KSI vs. Logan Paul – FACE 2 FACE

It’s a better outfit What? Better outfit then last time think so. Oh, yeah. Thanks. You too. I think right now it’s just part of ego. I feel like I’m gonna see Logan thinks he’s the top dog. And uh, he not I mean this for me is the end goal I grew up my whole life watching fights. I understand a fights work and I want to give the fans a show I’m a showman round one. I’m gonna I’m gonna feel you out But, at the same time I think I’m gonna hit you with a couple shots that make you realize truly what you’ve accidentally walked into I just kind of wanna beat the shit out of you that’s all that matters August 25th is just all that matters How’d this come about Jj I called him out. Why? Yeah, why did you do it? Cuz I was like I thought I’d save you Okay, mmm, I thought I’d save your career Okay. Uh, yeah.I have Nah, and now I mean you have because I’m gonna beat you and no it’ll be great for me, but I know Well, what did you think when he called you out? Um? Do you think it was a joke? I did I did what because I I just come from a athletic background And I’m not used to a youtuber calling me out for something that I’m like really good at. So you kind of insulted Yeah. Yeah first I thought he was joking. He called he called Jake out. He called me out any of the pauls. He didn’t care and I I decided to accept first I think after I beat you the second time Jake Jake’s gonna want to kick your ass too if you’re down I’m down Boy, Jake, you’re not gonna beat me. I’m gonna beat you twice and then Jake’s gonna be chillin and then your careers gonna be done Are you so I’m trying to find out you’re insulted and you know Are you not surprised by his confidence? Because you just he’d be well you got the job done. Yeah Yeah, I destroyed terrible. What do you think of that? You destroyed terrible? They destroyed. Mm-hmm. Look man. I’m Way better right now Than I ever was so I would hope so mmm cuz I’m not go. Well, er I’m not JoEllen listening, you know, I think I think you’re I don’t think you Realize what you’ve walked into. No, I haven’t trust me. I think so. Very excited. I meet you bro. It’s I’m punk rocker micro Your clout my clout. It’s true. No one in America really knew who you were before without people little. Oh I know but Where’s the beef boy wizard? Why does the beef come from? Originally because I I can cut this atmosphere with a nice the second he walked in the room. Where’s the beef coming from? What’s it all about? I? think right now it’s just Paula ego I feel like honestly Logan thinks he’s the top dog and He’s not I’m just gonna let you run through you bro. Is that right? No? No, yeah. No, that’s not right. Mmm. He’s right though. It is an ego thing. I have a pretty big ego. He does too so at the end of the day just two dudes were gonna beat the shit out of each other but um for me I mean cuz we didn’t have beef we didn’t have beef then you called me out and things got a little Too personal for me. So how pushman what was it? What was it? I’ve got a new skin I don’t I don’t I don’t want to get into it. He will you know what it is You know what everyone knows we don’t yeah, we don’t need to get into it. You knows what it is, but It’s it’s it’s certain comments that make me think oh this is gonna be like a fun boxing match and Then like when you I’m gonna make that extra effort I mean this for me isn’t the end goal my enjoys I would hope not it’s II go to a boxing match. You want to go pro? Ha you suck How would you expect to do that, but I don’t How do you know that because your match against Joe Weller was embarrassing Well, when you hit past Joe even said joe said ‘hey, you don’t hit hard. He said you don’t hit hard obviously It’s gonna say that I destroyed them obviously He doesn’t want to admit that he is the weaker opponent. I I disagree I think joe Ehlers a level-headed guy who? Understands what he got into and I don’t I think I think he’s go away over his head is way over that I’ve you – who do you think has bitten off more than they can chew? Realistically, you called him out. Now. He’s talking like what are you doing? Are you mad? Are you mad? No, sir? I’m like I’m sitting here I love it. And I’m like, oh wait like what are you some kind of crazy person? Are you stupid bro? Like I wouldn’t get in the ring with me. I’m out. I’m crazy. I’m an animal Logan: I’m a good dog, bro. If there were two of me, I wouldn’t go…
KSI: and I’m a GOD. you’re an animal I’m a God. I’m a god. This is what God looks like huh? Jesus Christ. We got some worked in a white one what my son Toshi he believes it this is crazy. Yo my friends and I were talking and it’s like We we are impressed how well you embody this role? Cuz the person I saw your movies you’re not a great actor, but When you sit here and say that stuff, it feels like like it feels like you’re starting to believe you can win which is like no, I’m serious like We were talking. It’s like we’re talking. It’s like, how do you how do you do it? How do you do for this long in front of so many people this is called being natural. This is my natural state Let’s talk facts and fiction. What’s your background in combat any form of combat? Yeah. I wrestled that wrestled for a majority of my life I did some MMA and in high school for a couple years. No, no boxing though I’m just I’m just an athlete and I