Jung Haein’s Travel Log I 정해인의 걸어보고서 EP.4 Part.1 [ENG/2020.01.25]

(4th morning in New York) (Clear sky) (Cool breeze) (The streets are painted yellow) (It’s a great day to go on an outing) (It’s fall in New York) (Episode 4: Walking into Fall) (Jung Haein, an actor and a producer) (Lim Hyounsoo, youngest and assistant director) (Eun Jonggeon, a New Yorker and assistant director) (Haein’s travel buddies, Jonggeon and Hyounsoo) (Jonggeon is the oldest) (He studied acting in New York) (He and Haein share their worries regarding acting) (Jonggeon is full of energy) (Hyounsoo is the youngest) (In “One Spring Night,” he was Haein’s best friend) (In real life, he’s Haein’s favorite younger friend) – They said we looked like twins. / – Really? That’s possible. (He eats whatever Haein eats) (He wants to do everything Haein does) (The youngest, Lim Hyounsoo) (Wherever Producer Jung goes) (They go as well) (These three will take a walk around New York) Good morning. To suit this weather, we wore trench coats and sunglasses. (Shy) We’ll be going somewhere that suits our outfit. (Their looks will suit that place) Let’s go. I think we tried too hard. What do you think? – You look nice. / – Really? Yes. Hyounsoo looks really nice. I love his outfit. (You shouldn’t try to look amazing) You do look nice. (It should be exuded naturally) Don’t we look like Sobangcha? (They look like the group, Sobangcha) Yes, a bit. We do look like them. (This is the Sobangcha look) We do stand out. We look like tourists. Today, we’ll be walking a bit. It’s a great day for that. We might be walking a lot. So… Have this beforehand and rejuvenate yourselves. (He takes care of his assistants) I’m touched. We need all the energy we can get. (Let’s work hard) (How far are we walking?) (Suddenly feeling nervous) (Accommodation to New York City Hall) – Isn’t this the City Hall? / – Yes. Despite being an old building, it’s quite tall. Old buildings tend to be short. But if you think about it, the Empire State Building is almost a century old. You’re right. Our destination is over a century old. In front of you is Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall Station. We’ll be crossing the bridge. For sure. – We are. / – We will be… (His plan has been revealed) We will be crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. This was his big plan all along. (Brooklyn, the link, Manhattan) (With a length of 1,053m) (It was the longest bridge in the world at that time) (One has to cross here at least once in their life) (It’s on everyone’s bucket list) (Photos taken on this bridge looks magnificent) (The best photo zone) (The country of freedom, the symbol of the country) (Alongside the Statue of Liberty) (The best view of Manhattan) (130-year-old history) (The most beautiful bridge in New York) We’re in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. – We will… / – Take a walk. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Let’s go. The weather is amazing. It’s so great. I hope every day is like this. It’s wonderful. They’re selling many souvenirs. – They’re souvenirs. / – Yes. (There are many souvenir shops here) Shouldn’t we buy something to drink before we go? – We should buy some water. / – They’re a dollar each. – It’s one dollar. / – Let’s buy a bottle. Ice cold water, one dollar. – One dollar? / – Ice cold water, one dollar. (They’re familiar with the accent) “One dollar.” “Ice cold water, one dollar.” – Thank you. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. (Speaking English is all about your confidence) They’re selling T-shirts. (Haein gave it to them as a gift) Excuse me. How much is this “I love New York” T-shirt? (He’s curious) $7? – $7? / – It’s $7 for one. It’s $21 for three. (The ones he bought were twice as expensive) I’ll never give you gifts ever again. I won’t buy you anything. Come on. Come on. I bought mine for $14 each. But they’re selling the same ones for $7 each. (He was ripped off) Yours is better. – That’s right. / – It’s high quality. It is. (He feels better) We’re starting to see the bridge. I’ve always wanted to walk all the way across this bridge. (He wanted to walk here) Walking