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If you want to hear about how Richie’s teenage
years are documented in another Stephen King novel, then stick around to the end of this
video. You went online, clicked on this video, basically
dragged me out here to this studio, and now I’m gonna have to analyse this ******* character. So welcome to Horror History, my name is Zac
Morris, you may remember me from Saved by the Deathbell, and in today’s lesson I’ll
be breaking down the story of Richie Tozier. Everybody else seemed to be more interested
in breaking down the glasses of Richie Tozier. He’s constantly bullied for his spectacles
and his loud mouth, but despite his poor eyesight, I think it’s Richie’s eyes that are the key
to understanding him. With that in mind, let’s take it back to Richie’s
days as a young rock and roller. Richard Tozier was born in the year 1945. As far as we know, Richie was the only son
of a dentist named Wentworth and his wife Maggie. Maggie had hoped to have a girl and isn’t
always a fan of Richie’s boisterous personality. Richie always had poor eyesight and seems
to suffer from Ommetaphobia, or a fear related to one’s eyes. One time when he was very young, he dreamt
that he poked his eye full of blood, and when he woke up he was actually relieved that he’d
only wet the bed. Richie had a good relationship with his father. Wentworth never went easy on Richie, but he
understood his son and would sometimes even do voices with him. Wentworth took Richie out to see the Paul
Bunyan statue when it was first unveiled in Derry’s City Center. As a kid, Richie would most often hang out
with his friend Stan Uris, and the two would sometimes to go the Barrens to do stuff with
Bill Denbrough and Eddie Kaspbrak. There aren’t really any Richie and Stan
scenes in the book, but we’re given the impression that they’re close in both movies
— they show up as a pair in the 1990 version and Richie is the only one to attend Stan’s
Bar Mitzvah in the 2017 adaptation. Richie was best known for his voice impressions,
which included: -Kinky Briefcase, Sexual Accountant
-Jim, from Huckleberry Finn -The German Commandant
-Toodles, the English Senator / Butler “Now, pip-pip and talio my good fellows!” -The Movie Newsreel Narrator “Newsflash Ben, school’s out for summa!” -Granny Grunt
-Poncho Vanilla Voice “Doesn’t smell like caca to me señor.” -Pickenanny
-Chinese Cooley -And many, many more celebrity voice impressions
that probably would have had the SJWs up in a ****ing rage had the internet been around
back then, but it wasn’t so instead Richie’s impressions, which most agreed were rather
pedestrian… “Your voices all sound the same Richie.” …seemed to piss off the bullies of Derry
more than anyone. They were constantly chasing him, beating
him up, breaking his glasses and disliking his videos without even watching them! OK, I made that last one up. But one day at school the leader of the bullies,
Henry Bowers, slipped on a puddle and yeah, let me just play the clip. “Hey, way to go Banana Heels!” How was this kid considered a Loser? If he grew up when I did he would have been
considered a ****ing legend. So after school that day the bullies were
looking for him, and they chased him all the way through town to Freese’s department
store, where he hid in the toy department and then snuck out the emergency exit. The scene is not in any movie so far, but
Richie’s Friese’s t-shirt in the 2017 film, suggests that maybe he hid there in
the book because he knew the ins and out of the place. Now Stan might be Jewish, but Richie is probably
the most relatable character for me because of his love for horror movies, rock and roll
and his overwhelmingly charming personalit– OK fine take that one out. “It is a gift!” But Richie sees a poster for a rock show he
wants to go to, but knows that his mom wouldn’t let him, so he sits on a bench in the sun
and the Paul Bunyan statue moves and stares him straight in the face, threatening to eat
him! The ground would shake with Paul’s enormous
steps, and Paul destroyed the bench Richie had been sitting on moments before with his
giant axe. When he looked back, the scene was normal. This was obviously his first encounter with
IT, but Richie is somehow able to convince himself that it was just a dream. He probably does have bad dreams with all
the scary movies he’s watching from such a young age and his obsession with media can
be both a strength and a point of weakness for him. This is why I think Richie’s eyes and glasses
