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  • that stinks

  • Cars crashing into a Utility Pole, is not a rare occurrence.
    This is no excuse.
    Thank you.

  • that is such bs!

  • I was part of this and there were several simple solutions that were not explored.

    1) Anybody with a cell phone could download their airline's app and get a boarding pass. This outage should have only impacted the few people without a cell phone.
    2) Those checking luggage should have been allowed to take their bags through TSA and checked in at their gates. This would have been relatively easy to do at this airport since planes can be boarded from front and rear at SMF

    The reason that solution 1 or 2 were not considered is because there was nobody from the airport, TSA or the airlines that were prepared for this, empowered to do anything or rectify the situation. It's sad that these entities had no onsite leadership with the ability to work out a solution or solve any of this. Frankly, it was shameful and quite pathetic.

    I hope that there is some follow training or policy changes to address such a problem in the future, but I won't hold my breath.

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