This invention will change your life ! Nearly a year ago, I went to Japan in quest of arcade rooms… UFO Catcher… Borno Mario Kart…. Darts… Dance dance revolution… All these things so rare in France Are beautiful, recent and new there… And they work pretty well It’s been several months that I only dream of one thing… Go back there…. (Squeezie 2) : Hi piece of shit! There’s no need anymore to go to japan to play UFO catchers ! See ya!! (Squeezie 1) : WHAT?? Hey ! Today we’re on AKIBA CATCHER! It’s a website where we are connected to damn UFO Catchers on live from Japan! And we control them remotely to try to win the figurines that they contain! There are some who are going to ruin themselves *laughts* When I went to Japan on last March I won within thirty figurines in the UFO Catchers Small pic! warning, there are a lot of things ; stuffed toys, figurines and scam ! in the air. in short that costs 1,90€ by internet instead of 1 € in Japan BUT delivery charges are free ! i want to us, to have a figurine today this is to have a f*cking Amiibo of easter or a figurine or.. i don’t know , in short you have to drop a ball in THIS hole so ! first try, let’s go ! but guy ! a ball, it’s impossible to catch dude ! so we gonna test ! Here we go ! Oh ! but… Dude ! It is abused how hard it is ! there is a period of bastard ! Oh no dude

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