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If you want to know about the secret Eddie
kept from his friends, then stick around to the end of this video. I’m pretty sure only one member of The Losers
Club, the seven kids who battle It in the sewers of Derry, Maine, can say that he single
handedly saved ALL of his friends from certain death, and that honor belongs to Eddie “Spaghetti”
Kaspbrak. But despite his heroics, Eddie is subject
to a lot of psychological damage brought on by his past, only some of which is explored
in the movie adaptations. My name is Professor CZsWorld and today on
Horror History, You Wanted To See It brings you one of the most exciting episodes it’s
ever been your privilege to click on. OK kids, CZsWorld is proud to present, Derry,
Maine’s very own: Wheezy! “Here I am, Wheezy!” Edward Kaspbrack was born in 1946, the son
of Frank Kaspbrak and his wife Sonia. In 1951, when Eddie was five years old, two events
would take place that would change the course of his entire life. First, his father died
of cancer. “My dad, he died of the big C.” “The big C?” “Cancer. I was just a little kid.” Then, Eddie himself nearly died when he got
a particularly bad fever. His mother, Sonia, was likely grief stricken at the prospect
of nearly being left alone. She had lost one of her boys, and was not going to lose the
other, so she became obsessed with protecting Eddie’s health, to the point where she develops
a disorder known as Factitious Disorder, or when someone falsely claims that another person
has symptoms of illness, injury or disease with the intention of deceiving others. In other words, Sonia would invent medical
conditions for Eddie in order to keep him out of anything she perceived to be possibly
dangerous, like gym class or… pretty much going outside. “I want to be a train conductor and see
the world!” “That is if your Mom ever lets you cross
the street.” Eddie sees the first effects of the Factitious
Disorder when his mother takes him to get new shoes for an upcoming wedding. After Mrs.
K rejected many shoes for her son, he wandered off and discovered a machine. He didn’t
know what it was, but in reality it was a shoe fitting fluoroscope, an x-ray machine
that they used to have in shoe stores instead of just using one of these things for some
reason. When his Mom noticed him using this machine,
she flipped out and dashed towards him, making a scene in the store while screaming: “Eddie get off of there!” she screamed.
“Get off of there! Those machines give you cancer! Get off of there! Eddie! Eddieeeeeee—” This whole scene startled Eddie so much that
he nearly fell off the fluoroscope, but his mom got there just in time to catch him, and
from this point forward, she was so overprotective of him that he would never get even a minor
injury for the next 7 years. But she would not stop there. In 1954, when
Eddie was 8, Sonia took him to the doctor, and despite Eddie saying he was fine, she
pressured his physician, Dr. Handoor, into prescribing him asthma medication. The aspirator
he got really contained just water vapor with a slight medicinal taste, but Eddie came to
believe that he couldn’t survive without it, and became very reliant on it whenever
he felt slightly uncomfortable. His mother got him on other medications as
well, but the aspirator is something Eddie would always have with him. Because of the
way he was raised, Eddie becomes a hypochondriac, someone with an intense obsession about their
health. It even gets to the point that Sonia starts
to isolate her son from other children. In Eddie’s 5th grade year, his Mom screams
at the PE teacher for letting him participate, claiming that he is too fragile to take part. “No gym and no showers with the other boys
this week. I don’t want you catching their germs.” Despite all of this, Eddie had an uncharacteristic
fascination with building a soap box racer. His dream was to build the fastest racer and
take it to a competition in Ohio to win the grand prize. His mother actually allowed him
to work on this project in the garage, with no intention of ever letting him take the
vehicle out, thinking that he’s never actually get that far. His interest in taking the wheel of a soap-box
racer may have led to his eventual career as a limousine driver and the eventual owner
of his own limo company, but I think the biggest contributing factor was his impeccable sense
of direction. When he and Bill Denbrough first started playing in The Barrens, Eddie was
always the one who helped them navigate them back out on their own. In 1957, Eddie helped Bill tune up his bike,
Silver, but after the death of Bill’s brother later that year, Eddie would also sometimes
play alone near the little traveled Neibolt street near the trainyard. One day in 1958, a drunken trainsman threw
a crate out from the train and told Eddie to take it home to his mother. He did not
open it, but he could tell it was filled with slithery crawly things. He might have just
left the box there if the trainsman hadn’t mentioned his mother, but Eddie has this psychological
weakness when it comes to his Mom, so he obeys. After dragging the crate home, Mrs. K is delighted
to find that the crate is filled with lobster, but Eddie refused to eat them, because he
was constantly reminded of the clicking sound that they made. He probably would have strongly
