Judge’s reaction to Seyeon’s new recipe [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.01.13]

(Seyun’s Cooking Tower) Oh, I can’t wait. Jin Seyun, you’re a dark horse. A rising star. That looks very determined. (Dark horse Fun-chef, Jin Seyun) (First, Seyun’s version of soybean paste stew!) Green onions and tofu first. (Chop green onions and tofu) A little more. – You weigh everything. / – Perfect. Perfect. (Add soybean paste and chili paste in anchovy broth) 15 grams of soybean paste and chili paste. (Add minced radish, garlic, tofu and green onions) Tofu and green onions. One tablespoon of rice wine. Kang Daniel is smacking his lips. (Already smacking his lips / Everyone loves this) – Everyone loves that. / – Let it boil. Let me work on the pork. Two eggs. (Add grilled garlic, eggs, breadcrumbs to minced pork) Breadcrumbs, wow. – Add the sauce. / – You mix the breadcrumbs in? You mix everything together. What’s that? (Sticky barley?) Sticky barley. Cooked barley… That looks so good. That must be good by itself too. (Add the stew to sticky barley and mix well) Oh, this looks really good. (You want the recipe? Search Fun-Staurant) (That must be fantastic by itself) You don’t need anything else with that. (Gulp) (Gulp) – My mouth is watering. / – Leo. It’s so good. It’s so good. It’s so delicious that I’m angry, Leo. Do you know when food makes you frown? (I want some) I’m going to place thin pork belly on this tray. (Place 6 slices of thin pork belly on a tray) – Let them overlap a little. / – That looks good. Here are the thinly sliced pork belly. I have a feeling this dish will be delicious. (Spread the minced pork on top) – Bacon? / – Yes. (Place bacon and perilla leaves on top) Perilla leaves. How many will it take? Done. Ten should be enough. Place the barley mixture on top. (Place the barley mixture at one end) The perilla leaves will add moisture. The secret ingredient I found at the restaurant. Green onions are added. It’s green onions in beef, and the texture is amazing and the smell is good too. Oh, she used that. The green onions were amazing. (Add chopped green onions) (It’s time to roll) I’m so nervous. How do I roll this up? (Roll it like you are making gimbap) (Carefully beginning) How are you supposed to roll that? Oh! Oh, that’s not good. (It looks too big to roll) (Will Seyun be able to do it?) That’s going to be too big. I think it’ll end up looking this big. (Pork roll the size of your arm) Your skills may lack, but your idea is amazing. (Did she do it?) That’s perfect. That’s perfect. Success. (You did it) That’s really big. It’s large. 15 minutes at 180°C. Drain the fat out. How will it look? It’s cooking. I’m so hungry. I have to grill it two or three times. (Brush it with more sauce and grill for 2 minutes) – Soybean paste sauce. / – Evenly. That looks good. (Sizzling deliciously) Ta-da. It looks amazing. (Ultimate pork roll / Soybean paste pork belly roll) What is that? (It looks incredible) (Pork belly marinated in soybean paste sauce) It’s cooked to perfection. (Fragrant vegetables and barley mixed with stew) Incredible. (Jaw-dropping appearance) Wow, this looks good. Barley and pork, and the fragrant perilla leaves. That looks amazing. It looks so good. Leo, look. Doesn’t this look delicious? Leo, let’s… You can’t have this. You’re standing up. Leo’s walking on his hind legs now. That’s nice. Three different sauces? Nice. (Serve the soybean paste pork rolls with sauces) Seyun, please stand in front of the judges. (Go for it) You must be nervous. (Thoughtful plating) This is perfect for social media. This is incredible. I believe everyone here agrees that she’s the fastest learner here. It smells amazing. Yes. This is your chance to describe your dish. I tried many different cuts of meat and rolled just as many for this dish, and I ended up with the soybean paste pork rolls. I wanted to show how meat in meat is perfection. So I used various cuts like thinly sliced pork belly, pork loin and smoked bacon. I hope you enjoy all the different flavors. That description was perfect. – One vote. / – Please begin. Seyun’s young, but she thought of nutrition. Something to give you energy. Energy. Everyone’s gotten so good. If you get better, it’ll get harder and harder. I should’ve done this show before doing that other one. I’m getting so many ideas here. – They are so… / – Wow. (Nervous) (Getting nervous with her) Yum. Yum. (It must be good) Yum. Lee Seungchul, please don’t make any sound. Please don’t make any sound. (Hahaha) It’s degrading. You always make such weird noise. Just eat in silence. (Noisy) Isn’t it really good? The balance of flavors is great. What do I do? (What are they talking about?) They are talking again. The way they are discussing… It doesn’t look bad. We don’t see that often. Discussing after tasting means it’s good. After they tried my fried bananas, they didn’t say anything. (Grudge) He was at the bottom. (Fried bananas are an ancient history) (It’s commenting time) – Chef Lee Wonil, are you finished? / – Yes. Can we have your comments, please? (Hesitating) Well… (Nervous) On your evaluation sheet, I couldn’t write anything. Why not? Why not? I couldn’t write anything. To write comments, there has to be something bad but… (Bad sign) But the flavors… (Hands in fists) The flavors are, like fireworks exploding. There are many flavors. (So moved) No single flavor lacks or stands out too much. They were all even. I was touched. (She is touched too) Chef Lee Yeonbok, please. Wow, this kind of quality should be served at a restaurant, not at a convenience store. Not at a convenience store. I was really… It’s not for a convenience store? Oh, I’m in trouble. I really enjoyed it. Kim Jeonghun, you look very serious as usual. People in my line of work have a different view. Who is our customer? Who would buy this? Would they eat this once a month? Every day? We have to consider that. It’s perfect for the holiday season, and it’s a luxurious dish for a special occasion, but it’s not for every day. Really? Really? Lee Seungchul, your comments, please. Did… Did… Did you really make this by yourself? Did you make this by yourself? It’s that good? I was shocked. – Really? / – Yes. If you could sell this the way it looks right now, it would be a perfect party dish, I believe. What could I say other than “rapid progress”? – Skipping a grade. / – Should I say “jump”? (Touched) It was a huge shock. Seyun, you did it finally. (Excited clapping) That was how I felt. I really enjoyed it. (Good job) They called it “skipping a grade.” Just hearing those words made me very, very happy. It was really good. – Blood, sweat and tears. / – Thank you. Good job. Please take your seat. (Everyone’s impressed! / Will Seyun win?)

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