across this bridge with my assistants feels great. (Walking in a line) (Are you catching up?) There sure are many tourists. (Hyounsoo listens to him) This bridge is teeming with people. (Hyounsoo follows everything Haein does) (Feels proud) Here we go. There’s a slight uphill in the beginning. It’s steeper than I thought. This isn’t steep. – What? / – This isn’t steep at all. – Really? / – Have we walked one-third of it? Don’t be ridiculous. We’re 10% there. (They’re still at the start) 10%. (Will they manage?) Look at you guys. I don’t think you suit this program. Let’s just take a car. – It’s okay. / – We’ll move around in taxi. How dare you walk in front of me? – Hey. / – They’re a handful. Alright. Now, we’re really on the bridge. The floor has changed. It’s made of wood now. (The wooden floor indicates the start of the bridge) Let me tell you something interesting. Up here, there’s a section for pedestrians and also a separate one for bicycles. (The top of the bridge is for pedestrians and bicycles) And beneath us are cars. In Korea, all of them are together. (Due to this separation, it’s safer and more efficient) (The 1st floor is for cars) (The 2nd floor is for pedestrians and bicycles) Look under you. Wow. Amazing. (What is it?) My gosh. What’s this? Look under you. – Aren’t we so high up? / – Amazing. The moment I saw this… – My legs trembled. / – Hold on. – That’s terrifying. / – Let’s show the viewers… Through the camera. I’m going to walk slowly. (Gulp) – That’s terrifying. / – What’s fascinating is that… The floor is only made up of wooden planks. But, there are so many people on this bridge. Are you sure this is safe? There are so many people. If these planks break, we’ll fall. You’re right. If you do, I’ll catch you. (How cute) I feel giddy. Let me tell you something else that’s fascinating. If you look here, there are steel cables. This is the first bridge to use steel cables. I didn’t know that it was the first one. But I did know that it’s very old. (His jaw drops) (Right, I’m the producer here) This was built in 1883. – In 1883? / – Yes. It’s almost 130 years old. (It’s 6 times stronger than the average bridge) (You’re one sturdy bridge) (Isn’t it amazing?) We’re in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. (Fascinated) Look at the view. Isn’t it amazing? (A great view from up here) Isn’t it just amazing? (Enchanted) The weather is wonderful. (Clear sky) – The sky looks beautiful. / – It’s really pretty. It’s magnificent. The breeze feels great as well. (Thanks to Producer Jung, he knows what to do) Is this the famous spot? (They arrive at the first tower) (There are two towers on this bridge) (Gothic style) Wow. (84m-tall tower, as high as a 30-story building) This looks magnificent from the bottom. I can see the clouds moving and all. (They are in awe of the scale) I’m sure something was engraved over there. It got worn down and is gone now. I can sense that it’s been around for a long time. – Right. / – It’s been here for a long time. (Oh, my neck) (Great, I got it) Amazing. That’s all I can say. Look at that building. It looks interesting. – I was looking at the tower. / – That building? – But I looked over there… / – It looks transparent. Yes, that looks like a stealth building. – Right. Yes. / – Yes. It’s transparent. It really… – Looks like the clouds are there. / – Look. – The clouds are connected. / – Yeah. Isn’t that really fascinating? It looks like a transparent building. (Totally intrigued) Is this the famous spot on the Brooklyn Bridge? Right. A lot of people are already taking photos. Is this the place? (The country boy is amazed) (Admiring the view) I had no idea that was the view. (The forest of buildings in Manhattan) We can take a photo of the passing cars and Manhattan together. You’re right. (1st trendy photo spot in New York) I’ll take a photo of you. You’ll take a photo of me? Stand at the corner over there. Strike a pose. (Taking photos) Great. (A pose that makes the viewers want to capture) – Great. / – He’s doing a photo shoot now. – This is a photo shoot. / – All of a sudden. – Random photo shoot. / – In 1, 2, 3. (Looking irresistible) – There’s