Kelly Clarkson Is Officially Most Aggressive Player In ‘Hollywood Game Night’ History

– Take it away Jane. – All right darling. Now Kelly, I am going to ask you
a series of questions. – [Kelly] Yes. – About Texas! – [Kelly] Oh god. – Taking it easy on her because you should probably know all these. – Wait, what? I haven’t lived there in a while. Okay. – But you had to take, in grade school every kid
in Texas has to take– – Which I was super great in grade school. – (mumbles) take all those
tests about your state history. You’ll have 45 seconds to
get five correct answers. So, 45 seconds–
– Okay. – Five correct answers–
– Okay. – If you’re not sure you can pass and come back to the question, okay? But here is the catch. Before we get started, please put this Apple watch on. – Apple watch on, okay. – The watch is hooked
up to my watch, okay. If your heart rate– We’re monitoring her heart rate. If your heart rate goes
above 100, you lose. – Dang! Okay (breathes in).
– [Jane] All right. Now, and this is a decibel counter, all right. If it goes above 70 decibels, which is like, normal conversation with normal people like us. If she goes above that, you lose. All right? You’ll be branded the most aggressive and the most deranged player in Hollywood Game Night history. – I am okay with that (chuckles). – [Jane] And, if you do win that title, which means you’ve lost, would mean that you make a
thousand dollar contribution to Red Nose Day in my name. – Oh. Well now I kinda wanna lose. – Its not bad. – Now I kinda wanna lose. – Now, if you win, and you could. I will make a one-thousand dollar donation to Red Nose Day in your name. – Okay, okay, okay. – [Jane] So you accept
this challenge, I take it? – I accept your challenge, Jane Lynch. – All right, let’s get her the clock up. Where’s the clock? Clock
is right over here. – Okay, clock is right here. Okay. – And where are my cards? – Here.
– Oh gosh. Okay. Like I’ve never done this before. – (laughs) Oh wait. – Go! How many stars are
there on the Texas flag? – What? – [Jane] How many stars? – One. (bell dings)
– Very good, very good. And you stayed nice and calm. “Don’t mess with Texas” was
originally a message about what? – Littering (bell dings) Oh! – That is correct. Down, down, down. – Sorry, sorry. – Name two presidents who
were born in Texas, born. – Lyndon B. Johnson? No. – [Jane] Yes, yes. And? – Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush! – No, (buzzer) he was born in Connecticut. – Oh but he lives there.
– Well it doesn’t matter. I said, “born”. Dwight D. Eisenhower, which I didn’t know. Name four nations that have
ruled over Texas, four. – Four. (stutters) Like Mexico?
Like, that kind of thing? – Mexico.
– [Kelly] Mexico. I don’t know. – [Jane] Spain.
– Spain! – [Jane] Republic of–
– Republic of Europe! (buzzer)
– [Both] Oh! (applause) – I don’t know. Oh shoot! (audience laughter) – I’m sorry but you did
not succeed and you swore. – I said shoot! I said shoot! – No, no. You only got
two questions right. Your heartbeat went up to 132. – Oh god! – And you hit 99 decibels. It is official ladies and gentlemen, she is the most aggressive
and deranged player in Hollywood Game Night history. – You know what? I will
drink to that, Jane.

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