Is there any truth to the King Arthur legends? – Alan Lupack

“Here lies Arthur,
king who was, and king who will be.” So reads the inscription
on King Arthur’s gravestone in Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur. Writing in the 15th century, Malory couldn’t have known how prophetic
this inscription would turn out to be. King Arthur has risen again
and again in our collective imagination, along with his retinue of knights, Guinevere, the Round Table, Camelot, and of course, Excalibur. But where do these stories come from,
and is there any truth to them? King Arthur as we know him
is a creation of the later Middle Ages, but his legend actually has its roots
in Celtic poetry from an earlier time: the Saxon invasions of Britain. After the Romans left Britain in 410 CE, Saxon invaders from
what’s now Germany and Denmark quickly capitalized on the vulnerability
of the abandoned territory. The inhabitants of Britain fought
fiercely against the invaders through several centuries of turmoil. There are hardly any written records
from this time, so it’s difficult to reconstruct
an accurate history. However, surviving poetry from the era
gives us some clues. One of the poems, The Gododdin, contains
the very first reference to Arthur, though Arthur himself
doesn’t actually appear in it. It says a different warrior,
named Gwawrddur, was skilled at slaying his enemies,
but was no Arthur. That’s not much to go on, but whoever this Arthur was, he must’ve been
the gold standard of warriors. Whether he ruled anyone, or even lived
at all is, unfortunately, less clear. Despite this uncertainty, references to Arthur caught
the attention of an aspiring historian hundreds of years later. In 1130, Geoffrey of Monmouth
was a lowly cleric with grand ambitions. Using Celtic and Latin sources, he spent years creating
a lengthy chronicle titled, “The History
of the Kings of Britain.” The centerpiece
of this tome was King Arthur. History is a generous term
for Geoffrey’s account. Writing six hundred years after
the Saxon invasions, he cobbled together fragments
of myth and poetry to compensate for the almost
complete lack of official records. A few of his sources contained
mentions of Arthur, and some others were realistic accounts
of battles and places. But many featured mythic heroes
fighting long odds with the help of magical swords
and sorcery. Geoffrey blended them all: A magical sword called Caledfwlch and a Roman fortress called Caerleon
appeared in his source material, so Geoffrey’s Arthur ruled from Caerleon
and wielded Caliburnus, the Latin translation of Caledfwlch. Geoffrey even added a wise
counselor named Merlin, based on the Celtic bard Myrrdin,
to Arthur’s story. If Arthur did live, he would likely
have been a military leader, but a castle-bound king better fit
Geoffrey’s regal history. Geoffrey’s chronicle got the attention
he’d hoped for, and was soon translated from Latin
into French by the poet Wace around 1155 CE. Wace added another centerpiece of
Arthurian lore to Geoffrey’s sword, castle, and wizard: the Round Table. He wrote that Arthur
had the table constructed so that all guests in his court
would be equally placed, and none could boast that he had
the highest position at the table. After reading Wace’s translation,
another French poet, Chrétien de Troyes, wrote a series of romances
that catapulted Arthur’s story to fame. He introduced tales of individual knights
like Lancelot and Gawain, and mixed elements of romance
in with the adventures. He conceived Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere’s love triangle. In addition to interpersonal intrigue,
he also introduced the Holy Grail. Chrétien probably based his Grail’s powers
on magical objects in Celtic mythology. He lived in the middle of the Crusades, and others imposed the preoccupations
of the time on the Grail, casting it as a powerful relic
from the crucifixion. Numerous adaptations in French
and other languages followed from Chrétien’s work. In the course of these retellings,
Caerleon became Camelot, and Caliburnus
was rechristened Excalibur. In the 15th century, Sir Thomas Malory synthesized
these stories in Le Morte D’arthur, the basis of many modern accounts
of King Arthur. In the thousand years since Arthur
first appeared in a Celtic poem, his story has transformed over
and over to reflect the concerns of his chroniclers
and their audiences. And we’re still rewriting
and adapting the legend today. Whether or not the man ever lived, loved, reigned, or adventured, it’s undeniable that the character
has achieved immortality.

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  • Yes there is. One character is a very real person.
    Myrddn Wylt.
    When he was baptised he was given the christian name of Merlinus Calidonensis.
    Merlin of the Calidonian forest.
    He was a welshman and his baptism is registered and there is a stained glass window in a church near the forest depicting his conversion.

  • Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote 3 books on Merlin. In the 2nd he introduced him to king arthur.
    That story stuck.
    The 3rd book he tried to correct that.
    But the story of Merlin and Arthur was too popular.
    The fact is they never met.
    Arthurian legends state he saw off an army by the ficticious Roman emporer Titus Lucias.
    That emporer was actually real.
    They are two emporers.
    The first and the last Roman Emporers that presided over the Roman / Germanic war.
    Lucius dying on his way back to Rome.
    This means. That means Arthur is more likely Hengest
    The leader of the Saxons. That makes the Saxons refugees from that war. And gives a clear cut time frame for migration.

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    In the game there is king Arthur Merlin Round table Lancelot and others

  • Everyone read the research of Alan Wilson! King Arthur is REAL and this is proven!

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  • King authur is a real as the British empire

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  • 410 AD not ce

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    Arthur: I don't want it

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  • Arthur drank milk from the bosom of the Lady of the Lake and became a superhuman king with a badass sword.

  • It wasn’t an invasion though, right? Genetic tests show that the majority of the genetic makeup of ethnic Brits today is Celtic, not Germanic.

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  • He is well recorded: ARTHWYS AP MEURIG from Glamorgan, Southwest Wales ! No legend but true and real hidden history !

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  • They said Arthur would rise again and he did but not how we think he rose in our minds and hearts :3 there ya go

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  • Arthur Pendragon was from Wales. Look at the Welsh flag for a start. Go to a page where you can translate the English word 'bear' into Welsh. You will get 'Arthur.'. The Welsh monks wrote about him. He fought on the Welsh borders. There is a book written about this and a tv programme done. The author spent a lifetime researching this. I am not Welsh myself.

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  • Someone named Alan should know the answer to this question! “King Arthur” is Geoffrey of Monmouth’s tribute to Count Alan Rufus, “Flower of the Kings of Britain”.

  • As the sword in the lake motif was from.the SCYTHIAN legends of BATRAZ, or BATRAAZ, and, as philologists have tied BAT-RAZ, or BUDHA-RAJA ( reg/rex/raz) to the SCYTHIAN ( Sakae) BUDDHA SIDDH-ARTHA ( Sir Arthur / Siddhartha). As the Christiam tale of Saint JOSAPHAT was based off of the BODHISATTVA in the Lalitavistara. So did the Buddha throw hos sword into the lake upon renounciation in this chronicle/ sutra

  • As far as I remember, Arthur used both Caliburn and Excalibur…
    He pulled Caliburn from the stone, but later broke it in battle. After that, he got Excalibur from the lady of the lake.

  • 4:39 – Caerleon does exist. It is a surburban village just north of the City of Newport in Wales. Beneath it lie the remains of the Roman settlement known as Isca Silurum. The Britons were pushed to the West after the Germanic tribes arrived.

  • History is based on on who wrote it. Fantasy, fact or fiction is difficult to determine over centuries. Religion is a good example. We humans believe everything that is written as the truth. Same with main stream media. A blatant lie repeated enough times becomes the truth. Highly likely becomes solid evidence without proof.

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  • Poor Gwawrddur, known in history as "not Arthur"

  • BS knows no bounds.
    Arthur wasJesus incarnated. The Druids knew that. Who else would be the One and Future King?
    Excalibur is mythological. It is, as I wrote lately, the energy to separate the Viable from the non-Viable at the Endtime!

  • I think the sword in the stone is not call Excalibur, but is Caliburn; the sword in the lake is called Excalibur instead.

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  • And then another author from Japan also added some more details to the lore, which is that the King was actually female, and her name was Arthuria, and she could be summoned as one of the heroes in a war of mages with the Holy Grail as the prize. Arthuria ended up being summoned by a red-haired high school boy.

  • So is Arthur and the members of the round table true

  • After Rome Left Britain Was Still A Very Roman Country But To Help Them With The A Wae They Hired German Mercenaries Or The Anglo Saxons Who For Helping Britain Gave Them Some Land But They Late Invaded The Rest But Was Stopped By A Peace Treaty That Let The Anglo Saxons Keep All There Land And Leaved What Is Know Wales And Cornwall To The British Which Later Became Wales

  • King Arthur is A Star warrior and dream commando

  • The names were probably modernized cognates of the originals.

