Key & Peele – Weird Playlist

– Let’s listen to some music, you got a playlist–
– Oh yeah. – That you like? – All my music is good, man. Just put it on random. – Alright. Rock it out. – This is an audio
journal of my experiments on my own human condition. (laughs) Forgot
this was on here. Let’s skip ahead. – Oh no, no, no. No, no, I wanna… I wanna hear your
thoughts on things. – Tasted my own urine today to
make sure I was still human. Yeah, let’s just skip ahead. – What the fuck is this? – It’s just some voice memos. My experiments are going well. I’m hours into my
daylong commitment to stare at myself
in the mirror nude. I’m beginning to see
my reptilian self. I am the lizard. I am the lizard. I taste the bug on my tongue. – Don’t touch it. – I just– – Don’t touch it. – I have committed myself to
understanding what a woman feels like when
she is penetrated. I want to fulfill
this commitment but the matchstick
won’t fit in my penis. Too square. – Too square? How ’bout… Forget it. – My penis. – I understand. – Is too square. – I understand… What? (Jordan screaming) – Why? Why? Why? (intense screaming) No! No, no, no, no, no, no! Stupid, stupid, stupid! I’m so fundamentally lonely. I’m adrift in an
indifferent universe. Only Keegan tethers
me to reality. I’ll take a drive
with him tomorrow. I wonder if he senses how I
feed off of his lifeforce. Different Keegan. (beatbox music)

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