Journalist Bre Payton Who Exposed Mueller Destroying Peter Strzok’s Texts Found Dead

Well the journalists who broke the story
on the Mueller team wiping Peter Strzok’s Iphone has now been found dead under
suspicious circumstances. What’s up everybody,
Truth Seeker here. Bre Payton was a writer for independent news outlet called the
Federalists she died just days after breaking the story about Mueller wiping
messages between disgraced former FBI agent Peter Stzrok and his lover Lisa
Page been diminished. A publisher of The Federalist said in an essay on Saturday
from the moment we started talking I realized she was a potential star she
was raw yes but that could be honed she was eager to learn to write and to go
places not because of ambition but because she wanted to change the world
now if you guys haven’t seen this story I originally had this on my new channel
and then moved it back over to this channel once my monetization got fixed
but the story is huge and it just seems like it’s been shadowed ban really
didn’t get out there too much. Mueller’s team just happens to purge all the
information on all of Peter Stzrok’s devices after they reviewed it so no one else
could get a chance to look at it amazing how that works isn’t it it should be
obstruction of justice for some reason these people just float above the law
and now it seems like the reporter that broke the news paid the price for it and
it seems like anything that’s connected to the Clinton Foundation or anything
else this always has these mysterious deaths
surrounding it she seemed unafraid to take on things that mattered including
breaking the hard-hitting piece the DOJ destroying Peter Strzok’s text
messages before the IG could review them on December 13th where unlike the
mainstream media who later focused on the idea that there was no evidence that
these text messages were deliberately destroyed Payton leaned towards the
conclusion that there was criminal intent in these deletions a notion
supported by Donald Trump many others including I and then all sudden she
suddenly died on Friday in San Diego when she was 26 I don’t have definite
proof for the notion that Payton was killed because she was going to disclose
some type of sensitive information against the deep state however it must
be said that the cause of circumstances of her death are befuddling enough for
want to consider such an idea my only intention is to explain the facts and
allow you to draw your own conclusions so pay attention to the timeline here
Wednesday December 26 Bre Payton who lives in Washington was in San Diego to be a
guest host on a show on one American news network
her last tweet was announcing to followers that they could see the show
broadcast right now and responding to one follower who was watching it so as
of Wednesday night all was well with Bre Payton Thursday December 27th brie
was staying with a good friend Morgan while in San Diego Morgan found
Payton unconscious in her bed around 8:30 a.m. as disclosed in this tweet
Friday December 28th by Friday morning brie had passed away this web page for
brie on CaringBridge website which appears to be a site that gives updated
information on people who are in the hospital seems to be where Brie’s death
was first announced this was the page that Morgan had referred to in her
tweet above although at the time she tweeted it had obviously not declared
that brie passed away there is no way of checking what it had said at the time
because unlike Twitter this website only shows the latest update currently it
reads as follows around 8:30 on December 27th Bre’s friend went to her room and
found her unresponsive and barely breathing she immediately called 9-1-1
and bree was taken to the hospital where she was admitted to the ICU sedated and
intubated and doctors began working up a diagnosis after a CT scan and hours of
testing they had determined she had the h1n1 flu and meningitis
George stayed at the hospital with her in San Diego for a long time but her
condition worsened and worsened she fought her illness which strength but
passed out on December 28th 2018 she will be survived by her four siblings
and parents she fought strong and lived a life worth noting in the books we are
so incredibly honored to have known this wonderful human being I think something
just doesn’t seem right about this trying to put some pieces together here
Morgan never mentioned noticing anything wrong with brie on Wednesday
night so we are left to assume that a healthy vibrant 26 year old girl became
fully incapacitated during a night sleep without
any prior symptoms and then was dead 24 hours later with doctors saying that she
had the swine flu h1n1 and meningitis surprisingly a New York Times obituary
for pre-baiting said that mrs. Payton had the h1n1 flu also known as swine flu
and encephalitis according to her family so is it encephalitis or meningitis and
