny video that’s labeled as comedy, you
may see other videos that are also labelled as comedy. Since everyone’s definition of
comedy can be a bit different, you may see “comedy” videos that just aren’t funny.
If this is happens to you, we’ve got good news. You can actually remove videos, channels,
and sections that you aren’t interested in to improve your recommendations.
Ok, let’s sign into my account to give you an example. I’ve watched a channel featuring
different pets, and I’m seeing a few videos of dogs come up. Since I’m a cat person,
I can choose “Not interested” to remove videos that have dogs in them. If I remove
2 or more videos from the same channel, that channel will no longer be recommended to me. But what happens if I see a recommended channel
of just dogs? I can also choose to remove the entire channel.
If you’ve accidentally removed a recommendation that you want to keep, you can click Undo
to restore it. Currently you can only do this on a computer.
If you’ve made too many removals or if your interests have changed, you can clear removal
history at history.google.com. Click this icon in the corner and open YouTube
Watch History. Click the open menu and then click “Not interested feedback”. To restore
the recommendations, click “Delete feedback”. Another way to fine tune your recommendations
is by removing videos and search terms from your watch and search histories. Let’s say you’ve searched for a certain
topic, like changing a bike chain, but now you’re seeing all bike videos in your recommendations.
Just go to your search and watch histories to clear out those specific videos and terms.
You won’t see recommendations based on them in the future. Just keep in mind that when you clear these,
there’s no way to undo the changes. For step-by-step instructions on clearing
your watch and search histories, just take a look at the description below. And now you know all about how to influence
your recommendations on YouTube! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe for more
tips and tricks!

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  • I recorded a sports game to watch after work. I was waiting for my partner to get home from work so we could watch it together. I went on Youtube to kill some time. So Youtube recommends I watch the post game interview giving away the result of the game. Thanks Youtube. Had been looking forward to this game for weeks. Not using your service in such a way ever again.

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  • Not helpful at all. I get crap I've no interest in on my recommended feed, so I click not interested…BOOM I get more crap I've no interest in.

  • My mom only ever watches videos on tbJoshua ( the pastor) and one day she opens YouTube to find a whole array of videos which she thinks is satanic and not one tbJoshua video there was suicide squad that girl from the ring and other evil stuff there. Now who do you think got punished for two months and got their butt whooped because they where supposedly to blame. Me. I don't even see the people I'm subscribed to in my recommended anymore and I apparently unsubscribed to a lot of you tubers that I watch on a daily basis. This is bull 💩YouTube. Fix what you've done

  • 可否多用中文、

  • You should make a section to discover new things too. I go on Youtube to see things I never seen before…

  • Would it be possible to have a search option for videos in 50p or 100p etc…?

  • Hello, I am trying to avoid an specific channel that my nephew always find on my smartphone. Can I block the channel to not to see this videos? Thanks in advanced.

  • How about this for a suggestion?

    How about going back to the old notifications that you just recently tried to change by sending us a redirect cookie?

    How about putting the mail icon back at the top of the page?

    It's annoying when you guys make so many changes, yet don't get it that we are tired of it. Myspace made so many changes, and look what happened to them!

    I will settle for the old notification system, and the old inbox setup at the top.

    No one checks their messages because it's a pain in the ass to find.

  • السلام

  • Then why the hell do I get bodybuilding and sport videos? I don't even like sports or bodybuilding 🙁

  • Quería preguntar y a  la vez sugerir acerca de que: cuando una ve un vídeo en Youtube si lo ve completo se registra visto como completo pero por si algún motivo uno vuelve a entrar en la página del vídeo y no se reproduce completo. Por que no sigue apareciendo visto completamente sí ya se ha hecho esto. Busque preguntar en Youtube directamente y envian a este foro. Gracias por su atención

