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  • chugalonway has clearly been reading the wrong books. Shlomo Sands nonsense about the Khazars has been completely disproven by DNA tests showing that Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews do share common genes. So dream on, but you cannot rewrite facts.

  • With all this mention of Khazars that you Judeophobes quote, i figure you must have a contemporary source (of that period) to prove it. What is it?

  • As an evangelical swiss I would like to wish to all the jews and especially to israelis a happy Yom Yeruschalaim (Jerusalem Day)

  • This is fascinating.

  • Not true my friend. Fact: Abraham was the first Jew. Fact: Isaac(Abraham's son) was the father of all 12 tribes. Fact: All Jews are descended from Jacob (Israel) Aaron and Levi. Yes many Christians and other faiths chose and still do choose to convert to Judaism of their own volition. Fact: Judaism does not proselytize, it is against our Talmud and Torah.

  • You should read up on Jewish history sometime… forget the Zionist version….. read up on the CONVERSIONS that the Hasmoneans imposed on their neighbors or the massive conversions to Judaism before the Middle Ages in the Mediterranean Basin, or the CONVERSIONS in Adiabene in what is now Iraq, or the CONVERSIONS of the Himyar Kingdom in the Arabian Peninsula , the CONVERSIONS of the Khazars, the Judaized Berbers….
    ASHKENAZIM means Jews originating from GERMANY .

  • Yes, Was a Jewish city 3000 years ago, and 4000 years ago it was a pagan city.
    Yes again the Jews were thrown out of their homes …but in response to the ethnic cleansing of 3/4 of the native Palis…..Threw them right out of their homes, where families had lived for centuries, since time immemorial. Yes again..Today Arab still live in the city ..but are slowly being driven out, ethnic cleansing by stealth..

  • watch video:
    Israel analysis – East Jerusalem
    The city was only divided from 1948-1967 (when Jordanians expelled all jews from the old city).
    Jerusalem is only the holiest city in the world to Jews (despite this, Jews are still forbidden to pray on the Temple Mount even today).
    Jews have been the majority of Jlem since 1870 (and also are the majority of e Jlem).

  • I sure hope so.

  • The raving anti-Semite who cannot string two words together calls me "a fools". Cannot even speak English, but that's okay, because this piece of utter garbage doesn't have anything worth saying in any language. He/she/it will continue to fester in its own dirt until finally, it rots from the inside out.

  • Why is so important to you to believe that your ancestors were from the mythical kingdom of David?
    Is it for the same reasons that the Nazis saw their ancestors as Aryans?
    Its amuses me that Zionism and Nazism are similar ideologies . Zionism has declared all Jews a distinct ethnicity, just as the Nazis had declared all Germans a distinct ethnicity.
    What it like to be a Nazi?

  • If you think this kind of sick invective will engage me in a dialogue with a demented hater like you, you are clearly mistaken. Good bye.

  • before you open yours retarded mouth go to school and learn history, going to school and get a proper education not the one bull you get from yours mullah, that feed you and others like you lies, lies is OK in the evil religion of Islam lol

  • The thing about you fools, you don't know history. What you call history is Jewish mythology. All that matters to you is the Israelite s were there 2000 years ago and that the Zionist are there now. And all Jews originate from Israel and everyone else are invaders. What happened before and after and in between has no meaning .
    What idiots….what fools…no wonder Israels reputation is zero and Jews are beginning to reject Zionism.

  • You swapped Islamic myths for Jewish myths….bravo.
    It was the Islamic armies which liberated Jerusalem from the Byzantines which allowed the Jewish Arabs to return and which they were grateful. Many Jews converted to Islam to avoid paying tax…you know how Jews are …anything to save a buck.
    My guess is you are a shill who doesn't know the first thing of Islam.

  • I had it with you idiots.
    Fuck off will you.

  • Okay, you crossed the line between arguing, and being racist. Really? Anything to save a buck? Was that necessary? Well, it sure was immature. Maybe you're a shill who doesn't know the first thing about Jews. While I'm at it, where do they mention Byzantines? The only thing mentioned is Jerusalem prior to the war with Jordan.

  • You sure your Palestinians are much better? Type Palwatch into Google. They aren't innocent like you make them sound.

  • The Kingdom of David wasn't mythical. Did you hear the word "proof" in the video, or are you one of those people who goes to the comments of a video video and just blindly comments and replies?

