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When you do business, don’t worry about competition. There’s nowhere in this world where there’s no competition. You have to get used to it. You cannot stop globalization. The world is getting so small. If you cannot stop it, improve it. Forget about the competition today. It’s like a 10,000 meters running. For the first 200 meters, don’t think that guy is the
competitor; keep on running. 3000 meters later, you will know is a competitor. He’s got that quality that I think unites so many people who are ultimately
successful. He is relentless. The internet is opportunity for
small business. He’s sort of like the pied piper of the Internet in China. Don’t miss this chance. First he attracted employees. How are you doing? How are you? And then he attracted millions of
businesses to build their business on the
platforms. 40 countries this year. A hundred and seventy hours. Forty… like forty six. We know that we have to be humble, we have to serve our
customers. Jack Ma has done a phenomenal job to create a business that is second to none in the world. He is the largest retailer. Investors may not like us; if customers like us, we have the future. I heard they call him crazy Jack Ma. I think it takes a little bit of craziness or madness to achieve anything. I was born in a very normal family and poor family. Six people share $7 a month. We can only eat to one chicken a
year. Was terrible. Nixon visited my city. 1972, China USA sign the- Mao Zedong and Nixon signed the
agreement. So China become open door. My city Hangzhou was one of the first cities that opened to the west. We got a lot of American tourists to
visit my city. What he would do is he would
befriend foreign visitors who came to
Hangzhou to walk around the West Lake there. And I learned English by being a free guide for tour guide. No more than the language, Jack was learning about the culture. The things I learned from books from
China are so different from the things I
learn from the American visitors. So I started to think differently. You know in China, for so many
decades, the kind of personal ambition that he exemplifies was suppressed. When Deng Xiaping came along and sort of took the top off of
things and said, “It’s OK to have your private ambition to make something of yourself, it won’t get you in
political trouble,” this was a kind of an
invitation from people like Jack Ma. His goal was always to create something that would change China. When I tried to be a Policeman –
reject. When I tried to be a KFC person – reject. I want to be a hotel waiter –
rejected. So I get used to it. As entrepreneur, one of the qualities I have is that when I’m rejected by people, I get used to that. The road to wherever we all end up is not always perfect. It’s paved with lots of difficulty and challenge and failure and you have to summon up some sort of
strength within you to believe in yourself. Jack Ma grew up in relatively modest
means and then he became a teacher. And by all accounts that’s sort of where he expected to be for
quite some time. Then I came to America in 1995. First a trip to the States. And first time in my life I touched to keep all the
computers. And he started searching things on the Internet. When he searched
China, nothing came up in the search
results. So he said to himself, “If I can put Chinese companies on the
Internet and allow them to connect with business people in the U.S. and other countries, I could create possibly a really
powerful business.” I called myself at that time like a blind man riding on the back of blind tigers. Without knowing anything about
technology or computers, we started our the
first company. He’s gone against all convention. He says that he doesn’t know anything about
technology. It’s hard to believe. When he started his first company, called China pages, he would go knocking on the doors of government officials. They would really just turn him away
saying that what he was doing wasn’t appropriate. He should just go back to maybe teaching English. This was opening day for something
called Windows 95 that has something to do with computers. With Deng now gone, China’s future will be shaped by a great power struggle. Well, 1997 proved to be a watershed year for Asia, the year when the
Asian economic miracle became a thing of the past. There seems to be no stopping the
speeding tech train; technology stocks keep
climbing into record territory. 2000 and when the internet was starting to boom in China, a friend told me that there was a company trying to go global from an apartment in Hangzhou. Eighteen years ago, in my apartment, I told the 18 founders that one day we would build up a site. This site would be the top 10 sites of the world. Very few people believed that we would make it happen. Jack’s greatest strength is bringing
together ordinary people to do these incredible things that they
never thought was possible. Most of my colleagues and 18 founders they were my
students, my friends. None of them were very successful. Among the 18 people, there were only three people who know something about computers. Being first in China was a key. You’ve got to remember
there was not great infrastructure for even the telephone. When Alibhai we got started and when I joined the company, trying to sell businesses in China the Internet was like trying to sell magic beans to someone. I mean they couldn’t see it, they couldn’t touch it, and here was this guy – this kind of interesting looking English
