Joe Biden’s Sad LONG History of trying to cut Social Security (Now Denying it)

I When I argued that we should freeze
federal spending I spent Social Security as well! I meant
Medicare and Medicaid! I meant Veteran’s Benefits! I met every single
solitary thing in the government and I not only tried it once I tried it twice
I tried it a third time and I tried a fourth time! We have Social Security
and Medicare looming the number of people on Social Security and Medicare is now 40
million people it’s gonna be 80 million in 15 years
would you consider looking at those programs age of eligibility the cost of
living put it all on the table Biden: Absolutely that answer is absolutely you have to I mean no
it’s that one of the things that my you know the the political advisors say to
me is “whoa don’t touch that third” look American people aren’t stupid it’s real
simple proposition we have to do you and I were talking about Bob Dole earlier I
was one of five people I was the junior guy in the meeting with Bob Dole George
Mitchell when we put Social Security on the right path for 60 years I’ll never
forget what Bob Dole said after we reached an agreement about gradually
raising the retirement age etcetera he said look here’s the deal we all put our
foot in the boat one at a time and he kiddingly and he stepped like you stepping
into a boat and we all make the following deal if any one of the
challengers running against an incumbent Democrat or Republicans attacks us on
this point they’ll all stay together that’s the kind of leadership that this
needed Social Security is not the hard one to solve Medicare that is that gorilla in
the room and you’ve got to put all of it on the table Voter: I had phone calls, what do you think about, does it concern you, what do you think about Joe’s stance about what’s gonna happen to Social Security? So I want to ask you what is your stance on Social Security Biden: Well my stance of Social Security is let’s
get the record straight I’m not gonna blame anybody but well let
me just say the facts there’s… there’s a little doctored video going around saying that… put out by… should I just Put out by one of Bernie’s people.. No I’m serious… I don’t know if my staff has
that video here but saying that I agreed with PAUL RYAN the former Vice Presidential candidate about wanting to privatize Social
Security it is and PolitiFacts looked at it
they doctored the photo they doctored the piece and it’s acknowledged that it’s a fake… Paul Ryan was correct when he did the
tax code what’s the first thing he decided we had to go after Social
Security and Medicare now we need to do something about Social Security & Medicare That’s the only way you can find room to pay for it…

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