  • Yes it was
    The Bible is a spiritual book , not a book of history, not land deeds either

  • arabs came after the jews, moron. read a history book, you make me laugh 😉 greetings from Sderot, you loser. to the uploader: great video, keep up your good work. all the best to you

  • I know what Zionist historiography says, all its mostly bullshit.
    All that matteras to fools like you is that Jerusalum was Jewish 2000 years ago and is Jewish now [with the help of bulldozers and a lot of ethnic cleansing.]. Everything else is irrelevant.

    The Palestinians are the Caanites, Philistines, Israelites, Romans, Greeks, Persians, etc etc. All conquerors of Palestine were assimilated by the local population.

    So what part of the world does your family originate from.?

  • Jerusalem has always been jewish, the arabs came into the city during the Jordanian occupation(1948 to 1967). The jews of Jerusalem were massacred in 1921, before Israel existed as a state….my mother is Slovenian and my father is Austrian. Both are of a mix of jews and locals.

  • WRONG…Judaism is part of Jerusalem, just like Islam and Christianity. For centuries Arab Jews, Arab Muslims and Arab Christians lived in peace in Jerusalem, until the European Zionist Jew laid claim over that of the people who were living there for centuries. If political Zionism did not exist they would still be living in peace. Just because a European Jew says "next year in Jerusalum' doesn't give him a historical claim.

  • Very interesting how the massacres from arabs against jews fit into this "peaceful coexistence" – for example the one of 1920 in Jerusalem and Safed(Tzafat), the ,assacre of 1921 in Jaffa… and the other one of 1929 of Hebron. And there were also others, simply look it up yourself. These were hateful, violent antijhewish riots from the arab immigrants -which had been brought to the region as cheap workers from Egypt and Jordan. The Christian arabs are locals, but few muslims.

  • the arabs by the way also never had any land deeds and documents proving their claims to our land. While we have all the land deeds/legal documents from the Ottoman Empire (when bought from Turks) and also from the Brits and the UN. arabs basically rarely owned the land, they were farmers which worked on it for food and shelter. They were not the owners, since they wanted to avoid paying the very high taxes arising from this ownership. So basically they are thieves and liars.

  • Is that what they teach you these days?
    The Zionist Jews owned less than12% of the land in Jerusalem and less than 6% of Palestine. There are Palestinian Census's proving it right, up to 1948 [goggle Palestine Census 1921-47]
    Amesty, HRW, B'Tselem , Breaking The Silence and every single credible NGO says you kill women and children. You just do it with the most advance weapons on earth.
    For you the biggest crime is that the Palis will not be murdered silently

  • It is instructive sometimes to capture the Israeli apologia in its essence: Palestinians (Arabs) made Jews captured 78% of Palestine by resisting the colonialization of their land. Arabs made the Jewish State go to war and expand into the WB. Arabs forced Israel to occupy and settle the WB and annex the Golan. And someday, these same Arab entities will force Israel to annex the WB completely.

    Criminals always say that the victim is the cause of their criminal behavior.

  • Congratulations Lee! This is a wonderful film! And it reminds me of my student days in Jerusalem in 1962-3 when we couldn't get to the Western Wall – the closest we could get was a roof top or hill where we were told, "If you could see behind that building in front of us and around the next – then you could see the Wall." Some of us wondered why Kennedy couldn't come here and say "Ani Yerushalmi" – as he had gone to the Berlin wall to say, "Ich bin ein Berliner at about that time." Susan

  • There never was a Pakistan ever….there always was a Jewish Jerusalem…Why doesn't the world speak about how pakistan was robbed from India…????

  • Our Lord walked in this holy city … Jerusalem is Gods place… this place is mentioned many time in the book of truth the BIBLE….

  • You people are so funny……you want so much to be Palestinian that you are willing to throw all common sense away. We all ready know that you have forgotten Jewish history and replaced it with Jewish mythology. You threw it away with your religion when you replace it with nationalism LOL.
    Didn't many Jews become Christians[willingly converted or forced by the Byzantines} and then eventually converted to Islam with the Islamic conquest of the Levant. They are now called Palestinians LOL LOL LOL

  • Your all kidding, right? And er, uh…isn't everywhere, god' place? Gods, god, gadzook! What cartoon do you all subscribe to?

  • is that the best you can produce…. 6 generation of Jerusalemite Jew……now ask a Palestinian Jerusalemite how many generations he is and the answer would be at least 1000 times more…..LOL.

