Internet kya hai || History of internet || Tech Fun

send analysis a talisman Giles previously our first computer Bharani silica optic technologic of the Cask of buddha robinia malaga talbert Auriga or deceiver cosmas millet help internet cabacas hello guys hallelujah or Abdi Granger Tackman I won’t be above 70.5% population until a copy of the air you become a donor as Marchman almost 29.5% al-jalil heard my he almost 38% already users head according to internet and mobile association or with custom agua which is absurd version of the other two they are super God but one my hyung just internet would agree Oh internet will you say nineteen fifties came along came the sauce on that except because America gear up travel of Ghana 1969 Javier Martinez first packet switching networks of magazines our destiny book to adjudicate a guru press transfer yeah other 7 1971 men National Science Foundation upon that came with the Central Universities the supercomputer who connect here skate key clicks al-baath 1972 my first email sent here for partment 1973 my Alban itor England or non-medicare they have paliotta DeWitt near the quarry the blue Camaro offers my communications cafeteria sir 19 I think he meant worldwide baby because keys are beaten up in Iran [Music] or as we should be level six equal to the other you before vehicle on the internet we can give it up on a DPL net where it’s net tell little to as much on the internet movement [Music] you

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