Internet Uses & Tools : How to Delete Your Web History in Firefox

Hi, my name is Tod Amazeen, I’ve been a Internet
business consultant for 15 years. I’m going to show you how to delete your web history
in Firefox. First open Firefox by double clicking on the icon on your desktop. Once Fire-fox
is open, select tools from the menu bar, scroll down, and select, clear private data. The
clear private data screen allows you to delete several types of files from your Firefox program,
they include the browsing history, which is the sights you visited, download history,
which are the files that you previously downloaded, the saved form and search history, which is
a record of information you filled out in web forms, and that you’ve entered into search
boxes, cache, which are the files that Firefox downloads in order to display web pages to
you, cookies, which are the small files that websites place on your computer in order to
remember information about you, saved passwords, and authenticated sessions. Now select any
of the ones that you want to delete, I’m going to choose only to delete my cache, so I’m
going to un-select anything I don’t want to. And now that cache is the only item selected,
I’ll click on, clear private data now. You’ve just learned how to delete your web history
in Firefox. I’m Tod Amazeen.

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