Is Link Stuck in the Friendzone With Zelda? (Legend of Zelda)

He saves her life all the time and never complains. We’re talking about the beloved video game
character, Link, and the beautiful princess Zelda. But does Zelda appreciate his efforts? Depending on which game you’re playing,
the dynamics of the relationship often seem confusing with not so much as a hug exchanged
between the two. And while we’re looking into the matter,
we may as well try to figure out why Link’s other potential romantic liaisons never seem
to go anywhere either. For your amusement, we’ve opted to stick
our nose where it doesn’t belong and delve into the topic of Link’s love life in order
to answer the big question: is Link in the friendzone? You’d think that because of his physical
fitness, agility, superb fighting ability, and stash of impressive weaponry that Link
would have no problem with the ladies. He’s also not a bad-looking guy as evidenced
by others’ reactions of him. For the sake of being thorough, we’re going
to run through this game by game. But, before we go on, we should warn you that
this episode contains spoilers, so if you haven’t played any of the Legend of Zelda
games yet, we’d recommend doing so before continuing this video. The first game up for discussion on this list
is Link’s Awakening. In this game, Link wakes up on Koholint Island
to find Marin, a girl who kind of looks like Zelda. Even though the game is essentially a dream,
there are definitely a lot of hints that Marin likes Link. There is a scene on the beach under some palm
trees where she wants to know everything about him, before awkwardly retracting the question. At another point she almost confesses her
love but gets interrupted by her father. Although maybe admitting your love for someone
in front of your father isn’t a great idea to begin with. When you literally pick up Marin later, the
game asks “Is this your chance?” heavily implying a relationship. Link could never be with Marin though, as
at the end of the game the entire Island goes away due to the windfish being awakened. The phrase, “not even in your dreams,”
strikes true relevance here. The next game on our list is Ocarina of Time. When Link meets Zelda in this game, there
is nothing special early on. She has a vision and realizes Link is the
hero of time. Later she trusts him with the ocarina. However, as the game progresses, she gives
Link the light arrows needed to defeat Ganon right before she is taken away. After Link defeats him, they share a moment,
actually holding hands at the ending cutscene – finally, some action, right? But no, not really. Hand holding is the furthest Link gets with
the Zelda in this game. Malon is another suggested love interest in
Ocarina of Time. After waking her father up from a long slumber
on a milk delivery, she thanks Link and teaches him Epona’s Song. In case you didn’t already know, Epona is
Link’s horse. The song Malon teaches allows him to mount
Epona and eventually win her to ride across Hyrule. Not too much is known about the romantic part
of the relationship between Link and Malon. Though it is possible that they end up together
due to Twilight Princess Link growing up in Ordon, a farm town at the edge of Hyrule,
it is not explicitly shown. Thus, we are mostly left in the dark about
whether Link had any success with this particular relationship. In all likelihood though, this was strictly
another friend relationship and nothing more. Ocarina of Time is full of potential damsels
for Link and Saria is another one. Saria, being Link’s childhood friend in Ocarina
of time, was always kind to him and stuck up for him when the others in the kokiri forest
did not. She even gave him the fairy ocarina. She teaches Link “Saria’s Song” so that
he can talk to her no matter where in Hyrule he goes. However, they are just childhood friends and
nothing more. Now we turn to Ruto, another potential love
interest for Link and a member of the Zora. Once he meets Ruto inside Jabu Jabu there
really isn’t much to say other than she is a stuck-up fish princess. She forces him to carry her everywhere through
the dungeon to find Zora’s Sapphire. Talk about high maintenance! When Link does get the Sapphire, she gives
it to him, but only in exchange for a promise of marriage. We do not encourage committing to a marriage
at age 10, but if you do, you might not want to do it with a fish woman. Things could get a little smelly… Later in the game, Ruto is angry at link for
making her wait years to see him again. Once again, she is depicted as being controlling
and there are a lot of red flags with this potential relationship. While Link could not be in the friend zone
with this particular character, he is probably wise to maintain a safe distance from her. After all, she seems a little unstable. In this case, it is a good thing Link isn’t
overly desperate. Before we move on to another game, we should
mention the character, Nabooru. When Link first encounters her, she first
just uses him to get the silver gauntlets and doesn’t think much of him. However, she later comments that she would
not have treated him so poorly if she knew what a handsome man he would become. It is uncertain what would have happened with
this relationship if allowed to continue. But, alas, Link seems to be once again denied
this potential rendezvous. Poor guy can’t seem to catch a break! The third game on our list is Majora’s Mask. In this game, the hinted love interest under
discussion is Cremia. After completing the side quest for Romani’s
mask, if you play the same side quest a second time after resetting the game with song of
time, there is a chance Cremia will give Link a hug. Yes, an actual hug! Finally, right?! It is about time! But this is all the relationship leads to
and we should mention that it is more of just a simple “thank you” hug. Since Cremia is Romani’s older sister, her
relationship with Link is strictly platonic. Nothing happens here and Link is once again
placed in the dreaded friend zone. Next, we briefly discuss Tetra from the game,
Wind Waker. Tetra is a pirate that takes Link away from
Outset Island. Their relationship is complicated as Tetra
doesn’t really want to have anything to do with Link at first besides a business type
of relationship. However, Link saves her when she is kidnapped,
and Tetra is eventually revealed to be princess Zelda. But nothing really happens between the two
of them in this game. Thus, we do not think it is worthy of further
examination. Okay, now we turn our attention to Twilight
Princess. No, not “Twilight” as in sparkling vampires. Twilight Princess, the game! In this game, there are a few potential love
interests, one being Ilia. There’s one particular scene where Link
had a perfect opening to make a move with Ilia but didn’t. We suppose you could say it was one of those
“dude…” moments. The villager children and Gorons even left
the room to grant Link and Ilia some space so that they could be alone. It was a tender moment in the game with every
