Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.4 Part.2 [ENG/2020.01.25]

Water. Let me make a good use of it. (“The Gleaners”) (It’s the male gleaners) (Careful) (Very serious) (Selecting the pebbles carefully for high ratings) (The water attacks him) Is it too heavy? The waves are too strong. Let me tell you this as the master of stone skipping. If the waves are strong, small stones won’t work. Heavy stones work better. If the waves aren’t strong, small stones are okay. (In short, he’s picking a stone that will work well) (While Producer Jung looks for the best stone) How are you? (Hyounsoo approaches the stone skipping expert) (Are you looking for a stone?) (He recommends that stone) What is this? (It’s extra-large) (You’re not an expert until you can skip that stone) (Doesn’t know what to do) Nice day. (He hurriedly says bye) Alright. Let’s do this. Getting far isn’t the point. You must skip many times to get far. It looks like it’d sink after one skip. – Just one. / – Just one. – Just one. / – Just one. (Jonggeon’s out) Hyounsoo. – Good luck. / – Finally. – Wait. Wait. / – You’re too close. – Isn’t that it? / – Here. (They want him to back up) – Here. / – Here? – We have a rule? / – Yes. – It’s slippery. There’s moss. / – Okay. (He gets ready) (He’s not exactly athletic) (Getting nervous over nothing) (Throws the stone in a flashy position) – One. / – Do you even know how to do this? (Chuckling) He doesn’t know how to do it. I do. I’m good at it. I normally skip it more than 10 times. (But he just skipped the stone once) Okay. Try. He’s good. This is a variety show. I should make it funny. (The first round was to induce laughter) (How about his second try? Just one) – One. / – Wait a minute. One. Done. One. It’s over. – What’s wrong with me? / – Done. One. – Haein. / – It’s over. (Last but not least, it’s Haein’s turn) – Here. / – Thank you. Four times. (He gets ready) (Then he throws without hesitation) (How good is Haein?) – One. / – One. – One. / – One. – One. / – Wait. You looked like… – He looked like a major leaguer. / – I know. (He throws the pebble clenching his teeth) (It skipped only once again) (Laughing) (He wasn’t the master of stone skipping after all) (Grunting) (He confidently said he’ll make use of it) (For high ratings) (I must show something) (Please help me get high ratings) (1 skip, 2 skips, 3 skips) (He achieved 3 skips) – That was 3. / – That was 3. (He’s surprised) (He feigns nonchalance) (Ow, my arm) – Are you injured? / – No. (Pain means nothing to the master) (He’s satisfied) Alright. (They decide to leave) The waves are too strong to skip stones. It’s just… Aren’t the waves too strong? – Yes, they are. / – Right. But Hyounsoo isn’t giving up. – Look at him. / – Right. I think it’s not working out because we’re in New York. You’re amazing. Try it once more. – I won’t. / – You look amazing. No. I want to think alone for some time. I’m going to sit down. (Need to pick out Hyounsoo’s stone) (Producer Jung’s New York Playlist) (“One at a Time” by Paul Kim) Isn’t the view amazing? (Just watching the view makes them feel at peace) What’s fascinating is that I can hear the subway train. I know. I can hear the waves too. This is wonderful. We crossed that bridge. (They crossed that bridge) Brooklyn Bridge. (They can finally see the entire bridge) – It’s really nice. / – You’re right. – It’s a different view from here. / – Yeah. (It’s a different, beautiful view from afar) This makes me want to listen to some music. I’ll play a song that suits this atmosphere. (The music surrounds this beach) It’s nice. (Producer Jung’s New York Playlist) There will be sunset soon. (It’s already time for sunset) We’re not dreaming, are we? No, we’re not. (They will remember this moment for a very long time) (Once again, they continue walking) (At times, they walk quickly) (At times, they walk slowly) (Even when the wind blows) (They walk at the same pace) (They walk once again) Follow me. Just follow me. – We’ll follow you. / – Yeah. Today, we’re walking a lot. (They’ve been walking for 6 hours) I like that we can notice things better