Israeli Librarian Helps You 馃嚠馃嚤 馃摎 ASMR In HEBREW

Hello, how can I help? Oh, you would like to join the library? Yes, with pleasure. Please have a seat. Nice to meet you. I’m Sivan. Are you transferring here from another library? Oh, you’re new to Israel. Lovely. Where are you from? From England. I see. So yes, you have come to the right place. This is the English part of our library. Here you will find all the things that are in other libraries in Israel, but in English. Yes, we have many books and lots of different things, such as educational games, DVD, audiobooks, music. All sorts of items that may be used in the library, or taken home. I’m so pleased you have found us. I think the first thing we’ll do is take your details, so we can issue you a library card. Yes? Fantastic. Let’s start. I’ll type some personal details in here, and it will take about 10-15 minutes for your card to be printed. During this time you may wander around the library and pick items that you’d like to take home. And then we’ll check them out properly through the computer. Okay, let’s gt started. I’ll just bring up the correct document. Okay, firstly, what is your name? We’ll start with your first name. Okay, great. Surname? Great. Date of birth? Oh so it’s your birthday very soon. How wonderful. Our library sends out a card when it’s your birthday, so expect that in the mail. Yes. Okay, now we’ll move to your address. Other than sending a birthday card, we also send greeting cards for the holidays. But other than that no, you won’t receive much mail from us. So house number? Yes, and street? Okay, city? Great. Now I’ll just ask you for your email address. So we use email to give you information about many things we have in the library during the year. We sometimes have reading together for kids. And book club for adults. Yes, it’s all in English. We also give lessons in basic Hebrew for new immigrants. We sometimes have art classes. All sorts of fun things both for kids and adults. So all the information for these events is sent via email. You can expect an email from us about once a month. No, not more than that. Great, so lets take your email address. Great. Excellent. And phone number? We use your phone number to remind you of overdue books. Yes, you can borrow books for three weeks. DVD for a week. Music CDs also a week. I think audiobooks for a bit longer, but it’s best to check with them. They’re just in the department downstairs. To prevent you from paying a fine we send a reminder text. Usually it’s two to three days before you need to return the books. Great, so telephone number. Zero… yes, great. Now I’ll ask you about the topics you’re interested in. And that’s for us to know what our members like, so that when our buyer orders new items once a month, he can order things that our members really want. Okay, so what topics interest you? Philosophy? Yes, we have many philosophy books. But we always order more as there are always new releases. What else? Okay, anything else? History, yes, yes. Yes, cooking? Great. What about children’s books? Yes, you have three children? Great, let’s put that in. And what are their ages? Okay. Great. So now I’ll send all of these details to our department that will print a membership card for you. And as I said it will take about 10-15 minutes. In the meanwhile you’re invited to wander around the library and see what we have. I’ll also give you a basket and you’re invited to put in whatever you’d like to take home. Every department will have details regarding how many books you can borrow, and for how long. Yes, we allow extensions, but only if no one else has reserved that book. So if you’ve borrowed a book for three weeks and you don’t finish reading it, and you’d like to extend it, it’s best to phone the library and ask if anyone has reserved this book,. If not, you are welcome to extend it. Yes, you can do it over the phone. You don’t have to come in person. Good, so here’s the basket, I’ll just pass it to you. You’re invited to put in whatever you find. You can come back to me when you’re finished and we’ll continue. Great. Enjoy. Hi, you’re back. Wonderful. How was it? Did you wander around the library? Great. Did you find things that interested you? Great, i’m glad to hear. Yes, your membership card is here. I’ll just find it here, just a second. I’ll just write a few details so we know you have received it. I’ll just write the name. Okay, and today’s date. Hmm remind me, what is the date today? Of course, December. Okay so we have a library card… date… great, we’re finished. Yes, I’ll give you the card now. So this is the card. A small plastic card. It has a barcode on the back so when you want to borrow a book you simply swipe. So this card doesn’t cost you money, and every member gets one card. I recommend you put it somewhere safe, perhaps in your purse? Because if you lose it then ordering a new once will cost you money. No, not much, but still, it’s better not to lose it. Great, I’ll pass you the card. You’re welcome. So let’s see what you have in your basket. We’ll put it aside. And we’ll start. Okay, so I see you took the recipe book. It’s wonderful as here we have many recipes gathered from other members of the library that volunteered to add a recipe. And you are also welcome to add one. As you can see we have many pages. Great, enjoy. I hope you find recipes here that you’ll enjoy making. So let’s put this aside. What else do we have here? A children’s cookbook. It’s an excellent book with lots of pictures. Let’s have a look inside. It also opens in such a way that you can stand it up in the kitchen. It has the Contents Page here, with all the recipes in the book. And they are all things that are very easy for kids to make. So I hope your kids will enjoy. Great, let’s see what else you have here. I can see a History DVD here. It’s great. It’s a 7-hour DVD.Let’s just check. Yes, seven hours. Very interesting. It’s all of mankind’s history, from the beginning of time, until today. I’m certain you’ll enjoy this DVD if you like History. Great, okay so we’ll put it aside. What else do we have here? A few things about cooking, a History DVD, let’s see what books you’ve chosen. Aha, we have a very special book about Nelson Mandela. We actually got this recently. I’m not sure if anyone has ever borrowed it before because I think we’ve only had it for a week or two. Something like that. I’ll show you inside. There are many pictures of his life. Yes, we can have a look at a couple of pictures together. Here is a photo of him with Bishop Desmond Tutu, and it says “Truth, and the road to reconciliation”. There are lots of interesting pictures here. “Nelson Mandela for president.” Yes,this is a very interesting book. And we’d love to hear what you though about it after reading it. So that the next person who wants to borrow this book can have some feedback. Because as I said I’m almost certain you’re the first person borrowing this book. Great, let’s put it here. And I see that you have another book here. A classic. The Theories Of Everything. It has very special pages in gold. And let’s have a look inside. Very beautiful pictures. Great, so we have these items left. I see you’ve taken a game for the kids. Rummikub. I’ll just open it to make sure all the pieces are here. So here we have the instructions. Okay, and the tiles. Great, I can see that all the pieces are here. And we’ll just ask to be very careful so we don’t lose any pieces. We’ll close the box. And I see you have another game here. Chess. Now it’s fairly heavy. Because it’s made of wood. So we’ll do the same thing and open it to make sure everything is in the box. So here we have the board. And yes, the board is quite heavy so I don’t know how… Do you have a strong bag? Because you have many books and items. You came with a car. Okay, a bag and a car. Great. Okay, and we’ll check that all the pieces are really here. So here we have the instructions. And the pieces are in a bag. And the other colour. I’ll open the bag. The pieces are very small. No, not heavy at all. Who is the game for, you or the kids? Both. The kids will play with you. Great, that’s wonderful. Great, It looks like all the pieces are here. So we’ll close the bag. And I think we’re finished. So I’ll just take the card back. Great, And we’ll take out all the items. Great, so we have: a recipe file, a children’s cookbook, a history DVD, a Nelson Mandela book, and another book Theories Of Everything, and we have a game of Rummikub and a game of Chess. Great, That’s all for today. I’m very glad I could help. Welcome to our English library here in Israel. I hope we will see you many more times, and the children too. May you use the library often and enjoy it. Great, so thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you. Don’t forget your card. So I’ll see you next time you visit.

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