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[sound of the shitty laptop] [bling bling] [Time for all ze corez] Acer sent me a computer, specifically the “Acer Predator” vs. Alien 10/10 It’s a fucking gaming laptop. Actually, it’s better
than any other PC I’ve ever had. Well, if something has
a GeForce GTX 1070 on board, then that’s how it is that everything else seems a bit shit. Text: your graphics card They sent me this and thought that I would record
some gameplay or something, but there are few more important things that we need to deal with. Something weird is happening
on the Polish internet. I was surfing the internet recently as is a habit of mine, so that’s what I do. And I see things, weird things, some fucking… A video appeared on YouTube,
where a girl was searching for a Polish boyfriend. WOJTEK So, the Polish internet did something
that Polish internet does every time whenever someone from abroad
mentions something about the Poles, they collectively shat themselves. And so they started SELFLESSLY sharing this material. Wojtek, look,
a girl wants to do it with you. I don’t fucking care if Wojtek has a wife,
I want to believe in miracles. It turned out that it was fake,
a viral commercial, and “Collective Shitting 2: Tokyo Drift”
happened and people are shocked. [waiting for discovery] It’s 2017 AND PEOPLE ARE SHOCKED. In tabloids we can observe
some fucking creepypasta. [waiting for another discovery] Fucking, who is Slender-Man? Please help. What’s happening is a total shitstorm. Let’s not forget about something. Some sort of Bum Renaissance has happened. Hey, hey, it’s the perfect time to drink some wine.
After all, it’s very nice, no? [Bum washes in the pool] [Bum saying GTFO] [Proper response] We have new videos, no less amazing
than the older ones. Bum from Radom pretends to be Makłowicz?
[TL note: Polish TV cooking show host] Why, that’s gold. I fucking stole, from Austria. He fucking stole the soap. From Austria. I have a theory. A fucking theory. Listen, y’know… in the same way fashion trends
return to our graces, the same way, the internet trends… It all makes sense,
look, look at the trends. Viral, political sketches, ca- ca- cabaret
doing political sketches. This, I saw it before,
you won’t deceive me. We tried to disown you,
why are you coming back? The trend of the week
is a fucking answer in “Family Feud”. [sound of played video] Our government
is pulling some shit. Listen, we’ve gone full circle. Welcome to 2007. [dramatic music] bartolomeo2000
presents funny compilation
2007 Look the fuck out! CJ, the train! [HEAD IN TRAIN] Ladies and gentlemen,
today, we’re going back in time and predicting trends for the year 2017. There’s this website. It’s called “Wayback Machine”. It is a sort of an archive, that saves internet websites. Something like a photo album, but instead
of grandma’s photos you can watch drunk bums on [TL note: something
like FunnyJunk or 9GAG] Which reminds me… First copies of the website
from 2005. Let’s see. What was going on at Maxior
on the 1st of June. Important day. Funny movies and photos.
Online games, humour, [DIstorted]
LOLs flash animations, entertainment, funny mp3 files. Those were the dark times where… one of the categories was mp3 files. Do you like shooting? MP5 now for 89 zł. on
[TL note: polish Ebay] What? Still better writing
than in their newer commercials. [shots fired] Erotica :: New sport discipline This, maybe not today. Extreme movies ::
Motorbikes and various stunts. 2005 was a poor year. Let’s go a bit further, 2007. Oh!
And this is the that I know. Most popular tags: cabaret, parkour, Naruto, 2007. Oh no. Oh no.
[TL Note: polish rip-off of South Park with grammatical errors] Because Czesio at recess said,
that Sister has stinky feet. Czesio? Tasty, the orange one.
[TL Note: sound clip from a polish meme] ARE YOU RETARDED Extreme: Parkour AND free run. Mix of free run and parkour.
But don’t even say that they’re the same thing. Parkour or freerun? Chocolatey said: “What’s the difference
between parkour and freerunning?” ParkourSteve… 6 years later… “I prefer parkour”. A.D. 2007.