teacher – coming door to door to try and tell people they should spend their money, several thousands of dollars, to put their company on this thing
called the Internet. What it really was was a opportunity for corporations really in other parts of the world to try to source manufacturing in China via the web. In the past eighteen years when I do Internet in China, we got a criticism every day. You know something where you believe
it, a lot of people criticize it. But if you really believe, continue to do it. Improve it. We were rejected by more than 30 venture capitalists but we are very optimistic. We believe in the future. We believe in Internet. And we believe that if we do not succeed, somebody will. The big investment came when
Masayoshi Son of Softbank met with Jack. And the story is that Masayoshi Son was in Beijing meeting with a number of Internet entrepreneurs who presented
very detailed business plans, but Jack got Jack Ma got up with no presentation and just a story – a vision of what he wanted to do, what he wanted to Alibaba to become
– and the Masayoshi Son got so excited about it that he pledged to invest as much as 40 million dollars in the company. And Jack turned it down and said you know what, we only need 20 million at this
time. Masa obviously gave capital to Jack Ma that he desperately needed. And also made the single greatest investment
one can argue, ever. Period. Jack Ma’s played a very key role in sort of the development of the Internet in China but not as we originally imagined the Internet would develop. He has used it as a vector for commerce. So it started with some roadshows with just maybe 100 people, then 200, then thousands and more – thousands more – where finally Jack turned this into a mass movement across China where he educated small businesses about why they needed to use the Internet. And he really created a revolution
by educating his customers one person at a time. This is such a big monster. It is something that never happened
in the history before. So we think we are changing China. We’re helping China to the second level. He understood what technology could do for the Chinese people in terms of affording them access to the worlds of product. And he’s done it. Alibaba went from this sort of optimistic expansion phase to to this somewhat depressing phase of cutting back and I think for just a moment in time he even wondered if the company would survive. The ecosystem of Africa, the lives is not designed by lion, tiger and elephants. Life is designed by the minor insects. For us, consumers, small business are the key. If we can serve these consumers and small businesses well, big companies will get involved. They will start to see it coming. So if you keep good sides of shrimps, all the sharks will come. Big fish will come. When we started Alibaba B2B, we are helping
small business selling things across the board. So we think: “Which country has the best technologies on the Internet?” We say USA. So we decided to build up a huge office in San Francisco. But what happened was it created a disaster inside the
company. We had a division where half the
team was in the US, half the team was in
China and there was a lot of friction
between the management. So we did know something wrong we
say we have to shut down the office. And it was at a time in 2000 when the Internet bust had hit us really hard and we were laying off staff around
the world. A lot of analysts think the Internet
bubble is ready to burst and by this time next year a huge number of those dot coms might be dot gone. And Alibaba went from this sort of optimistic expansion phase to this somewhat depressing phase of cutting back. That was the only time I ever saw
him doubt himself is when he was laying off people and I think for just a moment
in time he even wondered if the company
would survive. And from that moment on he realized that being a CEO is different from being an English teacher. Being a CEO means making the tough decisions and sometimes cutting back in order to allow the company to
survive. So from that moment on, I never saw Jack doubt himself again. I watched a wonderful movie called Forrest Gump. I was touched. He said: “Life’s like a box of chocolates, you know what you get. He really does love Forrest Gump. But if you keep on getting, you will get a good chocolate. He just sees it, in some way, as a corollary for the American dream and all the things you can potentially do in life. And I find that Forrest Gump made a
fortune by catch shrimps not catch whales. So helping small business will make me like a Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump just to keep on
running. Be simple, serve the people. He can try to compare himself to
Forrest Gump, he can’t ever be Forrest Gump; he is right out there, right in front, doing everything that he thinks will be in a pioneering spirit. He is a pioneer much more than Forrest Gump was. He has always had the courage to
live with his decisions and to move on and to reinvent and I think that is the very definition today of bravery. In the early days, a lot of people were trying to tell
him to change the way he talked, to change the way he acted – it
wasn’t CEO-like enough. We should not, you know, throw out the baby because the baby is crying too much. And I watched him that just by being himself and being authentic and speaking with his own voice was something that people found