what is the actual cause of her death one of these ailments or the h1n1 flu I
have not found the answer to this yet while the cause of her death does not
seem to have been determined several mainstream media outlets are taking the
opportunity to use this to subtly warn people that they should remember to take
their flu vaccines which includes an h1n1 component the way mainstream media
writes about this story is to ask how she died mention and going to death
about the diagnosis and the history of the h1n1 virus talk a little about her
life and then leave the initial question unanswered they sway the typical
mainstream reader to believe she died of the h1n1 virus without really saying it
some hypothesize that Bre Payton might have actually taken the flu shot and
that led to her illness but this tweet from a few years back makes it highly
unlikely that she would consent to any vaccines I don’t know what not to say
that’s impossible that brie Payton died so suddenly from a virus she had
contracted naturally without any prior symptoms but it just doesn’t feel right
you would expect that she would have some pretty significant symptoms in the
days prior add that to the fact that we have covered many stories of people who
have died mysterious deaths who all happened to be courageous outspoken
people who are willing to challenge the establishment and might have had some
information that was damning to the deep state and we’re willing to reveal it as
she showed in the breaking molar story you should be able to begin to
understand the suspicions here now this right here was the story that she was
trying to get out Robert molar actually authorizing the scrubbing of vital
evidence from disgraced FBI agent Peters Strzok’s iPhone a new Inspector General
report is now revealing I mean this just keeps getting deeper and deeper doesn’t
it after Mueller special council office
reviewed Peter stocks text messages all the evidence was completely just deleted
after that they purged everything the Mueller team is specifically responsible
for this grubbing of stocks phone while the
explanation for pages phone is a bit more muddied more and more details are
pouring out about the underhanded conspiracy to damage an impeached
president Donald Trump by Obama operative John Brennan James Comey
Andrew McCabe Sally Yates and a few others the effort even has a special
codename “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” now I spoke about operation crossfire
hurricane I think it was about a month or two ago and this was all about the
Deep States coup that was 100 cent plotted as a plan-b
effort if Hillary lost the election I mean they literally already started work
on this before Trump was even the president it was a plan B that they had
set and we’ve seen it in operation boy was obvious to any average American or
hell anyone in the world that was watching this but they used Peter Strzok
as their go-to guy which is why their operation is now falling apart
stocks massive illegal activities and incompetence could open up the entire
crossfire hurricane team to numerous federal charges both John Brennan and
James Comey used Peter Strzok to damn its president Donald Trump struck is the
disgraced FBI agent and fired Robert Mueller team member whose text messages
with mistress Lisa Page formed the biggest scandal in FBI history the
lovers conspired to illegally bring down Trump all while the FBI was spying on
the Trump campaign Strzok interviewed Hillary Clinton without putting her
under oath and granted immunity to Cheryl Mills and Clinton’s other
associates right before he flew to London to meet with Christopher Steele
to work on the anti-trump dossier which was sponsored by the Clinton funded firm
fusing GPS that dossier was used to fraudulently obtain FISA warrants to
surveil Trump Tower Barack Obama reads bits of the dossier in his daily
presidential briefings courtesy of Brennan fusing GPS meanwhile sent
operatives into Trump Tower to entrap Don junior and Jared Kushner in a
meeting with Planet Russians when it was time for the conspirators to focus on
the Trump campaign advisor George papadopolis
ock was there to run information about the advisor to the Australians when it
was time to take out Trump’s national security advisor General Michael Flynn
Strock was there to stage an ambush interrogation of Flynn without Flynn’s
lawyer present so let’s walk through strokes amazing Zelig like role in every
facet of operation crossfire hurricane Brendan hired struck to write the
intelligence community assessment in January 2017 this was a official
document used to spur on Robert molars investigation but the document did not
actually find any evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia it merely said
that Vladimir Putin aspired to help Trump and that Russia developed a clear