no bust shot. / – I’ll take that now. Okay. Great. This one looks better in the photo. It’s the last one. In 1, 2, 3. In 1, 2, 3. (Recommending best poses for viewers) – Great. / – Let’s go. (They head to Brooklyn again) You know what? Every view from this bridge looks picturesque. Look at the clouds on the right. Even the clouds are so pretty in the sky. Is crossing the bridge supposed to make me happy like this? We’re merely crossing the bridge. – Okay. / – The sky is really beautiful. (They are happier as they are together) Let’s go. – Haein. / – What? – Hyounsoo. / – What? Look on your right. – What do you see? / – What is that? – The Statue of Liberty. / – That’s right. (The country boy is amazed again) You’re right. (The symbol of New York, the Statue of Liberty) (Frozen after seeing the statue in person) (Hi, Producer Jung) (I can’t believe I’m seeing her in person) Gosh, this is amazing. This is crazy. – Let’s go down. / – This is amazing. This is awesome. (Calming himself with the hat) When we went to Pace University, Jonggeon’s college… – They said we looked like twins. / – Really? – They told me that. / – I can see why. When I heard that, it felt a bit… No, it felt so great to be honest. (Haein feels proud) We do look alike. Dear Haein’s fans, my apologies. (Heading to Brooklyn) (I’m really serious right now) (Dynamic camerawork) Can you see? (Viewers, can you see?) (Whizzing) (Viewers, Producer Jung works very hard) (Calculating the minutes for the airtime) I think we’re about halfway there. – We’re past that. / – Right? That was quick. So we’re in Brooklyn now. Right. We’re on the ground. Manhattan is more modern. And buildings in Brooklyn are more old-fashioned. So it looks like the present and the past coexist. The scenery is quite harmonious. You know what I think? Here’s what people should do on the bridge. If they came to this bridge to sightsee, they can stop anywhere they want and look around. They can stop for a moment and enjoy the view. They can just stop anywhere like here. This is great. Gosh, I love this. (Haein is happy) I love it. So… Since we started to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s been… It took about 47 minutes to arrive here. Right. Look. You can read the time here. – But… / – Can you see it? Yes. If you take your time to look around and admire the view on the bridge, it will take more than an hour. But that one hour flies by. – Right. Seriously. / – Right? – It’d be a relaxing hour. / – Yes, seriously. (Taking a clip of their arrival point) (Producer Jung is a workaholic) I love it. This is fantastic. (They finished crossing the Brooklyn Bridge) (2,574m, 3,678 steps) (Can you see me?) We’re in Brooklyn. Let’s get going. (That’s Haein) (His backpack is open) (Walking around Brooklyn with his backpack opened) (Spotted) Haein, your bag is open. Haein, you have your passport here. (Frozen) – It’s all good now. / – All good? (Moves again) (What is his next stop on the itinerary?) We’ll eat something delicious. Delicious food. Follow me. (Going to a good restaurant) Follow me. Follow me. (Producer Jung is full of energy) (Walking slowly) Follow me. (Producer Jung is hyper) (The assistant directors are out of energy) (At that moment, the assistant directors run away) (Laughing) (Clueless, he keeps walking) (He’s one of those bosses who catch on slowly) We’re almost at the restaurant. (We’re free) (This is how quitting one’s job affects people) This is the place. I think this is the place. What? What? (Finally realizes that the assistants ran away) (Where did they go?) Hold on. (I’m looking for my assistants who ran away) (Did they vanish into thin air?) – He’s coming. / – He’s coming? (Checking the escape routes thoroughly) Where did they go? (Playing hide-and-seek in New York) Where did they go? Hey, stay on the wall. (Nervous as they are about to return to work) Where did they go? Come on! Come on! – Let’s go. / – Where have you been? Stop with this childish prank. – It’s childish. Come on. / – Come on. – You talked to yourself, right? / – What? I bet you talked to yourself. No. This is the restaurant we’re going to dine at. No, it’s this