Inside Amy Schumer – Search History

Oh. What? Tim and Lauren broke up. Oh, no. Yeah, but they always
had that trust stuff. So glad we’re not like that. Yeah. I’m gonna go take a shower. (water running) Teddy bears? “I Love Amy” bear? Of course. Asian girls. Here we go. The Chrysanthemum Fund? Helping victims
of the Southeast Asian cyclone. Autofill. “Putting her needs
before mine.” “What would
our babies look like?” “How to make her as happy
as she makes me!” Google history. “Girlfriend only gets hotter
as she ages, how does she do it?” Okay. Okay. “How to explain to girlfriend
you’re extremely wealthy.” Oh my God, I’m rich! Babe? Are you almost done in there? (man)
Almost. I miss you. (sighs) I’m the only girl in the world. I’m the cyclone. I’m the cyclone. Here’s your donation! (grunting) (panting)

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