Internet History, Technology, and Security with Charles Severance

Hello, my name’s Charles Severance and I’m
a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Michigan school of information. Welcome to my course on internet, history,
technology and security. My goal with this course is to look at how
the internet and World Wide Web came to be and how it works on the inside, not from a
programming or technical perspective but to simply examine it, talk about it. We’ve a basic notion of the history of the
internet. The web was invented in 1990 but in this course
we want to unpack a lot more detail. I was quite lucky in the mid-1990s to host
a national television show about the internet. Hosting that show allowed me and my co-host
interview the people who were actually inventing all this technology at the time. I’m also currently a reporter for IEEE computer
magazine and travel around the world making interviews with technology leaders. We’ll use those interviews to take a look
at the internet and hear people tell us in their own words how things happen, what went
right and what went wrong, what were some of the hidden stories inside this effort. It will be a little like an investigation. We need to hear from these innovators and
listen quickly and construct our own views of the very complex process that resulted
in the internet that we see and use today and once we understand this in more detail
perhaps together we’ll be in a better position to imagine what our future might hold and
what it will take to invent new ways to connect people, information and technology. And in the shorter term I hope that we can
peak your interest in all things technical and encourage you to learn more about programming,
web application design, networks, databases or any other technology so that you can become
not just a consumer of technology but also become a builder or a maker of new technologies
yourself as I hope you will learn from the innovators you meet in this class. The most important traits that lead to success
in technology are curiosity, energy and a willingness to learn. So, with that it’s time to get started. Again, I’m Charles Severance and I’m really
looking forward to having you in my Internet History, Technology and Security course. See you in lecture.

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