disliked Hereditary. “Click” His fear of the lobsters may be related to
his eventual demise. Lobsters are eaten by pulling off each of the parts, such as the
claws and legs, and removing the meat from inside. When Eddie dies in 1985, the creature
in the form of a giant spider pulls off his arm. That was also the last Southern Seacoast train
that Eddie ever saw come through Derry, and it represents how he can never leave his mother,
how he is trapped in her vice-grip, you might even call it lobster-like. One day Eddie was playing near the trainyard
again when a hobo crawled out from under the porch of an abandoned house at 29 Neibolt
Street. The hobo offered to do Eddie a favor for a quarter, and Eddie realizes the man
has leprosy, which scares him and sends him running for his bike. Although Eddie was scared by the incident,
he acquired a strange fascination with 29 Neibolt Street and comes back to investigate
it. He crawls under the porch and discovers a face staring back at him from the basement
window. This thing resembled the hobo, but it was something else. The forehead was split
open and covered in yellow mucus. The thing breaks open the window and comes
after Eddie, wearing a silvery clown suit with big orange buttons. It introduces itself
as Bob Grey and as Eddie runs, It gained ground him and it told him to come back any time
and bring his friends too. “Oh, come back any time! Bring your friends!” He didn’t look back until he was nearly
home. One night while Eddie was laying in bed, he heard the voice of the leper whisper
in his ear, telling him, “it won’t do any good to run…” “Aww….” Stay tuned for more Horror History… It was June of 1958 when the town’s biggest
bully, Henry Bowers, destroyed Bill and Eddie’s dam in the Barrens while looking for Ben Hanscom,
giving him a bloody nose and an asthma attack. Ben comes out of hiding to stay with Eddie
while Bill runs to the drug store to refill Eddie’s aspirator. While he’s gone, they
discuss their own theories about the killer that’s been taking kids in Derry, and Eddie
tells Ben not to mention Bill’s brother George, who was one of the victims. Ben is also covered in blood, and Eddie gives
him the idea to buy a milkshake and spill half of it on himself so that if his mother
won’t find out about the blood. The next time they meet up to build the dam,
Eddie worries about his mother yelling at him for taking his shoes off in the stream
and putting him at risk of getting a cold. Eddie is annoyed with his pal Richie Tozier,
because he doesn’t like how Richie calls him Eds. In the mini-series, the unwanted
nickname is Eddie Spaghetti. “Don’t do that I h*te when you do that. And don’t call
me Eddie Spaghetti.” Later that day, the Spaghetti-man shares his story
about the leper encounter with the group and they conclude that what each of them saw was
connected. That afternoon, he helps the other boys clear
up the dam after getting in trouble with the police officer Mr. Nell. Eddie is not present when Richie Tozier organizes
the outing to the Aladdin theater, because his mom was making him visit his fat, single
aunts, who lived in Haven, Bangor and Hampden. But he was present the day that Beverly told
him, Ben and Bradley Donovan about the blood she saw in her bathroom sink. They sneak in
the back door so that Beverly’s neighbor doesn’t tell her father that she had boys
over, and like Beverly, they are all able to see the blood that her parents could not,
and offer to help her clean it up. The calendar rolls over to July, and Eddie
and his friends are playing safari in The Barrens. As they crossed the stream, they
pretended that it was full of piranhas. “He looked into the bright water and for
one moment, between the sunflashes that darted arrows of light into his eyes, he actually
saw the cruising piranhas. They were not part of the make-believe that went with Bill’s
jungle safari fantasy; he was quite sure of that. The fish he saw looked like oversized
goldfish with the great ugly jaws of catfish or groupers. Sawteeth protruded between their
thick lips and, like goldfish, they were orange. As orange as the fluffy pom-poms you sometimes
saw on the suits the clowns wore at the circus.” This incident highlights the connection between
the kids imaginations and It. Their creativity is what makes them more delicious targets,
which is why most of It’s victims are human children. But their imaginations are also
their greatest weapon against It, and we see more of that later on in the summer. The kids tried to go to the dump, but were
chased off by Mr. Fasio, and they ended up going to the gravel pit, where they meet up
with Mike Hanlon and help him fend off The Bowers Gang in a brutal rock fight. At the
end of the battle, Eddie has an asthma attack and has to relieve himself using his aspirator. A few days later, on July 6th, the rain pushes
one of Pennywise’s victims, Jimmy Cullum, out into the sun, where Bill and Eddie pass
within 40 yards of it while bringing in boards for their clubhouse in the barrens. Later
that day, Mike shows the others his father’s Derry photo album, and one of the pages comes
to life because of It, and takes many forms to try to scare them, one of which is the
Leper that Eddie had seen at 29 Neibolt. Later that month, after the group had attempted to perform
the smoke hole ritual, Eddie went to the pharmacy to pick up medication for his mother and himself.
