Introducing Umble | Public History #1.33

– Hey, guys! I know these past couple of
weeks have been kinda wild. But I think things are starting
to settle down a bit now. Aunt Betsey worked things out so I could finish the school
year at the high school here. I went there for the first time yesterday, and it was pretty nice. Aunt Betsey’s neighbor’s son, he is a senior there as well, and so he took me there
and showed me around and introduced me to some of the people, and that was really
nice of him. (chuckles) It’s a little surreal that
people are so friendly. I guess that’s the advantage
of being the new kid, huh? You’re at least a little
interesting to people. That was a bit weird,
forget that bit. (chuckles) (knocking on door) Come in. – You’re Trotwood, correct? – Yeah, that’s me. – Your aunt was telling me
that you are quite tech savvy. – I mean, I make videos. – I haven’t even introduced myself. Mariah Heep, pleasure to meet you. – Oh, my aunt Betsey
was talking about you! You’re making an app, right? – Well, I can’t take credit
for the whole operation, but I do work in the
financials. (chuckles) May I? – May you what? – How many people would
you say watch your videos? – Not many, I’m sure. – That’s all right, my boss always says, it doesn’t matter how
many people you pitch to, as long as you pitch. Now, have you ever been completely and utterly overwhelmed with social media? – I guess. – There are just so many apps, and so much time in your day. How are you supposed to
keep track of it all? – I don’t know. (chuckles) – Exactly! That is why, sir, I would like
to introduce you to Umble. It takes all of the best aspects of your favorite social
media sites into one app. No more switching between tabs. Just stick to one place. Umble, a better time online. – Wow. (chuckles) That sounds like a lot. – Well, our CEO is a very talented man. – Umble kinda sounds like
Tumblr, don’t you think? – What do you mean? – Like, the names, Umble, Tumblr. You know, they sound alike. – I don’t understand. – (chuckles) Never mind. – Well, if any of your viewers are interested in the
concept, just go to You’ll put up the link, right? – Yeah, sure, if I can figure out how. – Ms. Trotwood said you were
very good with computers. – (chuckles) I mean,
maybe compared to her, but I don’t really think I know too much. – Okay, it’s fine. Thanks for your time, kid. Good luck with your vlog. – Thank you. So, (chuckles) I’m starting
school again next week, that should give me some
more stuff to talk about. I’m sorry about that intrusion. But, you know, Aunt
Betsey seems to like her, so I guess I’ll try to get to know her. Yeah (chuckles). I guess, bye. (gentle music)

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