are so significant, because it’s generally the things he sees in movies or on TV that
scare him, but it’s also the things he sees on those same programs that help him fight
back against It, whether it be with his voice impressions or by using tactics that only
work in the movies. In this case though, nothing really comes
of it, but the experience sticks in the back of his mind. On the first day of summer, Richie has to
stay back and help his dad clean out their attic, but the next day, Richie and Stan show
up to help Bill, Eddie and Ben build a dam in the stream in the Barrens. Richie enjoys hanging out with them there
because his antics get him in real world trouble, but not in the Barrens. That afternoon, each of them reveals their
personal encounters with Pennywise, but Richie, still under the belief that his was a dream,
has nothing to share. They are interrupted by Mr. Nell, the Irish
Derry police officer, who is angry at them for backing up the drainage system with their
dam. Richie demonstrates his inability to control
his ever-running mouth. [“How’s things back in the auld country,
Mr. Nell?” it bugled. “Ah, yer a sight for sore eyes, sure an
begorrah, yer a lovely man, a credit to the auld sod—”] Only Bill telling Richie to shut up makes
him stop. Mr. Nell ends up making them clear it up and
agrees not to rat them out if they do. That evening, Bill and Richie are walking
home together, and Richie asks to see the picture of Georgie that winked at Bill. After talking about it with Richie, Bill starts
to feel like he’s in a better place. This is the first of many examples of Richie
offering support to Bill. After being the seer of the group — this
is the next most important aspect of Richie’s character in that he’s there for his friends,
especially Bill — we continue to see more of that throughout the story. It isn’t until they actually arrive in Georgie’s
room that Richie starts to freak himself out a little bit himself. He can see the dried blood on the pages of
the album and feel the cold touch of the pages. Georgie’s school picture is missing, but
there is a photo from the olden days of Derry with two sailors. They were Richie and Bill. The photo comes to life, like a movie, and
they see Pennywise pop up over the edge of the canal like a jack-in-the-box – only it
has Georgie’s face… Richie saves Bill by pulling him out of the
photo after her tries to reach his hand inside, and they flee from Georgie’s room. This is the first time Richie realizes that
what they all saw were not just stories or movies… the thing that had been haunting
Derry was a monster. Richie Tozier would have been subscribed to
this channel with Deathbell notifications ON, because Richie was a fan of horror movies,
and one Saturday not long too after the day they took down the dam, “I Was A Teenage
Werewolf was playing at the Aladdin Theater in town. He bargains with his Dad to earn $2.50 for
mowing the lawn, though Richie claims that this is blackmail because his father knows
he wants to go to the show. Keep in mind, this was 1958, it didn’t cost
$17.50 to get into a movie, or $15 / month for MoviePass to **** you in the ***. Ben
Hanscom also has no money, having spent it on junk food, so Richie spots him. Then they run into Beverly Marsh. Richie admired Bev’s looks, but mostly liked
her sense of humor. Bev doesn’t have any money, and Richie pays
for her ticket as well, since the tickets were only 25 cents, which they jokingly refer to as
a date. They sat on the balcony to avoid Henry Bowers
and his gang, but they were spotted on the way out and surrounded in the alley next to
the movie theater as they tried to sneak away. Ben led the escape effort by throwing a garbage
can to knock over Henry Bowers, and Richie ended up using the lid as a shield and blocking
a punch from Belch Huggins, helping them get free and escape. The next time Bill and Richie get together,
they decide to go to the house on Neibolt Street to investigate Eddie’s story about
the encounter with It. Richie rides on the back of Bill’s bike. They crawl in through a broken window and discover
a coat pit in the basement. The cellar door flies open and a werewolf
wearing loafers, faded jeans and a Derry High School jacket enters the room. Remember, it’s the things Richie sees in
the media that scare him, so It takes the form of the Teenage Werewolf from the movie
he had seen. I also think that because Richie is basically
the eyes of the group, whenever they are together, It usually takes the form of Richie’s fear. Bill brought along his father’s gun, but
