Kirby’s Super Star Stacker English translation developer commentary w/TheDanaAddams – sheepytina

Hello everyone, Tina here, and this is a developer commentary – with the lovely Dana Addams.
– Hello! This is Kirby’s Super Star Stacker, originally released as Kirby no KiraKira– I
don’t know how to pronounce that – properly. This is–
– Kābyi no Kirakira Kizzu Uh… yeah, so this is [stutters] a puzzle game, only released in Japan. It’s based on the
Game Boy game super– fuck. Kirby’s Star Stacker. I really should have
rehearsed a lot of this stuff [laughs]… [Tina and Dana both giggling] – And is a fan translation that Dana made
– With a lot of help – Yes, so would you like to tell me about the title screen?
– Ah, well the title screen… was actually one of the first things
that I technically did, uh, when I had essentially assessed it as being a viable
project to tackle, I mocked up a title screen, and essentially I posted it as an
indicator of what I was targeting to add as the title screen, looking for a little
help so figure out how to pack it into the game, um… and what eventually ended up
happening was that the person who’s been helping me… really, with the whole project sent me a message saying “hey, I did
this version” which was based on mine except a little cleaner, they worked in
anti-aliasing. I aimed for no anti-aliasing because my hacking method that would
have made it very difficult, but y’know the uh… the person who’s been
helping me, Reld knew how to get it to work with an
anti-aliased image without, you know, making six years of work. So here’s the menu, tell me– tell me about the font here Ah, okay, so this was originally in the
game to begin with. You can actually see – it as it was in the game to begin with
at the top there where it says “menu”.
– oops, sorry and it was Reld’s idea, in fact, to
take that which is a– it’s a very stretched out, as it is, font, and squish it
down from 16×16 pixels, which is four tiles, to 8×16 pixels or two tiles
piece, which would let us fit a lot more in, which is really what allowed it to
come together as well as it has and look as professional as it does. But yeah, it’s
actually the same font, squished on one axis and it looks much better for it. So
this is actually Nintendo’s font, – which i think is really nice.
– Earlier revisions of this of this hack actually – used the full width font, and it didn’t
quite look quite as good.
– Yeah, you could show some of those older versions – I do
I still have all of the patches archived, but also about the text underneath
each of these little icons here, that is the same font from Kirby’s Adventure!
I modeled the text after that. I looked at the text in there as it was, and
replicated it there on this menu. I just – thought that was a nice little touch.
– Yeah! It really adds to the – authenticity, I feel.
– Yeah. – Anyway, this isn’t just a menu hack
– [laughs] and also [stutters] some of my viewers
may not know exactly what this game is, – so let’s play around a bit!
– So this is Time Attack mode. -Yeah, so just score as high as I can three minutes, right?
– Yep! [Tina mumbling] already screwed this up This one was actually a bit of a problem mode,
in fact this is… this is the last thing we’ve been doing at
the time of this recording. This was the last thing updated, and… hopefully we won’t discover
anything that’s been missed. [laughs] – So if you just want to pause it for a second, actually
– yeah? You’ll notice all of the text here, of course, is translated, and
that menu there that was just updated with this last patch to be a little
cleaner, try and anti-alias that somewhat – I think it looks a lot better now.
– yeah – I think the, uh
– That’s my first time seeing the updated text Yeah. The, uh… the pause text
there is completely new; it looks much better. I was gonna say– ask if you
could just explain how the mechanics – work in Star Stacker.
– Well, I could do that, but – Ohhh!
– [laughs] there is actually, built into the game, a tutorial, and the tutorial was the
first thing I translated because that was the easiest to edit. Oh yeah, one of the
tricky parts with this mode was the fact that when you finish,
depending on your score, different text will be displayed, and originally we did
not have that text in any editable form, so that had to be tracked down, essentially.
Hopefully we’ve found all of it. – Hey, new record!
– Not bad! [laughs] Also your first record. This is fresh save, but yeah. so if you want to go to the rules… – Oh this was showing up in the demo reel earlier, as well.
– Yeah. Yeah, so this was, uh The first part that was completely
translated. I believe this was right – after I got the the text insertion tool working.
– How about you explain what – the situation with the text insertion.
