J Balvin Makes History with SNL, Lollapalooza and Beyoncé’s Beychella

-Thank you. Welcome.
Was I close? -Yo, give it up for his Spanish. [ Cheers and applause ]
-I’m trying! I’m trying, I’m trying
as hard as I — I’m trying. I’m trying so hard.
-Finally, finally. -Finally, we get to talk.
-Yes, man. -You’ve been on your show — –
-You brought me here like 20 times and you never
want to talk to me. [ Laughter ]
-That’s not true. I love listening to you but
I love talking to you, as well. But congrats on “SNL,”
because that was a great performance
you did with DJ Khaled. [ Cheers and applause ] -You talk to Billy?
-What’s that? Yeah. -You talk to Billy?
That’s his name. -No.
-Yeah, that’s how Khaled’s called — Billy.
-You call him Billy? -No, he call him Billy himself.
-No, he does not. He calls himself DJ Khaled
like 130 times a day. [ Laughter ]
-No. -He doesn’t say, “Billy!”
-You have an interview him. He say Billy because
he wants to be a billionaire. That’s why he said it.
-Oh, that’s right. I forgot, he did
change his name to Billy. -Yeah, that was good.
-Yeah, yeah, he’s like — He goes,
“People call me Billy now.” I’m like, “That’s right.” I go, “I didn’t know
that’s your name.” And he goes, “Yeah, ’cause
I want to be a billionaire.” [ Laughter ]
I was like, “That’s so him. That’s so him.”
-I wanna be Billy one day, too. -Billy, I was like,
“Oh, my gosh.” -Shout-out to Khaled.
-He’s amazing. You did —
-Another one. -A little record —
“another one.” [ Laughter ] He’s got them all.
Another one. We have the best music.
Yeah, I go, “Okay.” He is amazing to meet, though,
isn’t he? -I love him.
-He’s like — It’s like the personality
is just so magnetic, and it comes off,
and it makes you so happy to be around the guy.
-It makes me feel like Billy. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, it does. Me too. He was the first reggaeton
performer ever to be on “Saturday Night Live.”
-Yes, yes. It took 44 years.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Not bad, buddy. -It’s amazing. It’s the first
time somebody’s, like… -What you’re doing —
What you’re doing is, you’re just
breaking all these records and shattering all these things. And I know you’re gonna be
headlining Lollapalooza? -Yes, it’s the first time
a Latino is headlining. -First time a Latino artist,
solo artist, has ever headlined that.
-Yes, yes. -I mean,
but does that make you nervous? Because I saw you at —
Well, I didn’t see you at, but I saw you
at Coachella with Beyoncé. -Yes, man.
[ Cheers ] -But so you did Coachella.
What was that like? How do you get
the call from Beyoncé? What happened?
-You know, it was like — They didn’t plan that at all. Like, they called me like
five hours before. [ Laughter ]
-You’re joking me. -Yeah, no, it’s true.
I was in bed. I was in bed, you know?
It was just, like, checking TV. And I received, like, a message, like, “Yo,
you want to come join us?” I was like —
Beyoncé’s team, “What’s up?” [ Laughter ] -You know you’re awake,
you’re like, “What?” -And they’re like, “Yo, we got
a Coachella show tomorrow, and, you know, we wondered
if you want to come.” And I just jump on a —
on a plane and got there. -But I mean, wow.
-You go. [ Cheering ]
-And you were amazing. -Yeah. -But then, you did your own
Coachella performance… -Yes.
-…that got crazy-good reviews. -First time of a Latino
doing main — main stage. -What’d that feel like?
Were you nervous for that? -I was super nervous.
Yes, I was. -Because it’s all you now.
-It was different. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Did you call Beyoncé, be like, “Hey, we need you
in a couple hours?” [ Laughter ]
You didn’t hear back? -I was thinking if I call her,
like, 20 minutes — like five hours before the show, I think she’s not
gonna do the same. -No, no.
But man, oh, man. Look at what you did.
Look at the stage. Look at what you did.