preference for Trump the Christmas field dossier was added in an appendix to the
ICA report even though Blin and Wyden told Congress that it was never used
Comey sent struck to London to meet with the Australian about George papadopolis
George papadopolis was surveilled in real time by the FBI who set him up so
who set him up Peter struck whose meeting with the Australian ambassador
in London provided key basis for the creation of Robert motors investigation
according to none other than the New York Times Tyler Durden explains the FBI
sent counterintelligence agents one of whom was Peter stocks to London in the
summer of 2016 to meet with Australian ambassador Alexander Downer to describe
his meeting with Trump campaign advisor George papadopolis the meeting with
downer was described as highly unusual and helped provide the foundation for a
case that a year ago Thursday became the special counsels investigation the FBI
kept details of the operations secret from most of the DOJ with only about
five Justice Department officials aware of the full scope of the case straat
cleared Hillary Clinton right before he left for London
according to big leagues politics they called attention in July 2017 to the
fact that struck was serving on the Moller team after personally overseeing
the Hillary Clinton email investigation at the FBI and personally conducting the
interview with Hillary Clinton that was not under oath which led to no
incarceration for the Democrat candidate struck also with
held information about the Hillary case from Congress according to this text as
you can see circled right here it says thing is there are very inflammatory
things in the 302s we didn’t turn over to Congress because they weren’t
relevant to understanding the focus of the investigation with the pressure on
stocks wife Melissa Hodgman associate director of the Enforcement Division of
the Securities and Exchange Commission is scrubbing her Obama and Clinton links
Hodgman was promoted by Obama just two weeks before FBI director James Comey
reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal in 2016
leading political insiders to suspect that Hodgman might have been involved in
the federal government’s cover up some of the liked pages on her Facebook
account on December 3rd included Thank You Obama and we voted for Hillary feels
right after that Peter struck set up Michael Flynn on January 24 2017 Peter
struck interviewed General Michael Flynn inside the White House alongside another
agent Flynn’s lawyer was not present Flynn apparently did not tell the White
House about his meeting guess who did Sally Yates the anti-trump Deputy
Attorney General who’s underlining told the FBI to shut down the Clinton
Foundation case Yates informed the White House on January 26 that Flynn met with
the FBI that was the beginning of the end for the original Trump White House
struck was close personal friends with the Foreign Intelligence Judge Rudolph
Contreras who accepted general Flynn’s guilty plea
Contreras recused himself after he already accepted Flynn’s guilty plea how
does that work Stockton page detailed their plan to
meet the Cantrell’s in a July 25th 2016 series of texts it reads right here page
said Rudy is on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court did you know that
just appointed two months ago Strock replied I did I need to get
together with him page replied back said he gotten on a month or two ago at a
graduation party we were both at in that amazing I mean it’s just right there and
black and white struck and Paige’s text revealed their anti-trump plot right off
the bat it was well known that struck and Paige discussed their inside
conspiracy many thousands of times over text messages they have been mostly
released the lovers repeated references to the CF refer to crossfire hurricane
clapper tried to use the supreme court to block Trump’s inauguration in January
as Brennan was having struck write the fraudulent I see a report
Brennan’s partner in crime Obama Director of National Intelligence James
clapper was cooking up his own side plot to stop the Trump inauguration from
happening clapper held a meeting in his office in
January 2017 to discuss using a female Supreme Court justice to block Trump
from becoming president due to the Russia conspiracy a high-level member of
the Intelligence Committee who witnessed this meeting said that clapper discussed
going to one of three female Supreme Court justices to make the case that
alleged Russia interference could invalidate Trump’s claim to the
presidency another text the witness sent CBL P
source around the same time described how deep state was making General
Michael Flynn a rising target for his alleged involvement with Russians and
stating that the House Speaker Paul Ryan is a wild card and in the deep state
Wars I mean this is too obvious to everybody brennan plotted for years to