  • I can agree , my clan/tribe has been living in the lands of CANAAN for over 2000 years till today !! and for some euro trash to come and say this is mine and mass transit ARABS out of Palestine is complete bullshit !! FREE PALESTINE !

  • "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist… There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population." Moshe Dayan, address to the Technion, Haifa, reported in Haaretz, April 4, 1969.

  • Jews fight the term Arab Jerusalem, as they slowly force the Arabs out. Honest Reporting – out of Zionists mouths….impossible. The City of David – David and Moses – all Jewish mythology. A phony history.

  • And what tribe is that? Arabs themselves were immigrants to Israel, do you wan them to get out as well.

  • It has nothing to do with religion claims. Nobody says there were no people who were Jewish.But that does not mean, that people have not changed their religion through time. Does that mean they seized to exist as people with different religion and belief? The answer is NO ! Israel wants to strip off every person out of their right to exist, if they are not Jewish. That is the conflict that Israel hides. Many people came across this land and stayed . Most Jews came from Europe,and wanted to —

  • Cleanse the land of its inhabitants, because they are not Jewish. That is not a humane or good logic at all. It's actually criminal in nature and a theft. People have moved around in history, and if some of the jewish people have chosen or happen to adopt another land that is not the fault nor a problem of the ones who stayed behind, or came to the land. Some Jews lived in Palestine for many years, there were no issues till Zionism appeared, then trouble started, for Jews and Palestinians.

  • You ex Muslim, lucky you. Religion is used to strip off the rights of others who don't believe in your faith, is a blatant crime against humanity. This is what the jews claim. Religion does not give, nor take away from any individual his or her right to live in peace legally in any land where that person was born and raised. This is the International human right. Jews lived every where in the world they were born in. Why they are denying that to the palestinians under this bases?

  • banu Ghassan !! And all of the middle east had people immigrating to different places. NUH wasn;t borrn in ISRAEl !! Ibrahim travelled. Arabs travel !! duh !!

  • Good, so stop asking Jews to get out of Israel, they can travel too.

  • I can tell them to get out in mass becuase they took at the expense of arab homes and land. Most were brought in in mass during the early 40's. prior to that, there were only minimal numbers.

  • The Zionists and the Arabs could have lived together if the Arabs had not tried to exterminate the Israelis in 1948.

  • The blame could not fall on the Palestinians shoulders for not having peace in Jerusalem. The fact that there are people who came from other lands,far away, spoke other languages, had different culture ,and imposed themselves on the inhabitants of Jerusalem/Palestine, under 3000 years ancient history claim. This is the 21st century Antiquity/dark ages are long gone. Come up with legitimacy and international law. Read real history, not Zionist one.

  • So the Palestinians didn't like Jewish immigration? So that justifies attempted genocide? Funny how Muslim immigrants have complained over far lesser civil rights violations!

  • You need to educate yourself about those Zionist myths. That is your responsibility as you can't just throw lies around like that. Read Ilan Peppe; the Forgotten Palestinians and his last book ? Benny Morris about that part of history taken out from the Israeli secret files, that has been made public after 50 some years. Miko Peled; The general's son. Those are just few Israelis who tell the truth. Don't be a victim of lies. It makes you not look nor sound good.

  • Zionists ,No, Jews ,yes , as they have lived together ,not just in Palestine, but in many Muslim and Arab countries. Only when Zionism came about, the problem started, as they came with an evil agenda with them. We see it very clearly today. Don't be fooled ! The rest about Arabs don't want peace is smoke screen to fool and deceive.

  • You defended Ernst Zundel and condemned the Talmud. That kind of anti-Zionism is the kind where you use Zionist as a codeword for Jew.

  • So neither you nor I were there, when the facts in dispute occurred or did not occur, then we must rely on sources. So it boils down to a question of whether we should trust the Zionist sources' refutation of anti-Zionists or the anti-Zionist sources' refutation of the Zionists. Why should I prefer the second option over the first?

  • You need to stop fabricating things about people and stick with what they say, including me. If this is what you feel,you don't have to put words in my mouth. I know How to express my thoughts ,and they are in front of you, so read them. I have not mentioned Zundel, so why are you lying? He is,as all of us are entitled to express what we think, including you. Do you just love all people, or judge them according to what they do, not what they say? Most Israel blind supporters, hate every body.

  • I work in that excavation!

