June Diane Raphael Has a History of Physically Picking Up Grown Men

-It’s nice to have you
back in New York. You lived here for a long time.
-Yes. -And I know you love
coming back in January. -It’s the perfect weather. -The perfect time. -It’s a great time
to not wear pantyhose. -You were in Mexico, though,
for a birthday. -I was.
-Did you enjoy yourself? -I — Too much?
-Okay. -I enjoyed myself too much. I had too many margaritas? -Yep. Happens down there.
-Yeah. -My husband always says
I’m one margarita away from throwing away everything
that’s good in my life. Just, everything
that I’ve worked for, one margarita will just — -Got it.
-Yeah. -You had —
These are some photos. Will you tell us what you’re
doing in these photos? -Rather not.
-Okay. It seems like you are
lifting up a man. -A gentleman. Yes.
-Yeah. So —
-Do you know this man? -I’d never met him
until that moment. -I think this a different angle
of that man. -Yes. Now, I will say this. It was a consensual lift. -Okay, he knew — -He knew —
He asked for it, actually. -Okay, gotcha. Sure. -Listen, with a body like that,
he was asking for it. -Right.
[ Laughter ] -So on those margaritas
that I mentioned, I felt compelled, and this is — This is — I’ve had a history of this. I like to pick up grown men. -Yeah. And I mean physically. -It’s nice as we — as we mature
to know what we like. -Yes! Absolutely.
-Yeah. -And I don’t know
if this is to do with Trump’s election or what. -Yeah.
-But I have been known to pick up gentlemen… -Yeah.
-…off the ground. [ Laughter ] -However — However we need
to work through it. -Yes.
-We were talking backstage. We have very similar-aged boys. Yours are a little older,
3 and 5. -Yes.
-Are they friends? -Oh, gosh.
Okay, so, now they are, and that’s been wonderful
and amazing to see. But our oldest,
when our youngest was born and just kind of sitting there
in a Babybjorn and not doing anything and just,
like, a pile of neurons, you know, Paul and I
would talk to him and, you know, “ooh” and “ah”
over his every move. And Gus, our oldest, would just
walk by the kitchen and go, “He doesn’t talk.” [ Laughter ] “He doesn’t walk!” He was just like, “I don’t know why you both are both getting
so worked up about this thing.” -I love — I love the updates
from the older son. -It’s like, “FYI, this guy
doesn’t do anything, people.” -“He is a dud.”
-Yes. -“Why are you falling
for this dud?” -Yes, “Do see what I’m up to?
I’m a person.” -You and your husband, Paul
Scheer, are very funny people. Obviously, are your kids — Do you see a sense of humor
developing in them? -So, I do. With our oldest, I see a Kaufman-esque
kind of alternative — -Oh, he’s alt-comedy? -He really is alt-comedy. So, he started this thing
where if we are out, only when we’re out in public,
when he has a full audience, he will say to me, full voice,
“Are you my mom?” [ Laughter ] And it’s so hard, because any — any reaction I have to that
is wrong. -Yeah.
-Do you know? Like, nothing gets me
out of that moment. Like, anger is uncomfortable for
people to see and concerning. -Uh-huh.
-If I ignore it, I see people like,
“What is happening there?” -Yeah, you can’t say just “no.”
You can’t throw it back at him. -I certainly can’t
try to heighten the bit. -Right. You —
-So, yeah. -This is a very funny show that
I can’t believe — Six seasons. That’s really amazing.
-I know. -And among the many…
-Whoo! -…legends —
[ Cheers and applause ] I mean, some legends. I mean, Sam Waterston.
-Really. -Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda.
-June Diane Raphael. Oh. -Yeah, June Diane Raphael.
Well, if they were — If they were here,
I would have said you, yeah. -Okay, good. -Jane Fonda, an activist
to this day. She’s been doing it
a very long time. And you have gone
to some protests with her. -Yes. I just recently went to
her Fire Drill Friday in D.C., which has been
an unbelievable movement she’s really started. She was inspired by Greta. And every Friday,
they’re showing up in D.C. and demanding a Green New Deal
amongst other things. And I joined her twice. And her last protest in D.C.
was this past Friday. And I brought my son Gus, who definitely asked
if I was his mom over and over, and why was I there
and who I was to him. But right before
I took him onstage, ’cause we were going to
introduce someone in the rally, he turned to me — And I had
prepped him the whole day. “We’re going be outside. Do you
have to use the bathroom?” I mean, I took him to
a bathroom, Seth, so many times. -Yeah.
-So many times. Nothing came out. And then right before
we were about to go onstage, he turns to me and goes,
“I have to use the potty.” And I have never spoken
to a child — a person, really,
the way I spoke to him. -Really? -A sound came from my — It was like a primal —
I was like, “You will wait.” [ Laughter ] It was a voice
I had never heard. [ Laughter ] -Did it work? Did he wait? -It did! He did!
-It did, yeah. It’s good.
Every now and then, a kid — You have to save a voice —
-Oh. -You have to have a voice
that you only break in front of emergencies, yeah. -Yeah. I had never
heard it, either. -Yeah.
-I scared myself. -Well, that’s good.
And thank you — And I’m sure that
the way you said here, you didn’t give us
the full voice. It would just terrify everybody.
-I couldn’t. I couldn’t. I would be escorted
off the stage. [ Laughter ] -Hey, thank you so much
for being here. It’s such a delight to see you.
-Thanks for having me. -June Diane Raphael, everybody.

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