[TL note: same as] Ahh…
[TL note: a Polish cabaret,
not the Monty Python level sadly] Back then you accumulated views,
not like nowadays. Do you remember “Ani Mru Mru?”
[TL note: most of non-Polish don’t] [sound of troupe parodying
dumb and drunk soccer fans] [a common problem here in Poland] [And yes. That’s the whole joke.] SmoQ writes: YOU DON’T LIKE IT,
then call to Britt, she’ll spin yo shit. Fuck me, SmoQ, good one. ggdescriptions
[TL note: GG=Gadu-Gadu
– kind of a dead ICQ/AIM rip-off] Also 2007. “CHEAP WINES are GOOD,
BECAUSE THey’re GOOD AND CHEAP…:)))))))” GOOD ONE “My happiness:.. xD
[[..AHH.] :*so far yet so close:*” I thought… I loved… But you
didn’t see it and you blew me off ;( “ImNotLookingForLove,
LoveWillFindMe…” OnE FaItH, OnE ClUb, AlWaYs LoVe ChorzowskiRuch
[some obscure polish football team] Category: On marmots but, going back to Flash… game drunk Walk a Drunkard Home… [game sounds] [determination] [every meter is important] [keep your mouse steady] [loud snoring] [maybe next time] What was going on on Jeja in 2005? To everyone who sends something funny, thanks a lot. ps: videos such
as “lolly.avi”, “zajechany.avi” etc. about a Russian black yeti are waiting to be added. No need to send them. Please don’t send them. Strip Britney Spears? Look, as Britney’s getting naked. [sounds of suspicion] No, I know you. You won’t do this to me again.
[TL note: one of those jumpscare games] We talked a little about bums, right?
[TL note: A website
about bums, enough said] Welcome to Web 3.0. Yo, holy shit. Recommended: free phone top-ups Top up ze Per-peid. GSM codes, how to… r*móvę sim-lock. Mobile- mobile phones of the future. Mobile phone in a watch? What are these wonders that I have never heard of? Device memory is 128 MB and it should store [space music]
300 ENTRIES IN THE PHONE BOOK. [chill royalty-free music] Hey, you When I’m watching YouTube videos on this, I didn’t know YouTube videos are
of this high quality. Yeah, right? And the networking card? Killer DoubleShot Pro. Ohhhh Woooah Oooh Ooooohh… Ooohhhh… Uh-oh! [clears throat] Uh-oh. Oh, so this is like, like… like you can plug in LAN and Wi-Fi. – And for example…
– Yes. And there… You upload the episode via Wi-Fi, but… Uh, y’know, you’re driving a car in Tactical, then that goes via LAN. That’s pretty cool. But I, I can’t say it seriously, listen. Network card for gamers [rock music]
Killer DoubleShot Pro. You have to be in sunglasses. Hey, I really [GUNSHOT] him up with my [rock music]
DOUBLESHOT PRO You know what they call me
in the hood? [Rock music]
KILLER DOUBLESHOT PRO I’m not gonna say anything, right, but if you have a problem in the hood, you call KDSP, yeah? Yes, yes. Problem in tha hood? I’m calling Killer DoubleShot Pro and you’re
fu[GUNSHOT] out of existence, yeah? But if they play Titanfall, that- [CAR ENGINE REVVING UP] I just, I will say this. I launched GTA, right? – Five.
– Ahh. AHH First time in my life, man! – It’s like when your uncle from America visits.
– [laughing] He brought me a laptop.
Graphics card, you ask? Pfff… GTX 1070 or 60. This… [waves hand] this is how I choose. – *Depending on the model.
– Exactly. [laughs] You can even plug up to 3 screens. Those screens are actually
a fucking great thing. My whole life I’ve been editing on one screen. So… Time to change that! [motivating music] There’s even a back-lighted keyboard.
This is called “Predator Zone”. You know, – Preddy, right?
– Yeah. And how did Ahus like his new… Acery? :* The last time I talked to him
was a week ago. Because I can’t reach him by phone at all. MEANWHILE [Daytona USA intro song
in the background]

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