Jonathan Cahn: The Oracle

>If someone asked you what an
oracle is, how would you answer that
question? Well here to deal with the
question about the oracle is Jonathan Cahn, and we’re very
pleased to have him with us.
Jonathan, you’ve just written a book called…>>”The Oracle”.
>”The Oracle”! >>Yeah, “The Jubilee and
Mysteries Unveiled”.>So,
what’s an oracle? >>Well, the word is used in
different ways. It’s in the Bible several
times. It actually speaks of a holy place being an oracle. It
speaks of the revelations of
God being an oracle. Paul said
the oracles were entrusted to the
Jewish people. It’s also used
as a prophetic, one who gives a
prophetic revelation like a
seer, an oracle. You have the counterfeits and
you have the real. The book “The Oracle” is really a
revelation of really, of something, a mystery
I would say is so big. We were
talking before, this is a bigger thing
than I’ve ever unveiled in a sense. It’s
the mystery behind everything going back
3,000 years from those. To the past, really the secret behind history. The
present current events, even
Donald Trump, the end time prophecy where we
are heading, the whole thrust of the end
times. Really in many ways the pattern or secret
behind end-time prophecy where all things are going. It
even is the mystery linked to
heaven and salvation. So it’s so big I
would say that it’s something that, we talk
about an oracle, you can talk
about there’s a story in there. The
oracle is the revelation, but
“The Oracle” is told like as I do “The
Harbinger” there’s so much, to deliver it the delivery
system is a narrative where a
man has a vision, he goes to find,
he has to see a man called the
Oracle who is on this mountain in the
wilderness.>Oh, yes. We’ve all thought about that man, he sits
on the mountain top.>>That’s
right, in some way, yes. He also goes in caves and other
places but he has a few places.
But he finds the man and the man
then starts revealing what the visions mean. Each one
of them is a mystery of God.
And so it kind of comes through, there
are seven doors of Revelation
and so each door when it’s open, it
opens up to one of these mysteries that’s
been unfolding from the past to our day right now, and where
it’s going. So each one is
that, and again it encompasses Moses to Mark Twain, from the prophet
Daniel to President Trump. I’ll just give you a quick
overview in that, one of the mysteries is the
mystery of the Jubilee. God
established the Jubilee and it’s very
prophetic that every fifty
years–on the fiftieth year it’s a year
of release, it’s a year of
return. If you lost your land you return home. You
are restored, the year of
Jubilee. Well Israel is the one nation
that was given that. Israel has lost
its land, lost everything, its ancestral possession more than
any other. But God says, ‘I’m
going to bring them back. It’s
going to be the key center of the
end-times’. So if he brings
them back it’s going to be linked to this
mystery of the Jubilee and the
amazing thing is that all these things, these gigantic
prophetic events, are all
happening according to this fifty-year
Jubilean mystery. And in a minute I want you to
explain the Jubilee to our audience, but before that I
want you to talk about
something else. That is, for most people history is thought
of as kind of an accident. We even
hear that phrase, the accidents
of history.>>Yes.>So and so does
something and touches someone
else, the first thing you know you’ve got a
war, and it’s all an accident.
>>Right. >It’s an accident, there’s
nothing that makes any sense
whatsoever. >>Yeah, well we are serving the God of history and the Bible is
the God who is behind all history. You see that from the
beginning. It’s not just that
He created the world, He is in all those things. If you
look at how He moved all things all events in the Bible, well
the God of the Bible is still alive and well today,
and we are living in “biblical
times” because these are
prophetic times. So one of the
things the oracle reveals, I’m glad
you said it, is how amazing the
same way that He moved then He has been
moving now. I mean everything from working through
world wars, working through the
rise and fall of kingdoms. In fact,
kingdoms have to rise and fall
according to the mysteries of God. Even the rise of America
is linked to that. All of it up to where we are
right now. So absolutely, and
you see there’s no accidents with God.
