Ink Master Celebrates Black History Month (Compilation)

(audience applauding) – The judges have decided. Anthony, you do have what
it takes to be Ink Master! (audience cheers)
Congratulations. (rock music) Anthony, come on down,
tell us about this, man. – So going up against these guys, I couldn’t slack, you know,
I really had to be strategic, competitive, I wanted to
represent where I was raised and being brought up by a single mom. The wolf actually represents my character kinda throughout the season. Observing everything
and planning my attacks. – Wow, Chris. – Anthony, I love the tattooing, and I love the story that it tells, that woman’s face is
beautiful, and the markings, the space that you have really work, and they’re really beautiful. The hot and cold juxtaposition
of the colors are great, it’s actually my favorite sleeve. (audience cheers)
– Wow! Anthony bring it up, buddy. (audience cheers) – Even though I had an open canvas, I really wanted to give him
something that he likes as well. He has to wear it for
the rest of his life. So during the competition,
Dave you did mention he wished to see more of
the dragon, the full body, so I gave you that and then some with hopes to redeem myself. (audience cheers) – Ruck tumbled and went
pssht, he just passed out, – Just tell me if you wanna
fall over, say it loud, okay? – He’s not gonna come back at all, he’s done gone he’s (beep) done. – I’m goin’ home. – Na, I don’t know about that,
how about tattooing yourself? (intense music) – One hour to go everyone,
one hour remaining. – I’m not goin’ home off
of a chump tappin’ out, I don’t get down like that. What the (beep) man, I guess Ruck gotta tattoo himself. You know what? I’m not scared to tattoo
myself, let’s get it crackin’. I’m gonna tattoo a traditional-style rose, I just need to show the judges
I can saturate some black, and I can show contrast. (beep) gettin’ real right now. (rock music) (tattoo gun vibrating) – You go straight out
and towards you, right? – I started in ’95 and honestly
I had a lot of difficulty finding placement in life. I’ve been in trouble all of my life. Finding tattooing, it’s
just been the only escape from trouble that I’ve had. Two kids tried to rob me in
from of my house and I got shot. The bullet went through
my hip and my spine. Getting shot was like
the least of my concerns, the only thing I really cared about, was I going to be able to tattoo? My doctor told me like, you’re lucky. I was in the hospital for like three days. Got back to work within four days. I definitely feel like I
got a second chance to prove that I have what it takes to be here. I’m not willing to let that slip away. – Craig, the crosshair
pattern with these circles fits nicely on the body, and I just think it’s
one of the more creative, conceptual ideas that we’ve seen today. – I wasn’t planning on going home today. – Overall man, the circles with the plane coming out of the circles
gives it a very cool, old war and propaganda feel, it shows a lot of artistic creativity. This is a very competitive,
strong way to come out and try to play the game. – Thank you (electric sparks) – Holy (beep) Kevin! – Are you kidding me right now? – Have you done this before? – Look at that (beep) bro! – You rat bastard! – This (beep) is scary as hell, but I got my technique
down pretty damn quick! – Even his shading,
(beep) you, Kevin’s like, hang on while I get the
drop shadow on the fin, that’s really gonna make it pop. – I feel like the silhouette
of the hammerhead shark, you know what the hell it is,
you know how the heads are. So I do my best to make that legible. – All right Kevin, it’s a legible image, you got the silhouettes in the background, the ones in the distance… – The ability to shade it,
you found a way to get darker areas, lighter areas, you
were even able to put a little bit of foreground in with a
tiny little guy at the bottom. – Thank you. – The judges have decided, the winner of today’s
flash challenge is Kevin! – Thanks. (rock music) – Aw yeah, you’re finally
gettin’ to work, bud. – I’m the only one here
that hasn’t tattooed since I was picked on the team. So I need to make my tattoo stand out. I’m taking a different
approach, with a zoned in view, so I can get all the details in the head, and show precision. – Bone Face, you chose to go
with more of a zoomed in view rather than the whole body. – I wanted to do something more dynamic, something bigger that you could
recognize from a distance. – The details you get in the beak, the little textures you
get in the blue feathers on the crown of the head, it’s really nice man, you
have tricks up your sleeve. You’re able to put in strong color, you’re able to put black
where it needs to be to make the other colors
vibrant and strong, I am pleasantly surprised. – Thank you. – Super nice dude. – Thank you. I’ve been underestimated my entire life. I know what I’m capable of,
I know what I’m here to do. They wanna sleep on me? Let ’em. – It’s smooth, man. – Thank you, buddy. – Today, team DJ had to tattoo
Zeus, the God of the Sky. Frank. This is my favorite tattoo
that you’ve turned in so far. – Thank you sir. – The proportions seem to be accurate, the face itself is gorgeous. – The shading you have in the
musculature is very smooth, it goes from very dark and rich, nice and powdery, fades out to the skin, you show vast, vast improvement. (intense music) – This image is powerful in itself. I mean this is a Samurai, and tigers are known for just being big, strong, powerful animals. – I think we’ve got it in the bag. – Ink Master’s never