  • reply to toctc: Khazar thesis is unsupported by history/genome science. Jews always lived in "Eretz Israel" and in the Middle East — around a million in 1900 CE. Without reference to Ashkenazim, Mid-East Jews also have aboriginal rights to their ancestral homeland. circa 7-10 million Jews in the ancient world. Thus, many modern Peoples have Jewish ancestors. So what? The Jewish People also has Jewish ancestors who affirmed their Jewish identity and peoplehood in each and every generation.

  • Well the Jews say it's theirs, we the rest of the Christian world says that it don't belong to them.
    I don't like knowing that the same folks who killed Christ have come back to the crime scene.

  • if Jerusalem was yours since 3000 years, why did you leave it 2000 years ago, if there was persistent jewish presence there, why bothering conquering and clean it ethnically now?
    2000 years of vacancy is little bit too much to claim anything.
    Admit it: your extreme nationalists needed lebenraüm for foreign jews with nothing else to do in their life come to settle. Why are you so ashame of your rampant facsism to hide it behind religious curtains?
    "Yes we gonna take it all" sounds more true.

  • It shouldn't matter whether or not it's a Jewish city or not (I believe it is) it should matter that people want to part the city into two. That's horrible. It's the holiest of Cities for Jewish people, but not for Muslims and (arguably) not for Christians (the Vatican being more holy). But all three groups should be allowed in, as Israel allows, but the Palestinians apparently want to make an Arabic only city and they're in the right? that's disgusting.

  • Some Jews, not all, left 2000 years ago because of attempts at Ethnic Cleansing against the Judeans. But Jewish peoples have lived there still and have lived all across the middle east, like all Jews, as a Minority. There is no extreme nationalism in Israel, just a desire to have a homeland for Jewish people, others are still welcome. Meanwhile there's the extreme nationalism of the Palestinians who want to drive all the Jews in the land into the sea…hmmm bias much?

  • Ok, let's not be completely ridiculous. The Jews have not lived in Jerusalem for 3,000 years. The Christians have more than once taken the city and killed every non-Christian. The Jews have been completely expelled from the city numerous times.

  • Keep it real. Jerusalem has been under Christian or Muslim control the vast majority of its existence.

  • They want their half back. Any territory seized by force and colonization should and will be handed back soon or later.Sincere apologies would be appreciated, why not a huge memorial to be erected, for the next generations to learn where cruel nationalism leads to.
    Anyway good luck for your wars and your brainwashing machine.

  • Nice nazionalistic mantra 😉

  • Extreme nationalism of Palestinians? Wtf you repeat day in and day out that "palestinians never was a nation" following blindly the racist statements of your guru golda meier. How can you be nationalist if you dont have a nation?
    Or you acknoledge that they are a nation, and then lets welcome a new country in the world: Palestine!

  • You have no clue who built Jerusalem seriously, you assume they were from your delusional tribe. "Leading scientists"? lol from that same tribe called zionists? The same ones who proved that the world started 5.000 years ago?
    Palestine is a Roman word but not a reason for Italians to claim that land.

  • That is not science it's called a zionist mantra. Magic thinking from people who think by repeating endlessly something, it will eventually become real. The actual opposite of science.
    Damn isnt it strange that all of you repeat exactly the same sentences from page to page?
    You are a robot, arent you?

  • Eternal Sunshine, statements consistent with Zionism can also conform with sound science and history. There is no universal understanding that any statement must be false if favoring Jews or Israel. Zionism is nothing more than a doctrine supporting Israel as "the" Jewish State, i.e. as the political expression of the self-determination of the Jewish People in a part of its aboriginal homeland. As a Jew, a Zionist and a rational human being, I proudly support Israel.

  • As a sheep you blindly follow the concepts of your herd.
    Aboriginal homeland haha you are funny, you think any aboriginal people on earth are allowed to rule land? Papua might be the only one.
    Then give back that country given to you, obviously you have no clue how to deal with your neighbours, minorities, diplomacy…your not wise enough – too biased to rule anything but a synagog. Will you ever learn from history ? Lets the UN handle that for you kids.

  • Eternal Sunshine, Who are you to talk to a Jew about "history"? The specifically "Jewish" People has subjectively/objectively existed since around the 6th century BCE. From that time until today, there was never a year when self-identified "Jews" were totally absent from their aboriginal homeland, where today they are no longer a minority of the local population. For sure, the Mideast is a tough place, so we do not know what tomorrow will bring. However, we can try to continue to do our best.

