John 8: I Am the Light of the World (Sunday April 5)

everyone welcome to church this week I
hope you had a good week things are a little bit different but you have a new
face on your TV’s or your laptops or whatever you’re watching this on we’re
going to do a bit of music this morning yeah we we just want to encourage you
all to engage as you would normally on a Sunday morning it’s quite easy just to
sit back and just consume everything that you know the message and the music
today and all of that but engage you know stand and sing if you want or
choose to you know sit and reflect on the lyrics or whatever you choose to do
we just want to encourage you to step in and engage yea because God is gonna god
is going to move this morning and ya guys going to encourage people that need
encouragement this morning pastor Glen is speaking from John this morning on
the light of the world and so we’re just going to read from John John 1 before we
get going so John 1 verse 1 in the beginning was the word and the Word was
with God and the Word was God he was with God in the beginning through him
all things were made without him nothing was made that has been made in him was
life and that life was the light of all mankind the light shines in the darkness
and the darkness has not overcome it as we’ve seen this morning a couple of
songs about light and and what that means for us just want to encourage you
that that Jesus is still shining in this dark time and things are changing in the
world the world looks very different to how it did a month ago and sometimes we
can think that it’s so dark whereas the light God is still here he’s present
he’s moving he’s shining his light in ways that we sometimes can’t see but
we’re gonna trust that he is shining so let’s sing this morning I hear I’m to
worship so join me engage and that’s where she’d
go what you get how much all together
– yeah my love Oh Oh I by rise it has Oh Jesus three I stand I God we thank you that you are the light
of the world you are shining in the darkness and if there is darkness
and there’s a lot then there’s that loan no longer any more darkness because the
light outshines the darkness God you probably would help us to be able to
see the light during our weeks and during our times when we think on where
is God and this world is crazy what’s happening help us to know and to trust
that you are there you are moving and you were shining your light in ways that
teach us and grass and bring us closer to you God
so make us aware of your life and help us to enjoy that light that shines in
the darkness God we give you all praise this morning in your name amen you can
take a seat well good morning pastor Andrew here and I want to welcome you to
one hope community churches church service it’s good to have you all here
with us wherever you are we’re really glad to have you and we just hope that
this service this morning will be a blessing to you and yeah that whoever
you’re with that you’ll also appreciate the blessing it was great to have Shane
thanks Shane for leading worship and it was great to have Shane sing a lead us
in worship and a few songs it’s such a blessing such a privilege to be able to
worship together and just to be able to set our sights our minds and our hearts
on God and just recognizing who he is and I hope you were blessed by it I hope
you were able to worship and I certainly was and I thanked Shane and our worship
team for for getting up and doing that we’re blessed I wanted to start today
with just a couple of announcements and the first announcement is actually a
video announcement and Scott’s got something for you to say good morning
Church this is Scott here just dropping you a
bit of an update on how the kids ministry is going to be operating along
the next few weeks or months as long as we’re meeting online as a church as
opposed to in-person at the school we’re endeavoring to empower our parents of
our kids to become at the survey kids leaders in their own home and be running
these programs and engaging with the content with their own kids alongside
these services that on Facebook alive in order to do that
firstly we have a YouTube playlist with heaps of songs that the kids can enjoy
and a wish to belong to with their parents and engage in that way
creatively as well as following the key bible passages that the sermon sermons
are going to be addressing we have videos that explore those themes as well
and the kids and the parents can chat about those in their in their time
before or after the service we also have worksheets and Bible activities for the
younger kids and scavenger hunt with questions for the older kids so they can
watch out for points that pop out in the in the messages that the preacher is
going to be delivering and then they can know them down as they go along also we
encourage the parents and kids to pray for each other
in our community and Gilbert our sponsors student and for the rest of the
world in general while or in this time prayer is going to be a really really
helpful and powerful as well and so we ask that you pray for the kids and the
parents involved in the church and don’t forget also to encourage them in person
if you can if you’re in the same family but also give the parents of a call give
the kids a message and and just don’t let the families of our church know that
we’re all in this together and never working together to bring
glory to God as a church even if we can’t meet you in person and so I look
forward to seeing what God does in our lives through this time I know that he
will bring about some new creativity through the necessity that is in front
of us here in these times and about something what we’re going to see that
we wouldn’t have seen otherwise so and enjoy the service today god bless you
thank you very much second announcement I have is our Easter