get trump starting with a fly-by-night operation in reno a whistleblower case
currently in federal court in washington DC stands to bring out incredible
allegations of john brennan and james clappers move against trump Supreme
Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the former presiding judge of the FISA Court
Reggie Walton real estate mogul Timothy Bly Seth admitted that he saw records
from CIA and NSA whistleblowers denis montgomery proving that clapper and
obama CIA director John Brennan oversaw repeated spying on the phone calls of
President Donald Trump and millions of other private American citizens
including Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and FISA Court Judge reggie
walton fired former FBI director james comey received evidence from
whistleblowers lawyer but sat on it an audio taped interview conducted before
trump ever ran for president Bly set spoke to a former Maricopa County
Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Detective Mike Zulu the audio was released in
connection with a civil contempt case that the Department of Justice filed
RPO stuffers you don’t get any alimony she refused to turns out his part of her
hey Dennis Lee Montgomery very I’ll sit down with you after I went for the balls
ever marry a genius computer guy what they did is they actually had they were
working for the CIA and they a mask it as you I’m sure you’ll remember this the
contracts with the CIA which I had plenty of copies said that they were
decoding al Jazeera television said that there was broadcast embedded remember
that owned by Gore Al Gore got part of it now but it’s all bullshit that was
bullshit that was a front by the CIA and this guy worked for Brennan and clapper
those are the two guys running he started out 2004 with another partner
in Reno Nevada called intrepid they collected about forty
million dollars for the CIA from the CIA top security clearance all kinds of
letters emails fallout gets my wife of 2006 they started with companies she
owns and they start doing the same business for the government what really
turns out they were doing is they were hacking into all of America everything
they said they didn’t do that Brennan said recently and mainly clapper is all
bullshit and I’ve got right here every time he took it that we took his
deposition the head of the Civil Division Carlotta Wells of the
Department of Justice would show up with CIA agents to show up every court
appearance CIA agents head of the Civil Division I said Jesus Christ something’s
got to be wrong here so in 2006 with my wife get together with the guy but he
left the first company he gets a call from the CL CIA guy
and Jolie Buitoni and says the FBI is going to arrange your house and three
days he’s got a physis search warrant from the FISA Court so he takes all the
hard drives that he made copies so FBI comes in raiding Mike Flynn lawyers here
with me was representing the guy at the time they go to court federal judge says
this is bullshit throws it out says there’s obviously something there that
we don’t know about he says you know you guys are ready I did hack into all your
stuff and I gave it to your ex-wife and all the lawyers they said there’s a lot
more he said what I really did as a government subcontractor was I hacked
into all of America for Brennan and clapper I said wow that’s it’s pretty
heavy stuff can you prove it so I took about it’s taken me eight months of
dancing with this guy and finally he starts giving more evidence more
evidence and then it just it just blew me away
guy had aneurysm surgery in the last three months and was not successful he
probably will not live so I think when it has he a 1 to 10 years under 8 years
under a rock he’s tired of it he may not live he wants to get his life squared
away and he’s pissed off at the administration you got a death threat in
writing last week and so I said to him when the Snowden thing came down he
starts laughing then he goes huh Snowden is a punk he doesn’t have any
information like I got so he starts showing me what he has and I’m gonna
holy shit he’s got 900 million phone calls
recorded I mean you you call me how long what date what time of day that’s one thing I did for the
government this is on a government computer paid for by the government CIA
at Fort Washington Maryland which is 105 300 Riverview Road in Fort Washington
Maryland Denny’s got bank accounts with the passwords and the usernames but the
government got just randomly all over the country it’s a hundred and fifty
three thousand in this County alone hundred fifty-three thousand people were
hacked in by Brennan and clapping so my ex-wife was asked Jack Kent to go to
Cheney to try and speed up a new government contract which was slow so
they take heard of them vice president he says give me a few days comes back
