Joe Bartlett: “The Clinic”

Mr. Halleck had the Clinic on the main throughfare there. I don’t have that number, but I think we
have it somewhere in our previous testimony. His method of operation was a little different, maybe unique. He lubricated his some of his recalcitrant Members with beverage, which was not a stranger to the Board of Education either, but again, that was a little different atmosphere. But Mr. Halleck, he was a straight-forward fella. He would get a fella by the elbow and take him down there in that room and, now let’s sit down and let’s resolve this. He was a very direct and very effective leader in his own way. Mr. Martin was not that way at all. He used his room for small lunches, small breakfasts. F-18 was that room, and it was just across the hall from the Clinic. It was a larger room and had a long table
which made it very useful for that kind of a meeting. And Mr. Martin had a marvelous way of reasoning with people. And, he did not always have to win. He had a way of, if you convinced him that it was contrary to your interests not to do something, he was very understanding.

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