It was July 20th, and on this occasion, the pharmacist, Mr. Keene called Eddie into his
office. “Do you know what a placebo is Eddie?” “I gotta go.” “It’s water Eddie. Water with a squirt
of camphor to make it taste like medicine.” “Your doctor’s weak, and your mother’s
determined that you’re ill. And you my friend, are caught in the middle.” Mr. Keene uses a balloon to demonstrate how
Eddie’s lungs are condensed by his uptight posture, and that may actually have been the
cause of his breathing problems. He explains how a placebo works, and Eddie panics upon
hearing this information and breaks an ice cream glass. Mr. Keene promises not to tell Eddie’s mother
that he broke the glass in exchange for keeping their conversation a secret… quite the opposite
of how it played out in the 2017 movie. “They’re placebos.” “What does placebo mean?” “Placebo means bull****.” “Know what these are? They’re gazebos! They’re bull****!” After leaving Center Street Drug, Eddie runs
into Costello Street Market, and when he comes back out on the street, he encounters the
bullies, and they are looking for revenge for what happened during the rock fight fight
two weeks ago. Eddie spots the bullies shortly after coming
out of Costello Street Market. He tries to go back inside the store, but Henry grabs
hold of him before he gets the chance. Patrick and Vic beat up on him, and Henry pins him
to the ground and fills his mouth up with gravel. Before it can escalate any further, an adult
who works at the market grabbed Henry, but instead of ending it then and there, Henry
fights back and pushes him down before telling him to go back inside, a command that Mr.
Gedreau actually obeys, and goes back to call the cops. Though he was unable to save Eddie,
it did allow enough time for Eddie to run for it — and he is almost able to escape
until he gets to the corner and collides with a little kid on a tricycle, Richard Cowan.
He goes down and Henry comes down on him hard and breaks his arm. When this happens, Eddie
surprises Henry when he starts laughing. The reason for this once again goes back to
Eddie’s mother. She’s sheltered him all these years; been so overprotective of him
that he’s never broken anything before, thinking back to the moment at the shoe store,
he’s never even felt real pain, and because of this, he’s lived in fear of getting injured
and build the idea of it up in his mind as the worst thing ever. So when he actually feels one of the most
painful things happen, it’s not as bad as he imagined it to be, and he starts laughing.
The police officer Mr. Nell eventually found him, but not before Patrick spit in his face,
which I imagine was the most traumatic part given Eddie’s hypochondriasis. In the ambulance, Eddie briefly sees Pennywise
the Clown as the driver, but on second inspection realizes it’s just some guy with a crew
cut. As expected, Eddie’s Mom makes a huge scene
at the hospital acting like she knows better than all the doctors, and I think it’s important
to note how his broken arm was a blessing in disguise for him. He finally has the awakening
about his mother than Mr. Keene tried to give him earlier that day, and suggests that she
leave him alone while the doctors treat him. Sonia is shocked and sees this as an act of
defiance. After visiting hours end, Eddie sees the sun
set out his window, only it’s a huge orange clown pom-pom button, just like the piranha
he had seen in the Barrens. He falls asleep and dreams that his friends came to visit
him in the hospital, but his mom told them off in the waiting room, telling them that
Eddie doesn’t want to be friends with them anymore. Pennywise is also sitting in the
waiting room, but Eddie is the only one to notice him. It then displays several other
forms, the last of which has Mrs. Kaspbrak’s face, suggesting that she too may be a part
of It’s influence. At the end of the dream, Eddie realizes he
was unable to intervene because he was dead, he was a ghost. And that is a trick we call… foreshadowing.