  • how come Kodak black lil yachy and lil Wayne keep appearing in my recommendations when I keep removing them and I don't even watch rap music videos you guys just recommend whatever is trending and a whole host of other random stuff that has next to nothing to do with what I watch I assume the rap video recommendations​ recommendations come from the fact that I listen to music but I don't listen to rap and I keep seeing the same names pop up not just a with there videos but all of them no matter if I remove them or not also basketball I don't watch anything remotely close to basket ball and yet there it is I think the problem is that the categories might not be specific enough to give accurate information but this might just be me

  • All I have been getting is videos that I have watched already I keep dismissing them yet they keep on getting recommended I don't get it what part of I don't like the video is not clear NOT MY INTEREST. Deep learning recommendations LOL

  • Please make a video on how to monetize the video which show Not eligible for monetization . Please help me to fix it .

  • ola pesoal estou com meu canal ai

  • helo my name is enes ı am from turkey ı comments likes 😀

  • love you vidoes

  • my recommended videos I already watched

  • i dont know haw to make videos

  • ….except the 'not interested' feature is flawed, your algorithms override the user's choice and everything resets at regular – and brief – intervals. Even blocking a channel does nothing since YT promptly 'forgets' your choices if you empty your browser cache which is standard performance housecleaning. You're expert at harvesting and selling our browsing habits, but our control over what's recommended to us is either a sham or so poorly implemented as to be useless.
    I don't 'thumbs down' videos since I think it's cheap and unconscionable, but please enjoy a dislike in spirit.

  • Pls.sir
    don't load unwanted adult video on my screen

  • Как убрать (скрыть) видео с боку если предлагает плейлист? (там меню с кнопкой скрыть нет.

  • I keep putting not interested in recommendations that I don't care about but they keep showing up and I keep doing it but no matter what I do things I don't care about at all keep showing up over things I like

  • For example, if I watch a video with Eric Andre in it, it doesn't mean I only want to see Eric Andre for the rest of my life; which is what would happen if I watched the videos recommended by youtube. If I watch tv, I might watch the Walking Dead. But subsequently my tv doesn't suggest I exclusively only watch zombie movies. So, whatever algorithm you are using to suggest videos seems a little simplistic and really isn't wanted.

  • Speak clear English please

  • hello how can I grow my you tube channel because I do not want spam groups etc etc ???


  • como se usa copyright

  • k I'll get get it

  • Hey daar!

    Als eerst wou ik u bedanken voor de leerrijke video's waar ik al veel van heb opgenomen. Toch is 1 iets mij nog niet echt duidelijk, of ben ik gewoon te ongeduldig? (Gezien er ook goedkeuringen dienen te gebeuren?). Maar normaal is alles goedgekeurd, dus kan ik normaal gezien toch gaan "verdienen" met mijn geplaatste video's? Ik heb echter ook totaal nog geen ervaring met deze manier van inkomsten. Vandaar mijn vraag of ik eventueel iets over het hoofd heb gezien? Want ik ben ten einde raad…

    Ik heb alles gedaan wat beschreven stond in de voorwaarden en uitleg, advertenties staan aan, het beruchte 'dollar'-tekentje is groengekleurd, en mijn video's kunnen allemaal (1) openbaar bekeken worden. Maar toch ziet niemand van mijn vrienden/ kennissen enige advertentie nog reclame. Hetzelfde geld dus dan ook voor de inkomsten die maar op €0,00 blijven te staan.

    Kan u mij helpen a.u.b?

    Dank bij voorbaat hoor!

  • I've noticed videos of channels I'm subbed to appearing at the Recommendations and not on my Sub Feed! maybe that's why channels are insisting so much on turning on notifications!

  • Я всё просмотрю, конечно, но… вот я снимаю фильмы сам, а музыка мне интересна та которую мне бы хотелось вставить в фильм и не та которая бы меня не устроила. Как быть? Идти на нарушение авторских прав? Хорошо, пусть будет в моих фильмах реклама. И то что мне не капнет денежка мне не важно. Для меня важно что моё творчество будет интересно другим людям. И хорошо что меня не наказывают за использование чужой музыки, а то бы как бы я смог показать своё видео в музыкальном сопровождении. А немое кино без музыки кому оно нужно?
    С уважением к авторам музыки, правообладателям и Ютуб!