and he says we don’t want any part of this and they fire Brennan so they must
have figured something was Skokie to fire breath brain goes to work as the
CEO of analysis group in Washington DC they’re basically ex-cia guys that do
contracting for the government private the private version of their old job so he goes to Obama then senator and says
you should hire us in that analysis group gonna run for President Obama does
they have tons of money millions of dollars and if you may not recall this
job but there was a little bit of a flap about the birth certificate back then
there was then there was an accusation that someone had gotten into the birth
certificates of Hillary Clinton MIT Romney and Obama Hillary talked about it
yeah okay if she really made a big deal of it there was a young man looking for
Brennan at the CIA that came over to analysis group and he was kind of the
dirty computer kid I don’t know that I’ll tell you what I know factual and
what I believed to be true we believe that they got in and actually altered
his birth certificate Brynna did an analysis group and they
had to disguise it by doing something there looking like they did something to
Clinton and Romney so it wasn’t specific Duke Obama somehow this word got around
in DC and an investigation started and they called the kid to as a witness you
gotta pull up between the eyes the night before the hearing now if you want to
hear the whole entire audio it’s like 19 minutes long I got the link to this
article in the description below you could just go there and you can actually
play the whole entire thing this is stuff that the mainstream keeps trying
to cover up and it’s pretty shameful that they actually call theirselves news
networks a big league politics called the listed number for eat repet
technology but we’re told that Montgomery no longer works there that
company closed down years ago sir a representative said of each type of
technologies when asked what the company is called now the representative said
I’m sorry I can’t discuss any more with you why Seth claimed in his conversation
with Zulu enter pareo that Brendan and clapper were running the operation
everything they said they didn’t do that Brennan said recently mainly clapper
it’s all BS and I’ve got it right here on the Xplosive tapes by Seth walks up
arrow and Zulu through the details of the program on a computer screen at one
point three began pulling up specific names of targeted individuals you know
who that guy is that’s the head of the FISA Court they hacked into Reggie
Walton by SiC tells the investigators John Roberts the Chief Justice’s Supreme
Court was hacked I said tells a peril and Zulu insiders
have always been skeptical of Roberts motives for siding with President Obama
on Obamacare I mean literally the deep state is right there in plain sight
everybody in the world could see it a caveman could recognize it we all see
the coup attempt that’s actually happening and we knew who plotted this
like the same people that bark the loudest are usually the most guiltiest
and look at all the ones that used to blast on Twitter John Brennan was one of
them James Comey was one of them but this 100 percent was Plan B if Hillary
lost the election of they was supposed to do and they was
already working on it before Donald Trump even became the president and this
was all done under Obama’s watch Obama knew every single bit of detail of what
was going on and he authorized this but all of the deep states days are numbered
so we got a lot of sealed indictments that haven’t even been revealed yet
that’s gonna actually drag in a lot of these characters because there’s so much
evidence on these people it’s not even funny
well they sit there and pretend on CNN and everything else that they’re not the
bad guys in Trump’s the bad guy like I don’t understand their projection scheme
it just doesn’t seem to work on anybody but sheep I guess if they sit there and
act like there’s nothing that they’re doing wrong there’s nothing that Hillary
did wrong and they’re sitting there trying to call everybody crazy for even
thinking that there was something that was wrong this is going off the
expression of if you tell a lie enough people will start believing it and it
seems like the only people that believe it are their own kind because everybody
else they actually has a brain is red pilled on this take a see right through
all this smokescreen and the evidence is stacking up high on these characters so
we are gonna see some action it is coming up and boy is it gonna be a doozy
what do you guys think about all this never leave your thoughts in the
comments below thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video
peace please subscribe to our channel like our
video and comment below and we’ll see you on the flipside piece and don’t
forget to click the notification bill you