inclination that something was cooking romantically between the two characters. Ilia gave Link a floating horse-call necklace
that she made for him and the two were locked momentarily in an admiring gaze. The anticipation was high but, in the end,
it was followed by disappointment. Though Link had every opportunity to venture
out of friendship territory with Ilia right then and there, eye contact was all that ensued. This sparked a lot of frustration for any
fan who had shipped the Ilia-Link dynamic. Do we think Link could have had a shot with
Ilia in this scene? Most definitely. Then why didn’t he do anything aside from
just stand there and stare at her? We suspect that Link must be mostly oblivious
when it comes to love. At least as it pertains to this case… Midna was another potential love interest
that Link did not act on in Twilight Princess. We examined an online thread where a fan posted
that he felt Link stopped caring about Ilia at some point during the game as he grew closer
to Midna. At the conclusion of Twilight Princess, Link
looked upon Midna’s true, humanized form and gaped. You could tell by his expression that he was
clearly attracted and infatuated with her in that moment. Yet, when she gave him an opening, saying
playfully, “what? Say something,” Link just returned with
a blank stare and did nothing. This was arguably another “dude…” moment
for the beloved lead character. If you continue to watch after the credits,
there is another moment at the end of the game when Midna says “Link…” as if she
is about to tell him she loves him. But, alas, she does not. And of course, as it applies to Zelda in this
game, there is nothing more than a platonic relationship between she and Link. Thus, our hero is once again left in the lurch. Next: Skyward Sword. In this game, Zelda and Link are friends from
the start and have liked each other for years. Link has been in a competition with Groose
and others in Skyloft for years to get Zelda’s attention. However, she is uninterested in them. At the sky ceremony at the beginning of the
game, Zelda asks link if he knows “how it ends.” In this moment, she leans against his chest. Aside from the Easter egg hug Link received
from Cremia in Majora’s Mask, this may be the most action he’s ever received at this
point. For a moment, we are led to believe that a
kiss will happen between them, but it does not. Skyward sword is full of many small romantic
interactions and flirtations, especially during the start of the game to help build the foundation
of the relationship. Once the game is over, Link and Zelda decide
to stay on the surface and protect the triforce. Though it is implied that they get together,
the evidence is inconclusive. We can only presume that this was the Hero’s
best chance of winding up with Zelda. Moving on to the game, Hyrule Warriors, Lana
and Cia are the potential love interests. They are two people who were once composed
of one individual. Lana and Cia are so in love with link that
Lana literally splits away from Cia because Cia wants to kidnap Link. Lana wants to save Link and the world, but
Cia just wants link and does not care about the world. Despite having two chicks after him, players
are left disappointed when nothing happens romantically for Link. Dude… Finally, we discuss the last game on this
list: Breath of the Wild. There is plenty in this game to hint that
Link is admired and found attractive to others. Consider Paya for instance. Paya thinks link is handsome and writes about
him in her diary. She is like a giddy schoolgirl with a huge
crush as she stumbles over her words when conversing with him. She also has an embarrassed reaction if he
approaches her without clothing on. Then there is Mipha, a Zora and another girl
in this game who is clearly in love with Link. A declaration of this love was made when she
crafted armor for him. In Zora culture, making armor for a man is
a gesture granted by the female to the one she chooses to marry. Unfortunately, Mipha is a spirit by the time
Link learns this so nothing romantic ensues. It is but a tragic love that only seems to
go one way. If you have collected and watched all the
memories in Breath of The Wild, there is much to hint that something is stirring up romantically
between Link and Zelda. Though she is not fond with him at the beginning,
associating him with her own failures, we clearly see that her view of him abruptly
changes when Link saves her life. The glow in her expression says it all as
he poses heroically in a defensive stance in front of her, guarding her from enemies. Zelda also flings herself into Link’s arms
for comfort in another scene while overcome with despair over Calamity Ganon. So, from what we can tell, some intimacy is
definitely hinted here. Could Zelda finally be forming feelings for
her appointed knight? Unfortunately, we won’t know the answer
to that for sure until the sequel is released. We can only speculate that maybe Link will
finally get lucky. Still, we should mention the complications
with such a match. Being a princess, it is possible that Zelda
is required to marry a prince. Thus, she may be restricted from having a
relationship with Link. Additionally, Link may not want to initiate
something with Zelda because he must abide by his professional duty as her official protector. With this in mind and given Link’s past
history with women, there is a good chance he might let this opportunity slip from his
grasp as well. Since he doesn’t really talk, we can only
speculate that maybe Link’s a little bit socially awkward. He’s a confident fighter – that’s for
sure – but sometimes he can seem very oblivious and perhaps even shy to romantic advances
that are directed towards him. Maybe this is why he never seems to make a
move. Either that or he is just so busy with being
a hero that he doesn’t have time for love. It can be hard to tell. In the majority of the cases we have discussed,
however, it would appear that Link is indeed in the friendzone. We’d have to presume this to be the case
but mainly because he places himself into that category. He is presented with many chances but never
seems to pursue opportunities as they arise. Still, at least he’s not one of those internet
“nice guys” on forums who are angry at the world for being friend zoned. It’s tough to imagine Link wearing a fedora. Overall, our consensus is that, although Link
is friendzoned, he might not be for much longer. Who knows? We might be in for a surprise if the writers
finally have Link act and make his move with Zelda in the highly anticipated Breath of
The Wild 2. Do you agree with us that Link is in the friendzone? Why do you believe he hasn’t initiated any
romantic relationships? Are there any other potential love interests
that we missed on this list? Let us know what you think in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
Is She Into You? Signs & Signals of Attraction! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

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