  • Allen if "do your best" is to push the locals out out of their land by terror and force with more settlements, well then dont do your best…please your best has been the worst for the people on the other side of the fence, barbed wires, checkpoint, wall, landmines, watchtowers and snipers.
    Check your second passport to have an idea were you should live. There has never been such "empty land" anywhere, when I hear empty land I hear emptied land, ethnic cleansing ie. crime against humanity.

  • The Israeli cruel nationalism? that allows all peoples to visit freely and live there freely? Because sounds to me like the cruel nationalism is in Palestine where the Jews wouldn't be allowed and the Christians would be persecuted.
    So yeah. Good luck with the machine that's brain washed you to think that it's only wrong for Israel to do stuff, but when Palestine does something that you claim Israel does (and is bad that they do it) it's perfectly acceptable.

  • 1. "Allows all people to visit freely", well truth is far, very far from that zelda.
    2. Yes at least more acceptable to fight against the invader, the ethnic cleanser, hiding behind US veto in the UN to cover their crimes. How many palestinian, muslim, christian villages have been wiped out the map, litteraly, how many (still illegal) jewish settlements in the WB open every year?
    3. You advocate for a rogue state using propaganda as a tool to get billions of "aid" every year ie a machine.

  • Another great video from HonestReporting. Jerusalem is one undivided city and the capital of Israel forever. The media needs to understand, accept and report this fact.

  • Where is the capital of Ashkenazi ?
    Don't let false, Occupiers distort the media view of Jerusalem.
    Rev 3:9 — 'Behold, I will cause {those} of the synagogue of Satan, who say that they are Jews and are not, but lie–I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and {make them} know that I have loved you.

  • King David stole Jerusalem from the Jebusites by violence 3000 years ago. As a descendant of the Jebusites, I would like to see the city to be returned to my people… Actually, on second thoughts, it looks like a dump. They can keep it.

  • Israel became a recognized nation in 1312 or 1314 B.C.E.  Islam was invented around 640 C.E….two thousand years after the establishment by Jews. A country for a population to prosper vs an untenable creed.

     Jews have had a perpetual existence in the land for over 3299 years reaching to the time of Jewish conquest  around 1272-1270 B.C.E . 

    Control of the area that is now Israel by Arabs occured only twice – starting in 634 C.E. to 1099 C.E. ending with one of several Crusades and again from 1292 C.E. to early 1517 C.E. until being conquered by the Ottoman Turk military. During both of these periods, history shows a regression of conditions ranging from trade, agriculture, mortality, etc.

    Twenty years after the formation and recognition of Israel, Arab refugees began following an Arafat propoganda campaign by identifying themselves as  Palestinian people. An effort to maintain a connection to land that the Palestinians had lost due to agression and the inability to co-exist peacefully.
    Jerusalem was the Jewish capital for over 3000 years. The idea of Jerusalem being an Arab (Palestinian) capital is another  propoganda campaign to illicite sympathy and support from surrounding regressive Muslim countries.

    The historicity and  reverence of Jerusalem by Jews is evidenced by over 700 entries in the Jewish Holy Scriptures (Tenach). Mohammed was hopeful of Jerusalem as a Islamic center but abandon the idea when his fabricated creed was rejected by Jews and Christians. Mohammad still failed to mention Jerusalem in the Quran. Furthermore, "the farthest mosque" has erroniously been identified as being in Jerusalem.

    No historical document mentions Mohammed ever visiting the city of Jerusalem. Where as historical documentation explicitly states Jerusalem was founded by King David, a man of Jewish ancestory.

    Thanks in part to the rejection of Islam by Jews and Christians, the spiteful Mohammed decreed that Muslims pray facing away from Jerusalem. Further proof of Arafats attempt to rewrite history to favor the Palestinian position…or lack of one.

    In 1948, in anticipation of further hostilies and expecting to rid the area of Jews, Arab leadership told fellow Arabs to abandon the land to prevent Arab injury and death.  It is believed that most Arabs abandon the area without seeing Israeli soldiers.

    Historical documents show that those of Jewish ancestory were often motivated to leave the area as a result of brutality, persecution and pogroms instigated and perpetuated by Arabs. The Jews are one of few groups that refused to be assimilated or eliminated by conquering Arabs.

    PalestinianArab refugees were never welcomed and given citizenship in surrounding Arab countries.  Palestinians are the only "refugee" group not integrated into other countries due to the Palestinian leadership being a threat and destabilizing force to surrounding Arab countries.