one. This is the one? (This is the restaurant he found) This is the one? (They crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to arrive) (At a restaurant in DUMBO) (Picked by Producer Jung) (They can have their meal outdoors) (Recommended by Michelin Guide 5 years in a row) (Which dish will they try first in DUMBO, Brooklyn?) It’s here. (Impressed) (It’s oysters again) (Do you love oysters, Haein?) (Recommended by New Yorkers, approved by Haein) (Tasty and nutritious, New Yorkers’ comfort food) – Here it is. / – This looks good. Let’s order it. (On his 2nd day, he had oysters at a train station) (Producer Jung became addicted by this crazy flavor) Excuse me. Do you have Tabasco? Tabasco? – Yes, we do. / – We need hot sauce, please. (His love for the hot sauce began on his first day) I like hot sauce. (Pouring the sauce) (He can’t eat) (Without the hot sauce) – Should we take a photo? / – Let’s take a photo. You’re in a hurry. (He was about to eat) You’re in a hurry. (Don’t forget, we must film it first) – You want to eat. / – The camera… I’ll take it. (Taking a photo takes priority to this producer) (Welcoming oysters for the second time in New York) Enjoy your food. (Hyounsoo tries his first oyster in New York) Isn’t it good? It’s an American oyster. Oysters from the U.S. are so good. Isn’t it sweet? Their oysters are a bit sweet. – But… / – What is this? – This oyster is really sweet. / – It’s sweet. (The New Yorker has one too) (Passing out as it’s too good) (Put a lot of hot sauce on the oyster) (He’s ready to start eating) It’s like we’re eating rice. (Let me try the New York oyster) (He’s silent again) (But you all know what that means) – How does it taste? / – It’s good. (He eats his second oyster) (Oysters are known to be good for your stamina) (Increased stamina) This is mine. (Increased stamina) (He instantly finishes 6 oysters) (I’m going to eat everything that’s on the shell) (Scraping off) Why won’t this come off? (There are 3 stages to Haein’s food review) This is good. I actually think they taste different from the ones I had last time. They all taste a little different. Honestly, I prefer the Grand Central Oyster Bar oysters. Thanks. (The waiter serves the next menu) (3 different brunches made with fresh ingredients) (He mixes it for everyone’s convenience) Isn’t this amazing? Do you smell this? (It’s okay as long as you eat it in 3 seconds) (How is the tuna poke bowl?) (His eyes open wide) (He takes another big bite) It’s very clean and savory. What’s that? Oh, okay. Just a second. (Smoked salmon toast) (Toast with smoked salmon, avocado, and radish) Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome. (He takes a big bite of the smoked salmon toast) (Licking his fingers) How does it taste? This is really good. The seafood here is really fresh. I love the fish here. It doesn’t smell bad. (Fish and chips) The ingredients are fresh so it doesn’t taste too oily. (How are the fish and chips?) It doesn’t taste too fishy. I feel like one bite isn’t enough. It’s so good. (Digging in like Haein) – My gosh. / – It’s really good, isn’t it? It’s so good. I really love this taste. As Hyounsoo said earlier, you can smell it when you cut it. (One piece of nicely fried fish is) (Better than 10 fried chickens) The fish and chips that Jonggeon ordered… – The fish and chips is delicious. / – Yes. Before you eat something, you normally guess what it’s going to taste like. But this is not what I expected. – It’s so delicious. / – I mean, it’s just fried fish. (This fish cutlet is like no other) Which one do you like the most, Jonggeon? I like the fish and chips. (Jonggeon chooses the fish and chips) Oh, thanks. (Another round of oysters) – I like this one. / – This one? I like this one the best. (Which dish does Producer Jung like the most?) I feel very healthy when I eat this. (A dish in New York that makes you feel healthy!) We all chose the dish that we each ordered. You’re right. (They each picked the ones that they ordered) I’ve known Hyounsoo for almost a year now. And we hung out really often. You guys haven’t known each other for that long. It really hasn’t been that long. – It’s really