while walking. (This is the charm of walking) (Where’s their next destination?) Now, we are… We’re on our way to the subway station. I’ve never ridden one here before, so I’m very curious. Recently, I watched “Joker.” – Did you? / – Yes. So I’m a bit scared… – To ride the subway? / – Yes. – Right, there’s a murder scene. / – Yes. Just don’t provoke a clown. (Laughing) You’re right. I’ll trust you. (You guys are getting along well) – Is he filming us? / – What? What is going on? (This cameraman is filming the trio) – Hi. / – He’s filming us. What’s going on? (After filming, he leaves) I don’t know what’s going on, but I said hi. Maybe he’s from a broadcasting station. (“Breaking News! Haein Spotted Walking in New York”) We were just walking. One of our staff is talking to him. He’s from an American TV program. (Our Korean coordinator, New York casting director) (He explains passionately) It’s a documentary, reality TV show. (This is 100% real) (What is going on?) What was that? He’s currently in the middle of a production. He’s making this new program. You three caught his eye. So he wanted to scout you. – Did we just get scouted? / – You could say that. So he asked if you guys could participate. So we said… I think it’s great. – You’ll be on TV. / – This is our opportunity. Yeah! Okay! Why not? (It’s amazing) High-five. So… While we were filming our own show, we got scouted by another team. – This is fascinating. / – I know. Since our job at the moment is quite important, we shouldn’t get distracted. (Thank you! Please contact us again later) Follow me. (Follow my lead) (Sadly, they have things to do) I’m still a bit dazed about the fact that we just got scouted. Ever since we came here, good things have been happening. It’s nice. Alright. Now… (Have they arrived at their next destination?) This is it. High Street-Brooklyn Bridge Station. (Let us introduce the New York subway) (This is the only subway in the world) (That runs 24 hours a day) (The Korean subway’s Line 1 was built in 1974) (The New York subway was built in 1904) (115-year-old history) (The stations are everywhere) (Like a web, all parts of New York are connected) For Hyounsoo and me, this is our first time riding the subway in New York. From what I’ve heard, the subway is a bit unhygienic. Does it really smell like pee? We will go inside and find out. (They will sniff the air themselves) (The entrance is quite narrow) (All these pipes show how old this place is) (Haein gets ready to sniff around) (I don’t want to run into Joker) (1st mission: Get MetroCards) (Here you go) I did it. (He successfully bought one on his first attempt) I got one. – This is nothing. / – This is nothing. – You’re so cool. / – It’s a piece of cake. (Producer Jung enters) So far, I don’t see much of a difference to ours. (2nd mission: Analyze the smell) This is the same smell we have. Right? – It’s the same smell. / – There’s no difference. It looks like there’s a lot of moss on the ground. Do you know what those are? (What are these?) – Aren’t there a lot? / – Yes. This is… – Gum. / – You’re right. Alright. How old do you think it is? (How old is the gum?) During the time their subway was built, they made gum as well. (Chewing gum was a hit around that time) It was around that time. It was a great hit, and everyone chewed it. The people spat out their gum. They’re very old. There are so many. They look like polka dots. This doesn’t mean… – You can spit out gum here. / – You’re right. (The subway trains arrive at these platforms) (The subway is going to arrive soon) Which way do we need to go? (Which train do they need to ride?) (Starting point) (Destination: Fulton Street Station) (The signboard is very complicated) This is… (It’s Producer Jung’s first time at a subway station) (An unexpected crisis) (Mission 3: Find which way to go) Excuse me. (He quickly asks someone) Does this subway go to Fulton Station? – Fulton Station. / – Fulton? Yes. I think so. Let me double-check. But I think this one goes there. Let me make sure. – Yes. / – A-train? Yes. One stop, and it’s Fulton Station. – This goes into Manhattan. / – This