that doesn’t hurt the werewolf nearly as much as Richie, who uses his Irish Cop voice
to scream at it with a sense of authority. He also throws sneezing powder at the creature,
sending It into a fit — something that would probably only work in the movies, but it works
because Richie believes in it. It’s likely that It detected that Richie
is the seer of the group and tried to go for his eyes. The two escape on Bill’s bike, and they
look back to see the clown, Pennywise, now coming after them in the Derry HS jacket. As the calendar rolled over to July, Richie
often found himself in the company of Bill, Eddie, Ben, Beverly and Stan. Henry and his gang would refer to them as
The Losers Club. On July 3rd, they got together to shoot off
fireworks when a boy named Mike Hanlon approached them. Mike was being chased by Henry Bowers. The Losers Club helps defend Mike by fighting
back against the Bowers Gang by throwing rocks. Richie joins in in pelting Moose Sadler, the
tank of the opposition, and the now seven Losers are able to drive Henry and his thugs
away. That’s when they welcome Mike into the group,
and with the seven off them, the wheel is complete. They decided to build a clubhouse in the Barrens
for protection against Bowers. Richie brought along his battery powered radio
so that they could listen to Rock and Roll while they worked. Rock and Roll is one of the few things that
both the Losers Club and the Bowers Gang seem to agree on, whereas the older generation,
the parents of Derry are against it. Richie is kind of the authority when it comes
to Rock music among the seven of them. There seems to be a bit of a parallel between
the music and the ability to see the manifestations of It. For example, Bill’s parents are unable to
see the blood in Georgie’s room, and Beverly’s parents can’t see the blood in her bathroom. In general the adults in town all turn a blind
eye to violence. But the kids, the rock and rollers, can see
It. The Losers Club in particular grow up and
hold on to their love of Rock and Roll, and they become some of the few adults who are
still able to see It. One day Mike brings his father’s Derry photo
album, and Pennywise animates in one of the pictures and threatens to kill the Losers. The first form It changes into is Richie’s
werewolf, because It always seems to start with the form that scares Richie, the eyes
of the group. Later that month, Ben Hanscom has an idea
about how they should proceed in fighting back against It. He tells what he knows of the Indian smoke
ceremony. Basically, Indian tribes would come together
when they had to make a big decision, and they’d sit around the fire in a smoke hole
until one of them had a vision telling them what to do. The Losers decide to try it inside their new
clubhouse, but the smoke is too much for Stan, Ben and Eddie. Richie sees their 5 x 5 foot clubhouse expand. Beverly and eventually Bill end up bailing
out as well, leaving just Richie and Mike. The room seemed to have expanded to the size
of a ballroom, and it was getting so smoky that they could barely see each other. Then, Richie felt himself float up. They weren’t inside anymore, they were standing
in the middle of the Barrens. Richie, the Seer, and Mike, the historian,
were seeing the arrival of It thousands or even millions of years ago, like a movie,
only they were a part of it. A burning object falls through the clouds
and Richie’s first thought was that it’s a spaceship. He’s able to determine this before ever
knowing that It is a cosmic creature. Animals flee the area of the impact, and Richie
and Mike are pulled out of the smoke hole by the others. It took Richie a while to come to, and the
others admitted they didn’t think he was going to survive. He threw up twice, but he had to survive to
tell the story. I mean, I guess Mike could have also told
them, but it sounds a lot more believable if the same story is coming from two people. For the first time in his life, it was Richie
who could see things, and the others that could not. “Can only virgins see this stuff? Is that why I’m not seeing this ****?” …and this moment would be ingrained in his
mind for years and years come — almost three decades in fact until he needed it most. Here’s a riddle for you. What’s the best way to come out of an ad
break? …. With an arm break! Eddie gets his broken by Henry — I apologize. That was… I’ll try not to do that again. Richie is there when the Losers sneak back
to the hospital to sign Eddie’s cast while his mother isn’t there. Eddie’s mother is definitely not a fan of