Because Eddie dies. Not right now, but later. The dream sequence may have been an instance
of Shining for Eddie, because he was seeing a slightly different version of the real fight
between his mom and his friends that occurred outside the hospital. “I’ve heard of you Ms. Marsh. And I don’t
want a dirty girl like you touching my son.” Eddie is upset with his mother for sending
his friends away, so she changes tactics to get control back over her son. A study from
the University College London, which sounds like a made up university name that a high-school drop-out
made up to impress a girl at a party but it’s not, found that there are two ways a parent
tends to control their child, behavioural control and psychological control. Child psychologist
Nancy Darling describes a method of the latter, that the parent may use “guilt induction
or make the child feel that they won’t be loved if they don’t do what parents want.
The core of psychological control is that it assaults the child’s self.” So Sonia starts crying to make Eddie feel
bad, but he’s able to see through her act. He calls her out on giving him the placebo
asthma medication, and although he’s not putting up with his mother’s behaviour anymore,
his hypochondriasis is rooted too deep inside of him, and he uses the aspirator as soon
as she leaves. He would go back to sleep, this time dreaming
of a dark place where pumping machinery ran on and on, and he would soon discover it’s
source. Eventually, the rest of the Losers Club returns
to the hospital while Mrs. K isn’t there and they’re able to see Eddie and sign his
cast, and they describe the plan they have to attack It. Eddie sees this even as something
like a contract and they would make good on that contract a couple days after Eddie was
released from the hospital by showing up at the house where Eddie had first had his encounter
with It: 29 Neibolt Street. Eddie’s aspirator goes around and each member
of the Losers Club takes one puff before going in and fighting Pennywise. Before going in,
Eddie notices that the roses that the Leper had touched during his encounter had died. With all seven of them united, they are able
to drive the monster down into the sewers. The last real day of Eddie’s childhood came
on August 10th, when he was in town with Richie and Stan on a strangely silent afternoon.
They end up meeting up with everyone else, and Beverly warns them about her recent encounter
with Henry Bowers, who had snapped and tried to kill her. Bill realizes that It is starting
to control Henry, and the seven of them decide now is the time to try to put an end to it.
They drop Eddie’s Parcheesi board in the clubhouse and head to the sewers. But Eddie
has the feeling that they’re being watched. As the seven of them headed to the pumping
station where they could enter the sewers, a rock came out of the bushes and hit Mike
— it was Henry, Belch and Victor. A storm brews above them as they flee to the pumping
station. Eddie is unable to climb the ladder on his own with his cast and rides on Bill’s
back. Eddie’s bravery shines through here perhaps
more than any other time. The boy who earlier that summer had reservations about wading
in the stream in the Barrens because of bacteria was now trudging through pipes flowing with
literal ****-water, but his most heroic moment was yet to come. He was asked to lead the way because of his
impeccable sense of direction, and as he did so, he sensed that It had been there. After
traveling for a while, Eddie has the realization they are now deeper than the sewer pipes should
normally go, and were now at the level of mine shafts or something. Just then, the group is attacked by It, in
the form of a giant eye with six tentacles that grabs, Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Stan
and Mike. Eddie may have been the one left unrestrained because It believed that he’d
be the weakest with his broken arm, but the monster underestimates Eddie’s strong imagination. Eddie believes that his aspirator contains
battery acid, and sprays it into the eye, causing immense pain to It, and follows that
up with a little combo action, by delivering a series of kicks to the eye, as if this were
some kind of Legend of Zelda boss. He actually lost his shoe when it got stuck in the jelly
of the eye, and hearing Eddie’s aggressive screams as he saved his friends gave them
the strength to get free. The eye disappeared. The next attack came from the giant bird,
which swoops in and claws Eddie. This time, Stan is the one to save them, and they follow
a pile of children’s bones to make it to the lair of It. It is here that Bill has his interdimensional
