Jim Harper WNIC Goodbye – June 2001

hi Jim Harper here well what you’ve been reading lately in the papers is true it’s with a great deal of sadness that I announce I am leaving wnic after about 22 years of great times and wonderful relationships what the papers haven’t had a chance to include is how much I want to thank everyone who’s ever listened to wnic radio each of you has played a very important part in my life and you’ve been there for me through the tough times and the great successes I’ve tried to return that love by being there for you whenever possible wnic staff has been a second family for me since I came to work here in 1977 I’ve watched and felt truly blessed as people on our staff and our family of listeners have gone through all of the challenges and rewards that Life provides it’s been quite an honor to be a small part of it all and so one door closes another opens I’m off to a new challenge and I wish my family here at WN I see nothing but the best this is a great radio station thanks to nice people like you god bless and thank you from the bottom of my heart you

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  • very nice …mr positive is very proud of westland born jimmy jam harper

  • This was the beginning of the long end of WNIC as we knew it as Mr. Harper was really turning around and stabbing WNIC in the back by going to new competitor down the dial WMGC 105.1 at the time becoming their morning man and gouging into WNIC's ratings.

  • wnic really is stinking up the air waves with the xmas music this year. they will not play Paul Young what xmas means to me or Christmas eve on woodward avenue. not like Jim Harper did!

  • wnic died in 2010

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