  • That narrator has a great voice and knows his French pronunciation!

  • But where was the mighty Tim the Enchanter in all this?!

  • No, in Celtic languages such as welsh, Arth means bear. The poet was saying that that bloke was a good soldier but didn’t have the strength of a bear. It wasn’t talking about a person

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  • King Arthur is no other than Pres. Trump …

  • Thank you!

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  • I’ve heard that Camelot is a silly place

  • My source said that king arthur was a girl. And been reborn on this era to participate in the Holy war.

  • Why does the narrator sound like he could be Merlin? A coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!!!!!

  • Caeleon still exists its Next to Newport (Casnewyedd) South Wales

  • Actually the story of king Arthur, Merlin, the round table, Excalibur etc. originates from Persian myths and stories.

    – Merlin resembles the old Magi priests of Persia, with pointy hats (same with Gandalf). The word magician itself comes from them.
    – Excalibur resembles the Persian Sassanid legends about magical swords. The Sassanids had a sword worship of some kind.
    – The round table originates directly from the Sassanid Persian era. Where knights used round tables in their gatherings. Commanders and common soldiers alike were seen as equal.
    – Chivalry itself, along with knighthood and all that originates from Persian Sassanid era. The Persians introduced knighthood to the world, the main army unit of the Sassanid was a heavy knight, armored from head to toe. Something the Byzantines tried to copy, later the Europeans copied. Arabs and Turks, and Mamelukes also tried to copy the Savaran. Chivalry, i.e. gaining valor, doing good, abiding by a set of honorable guidelines etc. was the motive and goal of the Persian knights, aka Savaran.

    – All this ended when Persia fell to the armies of Islam. Enslavement and genocide followed. The culture was lost, and history was rewritten.

  • I'm here after finishing the entire series of Merlin

  • If you ask me this so called 'legend' probably holds more truth than most of the copies of copies that came out of the Vatican in the 17th century that everyone today takes such pride in regurgitating verbatim. As with so many other things in this world everything is based upon one source for everything and that in this case is Rome/Constantinople. When you really look at history everything points right back to Rome and agents of Rome. Yet this is taken as 'his-story'. Whos story is that by the way? Wheres Mystory? Wrapped up in Mystery I guess…

  • Was two king artthur check ALAN WIKSON FOR FACTS

  • King Conn of 100 battles.

  • O yes there is truth.

  • Came here after finishing fate zero and fate stay night.

  • Wait I thought that Caliburn and Excalibur were different swords

  • But Excalibur isnt Caliburn. Arthur pulled Caliburn from the stone but he acquired Excalibur from the lady of the lake. If im not mistaken

  • I lean towards Alan Wilson's work.
    The Camulodunum – Aththe hypothesis is very intriguing.

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  • Am I the only one who does not know a lot about King Arthur But Still finds him interesting?

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  • The Nights Who Say "Ni"

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  • Some Romano-Briton guy becomes a warlord and fights invading Saxons. The end.

  • I need a small favor. It'll be very useful for me if you are presenting a video on The Holy Grail and The Life Of Robinhood.

  • The Percival family (think of Sir Percival in the Grail stories), claim as their ancestor William, a younger brother of Alan Rufus. This is the William who in another tale went to Germany to serve the Holy Roman Emperor. He suppressed a rebellion at Agaunum (Saint-Maurice) in Switzerland and was given approval to construct a castle. (Bretons are great builders.)

  • For a name to have come down through the ages, and his fame to have spread over such a large region, and people very recently in the British Isles uses to insist that Arthur will return (some still believing that in fact he still lives in some form in the Isles to the West of Britain); their must be some truth to the idea that King Arthur existed. Remember, Troy WAS rediscovered when people thought that it was just a myth.

  • All of the history of king Arthur can be found in Welsh history Arthur was real. The problem is that so many historians who had no knowledge of Welsh language messed around with it and now people think he was fiction and English. He was the king of glamorgan and us Welsh know this to be true

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  • King Arthur is so gorgeous. She has class, elegance and the spirit of a knight. She truly deserves to be the bride of Gilgamesh, the King of heroes.

  • This video is full of disinformation. Search Alan Wilson and Anthony Blackett's work on King Arthur which will provide a better understanding of the real man. Also, if you type in "Alan Wilson interview King Arthur", you'll find some good material.

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