line? – Thank you so much. / – Of course. (He easily solves the problem) – We just need to ask. / – Do you know which way? It’s this way. (They all follow him) – Where are you going? / – What? – Where are you going? / – Me? I’m going to Fulton Station. – Fulton. / – You need to go this way. (Is this Seoul or New York?) Thank you. – How do you speak Korean so well? / – I live in Korea. – Really? / – Really? (Very fluent in Korean) – Where in Korea? / – In Seoul. – Seoul? / – Seoul. Seoul? Songpa? Where in Songpa? I live right next to Lotte Tower. I spent 2 years in Jeju-do, 8 years in Gwangju, and 2 years in Seoul. – So that’s 12 years. / – 12 years. – Are you American? / – No. I’m an Indian living in Korea. I’m here on a trip. You’re Indian and you live in Korea. And you’re here on a trip. – It’s our first time in New York. / – Really? – How is it? Are you having fun? / – It’s crowded… And hectic, but I like it. He lived in New York for about seven years. – Really? / – Yes. Then you should know the way. (He suddenly scolds him) – Yes, you should. / – Exactly. Why don’t you know? (Embarrassed) – This is so cool. / – Yes, it is. – Thank you for telling us the way. / – Thank you. Have a fun trip. You too. Thank you. Thank you. – Have fun. / – Yes, thank you. Thank you. (It was nice to meet you) (Goodbye for real) (Producer Jung doesn’t forget to shoot) We’re finally riding the New York subway. (Riding the New York subway) It’s nice and cool here. (Gathered together) (I hope Joker isn’t here) (It’s similar yet different from the subway in Korea) I’m so excited that we got to meet a foreigner who was very fluent in Korean. This is the second time after yesterday that I was able to learn the greatness of Korean. When we were at Pace University, I noticed that there’s a class that teaches Korean. (A Korean class notice on the bulletin board) It’s a Korean class. It feels nice to see that there’s a Korean class. It makes me feel proud. – It feels really nice to see it. / – Yes, it does. (They arrive at their destination) It was really cool to meet a foreigner who speaks Korean. While we were busy chatting, we finally arrived at Fulton Street Station. This subway station feels very modern. There’s an LED board next to me. Let’s go outside. Follow me. (Follow me, everyone) We’re outside now, and it’s already dark. – It’s really dark. / – It’s evening now. (They’re now at) (Wall Street, the center of the world’s economy) (Full of financial institutions and skyscrapers) (The famous places that you must visit here) (New York Stock Exchange) (Federal Hall) (Fearless Girl) (Charging Bull) (You can also see stockbrokers) (Also, busy businessmen and women eating lunch) (The city has turned dark) (While they were in the subway) Wall Street. Wall. (They’ve been walking for 7 hours) We’re on our way to see the Charging Bull. The Charging Bull. That’s the symbol of Wall Street. I’m a bit excited. Let’s walk more. (The night grows deeper in New York City) (They don’t get tired because they’re together) – Wait. / – Look at this. – Wait. / – My gosh. (Urgent) Look what’s in front of us. This is unbelievable. (One World Trade Center) It’s even more beautiful at night. (The rebuilt World Trade Center complex) (The tallest building in New York) 1, 2, 3. (They never forget to take a selfie) Come here. Bend your knees a little. Don’t lean back. Bend your knees. Yes. (They don’t mind the trash) (Just very happy) (After a while of having followed Producer Jung) Isn’t that it? They’re standing in line to take a photo. (The 4th photo zone in New York) (The sculpture signifies the bull market) (After the stock market crash in 1987, it was installed) (In front of the New York Stock Exchange) (Hoping that the market will recover) (There’s a line in the back as well) (There’s a reason why you have to take a photo here) (People believe that you need to touch this part) (Of the Charging Bull in order to gain wealth) We’re here to see the Charging Bull which is the symbol of Wall Street. There’s a long line of people waiting to take a photo beside the Charging Bull. We’re also going to take a photo with the Charging Bull. (Let’s take a photo and gain wealth) Those who wait will be blessed. The baby got on top of the bull. (The baby is on top of the bull) (You can take the photo by yourself) (In a group of three) (In a group of four) (A cool pose) (How should we pose?) – Excuse me. / – Yes? Hi. – Are you the actor? / – Yes. Oh, my gosh. I’m a big fan. Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m a Korean actor. Yes, I know. – Nice to meet you. / – Can I take a picture? – Yes. Why not? Of course. / – Oh, my gosh. (The big fan spends all the luck she got) Thank you. Safe travels. (Producer Jung, are you as famous as I am?) (After a long wait, they finally get to take a photo) Look over here, Hyounsoo. (The Charging Bull is way taller than Hyounsoo) My turn. Try hanging from the bull’s horn. (He shows many different poses) Should I take one here too? (We should also do that pose) (Stylish) Okay. Okay, it’s time. It’s time. Alright. (Here’s the next photo zone) I’ll take a photo of you first. – Hold the camera. / – Hurry. Sit here. My gosh, you’re so… – So this is what they do? / – Make a wish. You have to make a wish. Okay, here’s my wish. I hope we have fun with the rest of our trip. (Genuine laughter) Okay. – Okay. Hyounsoo, hurry. / – This is important… – For men. / – Hyounsoo. Go, Hyounsoo. Only that part is worn down. The colors are different. This part’s color is different. In 1, 2, 3. In 1, 2, 3. Alright. Take one for me. Here. You’re greedy. – You’re greedy. / – You want to make a lot of wishes. What’s your wish? (What is Producer Jung’s wish?) I want all of us to wrap up 2019 nicely. (Changing his pose) I hope our wishes come true. (The bull blesses you) (Wink) We walked a lot today. We kept walking. We started our morning with a walk and finished our day with a walk. Until night. (Set out at 10 a.m. with their shoelaces tightened) (He walked together with his friends) (They admired the views of the new city) Alright. (Walking until the end of their day) We did walk a lot today though. (They walked for 8 hours, 32 minutes, and 21 seconds) Right now, we’re going to… We’re almost there. – I think we’re there. / – It’s on our left. Wow. Stone Street. I really wanted to come here. – Let’s take a look around here. / – Yes. As for this street, just like in Korea… I can’t speak because I’m so excited. In Korea, we have Manseon Hof. This place is equivalent to Manseon Hof in New York. (Here’s Stone Street Producer Jung is crazy about) This is Stone Street. When you go to Jongno in Korea, they put out tables outside on the street and office workers drink there before going home. I heard that there is a pub similar to that in New York too. When the sun goes down, everyone sits here. People who work on Wall Street come to this place and have a beer here. I want to check this place out too. (A popular place of bankers on Wall Street) (Do you want to get a beer after work later?) (I’m in if you’re buying) (In the midst of the buildings on Wall Street) (Outdoor tables are set up on this old cobbled street) (When people get off work) (The atmosphere changes completely) (New York’s Manseon Hof, Stone Street) During the interview, I kept saying that I wanted to come here. Let’s experience this place to the fullest. – This is no joke. / – My gosh. This feels like a street for tent bars in Korea. This really reminds me of Manseon Hof in Euljiro. My goodness. Look at this place. The ambiance… (Office workers in suits) (Are spotted here and there) (Mr. Kim, you were the best today) (You know, when I was starting out) (Sigh) (A snapshot of New Yorkers after work) The tent makes it romantic. I’m finally here. (A team dinner of Producer Jung and the assistants) I’m finally here. I want to have a cool glass of draft beer. Right. (Beer, their after-work friend, is served) – Is it Brooklyn Lager? / – Thank you. Thank you. Hey, the glasses are cute. Right. (Feeling hyper as his beer is served) (The beer brings out a new reaction from him) (Taking photos even after work) (They are quiet when Haein takes photos) (The draft beer that will wash