We do our thing and man messes things up but God
works through it. One of the
things we were talking about
before is that everything is–God has
exactness. Down to exact days. One of the things
“The Oracle” reveals is it’s
not the exact years of Jubilee but also that there are
all these countdowns and the
things from the Bible that give you exact dates. That’s
how exact our God is. So absolutely, that’s one of the
key things about this, God is
in everything. >So you have a protagonist,
that is an individual in your book who is looking for
answers and seeking answers, and he goes
through a series of doors and each of these
doors becomes a chapter.>>Yes. Several chapters, several
mysteries, yes.>And so how did you start out, what
were you trying to do and where do you go?>>I saw
there was so much in this, the
mystery was so big Gary, I had 3,000 pages of notes on
this one, and that’s why the last book, “The Paradigm”
was two years ago. Sometimes I
can do it every year but this
was so much, how do I get this all
in and how do I also share in a way that’s very easy and
very–so then I put it in the
story. That’s where “The Oracle” comes. It kept
getting bigger. Even when I sent in the
manuscript for “The Oracle”
more things came so we had to rewrite and add in, and how do
I keep this down? So that’s the story. That’s
really a vehicle. The first door concerns the
beginning of the mystery of the end times of where we are right
now.>You know it’s
fascinating, you watch the news, and I’m not
going to mention any new
outlet. We all know what they are and who they
are. And when they talk about the big things that
are happening, they all speak of them in terms of so-and-so
did such and such, so and so said so and such and such and
infuritated someone else, and
this man over in England says
because of what this
individual’s first man said I am going to do
so-and-so and you have these dialogues all around the world
and I think most people watching
the news today think that it’s all out of control. There’s just no rhyme,
no reason, nothing that you can
put your finger on and along comes
Jonathan Cahn, wait a minute. There really is a
purpose and a direction. >>Yes, the Lord is behind all
of it. Not only, on one you have the big picture and then
you have the little pictures,
we all live. In our lives it seems like everything seems
like everything’s out of
control. God, what are you
doing, what’s happening with my life, and the same way “The Oracle” is on
the big picture but it’s also personal. It also gets
down–and you’re one of the few
who have read it yet because it’s just coming out.
But at the end it gets very
personal to take all these tings and apply
to your life because it applies
to all of our lives. The same God who does all those
things is the same God working
in our life, so absolutely. >So if I could convince someone today of one thing it
would be that God is in control, that is He is still
working, He is still there,
just as He always has been. >>And it’s not just a saying.
People say, hey–oh, I heard
that. What this is showing is He’s
exactly in control. It’s not
just a feeling, it’s amazing, behind
everything.>And so let’s go
through the first door.>>The first door we open
up mysteries of really the beginning. But this
opens up the mystery of the man with the
measuring line, the lost city,
the stranger, and many others. We could only touch on like one
or two because of so much. One
is the mystery of the stranger.
End-time prophecy really begins with Israel. It’s our key time clock in all
these things. People don’t
realize Moses gave a prophecy. His last
words to Israel he says, listen. This is what’s going to
happen in the end-times, Moses
is the first one to speak of
end-time prophecy. He spoke about the
end days, Israel will come back
be scattered to the nations, God
will bring you back. But he
says something is going to
happen before that. He says a stranger will
come from a far-away land and
he will look at the land that is
so desolate and so wasted and he basically will say this
is hopeless and desolate. Then right after that God says, ‘but
then I will bring back the people’ So amazing. There are
people who have come throughout
the ages and the land of Israel was the
Promised Land, milk and honey
became a desolate wasteland. So the amazing thing
is there is one man above all
others who did exactly what Moses prophesied.
He came from a far-away land
which is basically America from Israel,
actually from the West Coast,
that’s about as far as you can
go, made a journey across the world
at the time when the land was
at its most desolate state, 19th century,
just before God was about to do
something. And so he comes and we all know
him, his name is Mark Twain.
Mark Twain, what does he have to do with–?
We all read in school about Tom Sawyer,
Huckleberry Finn. He was a
skeptic, he was not a believer. He was
very skeptical.>Oh, yes.>>The peak of his journey is
Israel. He journeys to the land
and he keeps a notepad and writes
down his account. As I watch
this, Gary his account the words that he
said are matching exactly what
Moses said. Moses said, he will say
this this, he writes that. Moses says the stranger will
say there’s no grass growing
here. Mark Twain says there’s not a blade
of grass growing here. He says
everything–it’s like Moses talking through Mark
Twain. But now another level of mystery and one of the
mysteries of the oracle that I
saw as I was doing this is that God has appointed words and
that is that every week on the Sabbath the Jewish
people open up the scrolls and
there’s an appointed word called the parshah. There’s one
from the Torah, Moses, and
there’s one from the scroll of
the prophets. The amazing thing, and we’re
going to see it throughout the
mystery of the oracle, is that these appointed words
are actually pointed to be proclaimed throughout the
world on the day or the time when the events that the words
are speaking about in some way
are coming true. So let me show you one
here. Mark Twain is at the peak of his journey.
He’s at the end of his journey
in Jerusalem. It’s his last full day and
night in Jerusalem. And it’s the stranger in the land that was
prophesied. Well on that day
it’s the Sabbath. All around the world
there’s a Scripture that’s
being proclaimed. The Scripture
that’s being proclaimed on that day with the
stranger in Jerusalem is the Scripture of Moses saying the
stranger shall come to the land
and he shall bear witness of the land.
