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  • Great content. Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

  • Nice! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

  • When will the left learn how to deceive the public as well the Tories? Is the real question.

  • An important meeting to decide whether to drive off the cliff to oblivion, or to fall off the cliff to oblivion.

  • Unironically says comrade – bloody clowns.

  • The British Labour Party is a hate movement. They hate Jews, bright eyed young men, traditional families, private school kids, entrepreneurs, Christianity, decent individuals and anyone whose done well in life. They promise nothing but mass social breakdown and economic collapse and they are the cancer in every community. Everything they do is designed to make things worse. From Harriet Harman's bill passed under the last Labour Government to end the requirement for fathers to appear on birth certificates, to Jeremy Corbyn's plans to tax shops off the high street and roll out strife and coercion in every work place by giving hard left unions their powers back to strike in sympathy with each other and in support of, or against, overseas regimes that the UK Government has no capacity to control. This is something that he wanted to do at the same time as renationalising numerous sectors costing billions of pounds the UK hasn't got. All they are is just evil poison, wracked with feminist hate and disgusting Marxist ideas about doing away with oppressor races and sections of society. These are the thought processes and ideas which lead to their obsession with identity politics. Over my dead body would I ever vote for that pack of treacherous Trotskyist Nazis to do to the rest of the country what they do to their own constituencies.

  • Will Labour AGAIN continue to care more about protecting their block vote than they cared about the abuse/rape of many, many thousands of white working class children ?. Enquiring minds would like to know. Labour are dead to the working class after their betrayal. May they burn in the flames of hell along with the vile EU. You are finished.

  • Liebour still believes in uncontrollable immigration ☹️

    The poorest will pay the price for liebour riches.

  • Please get everyone you know to sign xx

  • Bye bye Five Bellies. As for the rest, these idiots are lost in their own echo chamber and have learned NOTHING from the GE.

  • Anyone find it strange that some candidates have the sound of the audience's applause turned up, but other candidates have the audience's applause turned down. Not naming names. Just seems weird.

  • Labour forget they brought in the sanctions and healthcare assessments. Thanks for that almost destroyed the man my dad was, before he died. Now I m going thought it myself, amazing how our government can get a physio therapist to advise them better than our own doctors. All id ask is if our doctors really are that incompetent maybe consider retraining them instead of telling people they aren't worth feeding. But ofcourse then you'd have to stop handing hundred of millions into the private hands of the assessment companies.

  • I've been undecided since the first hustings. I. Started out thinking Keir was the most practical choice but honestly over the hustings he comes across like a geography teacher. Brilliant at what he does but not inspiring. I worry that Rebecca's messaging might be too close to Corbyn's and he's a big part of the reason we're in this mess. So I'm surprised to say it but, Lisa Nandy for leader!

  • Better. So much better. Shame the Chair is still not up to much – as was the case in Cardiff, Liverpool and Leeds etc. If Peston could have moderated this one as well that would have been great because everything else was good. The venue, the lecterns for each candidate added some gravitas and that, allied to the absence of the shrill arrogance of Emily Thornberry, meant the remaining three gave much better and more thoughtful performances. I'm a devout Tory and I struggle to think of any turn of events which would induce me to vote Labour, but I believe in a strong Her Majesty's Opposition and I was beginning to despair of that.

  • Long Bailey will seek to get rid of the remaining moderate MP's if she is elected, this has already been hinted at by her far left political mentor and unofficial spokesperson Len McCluskey who has said that they should just get out. This does not indicate that she wishes to build a Labour Party that will appeal to the majority of British voters. If this happens we can kiss goodbye to ever being the party of Government for at least a generation.

  • All clowns. Scotland has gone for Labour.

  • what crap………..boris in power for at least 10 years …..thank goodness………you commie C********* !

  • #TeamNandy

  • I think Sir Keir Starmer MP should just step out of this ring. I am so happy with RLB and Lisa Nandy. A two-horse race between these two ladies will bring out the best in our Labour Party.

  • Nandy is worryingly reactionary and right-wing.

  • when starmer says "shes heckling already" did he mean someone in the audience or was he pointing at lisa or rlb? (i get is a joke)

  • Long- Bailey recognizes that Scotland is not an English colony and she will never be it's Imperial master.

  • These people have learned nothing they are just like the Labour Party manifesto promising things that they can not deliver they don't have to worry about Trump because after his second term they still will not be in power they seem to forget that Boris has an 80 seat majority so game done and stop talking crap


  • This is exactly the kind of labour navel gazing I like to see.

    They'll be irrelevant for decades to come.

  • The Solomon John Wesly Durai;
    The Son Of DIANA
    (01-01(JAN)-1980) (THIS EARTH)
    TAMIL NADU – 628704

  • The Black Force
    (The Armed Defense Forces.
    Not This Earth Military Forces)

  • Rebecca long-bailey gets Scotland.

  • The trans war taking place in labour right now is just glorious to watch. Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy supports the right to self identify with all the biological rights that come with being a woman. That means that a biological male can enter a women's shelter, where abused women are given (up to now) a biological safe space from males. It means that a mass rapist who happens to identify as a female when caught, will have the right to serve his time in a women's jail. Also, it will mean that anything deemed to be transphobic will result in the exclusion of members in the party. And if you hold the view that gender and sex goes hand in hand, that will be considered a transphobic view. I BEG YOU LABOUR…please chose Bailey or Nandy as leader!

  • I like all three of these – it’s a tough decision tbh. They’re all really good. 🙂

  • I'd rather vote for Donald duck, than these bunch of elitists. Slimy two faced sellouts🤮👎

  • Richard Leonard looks more like a leader than any of them, and Richard isn't even that good

  • I never thought Labour could become any more of a lost cause than under Chairman Corbyn but my word these three will achieve it easily.

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