Introduction to Searching Medline via Ovid

Welcome to searching MEDLINE via Ovid.
In this video I’ll show you how to access this database and give you a brief
overview of the main search page. You can find MEDLINE Ovid on the Health
Sciences Libraries’ website under Quick Links or on the clinical home page under MEDSEARCH. On this page you’ll sign in either as a
guest or using your uniqname and kerberos or level one password. Anyone can use the guest sign on, but this
works only on campus. You can do searches and have access to articles electronically
but you can’t save searches or use any other advanced features of Ovid. We
recommend that you use the authenticated sign-on both on and off-campus. You’ll be
able to save searches and set up email alerts and RSS feeds. I’ll go
ahead and login now. On this screen you can choose the
database to search. As you can see we subscribe to many databases through Ovid
including MEDLINE and evidence based medicine databases. I’m just going to
work in MEDLINE today. There are several MEDLINE databases to choose from. If
you’re unsure which database is the correct one to use click on the “I” to see
a description. The first database listed is MEDLINE
1950 to January Week 3. This is the database that you’ll use most
often. Next is the database of In-Process
Citations–those that haven’t been indexed yet. If you’re looking for
something that’s newly-published look here first. Last is OLDMEDLINE the citations from
1948 to 1965. It overlaps somewhat with the
main MEDLINE database. I’m going to use Ovid MEDLINE so I’ll just click on the
link. Here’s the main search page. The default setting is for advanced
Search, which is where you should do most of your searching. At the top of the page in the upper
right you’ll find the Database Field Guide that gives information on the different
databases. Use the Ask a Librarian link if you have
questions about a search. Your search strategy will be sent along with your
question. To go back to the Main Search Page I’m
going to use this navigation link from Ovid. Always use these links rather than
your forward and back buttons in the browser. Next to Ask a Librarian is a link to
Help from Ovid and then a Logoff link. Be sure to logoff when you’re through
with your work. Note also on the left a Change Database
link that allows you to easily rerun a search in another database. The upper box is where your search
history will be displayed. Below is the search box with the name of the database
that you’re in to the right. For more help using the Ovid interface
from MEDLINE please contact the Health Sciences Libraries.

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