So here he is, they’re saying
it, he’s there! And when he’s in
Jerusalem they’re actually
chanting it and he’s not understanding it,
it’s not the Sabbath, but
they’re speaking about the
stranger and he’s there. Nobody could put that
together. Now let me just throw
something else. I’m just giving
little quick tastes. That is for
thousands of years the Jewish people were praying
prayers. They were actually
ordained, every day they pray ‘restore us, restore
Jerusalem, restore the land.
Restore’. But they would say, ‘Lord hear
our prayers. Listen to us. Hear
us. We are across the world, hear our prayer and be merciful
Lord. Be merciful’. Well Mark Twain’s–he was a
sign. His name was not Mark Twain, his first name was
Samuel, Samuel Clemens. >Yes.>>Samuel means God has
heard and Clemens means ‘and has been merciful’.
And so it’s an amazing thing! You talk about in the
beginning, you say, God’s in
charge of everything? His parents had to name him that
name. And the thing is that
right after the stranger appears, strange
things start happening in the land. We
won’t get into it, but this is
the first part that are preparing the
land prophetically for what’s
going to happen. This is really
the first Jubilee, it all happens 1867. The Lost City, the man with the
measuring line, 1867. The land
is going to be released for the first time,
all in the same year. And this
1867 is also the 7th Jubilee, and I’ll
tell you why. The last people who took the
land were the Ottoman Turks.
They had it for about 4 centuries. Well if you count
from when they got it, in 1517 and you count in the Bible–I
see you have a thing on the
number 7 in the magazine. Well 7 is the number
of completion. If you count 7 Jubilees it comes to
the year 1867 and that is the year when everything begins
and all of a sudden people are
going to start coming back to the land. The Jewish people
are beginning to return, all
happens right after Mark Twain bears
witness. It’s like the setting
of end-time prophecy and if you count 50 years to the
next Jubilee it’s going to take you to the
year, which is the second door, which is 1917 when the next major events are going to
happen like clockwork. >Now for those who may not
know, explain just briefly a
Jubilee. It’s biblical.>>Yes, Leviticus
25. God gives through Moses, and
we’re going to see a code in
there later on. But basically he says on
the 50th year it shall be the
year of Jubilee. You shall sound the
shofar, that’s where you get
‘Jubilee’ from, sound the shofar. It’s a year
of release, it’s a year of
return, it’s a year of restoration. Whatever you lost
you get back. If you lost your ancestral, you return.
Whoever’s on your land they
have to get off that land. So think about
this in prophetic terms. think
about this prophetic Jubilee. Think about
the Jewish people coming back. It makes so much sense that God
would use His own Word to do all these things, and
it’s always the 50th year. So
right now we just saw a pattern of 50
years. Well it came, it’s going
to take us all the way to our time. So the next Jubilee is a year when, you mention
about God being in control,
well now the mystery that began in 1867
when a lot of the seeds are planted, now they’re going
to come to fruition. The whole
world is going to be shaken. We talk about God being
in charge, we have nations
rising and falling, kingdoms and empires rising and falling,
so ultimately God will work
through that to bring about His
restoration that He prophesied.
On one side you have World War I, on one
side you’ve got the Ottoman
Empire which has the land and they have no intention
of giving back to the Jewish
people, they’re Muslim. On the other side you got the British
empire which has just had a
revival and there’s a love for
the Jewish people. And so as the
year 1917 approaches there’s a government that’s
empowered in Britain and
they’re not in favor of the Jewish people going back. But
just at the the end of 1916 as the Jubilee years come
in, they collapse. God lifts up a man named David Lloyd
George and Arthur Balfour>Yes. >>who are both brought up with
the Bible. Balfour was an
on-fire Christian. And so what happens is England
starts winning entering in the Middle
East by General Allenby who was another guy raised with
the Bible his whole life, Christian, and they start
coming towards the Promised
Land. And as they do they issue a declaration,
the Balfour Declaration. Which says we’re going to give
the land back to the Jewish
people. Now this is Jubilee, what happens? The land is to go
back to the Jewish people, or original
owner. But here’s another
thing, you cannot do that unless you have the land. So there’s
another whole stream of
mysteries that cause Israel to come out of the hands of the Ottoman Empire.