battle with It, and upon coming out, Eddie claims he heard the monster dying as It retreated
deeper into the sewers. They coudn’t stick around to find out for
sure. The chamber was flooding because of the storm, and the group counted on Eddie
to get them out. But it was at this point that Eddie went from being like Google Maps
to being like Apple Maps and started to get lost. The group felt like they were drifting
apart, an early symptom of the memory loss that would occur when they all left Derry. It was only Bev’s love that could reunite
them and make Eddie realize where he had turned wrong. Good word choice. Out of everyone, it was the easiest for Eddie
to make the promise that they’d come back if It wasn’t dead, because he believed the
most that they had killed It. Unfortunately for Eddie, he was wrong. He stayed in Derry for at least a couple years,
until he and his mother relocated to Queens, New York. When Eddie became a young man, he
tried to escape his mother on three separate occasions, but I think it was because he didn’t
have the shared power of his friends in the Losers Club that he was unable to fight Sonia’s
psychological control like he did that day in the hospital, and he ended up returning
home all three times. Mrs. Kaspbrak never wanted her son to go away to college or get
married. Luckily for him, he had a natural talent for
navigation and driving, leading him to eventually start his own limousine company, Royal Crest
Limousine. Despite becoming successful, he continued to live with his mother. She continued
to obsess over his health into his adulthood, and continued to neglect her own, and by age
64, her weight exceeded 400 lbs, a size that even Ben Hanscomb couldn’t have dreamed
of reaching. In the year 1980, Sonia Kaspbrak died of congestive
heart failure. When Eddie goes in for his own checkup later that year, his doctor notices
the greenstick fracture and asks if he fell out of a tree as a kid, and Eddie can’t
even remember how he had broken his arm back in the summer of ‘58. In 1981, he leaves home one more time, but
ends up coming back with Myra, a fellow limo driver who he decided to make his wife. Just like
his mother, she’s a regular porker… “What a porker…” …and Eddie thinks he may have married her
because of her strong resemblance to Sonia, a resemblance so strong that they just decided
to toss the wife character in the 1990 mini-series and have Eddie just still living with his
mother. Eddie and his wife relocate to Long Island,
New York. When Eddie gets the call from Mike Hanlon
about the return of It in 1985, his wife uses the same psychological tactics that his Mom
would have used on him, making him feel guilty for leaving her. As the memories of his past
trickle back, his asthma worsens as well, and he has a thought about him coming back
in a hearse. Eddie has one of his driver take him to Penn
Station, where he’s able to catch a train to Cape Cod, where another limo company that
he has an affiliation with lends him a car that he takes the rest of the way back to
Derry, Maine for the first time since his childhood. Eddie goes to a reunion lunch at the chinese
restaurant where Mike catches them up on all that has gone down in Derry. When they get
their fortune cookies at the end of the meal, each cookie is manipulated by It, and the
mutated cricket that comes out of Eddie’s reminds him of the crickets he has never been
able to exterminate from his basement. It’s a bit different in the mini-series. “YEEEAUUGHHHHAUUGHHGH!!!!” Ahh, that Eddie. So chuckalicious. The Losers plan to meet up again at the library
that night, and in the meantime, Eddie gets off the bus at a random cross street of Kansas
St. He comes up on Tracker Bros Truck Depot, which
was the prime spot for playing baseball as a kid, though Eddie would only shag balls
because his mom believed he would get hurt if he played. It is while Eddie is alone here at the now
defunct truck depot where he notices a concrete cylinder with the label: Derry Public Works,
and remembers it as one of the entrances to the sewers. That’s when he hears a voice,
inviting him to come play. Eddie had only seen two balls hit over the
fence at Tracker Bros, both came off the bat of Belch Huggins. This was well before the
baseballs were juiced in 2019, and in one of the two home runs, Belch actually knocked
the cover off the ball. Just then, in 1985, a similar coverless ball
flies back onto the field of play, as if it were some kind of Paul Goldschmit home run
at Wrigley Field. Man, I h*te that guy. Strongly dislike, I mean. Strongly dislike him. Then Eddie sees Belch climb over the fence,
