Kids Read Parents’ Search Histories

– Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. – Go to Google and look up
the history, what the hell! – Alright. Hey, you’re sweating a lot over here. – I am sweating. (silly music) – Hi mom. – Hi daughter. – We’re about to go into my search history so Adam can see things about
me that he might not know. – I’m gonna take this opportunity and I’m just gonna go with it. – Read anything, I don’t care. – Um, this is not that exciting, dad, you Google some pretty weird shit here. – Hair salons near me. – Elbow clicks when I benchpress. – When you get to a
certain age, your joints– (exaggerated cracking sound effect) start to click. It’s just normal for people my age. – How to keep calm. (chuckling) – Map of USA. Are you running away? – Yes, I’m trying. (laughing) – [Stephanie] Take me with you! – I’m looking at– I see a handbag! – Oh, that. – Wow, a $2,000 handbag. – But, we’re just looking at it, we weren’t doing anything with it. Cute though, right? (scoffing) And red. – You watchin’ some Netflix? Were you chillin’? – I was, yeah. – Interesting. – Sex hair for you? – Oh. – What?
– Yeah, mm. – Sexy hairstyles to impress your husband. (laughing) – How long can a cat last
in a 90 degree house? (laughing) – I was workin’ on a new look. – Mom! – I’m workin’ on a new look. – Oh my God! – Roland, I’m workin’ on
a new look honey, hello. – Have you– oh my God. – Our AC went out during
the 114 degree heat wave– (chuckling) – Just the way you worded it was so– – And I was really worried
that the cat might not survive. – It says ‘how long can it last.’ – Well, how long can a cat last? Anything else you’d like to know? – Great, great. – Lingerie. – I wanted to know!
– Lingerie! I wanted to know, I wanted to know. Don’t judge me. I mean, you’d better be
glad I am still sexy, hello! (wheezing) – Just as I suspected, your search history is just as boring as you are. Uh. – I’m boring, I’m a nerd,
what do you want from me? – Get the best body of your life. New $1 trial for Dirty Days. Oh look, there’s a body builder. Let’s get fit together. – Weed clinics? – What? – Wait, what is this? – Wait, what? – Weed maps? – Oh, wow. – Oh my god! Wow, wow, wow, wow. Wait, first of all– – And you were just getting on me. – First of all– Let me explain! – Weed maps! Oh my god. Oh my god.
– Explain! – How to murder your wife,
it has nothing to do– – It’s called murder your wife?! – It has noth– it’s with Jack Lemmon. – What are you watching! – Jack Lemmon stars in this movie. – How To Murder Your Wife
is what you’re watching? Does mom know about this?
– Okay, okay, okay. – I didn’t even download that on purpose. – It’s not a download, you searched it. Like, you literally
typed in ‘’ – I heard it was a new thing, I was just trying to figure it out. – It’s a great movie,
have you ever seen it? – No, what are you– – It’s a movie, How To Murder
Your Wife, it’s a comedy. – I didn’t even search
that, my friend searched it, you remember Kim from,
you know, over there– when we– my friend Kim? (laughing) – That was Kim.
– She ate an edible. – She Googled my stuff. I deleted it of course
because I didn’t want you to get in my phone,
– Mm. I didn’t want nobody to see it. – Have you even ever smoked weed before? Like… – You don’t have to say all that, okay, in front of these people. – My mother’s still my mother. – Yes, always. – The search history was fun. – Luckily that that’s over,
it’ll never happen again, you will not be getting my phone. I love him. – I love her. – Yes, he’s amazing. Aww! (murmuring) – I don’t really need
Google cause I have him. – I don’t really need a
history book cause I have him.

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