services you’re all probably wondering what’s going to happen at Easter
everything’s different this year normally people pack their cars and
trailers and they head off to wherever they they want to go and beaches and
that’s not happening this year and every year we do have Easter services and we
are having Easter services as one Hope Community Church and we invite you to be
part of them we’re going to meet both Good Friday and Easter Sunday we hope to
celebrate Lord’s Supper together on Good Friday and we’ll be
sending around details and information about that to help you to celebrate
together with us all even though we’re doing it here online and the
instructions will come earlier next week you’re also going to receive a digital
invite this is the invite that’s going to come to your email that you can print
out if you have a friend or a family member or someone you would love to
invite to the Easter service print that out and give that to them or digitally
send that to them and invite them to be part of the Easter services with you
even if they’re at their home you can explain to them give them the links and
help them to get on and join us for the services because we do want to look
forward to remembering and celebrating Easter together and so look forward to
that and you’ll hear more about that last week I talked a little bit about
giving and we want to incorporate that in our services and this week we want to
feature our care team now care team does a lot of work within our church
community but also in the broader community stepping up to take care of
needs and things that need to be taken care of if you’re a one hope member you
know how great our care team is and how much work they do we want to take up an
offering for them today and we cannot pass the bags around like we normally do
their works increasing and so I want to ask if you would consider contributing
and banking transferring some money for our care team to enable them to do the
work that they do you should see a screen that’ll come up with the details
for giving and if you don’t get that down fast enough we’ll leave that up for
a moment for you to get that on your phones or take a picture or or get the
account numbers down on your phone but also if you go to our one hope online
page that’s ohc c-calm dot a you slash online if you go to that page that’s the
page where all the information is for children’s ministry is for this service
we’ve also added a giving link you can click on that giving
and that’ll give you the details if you need to keep up with your regular tithe
or if there’s an offering or something you want to give you can use that link
to give and so we encourage you to go there as well but we do want to pray
that you would be generous to our care team and that you pray for them as
they’re reaching out that works increasing there are many more people
with needs and we want to be able to be Jesus hands and feet in a real practical
way for them we have Glenn sharing with us this
morning but before he comes and shares on our I am theme I want to lead you in
prayer we want to incorporate prayer in our services and I encouraged you last
week and I want to encourage you again send in your prayer requests
send in things that we could be praying for things that are on your heart people
that are on your heart situations that are on your heart we’re praying during
the week we’re not just doing it in Sunday services and we love hearing
answer to prayer and so I want to lead you in prayer this morning and I’m going
to begin with thanks because we’ve already had some answers to prayer this
week and yeah and we just want to ask the Lord just to to hear us to hear how
thanks and gratitude but also to hear the things that are on our heart and so
would you pray with me Heavenly Father we want to begin by giving you thanks
Lord we want to thank you for your graciousness and your faithfulness in in
this time a time when it’s undefined for so many of us but you remain God and you
remain defined we thank you that our prayers can continue and do continue to
you and we and we thank you that you continue to answer prayer Lord we thank
you that as we pray this week for Jim’s neighbor Dirk that was in hospital with
the virus and he was quite seriously we think it as we prayed he was able to be
healed and he’s now back at home with his wife and continuing his healing and
what we see that as an answer to prayer we thank you for that Lord we thank you
with Luke and Agnes for the birth of Elijah Jordan last Friday a brand new
life a brand addition to the family his healthy Agnes
is home again and while we give you thanks for answered prayer there we give
you thanks for safety for Agnes for the hospital to be able to meet the needs
that she had and for a wonderful new child Elijah who’s part of the family we
praise God for that we thank you God Lord we also want to bring things before
you in prayer we want to think of Phil’s friends Collin and Katharine last Friday
their son James 14 year old died suddenly and Lord they need to work
through this grieving process and a funeral process in this social social
isolation time well we lift them up before you we can’t imagine what that’s
like for them and look we pray that you would be with them that you would be
their peace that you would be their comfort that you would be their support
Lord we pray for others that are sick and in need in our church community and
those that we know friends and family that are struggling what we pray that in
this time that you would comfort them well we pray that even as we can only
phone or message them Lord we pray that those phone calls and those messages
would be would be it would be salted as it were with you that they would be
flavored with a scent from you and with you Jesus we pray that we would be able
