Intro to Making Money on YouTube

Hi, my name is Stefan, and I’m
a Monetization Strategist here at YouTube. The question I often hear from creators is
“when can I start making money on YouTube?” So I’m going to explain the basics
of what you need to know to start earning money
with your YouTube channel. Before you can earn money
on your channel, you need an audience. Now, to build an audience you need to make consistent videos
that viewers really like watching. And, like anything on YouTube it’s important that your videos
follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines. After that’s all working for you you can apply to join
the YouTube Partner Program, or YPP which lets creators
monetize their videos on YouTube. To qualify for YPP, you need to be
in good standing with YouTube and have 4,000 valid watch hours
in the previous 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers. Now, we’ve set these thresholds because we want creators
to be good citizens on the platform and these requirements ensure our teams have enough
information to really review your channel. Now, you can apply to YPP at any time,
but once you hit these stats your channel
will be reviewed against our policies and if everything looks good,
you can start earning money from ads and from YouTube Premium subscribers
watching your content. Also, once you’re approved
for the YouTube Partner Program there are other revenue streams
besides ads that you can tap into. Things like
Channel Memberships or Super Chat. As long as you meet their criteria
and they’re available in your country. So that’s the program in a nutshell. Now I’m gonna walk you through
some of the most common questions we get. The first is around channel reviews. Say you think your channel qualifies for YPP
but it hasn’t been reviewed yet. Well, we usually get back to you
in about a month once you hit the review thresholds but you can find more about your status
on the monetization page in YouTube Studio. Until then, keep making great content
and focusing on building your audience. Another question that comes up,
what if your channel isn’t approved? If you’re not approved for YPP it’s likely because your channel doesn’t meet the YouTube Partner Program policies
and Community Guidelines. In which case,
you can re-apply again in 30 days. Before you re-apply,
we suggest you read through these policies. There are some links
in the video description. And go to the monetization page
in your account and review your videos with our YouTube Partner Program policies
and Community Guidelines in mind. The next step is to edit or delete
any videos that violate these policies. Once you’re successfully in the program,
creators often ask “Do I have to meet this threshold every year?” The short answer is, no. However, you do need to stay active
with uploads and community posts. If you’re inactive on your channel
for 6 months and fall below the threshold we may remove your channel
from the Partner Program. So, are you ready?
Apply to join today and stay tuned to this channel
and the Creator Academy for more insights including how to get the most
out of ads and other monetization features. Thanks, and bye for now.

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  • Hi Sir Stefan, how come my channel DEMONETIZED, been 5th month now. Just yesterday, 5th month DEMONETIZED, but I have no email. Why? please review my channel again..

  • It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company. Social media is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy! Subscribe to our channel for FREE value add content on how to take your business to the next level!

  • Someone plz explain what 4000 watch hours are

  • Y'all should reward consistent great content creators that don't have a machine to back them up.
    YouTube algorithm is a lie because yall cosign actors 100% which is lame.
    Fake gamers, fake musicians, fake money guru's, and a bunch if AD revenue to go to a "popular YouTuber"/Actor.

  • Basically this shuts out any niche content creators. I will never reach this threshold making music etude videos.

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  • "You need an audience". "to build an audience you need to make consistent videos that viewers REALLY like watching'. So, basically almost impossible, and when you can finally do it, you will earn almost nothing (ZEROOOO, 2-4 cents per 1000 views or less ) from ads, and your videos will contain a lot of frustrating ads! I mean A LOT!! As you can see, now you can watch ads after ads , I mean you skip an ad(if you are allowed to) comes another ad after closing the first one. In near future people will watch videos between ads. On TV is already happening. If you watch a movie, you watch ads, and between ads they show you parts of movies. Youtube is like google play (same theft) . I make apps and earned less than 50 euro with 10.000 downloads , but for that I payed to google more than 100 euros for…guess what? campaigns ! And everybody who is not in this business things short: 10.000 downloads + 1 euro/download…OMG he made 10.000 euros in 2 months!! It's all illusion. The only real way to make subs is to beg people. Like Kevlyn Joy
    did in comments. She(or he) had 5 subs 2 months ago, now she has 352 just for begging people! I make robots and got 56 subs in 5 years…nice

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    Tolong untuk pihak you tube segera meninjau channel saya…terimakasih

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  • August month my channel got approved for monetization . So far earning 1$ per day.. Keep going guys!

  • 4 000 nécessaires pour demander un examen

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  • Hello Youtube Creators My Channel completed your policies but I'm still not enable to monetization. please you help to checking my channel and tell me back. my channel name Chiva Ye

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  • ادعملي قاناتي

  • Hi

    My channel has been banned from monetization, my channel has not received any violations, I am the owner of the channel and all videos are my property and I own all copyrights, a large channel and has a large number of subscribers and followers and my videos get a great viewership as well as comments and admiration for the content provided

    Please help me and activate the monetization feature

    My channel link:

  • Hello Youtube,

    I write here because i dont really know where else can i ask direct questions.

    So am a Youtuber from Italy ( i do not speak and write very good english sorry in advance ) who started uploading in november 2017.

    I managed to do quickly the previous threshhold of partnership which was 10.000 thousand views basically it took me 2 months.Right when i was getting reviewed for partership the Japan thing happened.

    It shook the comunity and i understood that something had to change.