Richie’s foul mouth and habit of smoking cigarettes. While they were waiting for Mrs. Kaspbrak
to **** off, they did a little target practice with the slingshot at the Barrens to try to
determine who should be the one to shoot Pennywise. Richie only knicked one out of ten cans, but
he held onto one of the cans the Beverly had punctured as proof of concept. Over the course of the rest of that July,
Richie was there to support his friends every step of the way: first when Bill broke down
in the rain and screams out about how he’s going to kill Pennywise, then it is Richie
and Bill who get the idea to make silver bullets to fire at It, and finally on July 25th they
arrived at the 29 Neibolt house to try take the clown down. In the movie, Richie freaks out when he finds
a missing poster of himself, but in the book he’s just grossed out when he opens a cupboard
to find a litter of rats. They get to the last door, which seems to
have been a bathroom, with white shards lying everywhere from the destroyed toilet, as if
Badlands Chugs had just taken a massive **** there. As always when Richie is around, the form
that it takes first is the Teenage Werewolf with the high school letterman jacket. Richie is the first to realize what form it’s
taking and screams out to warn the others, and although the Losers take a couple of tough
shots, they are able to drive It back down into the sewers. The two weeks that follow are pretty uneventful,
and consist of a lot of games of Pacheesi. The day of big confrontation with It starts
with Richie and Eddie getting popsicles in town when Bev and Ben came to warn everyone
that Henry Bowers had lost it and was trying to kill her under the orders of It. Bill decides that now is the time to retaliate
and they climb into the sewers at the pumping station in the Barrens. Richie is the last one to go in sees Henry
run up and slip on the puddle, so he yells, “Hey banana heels!” before climbing down. When Henry tries to go in after them, Richie
bit him in the ankle before running up with his friends in the drain pipe, thus fully
earning his nickname of Trashmouth Tozier. “Oh OK, trash the trashmouth, I get it.” Eddie navigated as they searched for It’s
lair in the sewer, sometimes having to scoot or crawl to fit through the pipes. At some point, it gradually started to get
lighter, and Richie noticed what would be the first form of It the losers would face
down in the sewers, A Giant Eye with six tentacles, resembling The Crawling Eye, a horror movie
that Richie was afraid of. This form combined his sensitivity to his
eyes, ommetaphobia, that I mentioned earlier, and the tendency for It to use the forms of
horror movies Richie had seen to scare the entire group. They are only able to escape when Eddie, the
only one who wasn’t restrained, attacks the eye by believing his aspirator was filled
with battery acid and spraying It. After moving on from the Crawling Eye, and
entering the lair Richie saw the rotted bodies of some of the kids who had been abducted
by It during that summer, and one that really hit home was Edward Corcoran, a boy who was
the same age as Richie. The “true form” of It is the deadlights,
but the Losers Club’s human minds aren’t able to process something like that, so they
see It as giant spider. Bill is successful in his mind-battle against
It in the macroverse, a fight where Richie plays a major turning point in the movie… In the book version, it’s mostly just Bill
vs. It in the other dimension, but as Richie started to sense that they were coming back
from the Macroverse, a ripple went through his body, sending his glasses crashing to
the floor and shattering. The Losers escape from the sewers and each
one of them partakes in The Promise, a blood oath that if It should ever come back, they
would come back to try to kill It again. During this promise, Bill notices that Richie’s
face looks different without his glasses. This is symbolic of the fact that after defeating
It, each Loser stops being a Loser and starts transitioning into the successful adults they
would become. With It thrown back into a deep sleep, Richie
would no longer need to be the groups seer, and after overcoming such a huge obstacle
by defeating It, Richie would no longer be bothered by trivial things, such as being
bullied for his glasses or his ommetaphobia. Also, most of the bullies were dead at this
point, so that probably helps. Richie stayed close to his 6 friends, but
that would be the last time the whole group got together in the same place at the same