to reach out and remind people that you are there and look we pray that they
would know that peace but we want to pray for our nation our world well
there’s so much pain in the world at the moment well we want to pray especially
for developing nations that are struggling in this time and we think of
nations like Uganda Myanmar India where confusion reigns where hunger and
sicknesses is is prevalent and even more so in this time when the the people the
populations are in fear and Lord we pray that in the midst of that fear and the
midst of that confusion that they would see you that you would reach in and
touch them Lord our hearts break when we want to reach out and help them and
we can’t do that oh look we pray ya that in this time that you would be with them
Lord we also just want to pray for ourselves and we want to pray for for
your work in our own life what we want to pray in this season that
we would be able to quickly run to you that would quickly be able to lean into
you to hear you speak to see you speak through your word and to know that
you’re our God and when we pray for the word this morning Lord and we pray that
as we invite Glenn to speak that you would by your Holy Spirit prepare our
hearts to hear what you have to say to us this morning and we pray these things
in Jesus name Amen so I’d like to invite Glenn and Glenn’s
gonna come up and I’m gonna pray for him and then he’s gonna be sharing the
second edition of the I am series for you so let’s just invite him up now so
why don’t you pray with me wherever you are let’s just pray that the Holy Spirit
would speak through Glenn that God would be with Glenn and that he would also
speak into our hearts let’s pray Heavenly Father we thank you for Glenn
we thank you for your word we thank you that you are always speaking we thank
you that your word is valuable to us and that it reaches our hearts and we pray
this morning Holy Spirit we pray that you would be with Glenn that you would
cause him to speak the things that are on your heart they would cause him to
speak into our hearts and God that you would be with him and equip him we pray
for us as we hear the words Holy Spirit that you would prepare our hearts and
our minds to hear and to apply the things that you’re teaching us this
morning through Glenn and we pray these things in Jesus name Amen well here we are good morning everyone
good to be with you this morning even though it is online but as I begin I
just want to first just thank leadership for what they’ve been doing in terms of
leading us through this time I don’t know about you
but I felt really led through this time to Andrews support Joel support this
week just caught up with Mick from a church council from a leadership
perspective and just encouraging me along this journey as well for making
this happen each week just wanna one of these our leadership for what they’re
doing and in making this happen because like I said I really feel like I’m being
led through this time if you didn’t know Carolyn and I just spent some time on
annual leave we will manage to get across to Perth we were over there
probably chasing some Sun for the end of summer and unfortunately our holiday was
cut a little bit short we had to come come home I just felt so wrong to be
holidaying at these times but well it was good to be back home we all tested
negative and we’re ready to go back to work and into the routine of life but
while we were over there I knew that I was preaching this sermon on Jesus
saying I am the light of the world and so in in my mind I have been thinking
about the idea of the light and in particularly the idea of the beauty of
the light and sunlight in particular and Perth is amazing with its beaches and
sunsets I think we’ve got some photos that I took while I was over there of
some of the sunsets and some of the sunrises that we were able to experience fortunately the only corona experience
we had with these was of the beer kind which was good but there was something
about my mind as we sit sat and enjoy these Suns Sun rises or Sun sets that we
just saw the beauty of them and the beauty of the colors and the reflections
and the enjoyment that they bring and as I was thinking about that in preaching
about Jesus being the light of the world this theme sort of kept going in my mind
I think God was laying on her on me to bring to us the church is in these
troubled times how are we setting aside time to just behold Jesus as the light
of Life how are we taking time to soak in his
his beauty and his glory and and and to a certain sense also are we are we
pursuing that are we chasing that are we looking for those experiences and that
intimacy with him I it reminded me of a time and back on the farm in Mountain
Eid where we would have Decker barbecues and one of the memories that I have is
that throughout the afternoon as sort of the barbecue sort of petered out and we
went into the afternoon that we would sort of follow the Sun around sort of
the backyard or area around the house and would first start sort of near near
the barbecue and then as the Sun moved would move all that chairs over to the
other side and then we don’t move over distance from the big rock there was a
big rock that the Sun would kept flow over and then we would sort of move down
to this lower section and there was something about sort of pursuing and
chasing the Sun its warmth and there’s something about life that comes through
it it’s it’s glow and as it started to go down the beauty that was there as
well and so as we look at this passage this morning I wonder where that you
can start to think about what does it look like for you to follow the Sun and
that Sun I mean it’s Owen the son of Jesus or how are you pursuing him or
seeking him or beholding him where in your life and even in these times are
you chasing him or following him to allow time for him to soak in to your
