Jason Johnson: History Will Look Shamefully On Justice Roberts | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  • The electoral college is a fix

  • ?? the people see the truth liberal media crying. It's not your way it's the legal way idiots. TRUMP did nothing wrong. ??

  • The whole wicket system needs dismantling but that will never happen because the Power that moves Power is in Control Sorry to tell y’all it’s ONE BIG CLUB AN WE AINT IN IT DISGUSTING

  • We the people are outraged of the corruption and all the crime that Trump has abused and misused the people of America stole money from the government and we will not support the government any longer because we know that each one of those Republicans should have been in jail for corruption for cover up from crimes an obstruction of justice we don't have no more Justice in America it'sfor the crooks corrupt and evil men we are tired of people playing head games with us use the power of justice system that you have and put these corrupt men and Donald Trump Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham William Barr Mike Pence Jim Jordan and all the other Republicans that were in the corruption of the Ukraine scandal and have sold america out and have accepted money from Putin Russia. what good do we have laws for crooks and corrupt men to get away with crimes when a regular citizen steal a bar candy or something to eat and he is locked in prison for years yet you allowed Trump also billionaires to get away with murder and don't have to pay the consequences lock them up when they break the law no matter how much money they have stop playing games with our lives you know Donald Trump is guilty and you choose to continue to allow him to destroy the American people the word of God says how can two walk together except they agree and if you feel sorry this evil man then you're just as bad as he is for he will take away all our freedom rights to vote to speech and Trump and Putin will dictate to the United States Trump and Putin are altering the law of Justice in the American and destroying. use the power that you have in the law and lock them up get rid of this cancer before it's too late don't cower down don't be weak the world must not bow down to the devil we the people are watching everything and we do have discernment what is taking we will not continue to support financially if Trump is not held accountable for his corruption for he will continue to take from the poor people and abused widowers and ophans babies throwing them in cages we the people of America must see you Democrats let Donald Trump and the Republicans know that you are not afraid and you will not cower down don't let Donald Trump be acquitted and all them that supported him in his corruption they were all in the loop we all participated they all knew about it will be the end the American government for the American people Trump is a traitor he hates America because you won't bow down if you acquit him he will count this as you being weak stupid and a coward and he will continue to destroy everything he puts his hands on. May God have mercy on us all.

  • Obama should have done another term. The "2 term maximum" rule is crazy. We had a great (female) prime minister for 9 years.

  • Putin for the win!

  • Lets not forget that this guy is also the same guy that said that the BERNIE campaign is done back in 2019,completely trashed BERNIE on every opertunity he gets.
    Gosh I hate establishment media.

  • DISGUSTING Democrat CLOWNS and the propagandist MEDIA for the CIRCUS

  • #SmellsLikeGermany1933 This sham is the start of America's Enabling Act: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Enabling-Act

  • To say they don't know the significance of what they're doing is a bit naive.

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