– Okay so the project was based on a starter pack that someone else had
uploaded in the abandoned projects part of the site, which
essentially it was some tools and notes, and things that would make it easy for
someone who, y’know, wanted to take the job on, to get started
and start translating it basically, and there was an issue where you had to
input full width text, Japanese text, as far as the computer is concerned, but of
course, y’know, English characters. See, I used a web translator for that part which converted standard text into the
full width characters, and that involves a lot of copying single characters
pasting it into place, because this game, it doesn’t use text in a conventional
sense. Every single piece of text in the game is stored as just a string of
sprites. That’s why it gone so long without being translated. Because it was
a big job due to the way it’s stored the actual text in the game. So yeah, I got
started with that starter kit. Actually this line is making a lot of
trouble. I’ll talk about that in a minute. So yeah, I was having to take each line, translate it, get that text converted into
full width text, then copy each individual character, paste it into the
correct format, and then insert that back with the insertion tool, and it was quite
a big job. I was doing it very much the hard way, [laughs] and for the… that was all using 8×8 font, 8×8 sprites for the text. A lot more work had to be done for the
majority of the text which was using 16×16 sprites, and I believe you can
tell us a little more about that. Uh, so I mean at first, Dana had
to manually like write in all the – different sprite values for all the text.
– Yeah, so it broke down into uh… each line of text was actually two lines, and each
character of text had to be repeated twice on each line, so you had
instead of just the letter A you would say “letter A, part one. letter A, part two.”
then on line two “letter A, part three. letter A, part four.” and that’s for one
character, which is a lot of cutting and pasting and formatting. Really, really
tedious work if you’re doing it manually, – so Tina to the rescue!
– I programmed her a simple little JavaScript tool just to, uh… a simple little
tool in JavaScript, just to convert the text into that sprite format. Like just
enter plain text in and out will come the sprite values, separated by line and
in all the parts that it needs to look – like text… It’s best way I can kind of explain it.
-Yeah, I mean so that took my work down, like manually formatting it,
each character, it dramatically reduced the time it took to do a single line
from like, y’know, 20 minutes or more per line, down to like a minute and it
was ready to insert, so it made the – job so much easier, and I am so thankful for that.
– Aww! Oh yeah, is there any other details you would like to add? Well, I mean… this is the Round
Clear mode. Where you’re going to see the most text and the most meaningful
text is of course the story mode. – Shall I go and check out the story?
– Yeah. Now originally with the 16×16 font, a – lot of this had to be, uh…
– Truncated? Yeah, very much squished in, and it didn’t
look great because sometimes it would – overflow over the edges because it was
just taking up too much room.
– Yeah. But once we upgraded to the 8 by 16 font,
which reads a lot cleaner, I was able to really elaborate on the story and make
it really just read a lot more professionally and cleanly, and not just
like a utilitarian translation. Now I don’t actually speak much Japanese at
all or read much Japanese, so this has actually improved what skill I have
in that regard, and most of the process, I think it was made a lot easier because
Kirby is so simple, it’s not a complex story, like this is not Trials of Mana or
something, and that’s sort of why I had the
confidence to attempt this. Because it’s not a JRPG epic, it’s Kirby. It’s friendly,
it’s fun, it’s accessible, so it wasn’t too difficult for me to, y’know, take
the text that was there, take my existing Japanese knowledge, use Japanese
dictionary, lookup meanings of things, and essentially pieced together what it
should say. There’s also another site out there which had a… – Like a translated guide?
– [stutters] a loose translation, in text, of what everything should be. I found that translation wasn’t always the
most accurate, but I had a lot of reference points.
I also used Google Translate, [laughs] – which is never a perfect reference, but
– It can be a great starting point. Yeah, or a clarification point. Like once
you think you have a decent translation going, you can kind of plug the
sentence into Google Translate, and see if it gives you something that sounds, like – at least in some sense, similar.
– Yeah. – So, it will never be…
– [stutters] Get that intent across. – The what, sorry?
– Get the intent across.
– Yes. Yeah, so like if the Google translation
says something that could be vaguely interpreted as what your translation has
said, it’s a good way to verify, or if you’re having trouble with a
word, like pulling(?) in the sentence, it can sorta give you more context. So don’t
completely rule out Google Translate. – It’s not a magic solution, but it can be a great tool.
– Yes. – Now just to be clear this isn’t a Google Translated script.
– [laughs] No, I did not just plug the text into Google Translate and paste
the result into the game. Some companies do that and release their games on, for – example, the Switch,
– [snorts] but yes, that is not the case here. So yeah, I’d say even though I’m by
no means an expert, I have tried to make the translation as professional as
possible and lean into my comfort as a writer to sort of take the translation
and try and localize it as best I can. – I think you’ve done a really good job!
– I’m really, really happy with how it’s turned out. – Dare I say it looks almost official?
– [laughs] It is not official. It would be really nice if they had released the
official version. – This is actually on Virtual Console in Japan.
– Really?
– On the Wii U, yeah. – I was not aware of that.
– Yeah, it was kind of a big deal, it’s like “wow this game is so rare, and now
it’s on–” This was such a late release for – the Super Famicom as well.