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  • you are most vulnerable when in the hospital sick and have an IV in you. you never know what they are putting in you or even if someone dressed in white over coat slips in . if Muller wanted her knocked off this would be perfect time. it is awful common for people involved with the globalist clinton and the deep state to be found dead. these globalist will do or say anything to push the united nations agendas while getting rich from the donors like soros and his funded organizations. all of this is not even theory anymore, most of it is known. anyone who deletes any evidence or possible evidence should be jailed cause it is obstruction and all on the left are guilty of it. they do this to hide their criminal activity. why else would it be done? there is no reason other then to hide incriminating evidence. as long as our wimpy republicans keep letting them get away with this, no one will ever be charged.

  • Now can the left deny the deep state exists. And you tube is part of it anytime you complain ir bitch too much face book erases it.


  • I hate that strok or what ever his shitty name is he looks like a autistic demon

  • Wow. I smell bs!

  • Are you really surprised?

  • time to stop playing nice, an eye for an eye

  • Holy crap.. t is is first i heard of Bree…she was fiesty.

  • another casualty to the vileness in this world, these grubs simply think they are above anyone else, boil them all alive publically !!!!


  • Ms Payton had more info; deep state sending warning to rest! Most dying from flu are infants & seniors. RIP brave warrior Bre Payton!

  • Damn, nice breakdown!

    Thank you! My heart goes out to the young lady and her family.

  • You don't f with the big power players. They will kill you deader than JFK and RFK. Seriously. The Deep State plays for keeps.

  • These Criminally psychopathic people need whacking in order to save those who reveal them. And the rest of you.

  • Sending a message for all young reporters .

  • He got her killed!!!!

  • How come Crossfire Hurricane has been studied now for almost two years and not a single youtuber has mentioned that the word comes from Jumpin' Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones.  This has been a perfect situation to stick a few seconds of that awesome song in a video but NO ONE HAS DONE IT!

  • Why is nunes part of that list?

  • Generally speaking, young people in their 20s just don't "drop dead" without some kind of pre-existing conditions..

  • My friends sister died from meningitis, she was in her late teens. She fell ill with flu symptoms after returning home from school, she died the next day. Very sad, this happened a long time ago.


  • The military special forces has a saying, "Kill'em and let God sort it out!.

  • This is what happens when you sneak an illegal person into the presidency of the United States. All the judges who covered for Obama to make it legal for him to on the ballot. And then elected President through poll fraud.  Power corrupts and corrupted power corrupts …………………

  • Thank you for this story. Sounds like an assisnation.

  • That poor sweet journalist was murdered, like so many others…Seth Rich, Andrew Breitbart, even the missing YT-er Bill Smith. How many more have to die just for trying to expose the truth always pertaining to The Clinton’s & DS. What happened to Julian Assange going after HIllary in November, if President Trump didn’t? Nothing happened. How many innocent people have died due to the Clinton’s? When will The Clinton Crime Cabal be stopped? Mueller is in her pocket, along with most of the alphabet agencies. They all need to be dismantled & replaced, many judges too.
    These DemonRat judges are the worst. They’re the ones letting so many illegals off the hook for their multitude of crimes! How many illegals have we read that had 4,5 even 10 prior DUI’s? What we should do is empty our prisons of all illegals & ship them back to whatever shithole they came out of. Deport all illegals & go after anyone that hires them too. Then build our wall.
    Trump has had a massive job since elected into office. I’m sure he will drain the swamp soon & that he knows what he is doing. The man’s a genius. Imho I think he’s too soft, too nice. He should go after every single person that has threatened him or his family. Prosecute them for breaking the law by threatening a sitting President! Start with Rosie Opukeall & especially the former Governor of Commifornia & anyone in Congress that has threatened him. They need to learn their lesson! They can’t do that. We’ve become too lawless. All of this catering to illegals & Muslims in particular, needs to stop. They don’t have rights nor do they deserve rights. Build the wall! Stop DemonCrats from ruining our country since that’s all they want to do. Trump 2020 ❤️?? WWG1WGA

  • Why are these assholes still breathing

  • Thank god she's dead

  • I'll soon die from flu complications for watching this video, just want to inform everyone that I've never had a flu shot!

  • Was Hollywood trying to rub it in our faces at the award show that she was killed in their town?

  • Another one for the Clinton body count.

  • Murdered most foully…. AND exploited by Big Pharm….
    sorry Bre.

  • I called this minute her death was announced.

  • I actually work for her dad company so sad… rip /:

  • I would like to see a video on the game show "Connect the Dots to the Dead Bodies Connected to the Clinton's From the 70's to Now.

  • You SAID it, buddy…..
    I can honestly say I've NEVER had the need to use the word, "befuddled", before, IN MY LIFE. I heard you say it and I'm totally with you. Until recently, I would never think I'd be SOOO……
    confused, shocked, FLOORED
    …….as to, actually NEED to add this word to my vocabularly to describe a feeling I find myself in, ALOT these days. BEFUDDLED.
    Bre Payton's death………..
    I hope, to God, Bre Payton's death sees the justice it deserves.

  • Peter Strzok is a piece os shit.

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