Internet Browser Options & Settings

An Internet browser is an application your computer uses to access the Web. You can adjust the way your browser interacts with
the Web to better control your security online. In Internet Explorer, you’ll find the Internet Options listed under “Tools” on the menu bar. With Mozilla’s Firefox browser, the options are also listed under “Tools” on the menu bar. Safari’s Internet options are in the Preferences section, and they
have a separate menu item for browser history. No matter which browser you use, exploring your Internet options or
preferences means you can adjust things like your browsing history, whether your browser remembers the webpages you visit and passwords you use, and your Internet cookies and cache (basically the information and
data your browser stores when it interacts with websites). It’s a good idea to clear your Internet browser history on a regular basis. You may also want to set higher privacy or security settings. Knowing more about your Internet options and preferences will
keep you safer when you’re on the Web.

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