though this was no ordinary Belch, he looked like the leper from 29 Neibolt. The canvas
squares that the kids used to use as bases rose from the ground, and flew at Eddie. Tony
Tracker, who would often watch the kids play back in ‘58, came out of the ground at home
plate in what I can imagine looked like a demented mega evolution of Diglett. Then he
sees a zombified version of his childhood crush Greta Bowie, and she tells him she had
died in a car accident when she was 18, which may be It essentially telling Eddie he’ll
never be with the girl he wants, he’ll be stuck with someone who is the equivalent of
his mom forever. Eddie also sees Patrick Hockstetter’s zombie as he ran for it, eventually collapsing
once he was safe in McCarren Park. That night they all meet at the library, and
everyone brings booze. Eddie brings a gin and prune juice because he thinks it would
be healthy. If you didn’t already know this… if something has alcohol, it does not qualify
as healthy. Not even White Claw, and that stuff is more watered down than Paramore’s
last two albums. It uses its influence on the town to chase
them out of the library, so they go back to the hotel, where Eddie sees his aspirator
roll across the table by itself and notices balloons tied to the podium at the front desk
reading: “asthma medicine gives you cancer,” a likely taunt from It about the absence of
Eddie’s father. Everyone goes back to their rooms, and after
some time, Eddie hears a knock on his door and voice tells him it’s the bellboy with
a message from his wife. As he’s opening the door, he realizes that
this was no bellboy, it was Henry Bowers, coming at him with a knife. Eddie closes the
door on his arm, and the knife drops, but Henry is able to force his way in. Eddie smashes
a bottle and stabs at Henry’s eye as they tussle and Henry shoves him back into a table,
falling down and impaling himself on the bottle, but Eddie’s arm is once again broken in
the process. Bill, Beverly, Richie and Ben reconvene at
Eddie’s room. Henry’s knife has somehow disappeared and Henry was dead, but after
finding out Mike was also attacked, they want to take no more chances. They decide to go to the Barrens and finish
what they started 27 years ago. They piled into Eddie’s limo, and when they arrived
in the Barrens, the manhole cover was already open, waiting for them. The pumping machinery
was off, just as it was that August day in 1958, and again, Eddie had to go down into
the sewers on Bill’s back. Eddie navigated them down once more to reach
the lair of the spider, or at least, what they perceive to be the spider. “Silly boy. You still think you can see
me? Heh heh heh…. You’ll never see me. You’ll see only what your little mind can
allow.” Bill engages in the interdimensional mind
battle with It, and Richie joins him. So Eddie, Beverly and Ben are the only ones conscious
in the real, physical chamber, but Eddie can momentarily sees the form of his Mom’s head
take shape on the spider. He senses his friends are in danger and tries to help like he did
in 1958. Roll it. “This is battery acid. Now you disappear.
Wha– AGHHH!!” In the novel, Eddie reaches into the spider’s
jaws and sprays the aspirator, and It bites down and rips Eddie’s arm off with ease,
leaving him to bleed out on the floor of the chamber. “Richie please. For the last time, don’t
call me that.” Those were the last words that came out of
Eddie’s mouth. His vision about coming back to New York in a hearse, however, would not
become a reality, as his friends were desperate to escape after defeating It. They were in
bad condition, and had to carry back Bill’s catatonic wife who they had rescued there.
They left Eddie’s behind as the chamber began to flood once more, and felt that it
was somehow fitting; that this is where Eddie was supposed to be. Eddie Kaspbrak was never the most physically
gifted member of the Losers Club, but it was his mental strength that allowed him to save
his friends’ lives as kids. But unfortunately for him, without their returned support for
most of his life, he was unable to break away from the psychosomatic stranglehold of his
mother, even after her death, and he was unable to replicate his magic when he went up against
It as an adult. To fully understand the Losers Club, you’ll
need to see these episodes of Horror History for my analysis, but first, make sure you’re
subscribed to CZsWorld for new horrors every week, ring the deathbell for notifications,
and I’ll see you in the next one. Assuming we both survive.

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