  • Rebecca, I can't even hear what your saying because you remind me so much of Daniel Rousseau from the original Karate kid. You could probably get paid big bucks for that! It's a compliment. You go girl!

  • I need a recorder could I recommend one

  • youtube the new update sucks i hate the 10 sec back or forward thing make youtube updates a choice

  • youtube önerilerini silebiliyoruz "ilgilenmiyorum" seçeneğini tıklayarak bunu yapıyoruz. peki bu önerilen videoların sıralamasını yapabilsek sıraya sokabilsek ve sürekli izleyebilmek için anlık oynatma listeleri yapabilsek. ilgilendiklerimiz ilgilenmediklerimizi ekleyip çıkarıp anlık oynatma listeleri oluşturup daha uzun süre izleme imkanı sağlasa ?

  • why i keep geting suggestion of arib videos if i don't Watch this videos and thats not my language? i keep sending to youtube im not interest of this videos and i keep geting this suggestions i delete history everything and keep geting them

  • I get videos I already watched AND even when I've cleared or deleted my history of (for example) DoTA videos, I STILL get tons of recommendations. Gaadddddddd. I even get the live ones. Jeezuz.

  • Youtube should put a like and dislike icon to whoever liked or disliked a video

  • no entiendo como hacer para estar bien youtube

  • This isn't explicitly a recommended video, but it should relate to the same mechanics, and there is nowhere else I have found to complain. I have recently encountered an issue with the ads that have been coming up in front of videos I watched. I am a strong progressive, a self professed liberal secularist. The videos I watch reflect this. Accuse me all you want of biasing my viewing, but it is unproductive for me to watch videos supporting policies I oppose. All it does is make me angry. So it causes me issue when YouTube constantly presents me with advertisements from conservative think tanks and political action comitees, often making the same tired old, easily refuted arguments (I.e. Stating That Obamacare has raised premiums by double digits [technically true], while failing to note that they are still between one half and a quarter of projections from before the ACA's passage, before stating support for the popular parts (young people staying on parent's plans, preexisting conditins, etc), but saying a "free market" system would be better, defying the reality that all the ACA did was offer subsidies for the poor and provide a market where company offers would be compared. In other words it created a market.) I digress. Simply put, I would like YouTube to explain to me (A) why it is giving me conservative propaganda a which only serves to piss me off, and (B) how to block adds from certain channels from appearing, and if such a thing doesn't exist why it doesn't. Because as is, the only alternative seems to be adblock, which I don't want to use because sometimes, I like adds, and I want to support my favorite youtubers. But these specific types of adds are so insufferable, that it is causing me to reconsider my stance.

  • Why are R-Rated horror movie previews playing before & part way through kids videos & mom vlog cleaning videos? Just got one I couldn't even skip. Not ok when I have toddlers in the room!How do I get a hold of YouTube?

  • Reasning

  • I have a big problem with taffyswirl my main YouTube channel I feel like I wanna quit YouTube because just making videos is boring and doing it for nothing

  • Really getting sick and tired of getting "your recommendations" some content has absolutely nothing to do with what I have searched for or watched. Why am I getting videos of men with a certain persuasion, removing makeup???. Videos on computer games??, anime???….you take absolutely no notice of me either disliking or removing or stating I have no interest….what the hell???

  • i learning programming from youtube…i have subscribe some channerls but can youtube improve some aditional future….likes..i subscribe programming channel..so create one folder to some topic channel …i have save in that..other folder creat and put other topics channels in that…..

  • 我是本人黃文藝,我目前遇到了一些財物上的瓶頸,且家中有很重要的事,所以至於帳單問題可以給我個寬限嗎,我會繼續不段使用你們供應的平臺,所以希望你們給我個時間性。

  • Support

  • i have a chanel its privat i dont want it like that it shows my chanel cant show this video

  • I've been trying to find someone to talk to. For some reason, when I try to put my account on my Apple TV, it tells my account was terminated for violations of service. But I have no idea what I did wrong, because I never upload. I just watch. Can someone help me?