refreshing and it was something that was easy
for us to get behind. President Bush is continuing his
Asian tour. The death toll has risen and the mystery pneumonia like
illness gripping much of Asia. China made history this morning, launching its first astronaut into orbit. I first learned about Taobao when it was still just a secret project. The ALibaba that we all know today began as Taobao which is the marketplace by which people in China could sell things to other people. Jack Ma, he pulled some of the key employees
from all Alibaba into his office and he said: “Listen, you’re going to have to go back to
the original Alibaba apartment. You’re going to have to work in
seclusion. You can’t tell your friends, you can’t tell your family. You can’t even tell the other
Alibaba employees about this.” So when we see something is coming, you have to prepare now. He realized that eBay, sooner or later as it grew in China, would start coming after Alibaba’s customers. Very interested in China right now, it could be one of our biggest
markets. My belief is you have to repair the roof while it is still sunshine. Above started free and I think by announcing we’re
going to be free for three years put a lot of
pressure on eBay. Point blank he said, they’re not going to succeed; I’m going to get them. And eBay’s reaction put out a press release saying ‘free is not a business model’ but in fact we knew that because we were getting so many people on tp Taobao because we were free in the early days, ultimately we could make money. I always believe one thing. You lose only when you give up. And in the end, as a surprise to eBay, Jack decided to do a deal with Yahoo. Yahoo agreed to purchase Alibaba’s
shares for $1 billion in cash which not only makes Yahoo the
largest strategic investor in Alibaba but also helps it grow its brand in China. Jack’s motivation for partnering with Yahoo was really, we can add that to the rest of our businesses and become a sort of
an eBay plus a Google plus Yahoo all combined together. One of the reasons many many
multinational companies that go to China. They want to compete with local
companies instead of making customerse happy. Jack Ma did a sort of a minor miracle in beating eBay. Another story out on eBay today it’s down 0.2 percent, eBay talking about cutting off, at some point in time in the future, it’s Chinese it’s Chinese website. eBay couldn’t win there. They just don’t know what the hell
they were doing. When I’m going to succeed at
something, I feel excited; I feel honored. Wow, why I have the chance. We saw that there is a huge
opportunity in China because in China the
banking is so inefficient we realized if we could create a payment system, it could grow to much more than a
payment system – it could become a financial
institution. And this opened of course a huge door because it enabled him to- there was no way to pay for things online. People didn’t yet have credit cards
so with AliPay you added a very important room on his house. And that was the room of how do we get payments made. Being creative in business is a whole other kind of creativity but creativity nonetheless. To be able envision different
business models, to be able to envision how life can change. This was a true revolution in China both in consumerism and in the Chinese economy. This is huge. The number of products on fun Alibaba is gigantic. I don’t know the number but it’s phenomenal. I don’t think I could ever
appreciate the pressures that Jack Ma is under to be a hard-charging entrepreneur at the same time as he’s a part of a communist system in some way. That takes people away. Leaders of businesses can disappear. I believe the three things should not touch. Power, money, the glory. If you keep the power in your office, you’re in trouble. If you keep the money in your own pocket you will be trouble. If you put the glory on your head, you’ll be in trouble. So when you have the money, spend the money supporting more
people. When you have power, empower in the others. With the glory, let the others have that hat. Joe it’s quite a mob here. There are more than 130 press
organizations waiting here to see Jack Ma. You felt like it was The Oscars. I was oohing and ahing because you have to admire
that kind of thing. The IPO of Alibaba was the single
largest and biggest day that I can remember. It didn’t disappoint. It went up enormously at the time. This is the beginning of Alibaba. It gave it a market value larger
than that of Wal-Mart on day one. Ma himself has become China’s
richest man just by the founding of Alibaba. Today he is expected to be worth
north of twenty two billion dollars. This was a very big deal for China not just for Alibaba. Today what we’ve got is not the
money. What we’ve got is the trust from the people. You go to the headquarters, it’s very interesting. It’s all young people. I didn’t see- I don’t think I saw
anybody in the headquarters over 30. When we hire a lot of people, I never see their diploma, I just see whether they are
optimistic, whether they want to learn new
things, if they want to change things, if they want to work in teamwork. Those people were below
30-years-old. They are the internet generation. They are the generation going to
change the future. We think data is going to be so important to human life in the future. So now we just that we are the first to runner. Compared to tomorrow, our data is nothing. Jack Ma day-to-day is not running