know Joe Weller said he was an athlete too and but all that time oh, I know but the kids not an athlete like He’s just not that’s that’s not how athletes But and no offense to Joe Weller, but again, bro I’m not Joe Weller. I’m a different beast in school. So I’m a corn-fed Ohio boy. Mm-hmm. How’d your preparation for this been going? It’s been going been doing good. Good Mayweather. You trained him away with this come. Yeah, I did for a day. Uh-huh And then he went soon after I did live Jeff Mmm, Jeff, what’s your background? Why your one fight? What’s your background? So I What’s good at sporting wise? I have no background. Yeah, literally started boxing Less than a year ago. Do you not do not find that scary? No, no, not at all I know you see but well, I I have ask You get a six-pack you get some muscles and then you proclaim that you’re God What’s the logic there? It’s called confidence there’s a difference between confidence and saying I Am God and Jesus Christ is my son you let me say let me tell you from experience I’ve seen professional fighters One gets in with the other one fighter doesn’t respect the credentials of the other fire because he thinks you don’t belong here this one Here from you. It’s what I’m hearing in between the lines in that fight This was car Fox George Grosz 80,000 people didn’t find each other, you know Carl Froch almost lost. He was the champion he was the guy that every expects to win because he didn’t respect his man what I’m saying is It sounds like you’re not respecting it enough to take him seriously enough Will it be funny? We lost them? That prize imagine not bragging rights. That’s a law process. Are you taking seriously enough? Yeah. Oh, of course I mean look, I grew up my whole life watching fights I understand a fights work and as much as I can’t sit here and pretend to not acknowledge Jay Jay as an athlete a fighter You can throw hands. I see that I’m training hard for it. Of course I of course I respect his ability to box and I could get caught with anything It is a fight. So by no means am I walking in a Hundred percent I can win anything can happen. It’s a fight I just know what I can do it about – I think about what you’re backtracking What while you said you were the guy who was gonna just run through me No You said not actually by trucking you said that no you can we play the clip again Use you use it your own words. You just quoted yourself. You’ll botch marketing. Okay? Besides it gonna be a problem is your height on you. Yeah. It’s got reach and reach he’s got athletic background, you know, you saw the Sparring that you did not the guy down look pretty good. You know, he got fast hands palek, though Panning you through a lot of hands there and didn’t need to he wasn’t really posing that much of a threat but you were you threw a lot of hand that’s gonna I Don’t know it’s gonna tie you out of it If you’re gonna throw like that, how you gonna get through high in the range? How you gonna negate this win? How you gonna get this? You want to knock him out or disappoint you? Oh, yeah, I’m going nochmal. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, he’s getting knocked out and it’s gonna not be pretty and you’re gonna be worried you’re gonna be in the fight and you’re gonna be like, oh Shit, this is this is race fight. This is happy. This is a boxing. Wait. Can I can I handle this guy? No, I can’t I think so. You’re answering yourself again You’re having a conversation you sell the salt in the press face shot. You’re gonna hit me in the face in a boxing match Wait look Good idea of relevance. Oh, you’re fighting leads the ground now, usually when you’ve got some sciences together You can sense bullshit. Okay, you know guys try and create up. That’s what I’m saying I thought so so can you sense any bullshit? No, I feel like he believes himself. That’s why I’m impressed. This is this is impeccable like everyone here is like Amazing you can see here and say these things and it’s great. Like I’m happy for you. I mean, yeah, I think it’s interesting that Like fill out this whole interview you all lit you looking everywhere, but my eyes I just like to be honest to be honest with you. I’m kind of done with the talk and the bullshit because let’s be honest I’m gonna make that my ringtone. Um Let’s be honest, the only thing that matters is August 24 a don’t like this Do you not really I just wanna kick the shit out of you? I don’t know why we’re here like in you know It’s just like it’s hard to just sit here in front of you. I’m scared Okay, that’s so you’re gonna get in a ring fine under motion tactics emotion. Are you gonna get him fine on emotion? Game plan. I’m calm cool and collected. I have a strategy. I have a fight plan. Everyone has a Plan until they get hit in the face. Yeah, you’re predictable. That’s that’s bad for you. You tell me ROM 1 To 2 as far as the fight goes taught me to define from your point of view. I’m coming to you two I Want to give the fans a show I’m a showman Around 1:00. I’m gonna I’m gonna feel you out but at the same time I think I’m gonna hit you with a couple shots that make You realize truly what you’ve accidentally walked into because again, I think you’re caught in like YouTube land is This the big boys game now bro when you get in the face I’m hard harder than you’ve ever been hit before