Internet vs Yeet Cannon I A brief history of online polls

What The internet got its hands on another poll? Boy oh boy When will these marketing teams learn that the internet is no place for this kind of stuff to be taken seriously! Our newest invention is the yeet cannon God, I wanna yeet myself off a bridge after hearing the name of that. Buckle in phinksters its time for a quick history lessons about online polls Ahh, yes The internet a place of endless entertainment Love Laughter and TROLLS And you know what trolls love more then anything thats right.. Trolling So a gun company named Hi Point has a bright idea and creates a poll to name their new gun Of course the trolls get a handle on this and yeet cannon quickly rises to the top Yeet cannon is a clear winner but the company denies it at first. They dont want to play fair Eventually after enough public backlash they give in Fine.. you can have your stupid yeet cannon But they only compromised half way and called it the yc9 Still a win for the trolls, of course Back in 2012 Mountain dew’s had just released a new flavour of Mountain Dew And there marketing team had a brilliant idea to let the internet decide the name of there new beloved drink Of course we all know how this would go down That’s right I give my kids 4chan quickly found out about this contest and I think we all know whats about to happen next. First the threads started And operation hitler did nothing wrong begins. 4chan is quick to act and soon Hitler did nothing wrong rises to the top But wait it turns out this website wasn’t all that secure. And people managed to hack into the website itself They added things like banners They made the rick roll video start autoplaying when people visited the website And people were allowed to vote as much as they please Mountain Dew eventually stepped in and put an end to the poll and the internets shenanigans releasing this tweet Of course they had the final say in all of this and name they went with was… Apple mountain dew but in 2014 they changed this too electric apple. And so the tale is shut on yet another tragic online polling event But wait there’s more! In 2012 Taylor swifts marketing team decides to hold an online poll to decide which school she should perform at. Woah woah woah stop right there this is getting a bit expensive. Editors are expensive and I’m in debt right now and I cannot afford any more. If you wanna see more quality content like this your going to have too subscribe, share share it with your mates Seriously. Daddy needs that exposure Hope you enjoyed this one

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