Alibaba. He is the visionary, he is the strategic thinker about the big picture. Next 30 years, the technology is going to challenge a lot of job opportunities. People are already unhappy because a
lot of machine learning, artificial intelligence, is killing a lot of the job. People start to worry. So I think the good thing is that technology is improving people’s lives. Jack Ma is someone who always dreams big. I mean really big. A lot of us have dreams but Jack’s dreams almost seem unrealistic, they’re so big. Machine is good knowledge but human beings are good at wisdom. You have to stay relevant but at the same time you also have to be a risk taker and have to shake things up a little bit. Well Alibaba what to do next 10-30 years is to enable the innovation of traditional
business, transform the world, transform all the traditional retailer, manufacturer, financial sectors. He’s created one of the largest
financial services companies in the country on the back
of, in a sense, Alibaba. We are enabling small businesses and young people to be able to reach financial support. They’re the first private company to become bank-approved by the Chinese government. I think it’s monstrous. I think it’s very important but I would think that it’s also probably nerve wracking. It’s great to be Goliath if you’re in a open society and a free economy. It can be very problematic to be a
Goliath when the other Goliath is the Chinese Communist Party. I don’t think I could ever
appreciate the pressures that Jack was under to be a hard-charging entrepreneur at the same time as he’s part of a communist system, in some way, that takes people away, leaders of businesses, and disappears them. It takes a lot of- a lot of fancy footwork to keep on the right side of that. So sometimes when I look at these business people doing things, I say: “Wow. I’m not I don’t do things like
that.” He realized that although the Chinese government didn’t like the Internet for political content or for the ability for people to
criticize the government, what they did like about the Internet was that it could help create jobs and help grow the economy. Every day more than 200 million people are shopping through a mobile phone on our site. You’re seeing people in the middle
of China with their smartphone pressed a few
buttons and they can buy lobster from Maine or cherries from Washington. I would argue the growth of the
mobile phone was probably the single most
important thing that has helped Alibaba become a giant it is. We have more than 10-20 million small businesses using our platform and 60 percent of them, this business never exist before Alibaba. And he is so enthusiastic about what
he’s doing and what he’s doing is pretty simple. It takes a genius to think of the
simple. One of the secret sauce for Alibaba is that we have more than 48 per cent of the people in the company – they are women. He’s supporting women in an era where, you know there’s still residue of disrespect for women. And I think for him to be able to
bring that to China is extraordinary. I do everything to make sure that I’m- my customer happy, employee happy, the society is good. It’s healthy. Social responsibility is the key. For somebody who is sort of preposterously unlikely to have become what he’s become, he’s more or less stayed who is. He is someone who wants to do good not only in business but in the world. He has the power to inspire other
people. He has the ability to understand
what he doesn’t understand, but knows that he can find people who can and will for him. I think he saw the possibilities of a new way of not only doing business, but of life. He’s focused on these bigger issues and where are the company’s going in the broad sort of arc of history. If you were to ask Jack Ma what’s
his greatest accomplishment, it would not be, you know, becoming the richest man
in China or building a company worth hundreds of billions of dollars. I think he might measure his own success by the impact that he’s created on China rather than impact he’s created on just himself and his own team. It’s always scary looking far away. Oh my God, that’s a difficult place. Go there. Test. Jump into it. You never learn to swim until you’re
in the water.

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  • He got help from AI, Artificial Intelligence…

  • to anyone who's talking good about this dude, go check his debate with elon musk. Good luck

  • who is here after his latest talk with elon musk…

  • this man can only talk epic things, in reality he's just an idiot. (please watch Elon Musk and Jack Ma debate)

  • KFC looks at him…. he is too short ….

  • Be simple. Serve the people.
    When you see something, you have to prepare.
    You lose only when you give up.
    The payment system has become the financial institution.
    What we got today is not the money. It’s the trust.
    We are the first runner.
    Transform the world.
    I make sure my customers are happy, my employees are happy, and my society is happy. Social responsibility is the key.
    You never learn to swim until you are in the water.

  • Jackma = Inspiration

  • Ốp.

  • Jack ma, our strategy is to copy Amazon, Paypal, Ebay, and all the successful AMerican companies and let the Chinese government help us .

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