life how are you orienting your life to capture his
beauty and his truth taking in his his warmth and his life-giving spirit to
enable us to get through these times so as we’ve talked about we’re looking at
the IM series were looking at the seven statements in the book of John that he
records about Jesus saying last week Joel brought to us Jesus saying that he
was the bread of life and this week we’re going to look at Jesus saying I am
the light of the world and as Joel alluded to last week in the book of John
we have this sort of big theme that John’s exploring and teaching on in his
book about who is Jesus all the people in his book are trying to work out who
Jesus is and whether they believe Jesus for who he is
and whether they are coming into the understanding of life eternal with Jesus
and so as we look at this passage again encouraging you to ask that question and
look to God and ask His Spirit to answer you in that in saying when you ask the
question who is Jesus maybe again this morning you can answer
is Jesus what is he to me how has he changed my life what does it mean for me
to get to spend eternity with him the texts that we’re going to look at this
morning is John 8 chapter sorry John 8 verse 12 and that says when Jesus spoke
again to the people he said I am the light of the world whoever follows me
will never walk in darkness but instead will have the light of Life and so this
idea of light is a big Bible thing so it covers all the pages of the Bible if you
start to look for it and in particular the contrast of light and darkness is
referred to a lot through the pages of Scripture seeing and blindness is sort
of a big theme it comes up through John a lot but we see in other books in the
Bible as well we get this idea that we have eyes that have been designed to see
this light and to take in this light and at the same time so spiritually speaking
we had souls that are designed to take in the light of the Sun and to
understand who he is and to behold his beauty so we have it particularly the
idea of light that starts from the first pages of Scripture and has continued on
to the last pages of Scripture and if you’re familiar with the Bible you’ll
know Genesis 1 where it begins with the earth being formless and dark and the
some of the first words that God says is let there be light and he brings light
into the world and as the creation story unfolds he he puts a son to look after
the day and a moon to look after the night and this idea of the daily rhythm
of morning and evening of this the coming of light over darkness is a theme
that sort of has picked up through Scripture and this idea of morning and
evening seeking God beholding him meeting with him is something that’s
followed through also we get to the end of the book and revelation 22 also picks
up on this theme of light and here it’s Jesus has returned and there is the new
heaven and the new earth and in this new earth with God and his people there is
no more darkness and there is only light and that light doesn’t now come from a
Sun or a moon it comes from visa it comes from the Lamb of God
it comes from God it is God’s glory that is now writing the new earth and the
people on the new earth are enjoying that and beholding its glory and
worshiping the source of that light and so with those sorts of big themes in our
mind I want us to look at this passage which our text is from this morning and
use that to help us to explore this idea of what Jesus means when he says I am
the light of the world and I pretty well just use the text to shape three points
for this message and the three phases phrases in this text that Jesus says
first I am the light of the world and then we’re going to look at whoever
follows me will never walk in darkness and then the third one is will have
the light of life or those who follow Jesus instead of darkness they will have
the light of Life and we’ll use those three phrases to help us to think and
ponder about what it means but me to say or for us to say Jesus you are the light
of my life but it’s an interesting verse and one of the things which I had asked
you to do and we had asked you to do was to spend a bit of time leading up to
this message looking at the context of this verse of John chapter 7 and chapter
8 and chapter 9 because this verse sort of pop is popped into the middle of a
whole context of what’s happening with Jesus and the people around him and so I
haven’t particularly got a Bible reading that we’re doing this morning but I’m
encouraging you now to have your Bibles with you because I’m going to flick
through those three chapters it’s for us to get a context of what this Verte or
where this verse was first spoken so if you’ve got your Bibles you can flick to
John chapter 7 and where this physically starts to happen is in verse 14 of John
chapter 7 where Jesus has come to Jerusalem to the temple for the Feast of
Tabernacles and that’s a phase one of the feasts one of the gatherings that
the Israelites observed at the temple and Jesus is using this time in the
temple to bring them about some teaching so you can see in verse 14 what’s now
halfway through the feast Jesus went up into the temple courts and he began to
teach and the Jews were amazed and they asked how did this
man get such learning without studying and there’s lots of responses that Jesus
brings in there and you can have a read of them and you can flick through them
now as I’m speaking but you get the idea that Jesus is in the temple court so
it’s the outer temple courts where it’s not just the priests it’s anyone that
can sort of access that area and Jesus is bringing some teaching into that
space and already first in these bursts verses you get the sense that people are
trying to understand who Jesus is who is this man
who brings this teaching yes we haven’t seen him studying where is this learning
