Kings of Pain: Outrageous Python Bite Leaves Adam Bloody | Series Premieres Nov. 12 10/9c | HISTORY

Are you ready to do this I Just want to just want to get it over with It’s just surreal that there’s a 16 foot Python in here and I’m gonna let it bite my arm. Oh The damage this snake can inflict is massive If this thing latches on it’s gonna get very serious very quickly Oh The heads that’s a big head the best outcome is big puncture wounds, you know arm that bleed a lot Worst case scenario we can die Wolf is ready to go. Yep. It’s looking at me look at me We get to see back in the bag man before we have an accident, ah I’ll get a Fang over Fang hanging out of me. I’ll go to Fang hang out of me, huh? There’s Fang hanging out of me. Oh Do to open me up. It opened me up good it opening up good look at them. That’s okay. Now that’s deep Look, I think that is do Dude, look at all. Look at that. We all came here. No, I don’t know Here have a seat have a seat Dude I’m bleeding a lot man that big gashes that Pete gashes Changeup a new series premieres Tuesday, November 12th on history You

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