Klay Thompson Girlfriends List: Dating History

The basketball star Klay Thompson is one of
the best shooters in sports history. And while his professional career keeps developing
rapidly, there are many curiosities going around his personal life. So, who are the ladies he was romantically
involved with and who is he dating now? Let’s find it out! Hannah Stocking
2014 – 2015 It is no secret that the sportsman’s love
life has always been quite complicated, as it almost always includes cheating, various
rumors, etc. Dating with a swimsuit model Hannah wasn’t
that smooth too. After being together for almost a year, Stocking
caught Thompson cheating on her. That same day she wrote about it in her Instagram,
where she has about 18 million followers but deleted the post a few days after. Of course, this led to a split and a huge
scandal on social media. Today, ex-lovers are not on good terms. Tiffany Suarez
December 2015 After the breakup with Stocking, Klay wasn’t
sad for a long time and was soon noticed in the company of a basketball player. She is originally from Miami but moved to
Virginia where she rose to prominence in 2013. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful
female basketball players of all time. So, no wonder she easily attracted the athlete’s
attention. They were first spotted together on a date
after which she posted a picture of them with a caption “Thank you for an amazing night”. Many people thought that this union would
be long-lasting. However, it ended within a month. Carleen Henry
June – August 2018 She is an Instagram model and it is a common
knowledge that Thompson has always been into young beautiful girls. He was spotted with Carleen on exotic islands
during the offseason. The athlete dumped her after just a few months,
because she shared too much details and information about their relationship. As a consequence, Henry and all her friends
unfollowed the basketball player on Instagram. Laura Harrier
November 2018 – present time These two love birds were first linked together
in late 2018 after they were seen together at The Staples Center. After that the actress was seen with Klay
on a regular basis but none of them confirmed their romantic status. In summer of 2019 there appeared rumors of
the pair’s breakup because of Thompson’s cheating. But within a short period of time they got
back together. Due to the fact that both of them don’t
talk about their relationship, it is pretty hard to understand where they stand now. But, according to their social media accounts,
where they upload common photos, they are going strong as a couple. Eiza Gonzalez
June 2019 The rumors of a sportsman being unfaithful
on Harrier turned out to be truthful. He was spotted with one of the most stunning
actresses in Hollywood, having dinner in one of the restaurants in Beverly Hills. In accordance with the source, he made a reservation
for a private table, so that they could be alone. It didn’t take long for the celebrity to
realize that Eiza wasn’t for him and he managed to reunite with Laura.

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