come from and right through chapter seven and eight and nine as Jesus
interacts with the Pharisees and the Jews and it’s probably a bit stronger
than just an interaction it’s it’s almost an argument it’s a that’s almost
a battle between the Pharisees the Jews and Jesus about who Jesus is saying he
is and you get the sense as you go through that they don’t understand who
he is and as he flick through you can be clicking through these chapters in
chapter 7 they thinking maybe he’s demon-possessed they’re accusing him of
that and Jesus brings in some some teaching and he says that he has come
from his father that he and his father are one he uses lots of times this word
I am referring back to that he is God and was God from the beginning and then
anytime he sort of alludes to that they get angry and they generally tried to
either seize him or as we’ll see later on in chapter 8 they want to stone him
they want to kill him and they don’t like the idea of Jesus
saying who he is that he is God and that he is the
Messiah but also along the way as you go through and you can be flicking through
there are those who believe him they believe that he is the Christ the
Messiah who has come to save the world and but even those
that believe still asking lots of questions around who are you and if you
look over in sort of verses this is chapter 7 still from 37 through 40
they’re sort of saying who is he is is he a prophet or is he a Christ or is he
demon-possessed we’re not quite sure who he is and so they’re all trying to work
out who he is and in particular the Pharisees and the teachers of the law
are trying to sort of discredit him and they are almost saying prove yourself or
we don’t believe that you are the that you are the Christ and then as we head
into chapter 8 we get this random story of the woman caught in adultery and if
you have a look at chapter 8 verse 1 Jesus it says there but Jesus went to
the Mount of Olives and just remembering that these festivals sort of went over
days so it may have been that he came and went and then verse 2 at dawn he
reappeared at the temple courts where the people were gathered around and he
sat down and he began to teach them so he’s teaching them again the teachers of
the law and the Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery and they made
her stand before the group you can have a flick through there many of you
probably familiar with the story that they try and track Jesus I will bring
this woman in and will that this will trip him up and this will prove that
he’s not who he says he is and Jesus almost doesn’t really even engage with
their maury in some ways he uses a bit of a teaching tool and if you remember
what he says there he says if any of you are without sin let then let you be the
first to cast a stone and one by one they disappear and to the point where no
one’s left and then Jesus looked up at the woman and he said
where they all gone is now in condemning you and she says no one and then he says
well then I don’t condemn you either he says now go and leave your life of sin
and that’s it well you don’t know how she responds to that Jesus doesn’t refer
to that anymore there’s no reference to it
it’s just put there then we have verse 12 which is the verse of our text where
Jesus speaks and he says I am the light of the world whoever follows me never
walk in darkness but I’ll have the life but will have the light of Life and so
as he says that verse you would be expecting him to do what he did with his
last I am statement which Joel talked about
in chapter 6 he’d haven’t looked back there he says I’m the bread of life and
then he explains it he explains how he is the bread of life and he gives them a
bit of a lesson on that here there is no reference to it for the rest of the
chapter he doesn’t even refer to light and darkness or anything and so when we
look at this teaching from John we’re remembering that John is taking the
stories of Jesus life Jesus life and history and he’s presenting them with a
theological message so he’s putting these recorded these writings in these
stories in a way that’s teaching a theological message and if you’re
wondering what theology means theology is how we understand God and we get to
know God and so John has orchestrated these passengers to get us to think
about how do we get to know God and so then after this verse he goes back into
verse 13 the battle with the Pharisees so verse 13 the Pharisees challenged him
they say here you are appearing as your own witness we don’t believe you just
because if you’re testimony and then Jesus reminds them
again well I’m not just bringing my testimony I’m bringing it from my father
and my father and I are one and he testifies to me but I also testify to
him and then they want to say well who is this father where is this father
Jesus answers them seemingly sort of mysteriously but also you can
sort of get the understanding of what he’s trying to teach them but they just
don’t see it they can’t see who Jesus is if you look at verse 25
well they it’s pretty plain who are you they’re saying and Jesus says well I I
am Who I have claimed all along I am the Christ the Messiah the Son of God who
has come to save the world and to restore the world and then if you flick
over to chapter 8 verse 28 Jesus says when you have lifted up the Son of man
then you will know that I am the one who I claim to be but I do nothing on my own
but speak just what my father has taught me and the one who sent me is with me
and he has not left me alone for I will always do what pleases him some people
heard that as you can see and responded in faith they believed him and it wasn’t
probably until later that many people remembered Jesus teaching saw what
happened through Jesus death and resurrection and came to believe him as