seen anything like this. No if, ands, buts, I’m
gonna do a phenomenal piece, this is 100% a TeeJay Poole tattoo, I’m takin’ the “W”, this
is gonna bring it home. [Dave] TeeJay, you’re up next,
bring out your master canvas. (audience cheers)
Let’s take a look. – Of course ima do black and
gray, cause that’s my trick. Everybody knows my family
is what strengthens me. But I wanna show something powerful, something with strength,
show a tiger, a Samurai, sittin’ you know, got two
Temples, kind of looks like he’s about to go out to war. Nobody else is gonna put
up anything like this. (audience cheers) – Well, listen man, I think
you do a hell of a job here, you pull off a lot. You really make this
whole tattoo come alive, you could run your fingers
across some of those areas and feel it, in that way
you hit it out of the park. For me I wish that you had more of that carried up just through the helmet, but looking at the overall tattoo, this is one hell of a back piece. (audience cheers) – One of the first things
I was told when I started working at a tattoo shop was
never trust another artist. I didn’t come here to make friends, I’m here to win for myself. I’ma try to make you proud, Christian. – You make you proud, Chris. – Chris, I love your take on space. You’ve made it consistent
and illustrative. – I think this kid’s
just startin’ to realize how good he really is. – Whatever’s happening,
the trajectory you’re on, keep doin’ that. – I’m an artist at the core
of everything that I am. I’ve always been creating my own work since I was an apprentice,
not copying a photograph. I’m super nervous about
this tattoo because, it’s realism and you just
have to be more concerned with being exact than just creating. – Looks great but, how ya feelin’ on time? – A little pressed but– – Because you’ve gotta make
that match that quality now. I think I’d simplify
the hell outta the face. – This thing is taking forever. And I have the smallest tattoo. – Tim, you show a side of you that’s probably really
scary for the back line, this is what we’re lookin’ for here, someone who can do everything. – Appreciate it guys. – How you like it so
far, you getting nervous? – I got nervous when I didn’t finish my tattoo last challenge,
I can tell you that. I still got tattoo
today, I don’t know how. My biggest sacrifice comin’
into this competition, was leavin’ my two year old daughter. I depend on her to motivate
me every single day. I can hear my daughter
saying finish this tattoo. – Fon. – You’re really, really
impressive, smooth, black and gray. This whole back section
of the veil is beautiful. All those folds and creases,
the top piece comes over the top here, you have her
robe and her arm set back, rich, black, dark. See how it makes the tattoo look? Beautiful. – I think that Wes is trying
to shake me up thinking that it’s gonna be hard because
it’s a lot of circles. There’s some pretty bold
ass lines on it still. – Yeah, it looks really good. – The circle it has to be
smooth, it can’t have any bumps, it has to connect exactly
where it’s supposed to connect. I’ve been tattooing for a while but it wasn’t until eight years ago that I could just finally
like (beep) everything else and just tattoo. I really haven’t been able to
shine here and show off myself I’m a very strong tattooer
and I’m gonna show that today. It’s funny is like I make my own hours, but I work more hours
than most people still. I guess the best way to be is like, if you love something, do it. – Jerrel. – Now I know that you can line. Your four circles that go around the globe are really nice at the
thickness that you do ’em, and you keep ’em consistent. – Thanks. – Sebastian, you’re up next, sir. – I wanted to do more of
a portrait style to it, but you know, and it
still has to get healed, so I don’t have any control over that. ‘Cause my lines were not, you
know, my lines were clean. – Listen, it’s a great outting for you. – Sebastian, thank you very much man. (applause) – I was the most inexperienced
artist to win the title of Ink Master, now I have to
prove that wasn’t a fluke. What I’m envisioning is
a Polynesian approach, but also I’m big on
portraiture, so on one side, I’d like to apply a
portrait of a Maring Woman, on the other side a man. – This is blowing my mind. – I’m taking a huge risk with this design, it’s unique, it’s powerful,
it’s completely unexpected. And that right there is
what’s gonna get me the win. (audience cheering) – Anthony, you’re up next. Anthony, what was the thought
process behind this tattoo? – Balance, intention, and unity. You know I’m not a Polynesian
tattooer by any means, but I wanted to pay
respects to the culture, and to the craft, how tattooing started. With The King’s blessing of
Polynesia, this is our journey. – The style of tattooing
that you do on here is very dark and it doesn’t
have a lot of loose skin breaks that we always look for,
and with that being said, it plays so strong and so perfect still. Looking at the tools, and the symmetry, the way the tattooing tools are lined up with those circles that you have over the top are beautiful, the negative space that
goes perfectly echoes one side of the ear to the other, and brings it up to cast the shape for the portraits to sit in are beautiful. And the portrait quality on
these, on the side of the head, are top notch. – I mean that’s winning
(beep) right there dude. You know what I mean? (audience applauding) (rock music)

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