time. In the Stephen King novel 11/22/63, Richie
makes a small and questionably canon appearance. An English teacher named Jake Epping travels
back in time to try to prevent the assassination of an American president and he ends up stopping
in Derry in the fall of 1958, approximately 2 months after the Losers Club defeats It. Whenever you’re dealing with time travel,
you run the risk of creating multiple timelines. Believe me, I’m a Legend of Zelda fan, I
know. So there may now be a timeline where Jake
Epping interferes, and one where he doesn’t, however the Derry that Jake visits seems to
be at least very similar to the one in the novel It, for example there is a mention of
Patrick Hockstetter’s body being discovered in the Barrens, which lines up with the events
of It. Jake discovers Beverly and Richie dancing
near the fence on the border of the Barrens and is taken back by their joyfulness, perhaps
they are more relaxed than the rest of the town now because they two of the seven that
realize the threat has now passed and no more murders are going to take place. Bev and Richie are able to connect with Jake,
because as an outsider he seems to realize the disconnected nature of most of the adults
in town. Going back to my rock and roll analogy from
earlier, it would be reasonable to say Jake is on the same page as them because he’s
probably grown up on rock and roll himself, having been born in the late 70s. Also during this meeting, Beverly expresses
her belief that It is merely sleeping, so it’s possible that the Losers quickly came
to this conclusion after the events of 1958. They were not wrong — Richie and the Losers
Club would eventually have to come back and fulfill their promise when It rose again in
the 80s, but before that happened, Richie had some growing up to do. In the
spring of 1960, Richie’s family relocated to the Midwest, and the memories started to
fade throughout his teenage years. In the year 1965, around the age of 18, Richie
switches from eyeglasses to contact lenses, thus officially completing the transition
into adulthood that began with the fall of It. But his glasses would stay with him in a way
throughout his adulthood. Shortly after, he started college and became
a DJ at his school radio station and was pretty good at it; Richie already saw his own potential
to be great. He was a hit on his campus and eventually
he moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream further. The same year he moved to California he fell
in love with a woman named Sandy. “She hot?” Neither of them wanted Sandy to get pregnant,
so Richie got a vasectomy. Richie continued to date Sandy for another
two and a half years until a job offer sent her to Washington and Richie was brought on
as a DJ for a Los Angeles FM radio station called KLAD. One year after their breakup, Richie woke
up with the urge to get his vasectomy reversed, and went into the doctor to find out if he
could, only to discover that he had undergone an extremely rare spontaneous regeneration. In other words, Richie’s sperm had been
healthy for some time, including the time he was with Sandy. Each member of the Loser’s club has unexplained
infertility, although Richie may actually be the exception to this because he’s a
smoker, he didn’t quit until 1981. Four years after that, in 1985, Richie is
at work when he receives the call from Mike Hanlon, letting him know that It had come
back. He calls his travel agent to arrange a flight,
and she asks him to do his Kinky Briefcase Sexual Accountant voice as she makes arrangements
for him at the Derry Town House hotel. His manager, Steve, chews him out for skipping
out when he’s scheduled for a broadcast tomorrow where he’s supposed to interview Clarence
Clemons. Without realizing it, Richie packs a bunch
of kids clothes in his suitcase, a sign of the rock and roll loving comedian kid still
being alive inside of him. “Yeah, and I think the Rabbi’s gonna pull
down your pants turn to the crowd and say ‘where’s the beef?'” After Mike’s call, Richie’s childhood
memories start to trickle back, and in the plane ride on the way to Derry, Richie feels
the same burning sensation in his eyes that he felt during the smoke hole ceremony when
he was 11 years old. As the group reconvenes, they begin to re-assume
their old roles, and Richie feels the eyes that discovered It’s origin and basically
dictated the forms of It, returning to their old roles as well. After his plane lands, he drives the rest
of the way in a rental car, but he pulls over when he sees the sign for “Penobscot County,