to the Jews at this time we’re sort of in this wrestle of sort of believing him
but then sort of coming back to the Jewish traditions and you can see
through the rest of the chapter they’re wrestling with well where does Abraham
fit into it I Abraham to our Father and Jesus have sort of interacts with them
there they continue if you look through the chapter to think that Jesus is from
the devil and from Satan and Jesus keeps sort of answering them
and reflecting who he is there you get to the end of chapter 8 and they’re
ready to kill him chapter 8 verse 59 they pick up stones and maybe it’s the
stones that they’ve dropped from wanting to stone the adulterer but now they’re
wanting to stone Jesus and he slips out of the temple grounds and then we get
into chapter 9 and chapter 9 is the story of the blind man that jesus heals
and Jesus uses that healing as a bit of a teaching tool for his disciples but
also for the Pharisees about seeing and if you think of the link between delight
and seeing and believing I think John sort of playing on that a bit here and
then we get to the end of chapter 9 and to a certain point he sort of has summed
up the last three chapters in this in these last few verses in chapter 9 where
the blind man comes back to Jesus he has a conversation with him and then Jesus
and then the blind man report lies this way in verse 38 the man said lord I
believe and then he worshiped him and this is
sort of John’s big theme that’s coming through that he’s presenting Jesus for
who he is and asking people to respond in belief in faith and saying yes Jesus
you are who you say you are and I will worship you I’ll give you my life and
serve you because I believe who you say you are and so as we look at this
statement of Jesus saying that I am the light of the world and whoever follows
me will never walk in darkness but have the light of Life
it brings a bit more richness and understanding if we understand the
context because what John is doing and the writers here are doing contrasting
this statement of light with people who are in darkness and so you actually have
two people who are in darkness you have the woman that’s caught in adultery
living in the darkness of sin and then you have the Jews and the Pharisees who
are refusing to believe Jesus living in the darkness of not believing but the
darkness of unbelief and John sort of contrasting that the two together to
help us to think about what’s our response to Jesus statement of him being
the light of the world and what I find is interesting in this context it’s
almost as if Jesus and John almost fob off the idea of the darkness of sin and
it’s like this woman is presented with the darkness of this sin percent and he
almost just says well I don’t condemn you and then doesn’t get on with her so
much allows her to respond to that however she did but then gets back to
those who are still choosing not to believe him and he says the bigger
darkness is unbelief not believing Who I am and I think this one is sort of
slotted in because often the Pharisees and I think we do it too is go after the
moral stuff or the moral behaviors as opposed to our faith or in a world view
and how that affects the way that we live
that sin here gets dealt with through what Jesus did
at Easter and it’s not really the big issue if you believe who Jesus is if you
believe who Jesus is and what he did on the cross then the darkness of your sin
is exploded by the light of life and I kept having to think about this I
two of when you watch a sunset sunsets are enriched when you can have some dark
clouds around it and you get the reflections of lights and the way that
light comes over and above all through the darkness brings a glory and a beauty
that’s not there when you don’t have that and I think it’s a little bit the
same with sin that when God and when Jesus deals with Alex our darkness and
our he explodes that and there’s a there’s a beauty that we can behold that
Jesus actually doesn’t count our sin against us and that it’s actually dealt
with and it’s actually not a big issue for him and us now and I think that’s a
good image to have us think about as we think about maybe sort of sin in our
lives so I want us as we sort of as I said I want to have those three points
and just quickly use those three points from this verse to help us think about
how we respond to Jesus words here of him saying that he is the light of the
world and so the first point where Jesus says I am the light of the world and
it’s good to know here that John is probably referring back to and is sort
of picking up on the theme that he introduced in chapter 1 where in John
chapter 1 I think she might have referred to it earlier where it says
talking about John says talking about Jesus in him was life and that life was
the light of men and the light shines in the darkness and then this next verse
the darkness has not understood it and that’s the sort of theme that we’re
getting through in these chapters is the light has come Jesus is there and the
Jews and the Pharisees are not understanding later on in John chapter 3
as Jesus deals with Nicodemus there he talks again the law
the world has come but the people loved darkness instead of light and then he
says who will ever ever lives in truth comes out into the light so that it may
be seen plainly that it has been done that what has been done has been done
through God and this idea that the light of the world is there and people need to
choose to respond to it and this the darkness of unbelief in that because
this what we do with this statement of Jesus being the light of the world and
his claim that he is God and the son of God if we believe that it changes
everything it changes the way we see everything it
changes the way we perceive everything that’s happening in the world that
without Jesus we can’t really see what’s going on and in some ways that if we