away their fatigue) – Cheers. / – Cheers. Cheers. I’ll drink half. I can’t finish this. – Let’s drink half. / – Yes. (Drinking draft beer in New York) (Gulping) (His eyes open wide) (This hits the spot) This is good. I drank the most. You’re making me get competitive now. – I’m in second place then. / – Hold on. I’m in second place. Come on. – You are ridiculous. / – I’m glad. I’m in the middle. What a relief. I can’t lose as I’m a beer-lover. Haein is in the first place. – You’re in second place. / – This is hurting my pride. I’m last. This beer is good. Yes. It’s good. (And a typical topic for Korean men) Hyounsoo was in the marines. Marines can even catch ghosts. – Of course. / – Hyounsoo was in the marines. I knew that he was a marine, but I can’t picture it. I fulfilled my duty in the marines, but… – It’s only been 2 years. / – It hasn’t been that long. (2 years since his discharge) It hasn’t been that long. You need to have more work experience. (The side dishes are served) Hold on. (He takes a photo first) (Mac and cheese, pork ribs, chicken tenders, (Chicharrones, salad) (Mac and cheese: Typical American snack) (Tasting mac and cheese) (Nom, nom) (What on earth is this?) (Getting ready to describe the flavor) This is crazy. He said “crazy.” (The best description for food) This mac and cheese is so good. (He keeps eating it) This goes well with beer as a given. Actually, you need this for this dish. – Kimchi. / – No. – Tabasco. / – Tabasco. Hot sauce. (Producer Jung’s love for the hot sauce is firm) (This mac and cheese is just perfect) (It’s for the assistant directors who walked a lot) – With card? / – Yes. – I’ll pay with this card. / – Yes. Yes. Thank you. (It’s on Producer Jung today) Let’s clink our glasses. Actually, there’s something I want to say. (Is he going to be our boss now?) Well, to tell you the truth, I was worried. I wanted to walk from start to finish. I swear. I wanted to thoroughly pay attention to the feelings we get during our walk. But… I really liked it today. I tried to take a lot of photos during our walk. (He wanted to show a lot of things today) (He shares his thoughts) (With his good friends over a glass of beer) (No nights in New York can get better than tonight) Here’s what I think about traveling. There’s a destination. Even if we take the wrong turn, where we end up could be our destination. – I really like that. / – Yes. I think that’s the fun part of traveling. The time and the environment we feel make up our destinations. I really liked it today. I especially liked… I’m having a blast right now. Actually, I’m having the most fun because I really wanted to come here. When you were taking photos behind the Charging Bull, we talked about our wishes. Here’s the wish I made. I don’t know when it will be. But I made a wish that I could come back here with you guys. Yes. He told me that that was the wish he made. Sounds great. (We can come back again) – Both of you are tearing up. / – No. No, no. That’s not it. Both of you are tearing up. Not at all. – You’re tearing up too. / – Me? I have dry eyes. I have dry eyes. Well, as for me… I had the same thought. Let’s travel together. Let’s come back here again. – Sounds great. / – Right. It’s great. I mean it. – That’s a great idea. / – You were so cool today. (You were the best, Producer Jung) Let’s just enjoy our food. And wrap up our day on a good note. We have tomorrow to look forward to. – Cheers. / – For tomorrow. For tomorrow. (A hideout for hipsters in New York) (Good restaurants and great sights) I see so many hip people. (Producer Jung becomes a different person) Nice. (Looking hipper with the sunglasses) You look great. (Getting more swagger with the hat) We’ll rule the fashion scene in Williamsburg starting today. (Where did they go, dressed up so hip?) We’re trying too hard to look cool. (The biggest food market in the U.S) (Smorgasburg) We should split up and eat. I can’t reach them. Why aren’t they answering? The time is… (The land is vast in the U.S.) What should I do? (Will he get abandoned abroad?)

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