Derry, Maine.” I’m guessing that’s NOT the same sign
that I pointed out in my Things You Missed episode on the 2019 Pet Sematary, because
that one didn’t mention Penobscot County, but don’t worry all you Pet Sematary fans
out there, because when Richie pulls over, an Orinco chemical fertilizer truck roars
past him on the highway — this is the same type of truck that runs back and forth on
the road where the Creed family lives in Pet Sematary. But this isn’t an episode of Things You
Missed, this is Horror History, so let’s continue on with the history of Richie Tozier. Richie joins Mike, Bill, Eddie, Ben and Beverly
for a reunion lunch at Jade of the Orient, where Mike fills them in on everything that’s
gone down in Derry since It’s reawakening. After the meal, they receive their fortune
cookies, and each one contains a horrific surprise from Pennywise pertaining to the
person who opened it. Richie’s contains an eye. See? All that stuff I’ve been saying this entire
video wasn’t bull****. Everyone decides to go to a place they remember
best from Derry. Richie gets into a cab, and the driver is
the same man who had taken Bill around earlier, a particularly foul-mouthed guy who constantly
adds the disclaimer, “pardon my french if you’re a religious man”. I wish I got to see how this scene actually
played out. Trashmouth vs trashmouth, it would have been
real interesting. Richie goes back to City Center, the place
where he was nearly killed by the Paul Bunyan statue as a child. He remembered the incident that had happened
back then, then as he sees a poster, in a similar style to one of the posters for a
rock shows his mother never would have let him go to, but the concert being advertised
is for something called “Richie Tozier’s All Dead Rock Show”. I think when Richie discovers his own missing
poster in the movie, this is what the director was trying to replicate. When he looked back to the Paul Bunyan statue,
Paul was no longer there. In his place, was a giant plastic version
of Pennywise, the dancing Clown, and the lips bleeding with red paint parted to reveal huge,
razor pointed teeth. This time, however, when Richie ran for it,
he could hear Pennywise’s voice booming after him. He made it to the sidewalk to see that the
statue had been replaced yet again, this time with one of his favorite rock idols, Buddy
Holly. He feels an immense pain in one of his contacts
and blinks it out of his eye. All returns to normal, but Richie can still
hear the laughter of Pennywise echoing in his head. That night they all reconvened in the library
for drinks and remenissions when Richie has an epiphany, and he remembers seeing the arrival
of It in the smoke hole for the first time since he was a kid. When this happens, he reaches to push his
glasses up on his nose, temporarily forgetting that he’s been wearing contacts for the
last 20 years and once again, he feels the smoke in his eyes. Before they leave, scars on their hands that
were cut for the blood oath all those years ago reopen, and everyone joins hands, causing
the inside of the library to go into a whirlwind of their power. Richie goes back to the hotel, and starts
to fall asleep when he receives a phone call from Beverly asking him to come to Eddie’s
room. Without asking questions, he shows up to a
room with a maimed Eddie Kaspbrak and a dead Henry Bowers. They find out that Mike was attacked before
he left the library, so Richie calls the hospital using his news reporter voice to gather the
information that the police chief wouldn’t give out to them. The group decides that enough was enough. It was responsible for the suicide of their
friend Stan, and possibly the death of Mike. Eddie had also been injured. The only thing left for them to do was to
kill that ****ing clown. Richie took the wheel and Beverly, Eddie,
Bill and Ben piled into the limousine that Eddie had driven to Derry. Their destination was the Barrens, the place
where they had climbed down into the sewers to try to kill It 27 years ago. Pennywise uses the car radio to taunt and
threaten them, first doing an ad read for the Richie Tozier All-Dead Rock show. That reminds me, it’s time for me to play
an ad as well, but don’t go away, because Richie Tozier plays a hand in the final showdown
with It. Literally. Richie parks the limo next to the bridge,
and they go to the pumping station where they had entered the sewers once before. The machinery had been turned off, and they
were able to descend into the sewers, trudge and crawl their way through dirty water and