– Right, yeah it, was – one of the Nintendo Power games.
– Not to be – confused for the magazine of the same name.
– [laughs] Yes, which has happened. – Yes. Especially as people have been
asking about this game a lot lately now.
– Yeah, well when that when the news started
to spread, someone messaged me saying “I’d never heard of
this before”. I said “well it was actually one of the Nintendo Power games.” “Wait like
the magazine?” No. [laughs] – Not quite.
– But yeah, it, uh – it did receive a retail release.
– Just to clarify, Nintendo Power was a download service where you have a Super Nintendo
Ram cart and you can install games on – there for a fee.
– Yeah, it was a kiosk download, like a very early digital – distribution service
– Yeah.
– that would allow publishers to circumvent the need to produce physical cartridges on a system
that really was not the focus, and – This was well after the N64 had already launched in Japan.
– Yeah like – we’re talking like ’98?
– Yeah. There were originally some plans, or at least evidence of some plans, to bring this
title to the West. You can find on the Wayback Machine a page of Nintendo’s
website from like 1998 that shows a – Kirby’s Super Star Stacker coming soon.
– Huh! I didn’t know there was any plans to– I guess – I guess that’s why the localized name
comes from?
– Yeah! Well I mean it’s a very logical conclusion to localize the name
that way, but yeah, it has been officially labeled that, in case anyone
was wondering, so be it through that website. I’m not sure how it’s been
listed, I know Grill, the secret boss from this game,
has been referenced in other media and I think it may have been referenced in
things like maybe Smash Bros. I’m – not certain.
– I think there might be like a Grill sticker or a trophy or something. Yeah, yeah. So I’m not certain how they’ve, y’know, credited the game there, but it has, uh, it was essentially officially unofficially
officially given the localized title of Super Star Stacker, and it was one of the
few Kirby games that until now has not been playable in English. Another notable game that was
released through Nintendo Power was, uh [stutters, clears throat]
Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, one of the last– like these was some of the last games
released – on Super Nintendo.
– Yeah, yeah. – There– but in both cases they
originally got– were originally download only and then got cartridge releases
later, and even– and like even in – Japan and like, these got such small print runs,
– Yeah.
– so they’re some of – the rarest games on the system.
– and most expensive. – Yeah.
– Yeah, besides some rare promotional releases. Yeah, the retail
release of Super Star Stacker and Thracia, they are, I think probably the most
expensive Super Famicom games. Huh, that was over quickly. – Of course, I want to add them to my collection.
– Mm-hmm, good luck with that. [laughs] Okay, I think I have to own a copy of – Super Star Stacker, don’t I?
– Let me know, I might open a P.O. box, wink wink. – Just kidding. Not really.
[both giggle] I love this scene. [laughs] I just love how he’s nonchalantly frying up this piece
of a star that he found. I mean, the implication being they just found
something on the ground and decided to cook it? [laughs again] – Sometimes you gotta experiment.
– [laughs] Augh, god. … fuck. – I’ve completely lost that side of my screen now
– [laughs]. – Oh.
– One thing I like about this game, I mean, I– I’ve never actually been particularly good at these sort of stacking
block puzzle games. I do really enjoy playing them, but [laughs] I’m just not good at them and one thing I like about this one is it’s
only the two middle columns that absolutely – put you in jeopardy.
– that’s actually most puzzle games, Puyo Puyo is the same I guess I’m just, well, very familiar
with Tetris. [laughs] [giggles] Now this is actually a pretty big moment in
the series, I believe – How so?
– When you finish the stage. – Oh yeah?
– You see Meta Knight without the mask. Oh, I mean you see that in, like,
some of his earliest appearances as well. – Oh, really?
– Not up close, though.
– Ah. Yeah, in like Super Star and stuff, you like
cut off his mask, – and it reveals for a second “oh, he’s just like Kirby!”
– yeah. – Oh geez.
– Oh no! – Oh! Here’s my chance, maybe.
– Whew! [nervous laughter]. Alright! Now we’re good. I don’t want to jinx it, but like, y’know. – Setting off a huge combo here.
– Aw yeah! Well, a relatively big combo.
[both laugh] – This is getting pretty rough, actually.-
– Yeah, in uh [laughs] in testing this I actually had to use a cheat file [laughs]
because it’s, yeah, I mean obviously as you’re doing kind of testing work, you
want to be able to go through and test things quickly. – Wow!
– Woo! That was close.
[both laugh] – You’re doing really well!
– Thank you. Ah, there we go. There’s something about this next
stage that I believe you can – tell us more about?
– I’ve already forgotten. – Uh, the music.
– This music is – from another game in the series?