    Over the last sixty years, the Arabs have instigated no less than 5 wars with representation by as many as eight seperate nations. The Arabs have lost all wars and have lost land due to the aggression. The Arabs have even stooped to initiating wars and terrorism on Jewish holy days.

    The charter of Hamas (an internationally reconized terror group) calls for the destruction of Israel. The P.L.O.'s ( now PA) Charter was to be ammended to remove language concerning the destruction of Israel as early as 1988 but the war mongering language remains.

     The Palestinians have repeatedly shown the inability to self govern in a peacable way. The election of Hamas as a governing entity and the expulsion of the PA by Hamas from Gaza being recent examples.

    Under Israeli control, Arabs have free access to various holy sites within Jerusalem. And yet when Jordan controlled Jerusalem,  Jews had little access to Jewish holy sites and many sites were desecrated and destroyed. Israel has shown a commitment to maintain access to Jewish, Christain and Muslim holy sites to all people of all faiths. Muslims frequently enforced discriminatory access.

    Between 1967 and 1989 the UN Security Council passed over 130 resolutions regarding the conflict between Israel and surrounding Arab countries. While PalestinianArab acts of aggression outnumber those initiated by Israel, a majority of the resolutions have been directed against israel. Why is this the case?

    Of 224 General Assembly resolutions concerning the IsraelArab situation put to vote between 1948 and 2009, over 65% were directed against Israel in spite of 88% of conflicts being initiated by Palestinians. Again, why is this the case?

    There were NO  U.N General Assembly or Security Council resolutions concerning the destruction of over 55 synagogues in Jerusalem while under Jordanian rule.

    The were NO U.N. General Assembly or Security Council resolutions when Palestinians intentionally desecrated the Mount of Olives Jewish cemetery.

    There were NO U.N. General Assembly or Security Council resolutions when the controlling  Jordanian government enforced a discriminatory policy of not allowing  Jews or Christians to visit the Western Wall and Temple Mount.

  • Muslim invaders have shamelessly build a Mosque on the very ancient Hindu Temple of Ayodhya, a North Indian Temple dedicated to the God Rama. They  have shamelessly build a Mosque on the ancient Temple of the Jews in Jerusalem. They now claim these lands as their inviolable sacred grounds and are deeply offended when these historical facts are presented to them.

  • You forget that Jerusalem was conquered by Muslims around 800 AD and remained under Muslim control until the arrival of Crusaders around 1100. Then immediately recovered and reoccupied after the departure of the latters.
    At the arrival of the crusaders in Palestine, the country was populated by Muslims. There were no Jews. In the Bible, 500 years BC, we read that the Hebrews were occupying a small part of Palestine. How did the Hebrews became Jews?
    In the Gospel, around 33 C.E. we find no more Hebrews but only Jews in Jerusalem. Until 70 C.E. where the romans pushed them out of Palestine.
    The history of the jewish people is full of inventions.

  • Lovely video

  • The history of Jerusalem did not start in 1967. Thousands of years of Jewish history took place in what is now called "Arab East Jerusalem."
    Only when the Jewish residents were driven from their homes in 1948 was the city divided between East and West.

    This video shows the reality of Jerusalem today and includes interviews from survivors of the fall of Jerusalem.

  • What about this video?   All so confusing, because I think that everyone's point of view is accurate.

  • I understood that Jerusalem had been divided into 4 parts long before 1948- Jewish Quarter, Arab Q, Christian Q, and Armenian Q. When the Arabs attacked (in 48?)the only ones who didn't flee were the Jews in their quarter. They were starved and burned and shot at by both British and Arabs but finally rescued by the brand new Israeli army. I think that the 'new' state of Israel had had to agree to a divided Jerusalem when it was voted on by the UN early in '48. I'm not sure of all the dates and details. Someone out there can help.

  • True, history states that Jerusalem was the city of the Jews. I find it weird that the East part is considered the "Arab part." I didn't know Jews were living in Jerusalem during that time, and had to flee. Interesting. 

  • North west Jerusalem Arabs were expelled, they prayed towards both al Aqsa and mecca at same time. Nowhere else in the city can this be done- that's why saladin fought at hatin first, so they can enter from north west Jerusalem

  • There are no known UN achieves found on the so-called Palestinian people before 1970:
    Hired for a special project by the Office of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, Sha'i ben-Tekoa discovered the first United Nations document using the term "Palestinians" as it is used today.
    And the date was eye-opening: three years after 1967's Six-Day War. In his research into the entire UN archive dealing with the Arab war against Israel, he came across no reference to the putatively Paleolithic Palestinian people before 1970.