sewage, eventually finding the inner lair of It. Again, their minds are unable to process the
deadlights, but this time they’re able to tell that there is some other shape behind
the spider, which is described as being “like someone moving behind a movie screen,” which
I find interesting because of the tendency of It to take the form of the monsters Richie
has seen in movies. The spider comes for Bill and the ritual begins
once again, Bill and It engage in an out of body showdown in the macroverse. This time, it doesn’t go as well for Bill,
the celestial being known as The Turtle is no longer there to help him. Richie notices this back in the chamber, because
he sees Bill’s face contort as if his spirit is in pain or struggling. All along Richie has been the support for
Bill: the photo album, 29 Neibolt and the stormy afternoon in the Barrens being a few
examples. Richie runs up to the spider’s stinger and
uses his Irish Cop voice to distract it. He gets whacked into the darkness by It and
joins Bill in the Macroverse, where he does what Bill was unable to this time around. He bites into It’s metaphysical tongue and
hangs on tight. He flies past the shell of The Turtle, possibly
its corpse. He approaches another barrier, but he can’t
grasp the shape, but he thinks it could be a wall of steaks. No, not those stakes. These stakes. Maybe a reference to It appearing to Ben in
the form of Dracula one time? Richie finds Bill and takes his hand, then
turns the tables on It and threatens to kill It right then and there if It doesn’t bring
them back to the physical world. Richie uses his mind to hang on tight to It,
nearly losing his grip before arriving back in the actual spider’s chamber. When they come back they find Eddie seriously
injured, as he had tried to attack It with his aspirator as he did to the Crawling Eye
in 1958, but he got his arm dismembered and was bleeding out on the floor of the chamber. [“—eds—”
“—eds oh my god Bill, Ben, someone he’s lost his arm, his—” He looked up at Beverly
and saw she was crying, the tears coursing down her dirty cheeks. “Richie…” “What?” Richie was down on his hands and knees, staring
at him desperately. “Don’t call me Eds,” he said, and smiled.] Those would be Eddie’s final words. Beverly took him in her arms and urged Richie,
who wanted to stay and comfort Eddie in his final moments, to go on after the spider so
that It doesn’t come back after another 27 years. “If that thing comes back when I’m 70…” “Let’s finish it.” “Once and for all.” Bill and Richie chased It into the deepest
part of the chamber, further than they had ever been before. It begs them to let It go, offering them power,
success and long lives beyond their wildest dreams. They both simultaneously plunged into It. The monster lashed out at them, injuring Richie
who struggled not to drown in It’s guts. Bill ended it when he crushed the heart of
It in his hands, where it exploded. Bill took Richie in his arms and tried to
find Beverly and Ben in the dark, since the deadlights that had been illuminating the
place died along with the spider. When they reconvene, Richie comes back to. The tunnel they are in starts shaking, a side
effect of the violent storm taking place above them. They have to leave Eddie behind in order to
try to save Bill’s wife Audra, and Richie carries her for a bit as they make their way
back to the surface, perhaps his final gesture of support towards his friend Bill. Richie flew back to California a few days
later, and after the defeat of It, each member of the Losers Club gradually started to lose
their memories of everything that had happened in Derry. Later in the week, Mike Hanlon gave Richie
a call in Beverly Hills. At first it went to the answering machine,
and when Richie picked it up, he said let Mike talk to the answering machine as long
as he did because for a slight moment, he had no idea who Mike was — just like when
Mike first reached out to tell his old friends that It had come back. Richie Tozier was a joker and a troublemaker,
but he played an important part in the group, using his eyes and his creative voice impressions
to help them stand a chance against It, and he was always there for his pals when they
needed him. Kind of like how I’m going to be here, for
you, the viewers, with more episodes of Horror History, just click the playlist on the left
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your memories, I’ll still be able to see you in the next one. Assuming we both survive.

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