Kenan Thompson, Michael Che & Colin Jost on Dave Chappelle | 2019 MTP

That fearlessness to entertain the way
that you want to has definitely pierced my life to the point where I played a
werewolf choreographer last night, [Laughter] and I was very proud to do it, and I learned
all of that from you. You know, I hold your first two seasons
of the Chappelle Show up against any sketch comedy show I would say in
history, it’s just brilliant. I had no idea so many old white fans [Laughter] I feel like I died and went to Brooks
Brothers, but I think honesty gets thrown around a lot, people talk about
honesty and comedy, but a lot of great comedians don’t always tell the truth.
Rodney Dangerfield I looked it up was actually very well respected. [Laughter] He lied the whole time! [Laughter] When we talk about honesty, we talk about not being afraid to tell people the
truth about how we feel because that’s the connection that comedians can have
with people and I think nobody does it better than you ever, and that’s what we
learn from because we all know that we’re a part of the joke. Dave makes it–
he’s willing to make fun of everybody whether you know whether you’re white, or gay, end of list. He’s– [Laughter] It’s weird for me to even talk to you about comedy because you can tell everybody in this room everything there
is to know about comedy, but there’s one thing that you’ll never know about
comedy and that’s doing comedy with a Dave Chappelle to look up to, so I thank
you for that, thank you so much. [Applause] And I’m here to celebrate Mark Twain. [Applause] To me, that’s comedy. if you don’t believe me that Mark Twain
is hilarious I would just like to read a brief passage from Huckleberry Finn Huck Finn turned to his
friend Jim, or as we called him– you don’t have to read the whole passage [Applause]

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