– But it reappears later as the Masked Dedede? No, not this one. – No, Masked Dedede was an original song.
– Really? Oh! No, this isn’t the Masked Dedede song, it – just sounds similar that’s all.
– Hmm… – I thought it originated in this version.
– It sounds similar but it’s not the same. I mean I’ll leave it up to the viewers.
Any excuse to say “leave a comment below?” Oh crap. – Uh, Masked Dedede is from Super Star Ultra, right?
=Yeah, on the Nintendo DS. – [yell-whispering] it’s not as good.
– It’s pretty good! I mean yeah, but Super Star’s a fantastic game, Or in OUR region, Kirby’s Fun Pak. Sorry I’m a bit quiet. Gotta kind of focus on
this part. – Oh no!! Oh, you were so close!
– That could have been a perfect run. – Yeah… you need to get a perfect run to face the true boss.
– Awww I’ll try one more time, and then we’ll
get to the end and probably wrap up there Crap, I’ve already screwed this up. Never say never, I guess? Hopefully that… hope that was enough? – Oof!
– Not certain. – Oh god!
– [pained laughter] Ah, I should’ve dug down over going, eurgh… – Oh no!
– Oh well. I’ll try one more time, but if I lose again I’m not gonna make my viewers suffer through
this. [laughs] – Well you can always just fast-forward, cause i do want to show off the…
– Yeah, alright. – The credits.
– Okay, I’ll keep trying, just for you. – Oh, crap crap crap crap…
– I think this is actually your first time playing through – the Story Mode, isn’t it?
– Yes, – I’d only played the Endless Mode before
– [giggles] Yeah you got to what, like, uh… – twelve thousand?
– I don’t want to talk about it.
[both laugh] – It just never ends, hence the name.
– [laughs] Yes, endless modes do tend to be like that. I screwed that one up so badly. We’ll fast
forward until we get to the credits I – guess, or until something funny happens.
– Now those menus actually have not been – updated yet. In the next patch they will be.
– The one that said the “return”? Uh yeah the pause menu you’ll notice it’s
different from the one – in Time Attack.
– Yeah. See the pause text is different. “Return” and “quit” haven’t been anti-aliased to look a little bit nicer, so
that will be one of the things that will be done before the official v1.0 release,
as it were. Oh yeah, I never mentioned the part of the tutorial that gave me
some trouble. Yeah so there was one line in particular, the part about when
there are only stars left on the screen, yeah it was a sort of a tricky line to
come up with a translation for, and I did ask for some help with that
from our friend Kimi, who just helped me clarify things to make sure I was on the
right track. And yeah, so I had to– believe the
video I uploaded early just showing off the translated tutorial, I believe
that has the original translation, which is really not very good and kind of it
needs to be fixed, and it was. [sighs] video games. Unfortunately, video games. I feel like I’m getting better, but I mean… – [clapping]
– Yaaaaay!! Woo-hoo! You know what you did. – I love the animation in this little sequence
– Yeah. – That’s Kirby’s Super Star Stacker, story mode.
– Hehe. This the translation of the credits here, it was really, really
beneficial to get the thinner font. A lot of the names were just really difficult
to fit with the full-width on. – Some of these ones would definitely not have fit.
– Yeah so I originally had to abbreviate a lot of things, like T. Hashikura, and I really wasn’t happy about that, so I’m very glad that I was
able to go back and put the full names in because yeah these people worked hard
on a really fun game, and they deserve the credit. There was a bit of an emotional moment in
this, in translating the credits. – [whispering] Yeah, there it is…
– Satoru Iwata. It was really gratifying to put that name in the credits. You know, like one more gift from
Iwata-san. – Oh! Hello!
– Who’s that? [both giggling] Guess you’ll have to play the
game yourself and find out. But make sure you get a flawless run
or else [laughs] you won’t. – Do as I say, not as I do.
– [laughs] And there is more to the story that you will only see on the flawless run, like that. – Anyway, that’s it for now!
– Yes, this has been Kirby’s Super Star Stacker,
the English translation project. I hope everyone has some fun with it. And I hope you all enjoyed hearing us talk
about it and seeing us play together. If you want to support projects like this
translation hack, you can support us on Patreon, or you could use the Epic Games creator
code “sheepytina”, or you can simply Like, Subscribe, share this video, and
check out some of these other great videos on my channel. Thank you everyone
for watching. – Bye.
– Bye! It’s like fighting Satan in Puyo Puyo.
Gamers it’s like I’m stuck in a furnace of Minecraft – [laughs] Ohhh nooooo!!
– [blowing out the mic] ARE YOU SERIOUS? [both laughing] God, I hope it’s actually recording and we
didn’t just waste a bunch of time.

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