Instagram Story HACKS You Didn’t Know Existed In 2019!

What is up everyone? Welcome back to my channel. Now last time that I posted a video I talked
about the five features that most people don’t really know about when using Instagram. Now at the end of that video I promised that
I would be posting a video just like this, where I would share more unknown features,
but this time specifically for Instagram story. So if you’d like to know some features that
you probably weren’t using on Instagram story, then keep on watching. All right. So the first features that I want to show
you is leveraging copy and paste for your Instagram stories. Now did you know that you can actually copy
and paste multiple photos within your Instagram story? Now I’m going to share my screen right over
here and teach you exactly how it’s done. All right, so I just got a new kitten recently
and let’s say I want to post a story with multiple photos of my kitten in just one page. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go
on my photo albums and I’m going to choose a couple of photos of my kitten. So this is my new kitten, his name is Jupiter. And I’m actually going to copy this photo. Now once I go to my Instagram story, what
I’ll do is I’ll post, let’s say, a blank photo right here and what I’m going to do is I’m
going to hold the screen. And when I hold the screen I’m going to click
paste. This is going to automatically paste that
photo that I have just copied. Now let’s say I want to add more photos, because
this is a little album of my new kitten. I’m going to go back to my album, find another
photo of my kitten, copy it again, go to my story and paste it once more. Boom. Here’s another one. Now I can actually keep going, I can add as
many photos as you want. So this is a really cool feature if you want
to kind of add more photos in one story instead of doing multiple stories. And this is something that I find super, super
convenient and super, super cool. Now the second hack that I want to share with
you in terms of Instagram stories is the ability to actually access more colors. Now again I’m going to share my screen and
show you exactly what I mean. So right now I am on my Instagram story, I’m
about to post a picture of me and what I’m going to do is I’m going to add some text. Now my text maybe will be hello. Now what you don’t realize is that you can
actually have more colors aside from the colors that Instagram automatically gives you. And how you do this is, all you have to do
is just take a color and hold it down. Once you hold down that color you’re going
to be able to access the entire archive of all the colors that exist, so if you don’t
like any of the colors that Instagram has given you, you can always choose your own. Now if you want to take it a step further,
the third hack that I want to show you is how to create gradient colors or rainbow colors
in your fonts. So let’s say you want to kick it up a notch
and you don’t just want to have a solid, basic color. Now let me first show you how to get a rainbow
effect. What you want to do is you want to select
your text, highlight all of it and then you also want to hold the color button so that
you get the entire color scheme. Now what I showed you earlier is that if you
keep dragging that dropper across, you’re going to get new colors, but if you want to
have a rainbow effect, what you want to do is while you drag your finger across in terms
of getting the colors, you also want to drag the highlight section as well. So together let’s just do it and see how it
goes. You want to drag it across and then you want
to let go. And you’ll be able to kind of get rainbow
effect. Now obviously, as you can see, it’s a little
bit hard to master, but if you’re really good at dragging it at the same time and at the
same speed, you should be able to unlock the rainbow effect. As you can see, I’m not very good at it, but
at least you get the idea. Now let’s say you want to actually create
a gradient effect. Now what you want to do is basically the same
thing. You want to highlight all, you want to hold
it so that you get all the colors, but instead of dragging it across, you want to drag the
color dropper up and down in order to get a gradient effect. So while you’re dragging the highlighted text
across, your other finger is dragging the color scheme up or down in order to get a
gradient effect of the same color. So let’s say I want to do something like a
gradient purple, I’m going to go to the purple section and as I drag the selector across,
I’m going to drag the color dropper up. And that’s going to allow a cool little effect
where I have a total gradient in purple. Now these are obviously really cool features
to leverage, especially if you want to spice up your Instagram stories. I personally don’t use them, but I still think
it is quite cool. All right, so the next and last hack that
I want to share with you is actually something that I use quite often and it is how to actually
have multiple answers to your Instagram questions in one story. One of the features that I use a lot in my
Instagram stories is the question function. This is the thing where you actually ask your
audience questions and then they give back the answer. Now something that I’ve always struggled with
is answering all these questions all at once because you can only share each answer at
a time in your story. Now like I’ve been doing this entire video,
I’m going to pop my screen right here so you can see what I’m talking about. But basically this is an example of a question
that I asked my audience a while back regarding a program that I was launching. Now what you’re going to do is you’re goin
to share the response to your story. You’re going to position it the way that you
want and then you’re going to save the photo. You’re not going to upload it yet, you’re
just going to save it. Now after you’ve shared this new question
on your page, what you can do now is actually re-upload the previous photo that you had
saved with the last question that you had. And then you just keep repeating the steps
until you’re happy with the result. What this is going to do is that on one page
alone you’re going to have all the answers to your questions and you’re going to be able
to answer them all at once. Now obviously the person who answered the
question will not get notified when you share, just because technically you’re not sharing
their answer anymore, you’re just saving and uploading and saving and uploading. However what you can do is just simply tagging
these people in that one story so that they can all be notified to check on your answers
to their questions or your responses to their answers. So as you can see, so far this video has been
a total mouthful. This is definitely a shorter video than usual,
but I really hope that you enjoyed the hacks that I showed you on how you can make your
Instagram stories a little bit more interesting. Now if you’re watching this video and you
are someone that is super interested in Instagram, then make sure you hit the notification bell
because the next video that I’m going to post is going to be my tips and my suggestions
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well. As always, guys, I hope you guys have a great
day, a great week and a great life and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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