ITZY (여자)아이들부터 소녀시대 핑클까지 Girl Group History | K-pop Mashup | Cover | MUSIC CIRCLE | 뮤직써클 | DreamNote

Just pretty, not attractive I’m different from them
I’m different ((G)I-DLE-LATATA) This long with you
Night with you like this with you I’ve waited with you for the time
with you like this with you (MOMOLAND-BBOOMBBOOM)
Give it to you My eyes, eyes, eyes From my head bboom bboom To my toes bboom bboom uh (I.O.I-Very Very Very)
If you very very very Very very very Very much like me
As if it’s your last la la last As if it’s your last night love (TWICE-CHEER UP)
cheer up baby cheer up baby Cheer up Girls shouldn’t easily
give their heart That’s how you will
like me even more (OH MY GIRL-Secret Garden) Inside me
I have my own precious place You’ll know it
My secret garden (GFRIEND-Rough) If I could run
through time and become an adult I will hold your hand
in this rough world (LUVELYZ-Ah-Choo) Ah Choo
I feel like sneezing when I see you I have a lot to tell
only when I see you (Red Velvet-Ice Cream Cake)
It’s so tasty, Come and chase me I can’t stand it I scream you scream,
gimme that, gimme that ice cream (MAMAMOO-Um Oh Ah Yeh)
Oh yes um oh ah yeah Yes I’ll come to you
You’re so my type ace (EXID-UP&DOWN) Up down
up up down up down up up down (AOA-Miniskirt)
In a short skirt But why don’t you Notice me? (APINK-NoNoNo)
Don’t be sad no, no, no I’m not alone no, no, no Always you became my light (GIRL’S DAY-Something)
Something only I didn’t know I can feel it clearly
Must be something (miss A-Bad Girl, Good Girl)
Bad girl outside good girl inside You don’t even know me You just see my look (SISTAR-Touch my body)
Touch my body, body Touch my body, body (f(x)-NU ABO) Nicknaming
creatively e.g. gungdi sundi Raise hands when you like it
I really NU ABO (4 Minute-Hot Issue)
From head to toe hot issue ho! Every single one
of me is hot issue (T-ARA-Bo Peep Bo Peep) Bo Peep Bo Peep
Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Ah! Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep
Bo Peep Bo Peep Bo Peep Ah, Ah (2NE1-I AM THE BEST)
I’m the best I’m the best (the-the-the best) (AfterSchool-DIVA)
Tonight every night At this thrilling moment I’m Your Diva diva Di Di Di diva (Girls’ Generation-Gee) I feel so
thrilled my body is shaking Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee Oh! moist eyes Oh Yeah~ – Oh! nice scent Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah~
– hey there there mister (KARA-MR.)
Look at me mister I’ve wanted for
a long time mister What’s your name mister (Wonder Girls-Tell Me)
Oh my Tell me again Tell me tell me Tell tell tell tell tell tell me (Brown Eyed Girls-Abracadabra)
I’m gonna be mad doing this I was innocent and good I go crazy because of you I become vicious (Fin.K.L-Forever Love)
Now be my love I want to lean on you
with my everything – Promise me
– I hope you’ll trust me (S.E.S-(`Cause) I`m Your Girl)
I’m with you Cause I’m your girl Hold me baby (tonight) See me looking like you Stay with me last forever yeah On K-POP Wonderland, 1theK
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