make this statement that we believe who Jesus said he was that he is the son of
God that he is the savior of the world our Savior it changes the way we
interact in this world we’re changes it’s it is our worldview
it’s the way we view the world then that we when we John reversed we he you can
actually can’t really see what’s going on in the world unless you see it
through the light of Jesus and that Jesus has bringing his kingdom to bear
in this world of darkness and even though it is a dark world in a hard
world and we’re seeing that at the moment Jesus says there is if you look
at it through my perspective you’re looking through understanding Who I am
actually I ever had a father that we created this world who’s over and above
this world who’s still active in this world who will look
change things in this world or can sustain you in the world and he can
bring you peace and hope and joy in the midst of what seems to be a really dark
time and so if we believe that Jesus is who he says he is it views the way that
we see the darkness of covert 19 that we can almost with Paul say whether we live
or die it doesn’t really matter because there’s an eternity at stake we can
actually have confidence that when I’m feeling weak I have a God who is strong
he’s my father he’s my protector he’s my provider he’s Jesus my brother
I have his spirit that brings strength and understanding and wisdom and courage
that I can’t get myself if Jesus is who he says he is my sin is not an issue for
him if Jesus is who he says he is this is the most beautiful thing for us to
understand that God so loved us that he sent his son into this world to give us
life life to the fall he says and live for eternity this is a beautiful brilliant glorious
truth that we can behold we can soak in we can seek we can experience its warmth
its life-giving truth and Jesus again brings us the question do you believe it
do you believe it and if you do it changes everything and he encourages
just as he was encouraging the Pharisees at the time if you’re listening to this
and you don’t believe it Jesus continually cries to the parity turn
repent and believe this truth see its glory understand it and live by it and
it change your and then the next phrase
that he he says he says whoever follows me will never walk in darkness and so
this idea if you believe this then you will reorient your life to follow the
Sun and you know that idea that the Sun is s o n not just su n and I came across
this thing as I was reading and researching about sunflowers and that
sunflowers Helly o tropic and so Helle our topic
and I think we might have some video that goes up Halina tropic means that
they are plants that actually track the Sun and so throughout the day they move
from east to west and then they what they’ve done is they’ve followed it
overnight is that overnight they reorient shall reorient themselves again
to face east for the rising of the Sun and sunflowers have this sort of
built-in creative boss to orient themselves towards the
Sun because they know that in that Sun there is life there is growth there is
flourishing and so obviously the question is are we like sunflowers we
are nting our lives back to follow Jesus and you can even think about some of
those daily rhythms of morning and night of following back and in the morning am
I getting up and am i seeking the light of Christ in my life as the Sun Goes
Down am i sort of thankful for the light of Christ in my life do I have these
rhythms in my life where I seek Him for his life giving strength do I have a
repeated pattern of repentance and belief that I believe Jesus for who he
is I turn away from the darkness back into the light and
behold it I keep using that word and I can’t think of any other word and there
is something about beholding which is to sort of soak in beauty is to to look at
into being or of the light that is before us which so often happens at
sunsets or sunrises or if you’re into photography the way that the light sort
of captures things or enhances things and this is sense that we just the hold
its glory and so am i following Jesus in a way that I behold his glory and how do
I do that in my life it’s one thing that I’ve been doing at
the beginning from the beginning of this year of in reading a number of books
about sort of the madness and the pressure of this world and that’s just
ramped up with covert 19 of building rhythms into my life where I just AM
with God that I sit with Jesus and I behold him I find great ways to do that
for me is through music and song to listen to song to write into city alight
at the moment there’s this great song that they sing which is holy God and
they talk about beholding the holy God and I’ve been thinking about that I
walked on the beach in Perth listening to that on my headphones seeing the
sunrise and beholding the glory of God aligning myself to the truth so this was
a midst covent 19 and amidst all the things that was pressuring on our lives
I could reorient myself to the light of life and feel a new sense of growth and
warmth and life to the fall as I oriented myself to him and there’s this
sense that we won’t walk in darkness because darkness is not our reality
anymore darkness can think of that image that light shines best in darkness we
see its glory in its beauty in the midst of
agnus and we can see that in these times but we can also see it in our own lives
so my encouragement to you this week is to find places where you will follow the
Sun that you will find places to soak him in to understand that truth opening
the Bible is a great way to do that as well I’ve been reading through the
Psalms again this year and and just soaking in the truth of them another
great way which I found really helpful I’ve got a little accountability group