  • This great video explains the facts about Jerusalem's history and why there seems to be an incorrect distinction between the newer city of the west and the location of the Old City and some Arab neighborhoods which for 19 years were illegally occupied by Jordan, in the east. Worth watching.

  • ARABS had never been part of YERUSALEM 

  • Don’t hate Germans or Nazis, but do hate #Nazism. Don’t hate Arabs or #Muslims, but do hate Islam. Attacking an #ideology is not racist. To hate Nazism is not racist. To hate #Stalinism is not racist. To hate Maoism is not racist. To hate #Islam and #Sharia is not racist, but survival for culture and social progress. The irrational and illogical want #Muslims to make peace with #Israel when they cannot even make peace between #Sunni, #Shiite, and #Sufi. Shia and Sunni started murdering each other in 632 A.D. in a fight over succession after Muhammad died that has never stopped. Muslims and are still fighting Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists around the world. Hate the poisons #Islam and #Sharia, but love and pray for their victims: Muslim worshipers of the two true pagan idols in Mecca, the temple and the meteorite inside it that they inherited from the Yemeni moon and star worshipers. Idols claim to point to, represent, signify, or symbolize God. That is why they are idols, because things cannot point to, represent, signify, or symbolize God.

  • A very informative video. Thank you for sharing !!

  • Don't know which is more of a lie:  "East Jerusalem", the "West Bank", the fabricated so-called "Palestinian" People or Islam being a "religion of peace"?
    There is little to no truth today, especially within Western media, Western "educational" system and most certainly world politics. 
    The blame must be, majority, laid on the backs of Israel itself and Jews and Christians in general for allowing lies to be sold as "truth" by the media, "education" and crooked, gullible and ignorant politicians.  Israel should have deported their entire Muhammadan and "Jewish" anti-Jew population and crushed this myth of a "Palestinian" people…

  • Arabs are the biggest colonialists.  They invaded and conquered the middle east and North Africa. They killed many and destroyed many cultures and languages in the process. The invaded and conquerd Lebanon syria Israel egypt libya algeria moroco tunisia and other lands.  They encouraged their men to take four wives so they can rapidly replace the native population. The Arabs belong only in saudi Arabia.

  • The other side of the story…

  • As Goebbels always commented. "Tell a lie often enough and it becomes 'A Fact'". So it has come to pass re 'Arab Jerusalem'.

  • A question: What is the view at 1:53? When was it taken?

    That clip was used in the anti-Semitic film Miral, and I believe that it took place in Jerusalem, during the siege of 1948, which the film pretends never happened.

    Please answer.

  • Politicians here are just as bad as the media in perpetuating this myth.

  • Israel. It’s right to exists is not nullified by it’s mistakes or alleged crimes.

    Individual actions or government policies which are incorrect does not nullify the history, the rights to the land and the fact that the Palestinians are an invented people group.

  • Sure, what's Jewish about Jerusalem?
    UNESCO has now declared that all religious and cultural sites in the city are Muslim and only Muslim. Including the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and the Church of Holy Sepulcher.
    Next on the UNESCO agenda: the Saint Peter's Cathedral in Rome, Notre Dame in Paris, the Kremlin in Moscow and Washington and Lincoln memorials are declared Muslim and only Muslim holy places. Moses and Jesus become Muslim and only Muslim prophets, followed by Washington, Lincoln, Lenin and Stalin.
    Then Kristalnacht and the Holocaust itself will be proclaimed events of Muslim martyrdom.
    German organizers of Kristallnacht memorial sought to ban Israeli flag.
    Then UNESCO will proclaim the Twin Towers Muslim.

    UNESCO To Declare Twin Towers Site Muslim; '19 Were Martyred There'

  • John Kohn Kerry buried his own Jewish history.
    He's not going to bury Jerusalem's Jewish history.
    Goddamn Kapo.

  • This is the truth

  • fake news…. Tel Aviv is the capital. You stole Jerusalem in 1967.

  • Jerusalem was built by jews centuries ago to be the Capital of their country. It is a beutiful city with residents from many parts of the world but it is as it always was theCapital of Israel.

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