    So not only for me but for thousands of small channels like mine had to redo everything from scratch which in a certain way it was really good for me i speak in this case because it put me into challenge myself mode to do better quality videos.

    But i have to admit that i made a mistake because i was really frustrated with the fact that i could not get the 4000 watch time hours and the 1000 subscribers as quickly as i thought..let me explaim my mistake.

    In Italy is very popular the Soccer so everytime that somebody score a faboulus goal it will go straight away in the trending page.

    What i did is basically i took a video from Uefa and i reuploaded to my channel and it went Second in the trending page.

    It stood 16 hours in the trending, more or less i cannot remember exactly right now, and it made almost 200.000 thousand views and 3500 hours of watch time i was feeling happy because i thought i found the solution but right when i was getting what i wanted youtube took righfully down the video.

    What i did was really stupid and i kept the video even if it was blocked worldwide because i wanted to keep the hours of watch time that the video made me.

    All of this it happend last year in 2018 in April. I had roughly 3500 hours of watch time 350 subcibers and i was prety confident that i found the solution and i could upload a few more videos untill i will get the monetization theshold.


    Here i am more than one year later and i did upload since then only content of mine putting always my face and creativity to put out there the best content i could possibly make.

    April 2019 came and my 3500 hours of watch time went to 360 hours more or less because the 12 months since i uploaded the Goal Video fineshed. Basically in 12 months period i could not get my threshold for monetization even if i did my best to do great content apparenly was not enough.

    So i decided to take it easy and to enjoy to the fullest what i like to do and put it out there even if the video was making 13 views i did not care because what i came to realize is that i have first to enjoy my self doing what i love and eventually people will get that and slowly will be mo into your stuff. So i understood only one year later what was really the change of threshold really about.

    So lets now get to the point.

    We know in Youtube if you do something new in your country it will get attention.

    I found something that i love and i revisited this format for my country and i put it out there.

    Is 27/08/2019 and i upload a video of 12 hours where i say Luis 100.000 thousand times.

    Crazy challenge but for me was really fun.

    After 3 days of uploading the video it made roughly 35 views but i did not mind because i knew that i wanted to put it out there and i enjoyed doing it.

    Eventually a sort of miracle happened. Bear in mind that in August 27 of 2019 i had 472 subcribers and roughly 1000 hours of watch time.

    Luis which is prety famous in Italy recognise my video ( i dont know how but maybe somebody send it to him to watch what i did )

    He mentioned me in another platform he send me congratulations for my tenacity of putting in the work and complete a crazy challenge.

    He also did leave a comment on that video. All of this happened the 13/09/2019 that day my channel started to blow up.

    Since the 13/09/2019 and today i got from 472 subscibers to 11.000 thousand subscibers and i got the crazy amount of 1.3 million minutes of watch time.

    So finally i got the threshold and the review started automatically.

    It took couple of days to review my channel for youtube and the answer of the review was that :

    My channel does not meet the requirements to have the youtube partnership for monetization because i upload REUSED CONTENT.

    So i was quiet honestly sad for the news but i did not give up and i started question myself where i did wrong.

    I remember quickly that that video of the goal was still in my dashboard of videos.

    I went there and i deleted straight away.

    So now am really confused if the denial was because of that video or because something else.

    So i started looking for info and prety much what i found is that youtube when they review your channel they look for quality content that respect the guidelines a good description to each video to be clear what the video is all about a clear banner a clear profile picture that you put in the work on them to be as good as possible a good information about your channel in the information section.

    I ask kindly Youtube to manually review my channel and tell me please where am making mistakes.

    Please help me out.

    Thank you in advance

    Mario Marku

  • ONLY 17 DAYS. I Complete 1000 subscribers & 4000 watch hours.
    I currently have 15,306 watch hours and 7,630 subscribers. I worked so hard to get my channel approved with all these original content yet I am still not monetized and it really hurts that I cannot support my family.
    I have seen many small channels that were behind me get monetized so quickly and it hurts that after working so hard and I still did not get monetized. I feel so demotivated and depressed sometimes.

  • Get only, 120 subscriber ! :'( will be so long…. ohh wait monetisation ? I don't care lol like if you thinks youtube money is a poison of the system 🙂 free minded !

  • Just hit 100 a day ago, 1/10th of the way there 😀
    Thank you for this video, I really appreciate the information and content here.

  • Please help! My chanele.. 😔😢😭

  • Hello Youtube, Good Morning…

    I have completed 4000 hours and 1000 subscriber.

    My channel is :

    Please review immediately approved.

    Thank you.

  • It still a very long way to go

  • Ohh Thanks 💓🙏🏻

  • Go to may channel , like , comend , shert&subescribe ✌️😄😄

  • 73k subs and 119k watch hours /under review for 2 months (I think).

  • How to earn Subscriber or Viewer? 😢 It's hard.

  • Je veux avoir 4000

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  • Is YouTube games channel apply in YouTube partner

  • Hello Can someone help me?

    My channel is not reusing content. all my videos are made by myself and uploaded to Youtube.

    I do not Artificially inflating video views or creating misleading metadata.

    I make pet videos, I make videos of my cats. I do not Posting videos that incite violence, encourage dangerous acts, or are pornographic.

    What is the reason my youtube channel is not approved to make money. Please give me the answer.
    Thank you guys My channel: Boo Boo Miu Miu

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