It was so fun. Everyone talked about it. -Yeah, it was a collab
that we did with FriendsWithYou, you know, is a friend of mine,
and that’s the name — the audience, and, you know,
we took this show like that, like really animated
and fun and happiness. -I also love your fashion
and your look. -Thank you. -You’re always
doing something different, And I love that,
as a fan of any artist. You always
got to keep reinventing. But you just signed on
to a thing with Guess… -Yes.
-…to do a thing called Vibras. -Vibras, yes.
-Vibras. -You know,
that’s actually the first time they do a male campaign. -They’ve never done that, Guess?
-No. -Oh, man.
-So it’s good. -I mean —
-For the culture. -You can do a second one.
Oh, I was gonna say — Yeah, right,
you can do a second — I mean, I’m open to modeling
if anyone wants it. But, I mean,
you developed this. How would you describe
this Vibras? -This is kind of like
an ’80s flow. -Yeah.
-You know, sort of Miami vibe. -Yeah, a little Miami vibe.
-Yes, yes. Shout-out to Miami.
[ Cheers ] -I heard somewhere
that it’s very important to you that you do all of your songs
only in Spanish. -Yes, you know,
that’s always been my dream. You know, like,
to really cross over in Spanish. You know,
we’re here talking in English, but my music is in Spanish.
-Exactly. -So it’s really beautiful, man,
you know, the way, you know, people are reacting
to our music. Even though they don’t
understand what I’m saying, they feel the vibe, right?
[ Light laughter ] So it’s beautiful,
it’s beautiful. You know, it’s —
-It’s a challenge. I mean,
it’s an endless sea of people. -It was crazy.
-Dancing to your music and probably
90% of them don’t — -They didn’t know
what I was saying. -No.
[ Laughter ] -100%, 100%.
But they were feeling the vibe. -But isn’t that great
that you did this? -It’s amazing for the culture. -Well, the tour
is about to kick off. -Yes.
-And I know you’re playing a very — it’s gonna be special,
because in Puerto Rico, which would be
a beautiful thing. -I saw you there.
I saw you there. -I was there.
-With my boy Bad Bunny. -Me and Bad Bunny had to do it.
[ Laughter ] You know, I’m in Puerto Rico,
I got to call my dude. “No, come on!” -No, but you were
with a great guy, man. -Oh, yeah, good.
I’ll call you whenever to do — [ Laughter ] Just give me five hours next
time and I’ll give you a call. -If you ever go to Colombia,
you know, let me host you. -Oh, yeah.
-Yeah, of course. -All right, done.
Done deal. -Shout-out to my country,
Colombia. [ Cheers and applause ] -Arcoiris…
-Yeah. -…is the tour —
-Your Spanish is amazing. -Thank you.
Oh, appreciate that. Thank you.
I learned from the best. -And we know that
he did it once, right? When he said “Arcoiris”…
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, “Arcoiris.”
-Yeah, it was easy. Like you didn’t even —
-I didn’t even know what — I mean, sometimes I don’t even
realize what English is anymore because I —
[ Laughter ] That’s all I got. The song you’re singing later
is called “Contra La Pared.” -“Contra La Pared.”
-“Contra La Pared.” -Do you know what that means?
-Contra… [ Laughter ] -Don’t tell me it’s the game.
Don’t tell me “Contra”… -Parade? Uh…
-“Contra La Pared.” -“Against the wall.”
-Yes, sir, okay. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -i”Contra La Pared”!
[ Laughs ] Someone told me earlier
what it meant. [ Laughter ] You’re doing it tonight
and singing for everyone here. I always appreciate you
coming here, but I really appreciate you
talking to me, because what you’re doing
is breaking new records and opening up the whole world
to, like, reggaeton and also Spanish-speaking music. And it’s bigger than you could
imagine, what you’re doing. It’s cool.
-Thank you, thank you. I’m so grateful, man.
[ Cheers and applause ] -We love you, bud.
Thank you, pal. -Love.
-J. Balvin, everybody!

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