They are driven out. Year of
Jubilee, the occupier has to
leave your land. They are driven out
by Allenby, they liberate Jerusalem. and I’ll share,
there are several mysteries here with this and I will touch
on one or two of them. from the second door. Just one
or two.>Okay. >>One of them is that Allenby,
the first time in the history
of Israel in the fighting of
Israel it involves the air,
wings over Israel. It has never been until
then. Allenby said we have to get air in here. It’s a new
thing. And so he drives the German planes which are
over Israel with Ottomans, out of the land. He couldn’t
have taken it out of the skies. So they take it and that allows
Jerusalem to be liberated
without any damage because that is air
support all over. Now here’s the thing, there’s a prophecy from
Isaiah that says where God
speaks He will deliver Jerusalem and he says
‘I will do it as birds flying’.
>Hm.>>As birds flying. Now the
interesting thing, this is the
first time it happens like that. There may
have been other fulfillments,
but here it happens. This is the first time in 2,000
years Jerusalem is going to be
liberated from hostile powers for the Jewish people. On the
day when you get to the peak of the liberation of
Jerusalem, soldiers of Allenby
are opening up their “Book of
Common Prayer”, their English. Which also has a set Scripture
for every day of the year.
>Right, yes.>>They open it up and the
Scripture is ” I will deliver Jerusalem as birds
fling on that day”.>Wow.>>On
the actual day! And the major
squadron that is in this deliverance was
squadron 14. Their motto was “I will spread my wings and
I will keep my promise” and so Jerusalem is
delivered as birds flying.>Now I used to
hear that the Jubilee has been lost in the dim dark days of early history of Israel. They
quit observing the Jubilee and so the date of it was sort
of lost. Nobody really knows, tell us about how we do
know what we do know. >>Well one is interesting. The
Jubilee is linked also to the
Shemitah. Which are the seven years. They
were preserved. But the Jubilees, we
don’t know when the last Jubilees were celebrated. So
that’s correct. However, and this is not to be
dogmatic about when the rabbinic or the thing is.
But God does His thing. So whenever
it was you see it was a prophetic Jubilee and you see
it, again we just did two. We
started with 1867, more like 1517.
Everything happens on this
thing. And then we have 1917. It’s
going to keep going this way.
So it’s going to happen, here’s
the thing. At each point when
you get to this 50th year what it’s saying is
there’s going to be a major event that’s going to be linked
to the restoration, the return
of the Jewish people to their ancestral land
Jubilee. It can be Jerusalem, and it’s going to keep on going
up until our time even to the administration of
Donald Trump.>And so you’re saying God hasn’t lost track of
the Jubilee.>>Whatever God says I’m okay with it. Yes. 1917, if you go back, because
you brought that up, if you count the number 8 in
the Bible is the number of new
beginnings. Well interesting because what’s
the 8th Jubilee from when the
Ottoman Empire they took Jerusalem the 8th
Jubilee is 1917 and that’s when the new
beginning comes. But let me
give you another number. In Daniel there’s number given. The number is 1335 at
the end of Daniel. It says ‘blessed is the
one who waits for 1335’ it’s talking about that the one who
is occupying Jerusalem is going
to have to leave. It’s in the end of
occupation. Now that’s days and
there’s something going to
happen in the end times. But the number 1335 all of a
sudden starts appearing int he Middle East out of
nowhere. It’s appearing all
over, it’s appearing on coins, when?
In the year 1917, the Jubilee
year. And why does it appear? It
turns out that 1335 is the year on the Islamic
calendar. So here the number that the Bible says
is linked to the occupier,
Islamic power, has to leave. It’s 1917, the
very year that’s the Jubilee it all happens, and that’s the
year after over 1,000 years the Muslim
powers leave they leave their occupation. I
won’t even go into it, but the actual day comes to an exact
day that converges to the exact
time. So God is amazing and He’s in
charge. >The way this book has been put
together, “The Oracle” is very
interesting. It’s been put together around
seven doors, each door encompasses a certain
revelation. And you have a man traveling through a series of doors with visions within them which all link to one of
the mysteries of God.
>Basically we have just touched
upon the first door.>>A doorknob. (laughs) That’s right, yeah.>And the
way this thing is structured is going to, I think it’s going
to excite you because you’ll see
little mysteries that are
interconnected. Ordinarily we don’t connect
them but suddenly, >>They’re all amazingly–people
say oh, I was blown away
by–I’m the first to be blown away and I’m blown away
by how amazing God is. And so
this is, for the signs of the times
of what’s happening now. But
also take it to your life. This is the God who is in
charge of your life, and He’s
the God of the Jubilee. Which means He’s always going
to move in the direction of
restoration and restoring all His people to
what their inheritance is. >It is called “The Oracle”,
Jonathan Cahn’s latest book. We’re offering it to you
for $25, free shipping anywhere in the United States. Check our
online bookstore, and just
click on the online bookstore, scroll down. You’re going to
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developed a series, an accompanying series,
of DVDs. There are eight of them. By the way these
eight DVDs, “The Oracle: Uncensored” $50,
free shipping anywhere in the U.S.