amazing. / – You knew each other for… – I introduced you to each other. / – Yes. (While they were filming “The Age of Blood”) (They met as the lead actor and an extra) (And became good friends who share their thoughts) (While filming “One Spring Night”) (They met as best friends) (And eventually became best friends in real life) – I introduced you to each other. / – Yes. I still remember that skewer bar. (They first gathered together at a skewer bar) That place near my house. Every time you come to Daebang-dong, you have to sleep over at my place. (You’re forced to sleep over at my place) (Now, they’ve become close enough to share) (Their thoughts on acting and the joy of traveling) (The meal in Brooklyn that greatly satisfied everyone) Now that we’re done eating… I finished everything. I finished everything I ordered. Let’s… (He takes his last bite) (Licking) Let’s get going now. (Producer Jung always finishes his food) (Now, let’s go back to enjoying the nice fall weather) (Where will they go next?) I’m full. Now that we’re full, we’re going to go someplace nice. And that place is… DUMBO. DUMBO? Why are there so many people here? – There are tons of people here. / – There’s a reason. Are they shooting something? This is why this place is packed. (What made him exclaim in excitement?) This is a very popular place where you can take a very memorable photo. This place also came out in “Infinite Challenge.” The members of “Infinite Challenge” once came here. – This is that place? / – Yes. (Astonished) (A different kind of New York) (DUMBO, the symbolic photo spot) (This is where they took that photo?) (A familiar place we’ve all seen in movies) (The second photo zone in New York) We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge we see is the Manhattan Bridge. (Brooklyn Bridge, the bridge that they just crossed) (Manhattan Bridge, the bridge they see right now) If you look in between the bridge, you can see the place I went to on my first day here. When we were talking on the sofa, there’s a place I told you that you have to visit when you’re here. – The Empire State Building? / – That’s right. – The Empire State Building? / – You can see that… From here if you look in between that gap. You didn’t know that, did you? You didn’t know this either? I haven’t been here often, so I didn’t know. – Look. / – I can really see it. – You can see it from here. / – I can see it. (Underneath the bridge) (There’s an amazing hidden view) (Hello, I’m the Empire State Building) Look. If you take a look around, everyone’s posing. (Posing) (Make sure the Empire State Building is in the back!) Let’s pose like models as well. (We can’t miss out) Let’s do this. In 1, 2, 3. – Let’s be natural. / – Act indifferent. Like this. – Okay. / – Shouldn’t we do stuff like this? Yes, let’s do the gun pose. (They act like gunmen from the West) Okay. (This is probably what he’s imagining right now) (This is Producer Jung’s imagination) Like this. Let’s do the gun pose. (And this is what they look like in real life) (Look at them) Should we try one more time? We can’t just do it once. Let’s try to look cooler this time. (We won’t give up until we get the best photo) – I’ll act cool. / – Let’s not do this, this time. – Let’s be cool. / – Don’t do this. – It looked too outdated. / – Yes, too old-fashioned. Let’s be cool. 1, 2, 3. (All they did was walk) (This is the type of shot that Producer Jung wanted) I’ll take a photo. (They take a selfie as usual) 1, 2, 3. 2, 3. – Okay, one more time. / – Let’s take another one. – Let’s make sure everything shows. / – Yes. There’s a car coming. There’s a car coming. This is what it looks like in real life. – This is so real. / – You see… We shouldn’t get in the way. (There are cars in DUMBO, so you must be careful) (In order to take a memorable photo) (You have to take a photo in the right moment) (They take a photo and get out of the way) (Please move) – Let’s try that again. / – Come on. – We need to hurry. There’s no time. / – Let’s hurry. There are no cars. – Take a step forward. / – Okay, let’s make sure… The bridge comes out in the back. 1, 2, 3. (DUMBO, The Empire State Building in