we’ve got a whatsapp group and we send to each other scriptures and just little
reflections on those scriptures and as those truths come to bear it brings a
little bit of hope a little bit of light a little bit of joy amidst darkness I’ve
had a couple of times and I talked about this before when my personality can be a
bit melancholic and I’ve had a couple of days and coral and calls them my dark
cloud days where I’ve got really depressed and really down and really
unmotivated and the light of Jesus truth broke into those situations by my wife
and by my friends speaking the truth of Jesus into them again and reminding me
of the truth of who Jesus is but also reminding me of the enemy’s lies his
darkness if he’s drawing me away from the light and the damage that that can
have on my life and to come back into the light of truth and be able to see
things again for what they truly are to see things in the world and the
perspective from the light of life who has come into this world and established
his rule and reign on this earth and he’s coming back again where there will
be a time there will be no death or darkness and then the last point is that
you will have the light of Life so those people who follow the Sun won’t
walk in darkness but instead you will have a light of light within you and so
instead of darkness in you you have this perspective of eternal life and I just
almost refer to that then you can have a sense of assurance and hope and peace
and joy and patience and kindness and gentleness we can have our supernatural
activity through the gifts that God gives us through us into this world that
is groping around trying to understand what’s this all about how do I make
sense of this this is dark times and Jesus says you have the light of life to
be able to bring that to the world to friends work colleagues family to
keep reminding them and displaying to them what the light of life does in our
lives allowing the Holy Spirit to produce his
fruit and gifts as we serve those who are in darkness and struggling and
asking the questions what is this all about who’s doing this we can bring them
in an understanding of God being a father and the Son and the Spirit the
truth of Jesus particularly at Easter we have great opportunity to speak about
Jesus as the light of the life that has come into the world but right through
the Bible God is God refers to his people or the people of God being a
light in the darkness that their lives both individually as an individual
person as a child of God but also collectively as a community as a nation
or as a church that you bring the light of life if you remember Jesus words in
Matthew chapter 5 verse 15 where he says and he’s now talking to believers he’s
now talking to those who believe Jesus for who is and he says you are the light
of the world you are and he says you are a city on a hill
the cannot be hidden and that’s where we as
God’s people as a church I have become a beacon of light and hope because we have
Christ in us and his spirit flowing out of us that people are drawn towards
people of light people of beauty people of Hope people of joy of people of peace
in times that are dark people who have answers that we have answers to give to
how do we deal with what’s going on in the world at the moment so as we
continue to live in these uncertain times may I encourage you to spend time
following the Sun seeking him out seeking out God and His glory soaking
him in taking in his truth to an to enable you to be like sunflowers to
orient your life to track in so that you can be that people of life the people of
Hope at this time that you would remember and believe who Jesus is and
that his truth would transform us as individuals but us as a church as well
that if you would live as this is I often said this to myself I said it to
many people often it doesn’t feel like it it doesn’t feel like that we’re
living in light and hope but when I use this phrase when I apply this phrase to
my life live as if it is true if it is really true that Jesus is who he says he
is that would change the way I live and it actually as I begin to do that not
just if I believed this if that was true it actually starts to change the way I
think it changes the way I speak it changes my feelings and it changes my
emotions and the Orient tense Orient’s me back to the light of life and the
glory that is to behold even in times of darkness and aren’t you
so Church join with me in orienting our lives towards the son
and knowing him as our lights of life so let’s pray together Lord Jesus we thank
you that you are the light of life and that you have come into this world and
have revealed yourself amidst its darkness that you have displayed
yourself and particularly as we come to Easter Lord Jesus we see the extent of
your life that you were able to give it for us to pay for our sin that you
showed who you said you were by rising from the dead that you truly were God
that you truly were the Son of God and that you rose again from the dead and
you showed yourself to be who you said you were and that you ascended to heaven
and that you sent us your spirit reminding us of your presence with us in
these last days so Holy Spirit come upon us as your
church that we may know the truth of your light of your beauty of your hope
of your salvation and may we live as the children of light children of hope in
these dark days and may your glory be seen through us as your people in the
name of Jesus amen thanks Frank for that encouraging message and I hope that was
all encouraging for you guys as well please remember our Easter services
coming up next week look forward to seeing you learn again now if you’re
getting together with your life group now enjoy catching up have a chat about
the message and have a chance to pray with each other see you next week

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