  • Deleted videos not interested in now I get nothing. If you do not want to watch what is "recommended" and click not interested to remove old news or already watched videos you end up with a blank screen. What has happened to youtube? This sucks.
    Seems like if you don't agree with liberal sodomite, transexual youtube indoctrination it is more difficult to use the web.

  • it seems I need to manually tap a video as uninterested than focusing what I want to watch and not wasting time to tap not interested?

  • ya que aprenda y donine bien el ingles voy a entender lo que dicen

  • Now we're being recommend with live videos. Half of my recommended videos are live. Also I get videos recommended that I don't even watch.

  • I can not react on questions.

  • I get videos from languages I don't know and obviously haven't watched. WHY?????????

  • ผมสร้างบันชีไม่ได้

  • I'm a vegetarian and I constantly get recommendations for meat preparation. There is no word for how bad YouTube recommendations are.

  • You are only trying to catch me Family Guy bound, i usually only have 1 in my reccomended, but when i click it, litterally all the other recommended are Family Guy. Dont even try to get ad revenue from me. I use adblock.

  • es bueno.por ahora

  • Hi, Ricardo

  • Recommendations really frustrate me. I want a way to disable them. Please?

  • Remember the old youtube? Back when videos were rated with stars and people could do video replies…

  • Très intéressant !

  • I dont want any recommendations how can I stop them? They are annoying and i have to put not interested on all. I dont want anymore. Does anybody know how to stop them ?

  • Need help
    I have a Vizio E 40 I A-2 smart tv but wen try Youtube the app don lounch any more and also the app don show the chanel iptions and setings are not allow so I can not get the tv code any more.
    how can I watch Youtube on my tv? please help

  • I want a feature in settings that can prevent recommendations from appearing.

  • ABSOLUTELY Disgusted with SPENDING more time DELETING "Suggested" videos than WATCHING>>> Beyond PISSSED OFF

  • your video the pamonã bastant evolution

  • سﻻم

  • i'm trying to find help on preventing people invading my email address after i place a comment on a video….thanks

  • Recommendations are not available for me at the moment. How could i get back recommendations on my dashboard? (PC)

  • I got rid of the Recommended Videos tab since they were terrible
    how do i get it back? xd

  • thank you

  • pretty helpful

  • Thank you for helping me


  • I literally get a ton of videos in French and Spanish and other languages I don't know or watch and I don't know why

  • ok

  • ı create a channel, my friends subs me but it looks only 5 subs. but why. my 7 friends AnD my family subs me

  • Response I made on YOUTUBE video is gone!. Reported this 1 week ago, nothing heard from YOUTUBE! [My YOUTUBE history doesn't show my comment.]

  • What is going on for the screen (something went wrong tap retry, did that a 100 times, Steele get the same, can!t get anything even offline video, I am canelling my offline sub,they don't even warn you, what mess.

  • I am begging you pleaseee stop wix.com adwords……bored….ı always see it…pleaseee

  • U r right 👍

  • How come I've already stopped my watch and search history, cleared out the not-interested feedback, and I still get
    Recommended for you! Recommended for you! recommended for you!

  • Can you help me please? Im new on youtube, now my youtube channel shows $40,00 but my adsense account shows $0,88 .Im trying to contact youtube , but is impossible to solve , help plsss

  • Come posso contattare per assistenza youtube italia?

  • c'est pour les musiques

  • Don't know if this is the right place to ask question but I have the idea that YT is not counting the views of my vids anymore. Is that possible?

  • ok.thanks

  • Check out this video on YouTube and Facebook on Twitter

  • مرحبا…
    كيف يمكنني وضع الفيديو الخاص بي في الصفحه الرئيسيه في بلدي ?

  • Recommendations are based on what videos youtube make the most profit from. that's it

  • Por qué no está en español o hay un canal de ayuda de you tube en español!!!, Por favor!!!

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