>>And I’ll tell you what’s in
there, there’s so much stuff that, there are things in
there that are revealed that
could not be in the book, the only place
on earth it’s there. They each
have different things including, for the first
time ever because it’s
uncensored I get into the math and the timing of
the end, which I’ve never done
before. >Now we have a couple of
Jonathan’s books: “The Book of
Mysteries”, “The Paradigm”, and we’re putting together a
package, by the way. The
Mysteries of the Oracle Package. The book the DVD set,
the “The Paradigm”, free bonus.
“The Book of Mysteries”, free
bonus. For your gift of $75, free
shipping anywhere in the United
States. I think you’ll find this not only a
great value but an exciting trail to
follow. Everybody loves a mystery and
everybody loves to follow a
trail of mysteries. That’s what Jonathan
has done. For me it’s exciting because it
deals with the things of God.
It shows that God is very active. He has not
forgotten us, He has not forgotten
anything. He still knows
everything that goes on Planet
Earth and everything is proceeding
according to His direction, and this is a
documentation of that fact.
>>Yeah, opening up and it involves also the
future. We’re supposed to know the signs of the times, what’s
happening right now, what’s
behind it, and where we’re going and what do we need to
do.>Exactly. We have several places to go.
We have three minutes left,
Jonathan. You keep mentioning Donald
Trump (Jonathan laughs)
Everybody’s talking about Donald Trump.
>>Yes. >Everybody knows that Donald
Trump has this interaction with
Israel that is unprecedented, almost.>>Yeah.
>Talk about that for a moment.>>We’re
going to see, this is the fifth door. The fifth door you’re
going to see Donald Trump. But
it’s amazing I’ll tell you a few things.
Donald Trump is following, it’s
not that he knows it. We’re not saying he knows and
is putting it together, he’s
certainly not studying Leviticus>Right.>>but what’s amazing is Donald Trump is following these
biblical templates. One has to do with an ancient
king, several have to do with the Jubilee.
There was even, we were talking
about these appointed
Scriptures. There’s even an appointed
Scripture that was appointed on
the day of his birth that is amazing. And when
I first submitted “The Oracle” I didn’t have
this, I had to put this in. He did something quite amazing
but he did it exactly on time. We’re even
going to see what he did
concerning Israel, not only in the year
that it had to be for several mysteries
but was on the exact day, a Hebrew day, and he
had no idea! It had to be just before sunset, it’s amazing. So
yes, even Donald Trump is in control, God
is on the throne of this and
this is where we are right now, these are very
prophetic times, very prophetic
times.>You know I think we all believe that. We believe it
by faith, and we have a very broad
perspective of latter-day prophecy. We’ve talked about it
for years here on Prophecy
Watchers. But it’s another thing to come
down to the fine details.>>Yes.>The dates, the
hours, the places. It’s a whole different thing.>>It’s
exactly it. It’s just like with
“The Harbinger” and people had
a feeling a general feeling about, hey,
it’s a wake up call. It’s not
just a feeling. It’s exact. And so
with this. It’s not just the
idea. Yes, we have to believe
in faith whether we see or we
don’t see. But the amazing
thing is our God, the same God of the Bible is your God
today and you are in biblical
times. These are exciting times, they are challenging
times, they are dangerous
times. We are talking about persecution, even the way the
world is going, that’s also
part of the mystery. >You know, going out, we’re
down to one minute. Comment on this: In the news today, in
fact this morning I fipped on the television set
and I heard the word
‘antisemitism’ half a dozen times. Everybody’s
accusing everybody else of being an antisemit, and
I haven’t heard this for years That seems to vault us into the next realm.>>Yeah, in the end
times you’re going to see, we can
expect this. The enemy is going
to go crazy as God is fulfilling His
prophecies the rage against
Israel and the Jewish people is also going to be equally
proportionate. It’s going to
come against it and against Christians, by the way. One of
the mysteries too, is that
we’re all going to be in the
same boat, Christians and Jews are
going to be in the same boat.
So yes, this is a sign of the end.>Jonathan Cahn, you’ve
heard him speak, you’ve read
the things that he has written. This is his
latest, “The Oracle”, and we
have barely touched upon it. In a
future broadcast we’re going to
say even more. We’re going to
actually listen to what
Jonathan has to say. I’m Gary Stearman. Thanks for
joining us. Hey, you keep
watching… we are! —Thanks for joining
us on Prophecy Watchers! You
can find us on the web at In the
meantime, keep watching everybody!—-

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