the back) Stand over there. I’ll take a photo for you guys. (Haein takes separate photos for them) Wait. Okay, right now. (He does his best to look handsome) It’s perfect. I’ll take a photo of your upper body. (The passionate photographer is back) Okay, look somewhere else. Yes, that’s right. Look at the camera lens. (This is why I enjoy taking photos) Would you like to see it? Take a look. This is amazing. It looks like it was photoshopped. (It’s like the bridge and I were photoshopped) (The hidden Empire State Building) My gosh, I love it. – Do you like it? / – Yes, I love it. I’ll count on you. You’re making me nervous. This is how I want my photo taken. – Don’t worry. / – I took this photo because… – This is what I want. / – I’m a good photographer. – I’ll count on you. Let’s do it. / – Don’t worry. He’ll be fine. (Hyounsoo is as enthusiastic as Haein) Let’s get the Empire State Building in the picture. – Like this? / – That’s good. (He takes tiny steps to get the best angle) (What’s with the melodramatic look in his eyes?) (Enthusiastic) (The photographer’s pose looks better) (Something doesn’t feel right) – How do I look? / – For me… It’s quantity over quality. (This is) (Confidence) (Haein’s look responds to his confidence) It’s pretty much a photo shoot. (Let’s enjoy the photo shoot for a moment) (Taking a picture of fall) How about we go check it out? – Shall we? / – Yes. It’s cool. It’s amazing how the sun shines on it. I know. (The three enjoy watching this picturesque scenery) (See you again) (Until the next time in DUMBO) – That scared me. / – Alright. – That scared me. / – I had enough. I had enough. – That scared me. / – I had enough. That was enough. Now, if we walk just a little bit from here, there’s this amazing place. Where are we going now? (Brooklyn, Manhattan) If we just walk a bit, there’s Pebble Beach. (Pebble Beach) (It’s a small river in New York) (You can see Manhattan at one glance from here) (The third photo zone in New York) (You can get great pictures here) People take their wedding photos here. It’s a beautiful photo spot for couples. Pebble Beach is… Where New Yorkers skip stones. (It’s one of the things we did when we were young) (Let’s skip stones in New York) – When we get there… / – Stone skipping? – You’ll see why. / – Hyounsoo. Jonggeon. (Let me try skipping stones) Fall clearly has arrived. It feels like… – Fall in here. / – Yes. I feel like we’re entering a jungle. It matches our coats perfectly. (You can get a peek of the river) This is awesome. (Instead of New York’s fancy concrete jungle) This is… Pebble Beach. (Pebble Beach makes you feel refreshed) (The reason it’s named Pebble Beach) This beach is full of pebbles. (It’s full of round pebbles) My goodness. You can already smell… – The sea. / – The sea. You can see everything. It’s nice. It’s so crowded. (It’s a popular photo spot among tourists) (You can’t stop gazing at this beautiful scenery) Guys. – Aren’t you thirsty? / – That couple is taking photos. – What’s this? / – It’s hot coffee. It’s hot. Be careful. With this view… This is perfect. I was actually cold. It’s perfect, isn’t it? – It’s hot. / – Gosh. It’s warm. (Oh, my mouth) It’s too warm. – Too warm? / – Yes. (It’s hot) It will be hot even tomorrow. (Watch out even tomorrow) How do I look now? – What? / – I’m wearing different glasses. All of a sudden? (He’s wearing sunglasses) These are different. You look cool, but you changed them all of a sudden. Isn’t that “Leon?” – Right? / – It’s cool. I’m sorry. (It’s all because of the wonderful view) (In a trance) (Haein, the Leon) It’s nice. (It’s time to skip stones in New York) Okay. (He puts his backpack down) You put your backpack down already? Of course. I have to get ready. In the preliminary interview before the departure… (A thought suddenly occurs to him) I was told we’ll get good ratings if there’s water and fire. If there’s water or a blazing fire, the viewers forget to change the channel. There will be water. This is the first time we encounter water for real in New York. Water. Let me make good use of it. (To be continued in part 2)

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