Kiran’s Story – History at City, University of London

When I discovered ancient history I could remember asking my mom to take me to the British Museum. When we finally did go, on that cold spring morning, my mind was blown away. I was able to step back in time to the days of pyramids and mummies. I saw sarcophaguses, hieroglyphics, and ruins. Yet, when I went to uncover my own history, something was missing. You see, my family have a rich and layered cultural heritage spanning across South Asia. Like the history in the museums, my family have traveled across the world with their own journeys and unique stories to be discovered. I wanted to find out more. And it is something I’ve been able to do by studying at City. The history course has given me the tools to discover and unearth new worlds. And by studying the history of Asia and Africa, outside of a colonial perspective, I’ve been able to develop my skills as a historian, and my own understanding of who I am. My name is Kiran and City is equipping me with the knowledge and skills I need to unearth new perspectives.

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