inspiring. Shoot longer than news though For six years and you just got your first need to read show grown-up gratulations. It’s your big day. That’s round one We got to learn the fight, huh? That’s round one. Have you knocked him out yet? no, my coach wants me to I don’t I don’t I feel like you can’t okay, I feel like if we go past around 1:00, it’ll be a bit better of a show so I think round two Is a bit of a show and then run threes the knockout that’s what Judge a round one Body shots lots and lots of body shots on my name for that body man. It’s open. It’s always open How do you know that? Yeah, just from your spawn like 18 second sparring tape should soon that. I taped a month ago show No low blow rod – I might increase the pace. In fact, I probably Just increase it just a bit. Just a tad. See how you do see if you can chew in boiling hot water and then round three This is when I really home in this is where the shots get more powerful sledder Energy just saw through my veins and that’s when you when you talk. It sounds like a debris worry Dragon Ball Z character I can’t get over this like this is round full. Do you write this down? You write you write these things down. I finish you off and enjoy Korea So whether you believe yourself, that’s why I can I envy your ignorance I really do I wish I wish in a way I Sort of have that but it’s it’s it’s really it’s crazy row and I’m happy for you going alone Fidgeting mmm. I mean I’m trying to but nervous, you know, I just it’s again it’s hard for me to say here. It’s equivalent Don’t think so but astute observation there Sherlock. I just like I would love to I I didn’t really want to do this I figured it’d be good. I don’t really know why I’m here. I just kind of want to be out of you That’s all that matters August when t fits all are all that matters It’s gonna be like it’s gonna be like it might as well be December 20 Do you guys know Christmas for me like straight up? Do you guys know how big this is because you have professional files top-tier fighters that want this kind of audience That I’d be watching this. I might did my personal pin out thing eyes on this you’re talking like 100 million around the world That’s my view Now this the biggest viewing figures were Mayweather in McGregor everybody watch that These are the kind of clowns that you’re gonna attract. Is that pressure you can handle can you deal with this? I Know he can where does a loser go? Where’s Lou to go bragging rights out there? Everybody sees it Yeah, man. I don’t think III do want to establish one thing. I don’t think I Don’t think any of us are losers. I think we’re both winners Like I said, I respect him as a fighter and an athlete he works hard. I work hard It’s gonna be a phenomenal fight The problem is you’re gonna get the losers gonna get bitched on every time he walks in the street. They’re gonna talk about the fights Gonna suck for you. That’s why I’m saying like good for you roll it whatever you’re feeling now living it Soak it up cuz it’ll become a meme and it’s gonna be hilarious I’m already I’m already a name a lot of memed even more if really more than your bandana to be honest part of the reason I came here. I was wondering if you take it off for us. I can’t What’s under it? I mean you’ve seen what some do it. I Don’t know bro. I feel how long have you had that one on the pit. Row. How long have you had that? Kevin had that one I had no been done on how long have you had that one? Oh, this one’s new actually good for you. I’m happy for you though Simon banned. I know we’re releasing you soon That’s amazing. I’m proud of you dude. That’s the big Yeah, that’s good Just tell me what’s on earth What is it Fountain of Youth? My puppy I lost from this era. You just take it off. Come on just I don’t know. How could someone wear the same thing every single day? How do you do that? I’m just gonna just say are you changing the subject? I’m not doing something I’m talking about is I was like y’all Take a little bit. Why don’t you look in tomorrow? I will I just I again I don’t really know why you’re Pro cuz all that matters is August. Why are you repeating yourself? You asked me a question my question then yo, what’s your rush? I’m scared. No, absolutely not Okay. So what is that? Let’s see how this goes Oh, you will be possibly get a handshake between you know He’ll know you cuz you talk shit about me. You talk shit about my family. You talk shit about my girl Come on, girl, put that hand back Put that hand back. Mmm. I will shake your hand Mmm, when you’re on the ground and I help you up and then I will shake your hand I will give you the firmest handshake of your life Okay, and I will get I’ll personally get your bandana for you and put it on your head But until then bro, I got to keep it. I got to keep it on with you. It’s not gonna happen. I Mean, you know Let me have a problem. Okay. Sorry Logan – I think so Check the links in the description if you can’t make it to Manchester to purchase this fight is gonna be one hell of a fight If you can’t make the fight go – ksi V Logan to purchase your tickets. I’ll be there It’s gonna be one hell of an iron Boom that’s one boys Cool, you can leave the building Have fun in London well Thanks, bro, but I’ll keep the cameras rolling into the lead We out bye,

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